Mod Podge Rocks! – HUGE GIVEAWAY!

June 18, 2012, 08:00 am  Posted by Lark

Our office has been absolutely abuzz the past few weeks over the publication of Mod Podge Rocks! The book is a fun celebration of one of the world’s favorite craft brands and line of products and has therefore resulted in a huge (and still growing!) wave of attention from the craft and blogging world. Okay, so perhaps we stoked the flames just a bit by partnering with our good friends at PLAID to offer up some really fantastic prize packages for select blog giveaways.

But we have saved the best for you, Lark Crafts readers.

That’s right, crafty friends. I have been stashing away a huge collection of Mod Podge goodies to offer up here to one lucky winner. There is so much in the prize collection that I was not able to fit all of the items in one photo. Believe me, I tried.

Here’s what the package includes:

* a copy of the Mod Podge Rocks! book

* Mod Podge Tee Shirt

* Essential Tool Kit (brayer and squeegee)

* Silicone Craft Mat

* Roller Applicator Kit

* Brush Applicator

* Rub-On Transfers

* 3D Adhesive Mounts

* Photo Transfer Medium with Brush

* Glow-in-the-Dark with Brush

* Dimensional Magic (original + gold glitter)

* Tracing Templates (alphabet + shapes)

* Podgeable Papers (classic + travel + romance)

* Podgeable Shapes (basic + designer)

* Starter Pack (five 2 oz. bottles)

* Sampler Set (six mini .44 oz. pots)

* Antique Matte (8 oz.)

* Wash Out for Kids (8 oz.)

* Original Gloss (8 oz.)

* Repositionable Glue (2 oz.)

* Jewel Glue (2 oz.)

* Craft Glue (2 oz.)

How can you enter for a chance to win? Leave a comment on this blog post by 9 p.m. EST on Sunday, June 24. Any comment will do, but why don’t you tell us how you like to use Mod Podge. One winner will be selected at random and announced on Monday, June 25. Click here for the official rules. Good luck! Congratulations to Nicole B for winning this amazing giveaway package!


327 Responses

    Donna O'Neil says:

    This is so awesome! Thanks for the giveaway! I have never used Mod Podge before.

      LonnaKay says:

      You’ve never used Modge Podge before! You must give it a try! It’s incredible stuff!

    Rachael says:

    I’d love to be entered – i’m still yet to try mod podge so this would be a great introduction!

    Catherine says:

    I like to use mod podge to seal my glittered projects.

    Chrissie Stewart says:

    I use it with the special papers I brought home from Italy to make old things new!

    Kathy says:

    I use it for jewelry, collage and furniture.

    Whoa, great giveaway!  I use Mod Podge at work, with teenagers and even (older) children!  We’ve used it on 2 liter bottles to decorate birdhouses, and a few other projects that I’m forgetting.

    Anonymous says:

    It would be shorter for what I  “don’t” use it for. use it to seal paint work on furniture and flower pots, I collage fabric and paper on decorative items in my home, I saved a tutorial to screenprint with it next.

    Karla Webb says:

    Ooh, that looks like fun!  I am actually new to Mod Podge.  At the end of the school year I helped my sister decorate a bookcase for an auction benefiting the school her kids go to.  It was a lot of fun.  WOuld love the opportunity to work more with it!  Thanks, Karla

    Jennifer Allen says:

    New to Mod Podge love new craft ideas:)

    Abigail Welbourn says:

    i like to use mod podge to create decoupaged book covers for my hand made books!

    maladylis says:

    I made some great mad hatte couple years ago.  Made the mugs out of cardboard and then used the mod podge to put the designs on the cups.  Love that stuff !

    Mod Podge is great for papercrafting and decorating furniture. Love it!

    Jpurplefishstudio says:

    What a great giveaway! – I have so many ideas running through my head of how to use all of it.  I have used Mod Podge for jewelry and for sculptural pieces – it is a great product!

    Scotdog says:

    I have this huge book of plastic horses that my husband bought for me at a yard sale.  I want to use them in some project with Mod Podge turning them into some sort of sculpture with a doll incorporated in there some where.  OR…I have been playing with Resin and think Ice Resin AND Mod Podge would make a lovely couple

    kathrynn polfer says:

    Fantastic giveaway, thanks for the chance to win

    Renetha Stanziano says:

    I like to use it on greeting card embellishments.  It’s great for decopauge!

    Kelly massman says:

    I love using it on mini books to make them more stable! Thanks so much for a chance to win!

    Dollie says:

    I love to use Mod Podge on pretty much any project. Especially clothespin transformations and picture frames :) 

    Jonny says:

    Haven’t tried it out before but would love to now!

    salla says:

    I love Mod Podge for sealing paper before I cover it with resin!

    Fenna Bredenhof says:

    would love to win this–I’m a new-to-homeschooling mama and my kids’d love to do crafts galore with this! I have used mod podge to make wooden blocks with picture-book pictures mod-podged on! Plus, I have used it as a regular glue when I’ve run out of UHU :)

    Mosterlily says:

    Is there anything Mod Podge can’t do? :-)

    Joyce Compton says:

    Holy Cow! I could think of zillions of things to do with all this stuff…mymixed media art dolls, art journals, the art doll house, shrine art….I would be in the studio 24-7…oh my my my….

    Walter Silva says:

    Mod Podge is the Best!

    ginny.carlson says:

    Wow! This is so cool! I never knew there are so many Mod Podge products. I love Mod Podge and have been using it for more years than I can remember… in other words, a long-time crafter! I make magnets and coaster and using Mod Podge to coat and protect them… hmm, so many others things to do!

    Karie says:

    I used to Mod Podge all my puzzles together!  It’s just one of the many, many things I’ve used it for.  Love it!

    Rockcreekcreations says:

    My son has been wanting to make light switch plates with his favorite wrestling photos. Thies woul be great for him!!

    SueBE says:

    We are redecorating the family room this summer and this would be great for customizing picture frames.

    Anna Belkina says:

    Aaaa this is awesome!!!

    Hayley Gerda says:

    Modge Podge DOES rock!!!
    I use it for everything from collages to furniture cover-ups
    I had no idea they carry so many products!

    Sharlyngp says:

    I always have some on hand…at least one jar.  I use it for simple decoupage type projects…mixed media, journals.  It’s so handy.  Please sign me up!

    michellaneousNY says:

    I used it to make a cigar box purse.  I look forward to making more stuff with it.  Nice to know you have such a big product range.

    Jessica says:

    The reason I love Mod Podge is cause you can use it for so many things! That last thing I did with it was to save a puzzle after my mom and I putting it together!

    Defling1948 says:

    Have loved mod podge for years. It does everything. Last used for stiffening fabric. Great stuff!

    Cathleen says:

    would love to use it for jewelry.  Photo pendants would be fun!  Need to make some leisure time jewelry for all my leisure time, LOL.

    Delin Durkee says:

    Love Mod Podge — been using it for years, both glossy and matt.  And it is useful for so much more than just paper collage.  I work as a fabric artist and would not do without a jar(s) in my studio.  

    Janel Gradowski says:

    With summer here, and the accompanying cries of boredom from my kids, I can think of all kinds of ways to use it! I think customized clip boards would be fun to try.

    justval says:

    The great thing about Mod Podge is you can walk around your home or apartment with the jar in your hand searching out inspiration and think hmmmn what can I work on next. The possibilities are unlimited, from the floor to the ceiling to the furniture. It is WONDERFUL!

    A5barnes says:

    I like to use Mod Podge because it’s fun to use and makes almost any craft look professional and awesome!

    Erin says:

    I would love to win this.  My favorite mod podge use would probably be scrapbook paper on canvas, with handpainted lettering to finish it all off…. But I’ve been known to use it all over my house.  

    Davendiane_2000 says:

    I’ve become addicted to Mod Podge in the past year. It is such a versatile product with nearly unlimited possibilities!!!

    Sarah says:

    I’ve been doing quite a few Xerox transfers with Mod Podge the past few weeks!  I like to mount the transfers on a block of wood that I’ve first painted with watercolors!  

    Trishey says:

    I love using Mod Podge, I would also love a chance to win.  You can never get too much Mod Podge.

    Conesairma says:

    I love Mod Podge on my mixed media art!!  Since I found about Mod Podge, I can’t live without it!!

      stampinexpressions says:

      I love modge podge so much.  It is such a nice coating on stamped items.  I use it 1-2 times a week in my crafting activities. 

    Misheyt says:

    Whats not to Love! I just bought Mod Podge for outdoor use..my possibilities are endless!

    Smurfy7671 says:

    I love Mod Podge!!!!  I would love to try Dimensional Magic!

    Candace says:

    Love Mod Podge!! 

    Phillier says:

    New to using mod podge but amazed at how many uses there are!

    Kimberly J. says:

    I want this prize! I need a hobby so bad! Help me find an outlet! LOL! :D

    I’m still a newbie to Mod Podge, but I have a long long list of crafts I want to use it for! I’m most excited to use Mod Podge to make Christmas gifts this year!

    Kris Reynolds says:

    Mod Podge is awesome.  I can use it for so many of my craft projects. 

    Annefranklindesigns says:

    I want to podge the fridge in my studio!

    I have used it to seal puzzles and plan on updating some old clipboards.  I would love to win this so I could try other techniques also.

    T2ndminnie says:

    What I can craft with Mod Podge is endless!!!!

    Thehalls says:

    TIssue paper mod podged to wooden letters- can’t get enough of it!  Need to win the gift pack- lots of new ideas to try!

    Jburns says:

    I can’t wait to try all the new products

    Jbreed6810 says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mod Podge!  I mod podged a bathroom cabinet with fabric!  

    Valerie says:

    I love to use Mod Podge for collage work!  It is wonderful!! 

    Vanessa says:

    I love using mod podge with paper!!

    Meacapella says:

    Oh my gosh where would I begin…first with pics of my grandkids, picture frames…..hobbies, oh my gosh the possibilites are endless lol

    Lizzie says:

    I use Mod Podge to secure the laminate pouches firmly to paper dolls when I laminate them: it makes them absolutely indestructible for my three-year-old Daughter.

    Pes5151 says:

    My favorite hobby is to make trays with paper and mod podge.

    Honey Grodt says:

    I’m a collage artist and I love Mod Podge. My Mom got me started using it when I was a kid!

    Melineaj says:

    I just start using Mod Podge in my project. Can’t wait to try the other exciting use of Mod Podge!

    Shaunery Wharton says:

    OMG  Mod Podge PORN!!!   Crazy awesome prize package!!  I use mine mostly with paper crafts, but love covering books and journals using the fabric Mod Podge!!  

     Love this packages.

    webethewoods says:

    My current ModPodge use is on altered books – fun, fun, fun!!

    LonnaKay says:

    OH WOW! I love MODGE PODGE and have used it all my life! Who would have thought that I would be using the same product that I used as a child! But now there are so many different varieties! Would love to try them all! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

    Juli says:

    Mod Podge Absolutely ROCKS!  I’ve made planter pots & transfered photos to canvas…  Next up is a bangle bracelet project ;) 

    Susancnw says:

    I’ve used it to decoupage trunks, hatboxes, a dresser, desk and occasional table for my home that was all Mary Englebreit-inspired….I cut up more magazines and calendars for it. Also used it along with  a stash of J Peterman catalogs and tv trays to make some very amazing trays for my daughter to eat from when she’s not at the table…I have a few other things stashed away to use it on. I want to do some ornaments and dishes for my newly married daughter and I am absolutely DYING to try it on a pair of shoes!

    Bargainhuntingtreasureseeker says:

    I’ve used Mod Podge with vintage fabric and old windows. I mod podge the fabric in the window panes and it comes out looking like a vintage quilt!

    Sue Keener says:

    What an awesome prize package. I love to cover shoe boxes with fabric.  Good luck everyone!

    Julie_errington says:

    my first mod podge project was a teracota flower pot. I am using mod podged yoghort pots as a craft in sunday school next week and know the kids will love the results. I have now progressed to a wooden chair which looks amazing….i will never tire of mod modge…so much more to discover

    Michele says:

    Mod Podge RULES!

    Pjmclnj says:

    I love to use it for my domino necklaces. The glitter ModPodge gives just the right amount of shine without overpowering the designs.

    Ellen says:

    Amazing giveaway!  I’ve used Mod Podge since I was a kid and it keeps getting better and better!  I used it last for decoupaging decorative boxes.  Thanks for the chance to win!

    Angie K. says:

    My first real Mod Podge experience was this past Christmas.  I took individual photos of my daughter and each of her classmates with some photo booth props.  I used the pictures, a printout with the year 2011, and some scrapbook paper and “Mod Podged” them onto some wooden blocks.  I screwed in a cup hook and tied on a ribbon loop for a Christmas ornament.

    Roberta Kwasniewski says:

    I absolutely love Mod Podge and have been using it for many years!  My favorite project has been making personalized coin banks, using a large gallon wine bottle and covering it with pretty paper and glamming it up to suit whomever I was making it for! This year I made one for my granddaughter’s birthday that was covered in pictures of Justin Beiber!

    Renee says:

    love to use Mod Podge with my daughter!

    Shannon Owings says:

    I would LOVE this awesome prize!

    Ashley Fenton says:

    I am just getting into mod podge and my favourite thing to use it for is to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary – my home is getting beautiful and unique new art all of the time! 

    Nlarimore says:

    Arre you kidding?!! I’d love to win ;)

    Angela says:

    Would love to try using it to stiffen knitted lace pieces to use as wall decor.

    AshleyElizabeth says:

    Modge Podge is my not so secret addiction. What I would do without it is beyond me. I am a proud DIYer and craft-a-holic, armed with mod podge and a wall of inspiration I am a force to be reckoned with. My latest mod podge crafting frenzy has been making personalized wedding gifts using the couple’s invitations and pictures. 

    Kristin Nicholas says:

    I was a huge Mod Podge user when I was a teenager. Now that I have my own teenager, I want to do some crafts with her this summer and would LOVE this Mod Podge set.

    JSM Salyer says:

    I am in love with ModgePodge and ModgePodge rocks!!

    Stacy Young says:

    I Love me some mod podge :) I use it to screen print! :D

    Larra Hopkins says:

    I just started using mod podge for making jewelry. I would love to win this

    Jen Valukas says:

    I most recently used mod podge to decoupage designs I printed on tracing paper to a ceramic tile. Came out cool!  

    Babyevans4 says:

    Love Modge podge projects with my kids.. It ROCKS!!!!

    Lizzwisniewski says:

    LOVE Mod Podge! I use it to make cards mostly.

    I use it for making bakers clay pendants. Mod Podge is fantastic stuff!

    Kimberly Deacon says:

    I use Mod Podge for everything, my last two projects were a banner and coasters. Both turned out great!

    MichelleD. says:

    I want to redo my daughters dresser.

    Jaime says:

    I like to use Mod Podge to create custom canvas art!

    Angela Krzyston says:

    What a fantastic giveaway!  I hope I win =D

    Edna Haist says:

    Mod Podge rocks!!!  Ha ha!  I can’t think of a better way to put it!

    Sweptaway says:

    I used mod podge on fabric roses to make them hard enough to make into earrings!  Also works great to finish off leather bracelets with a shine.

    Debkce says:

    Love, love, love Mod Podge!

    Purblueple says:

    I first used Mod Podge to decoupage on a suitcase! Now I use it mostly in Visual Journals. But I want to try it in so many more ways!

    Scrappywonder says:

    Mod Podge ~ mixed media thrill all the way, R ;)

    Toni says:

    I was turned on to MOD PODGE about a year ago, and I’m in LOVE!!! I have 2 young daughters and so far have used MOD PODGE for Dance Props, picture frames, good luck gifts for both dance and gymnastics…..it is SOOOOOO AMAZING

    Holland82lapp says:

    I just went through two huge bottles in less than a month…..now it’s time to start on fall and Christmas crafts! This would be amazing!!!! Mod Podge Rocks!!! Oh….my friend tried to make her own Mod Podge….lol all I could say was ”I told you nothing else compares!” Sad that she ruined project….but I warned her lol.

    sheri levitt says:

    i lovve modge podge. i just used it yesterday when i was gluing old dictionary pages on a journal page.

    Snappingator says:

    What an awesome prize package.  Mod Podge is my re-discovered crafting favorite right now.  I just started using it again in the past month and then I’m reading about it everywhere now.  I have come across some really great craft projects in the past couple of weeks and can’t wait to try them.

    MelissaJane says:

    I love mod podge – I want to make some collage art for the wall.

    M Silva says:

    I teach photography and art.  Mod Podge is fantastic to use and display your photos and art in an unique way.  Mod Podge is FAB!!!

    Bjcoplen47 says:

    This would be a wonderful kit to share the fun of Mod Podge with my grand kids. They love to do crafts and create gifts.

    KimM. says:

    Oh my…this giveaway is incredible! So many new kinds of Mod Podge & I want to try them all!! I love to find old suitcases & give them Mod Podge makeovers.

    I remember using Mod Podge when I was a child crafting with my Mom (in the 70′s) and love using it now for so many craft projects that I do at home. Mod Podge does ROCK!

    Roxygurlie526 says:

    What’s a girl to do without her mod podge?!?

    Stephaniemarlow says:

    We love mod podge, we use it a lot of different ways, but making pictures is my favorite.By the time my 4 year old is my age (40) she is going to ba a master at this stuff! I can’t wait.

    angelica ortiz says:

    I’m so new to Mod Podge I haven’t done much but what I have done is so fun!  I must be wierd because I like the smell of it!

    Heidi says:

    I just learned how to Mod Podge!  I like to Mod Podge on any and every surface I can find lol.  I love to Mod Podge over recycled items the most.
    meek_heidi {at} yahoo {dot} com

    I love to use Mod Podge to customize flasks with fabric or with paper sayings..looks like an awesome set..PICK ME..PICK ME!!

    Lm_caraway says:

    I LOVE Mod Podge! I make things everyday with it! Currently working on a pair of heels! I cut stripes of paper from scrapbook sheets, newspapers, and magazines! In the process of mod podging them like a collage all over the shoes! Always something fun when you dabble in the Mod Podge World! :)

    Anonymous says:

    I am fairly new to Modge Podging, but so far I have made washer and scrap paper necklaces with the Dimensions. I covered a gum tin in tea bag tags for a pen holder on my fridge with the matte MP.  I just bought fabric MP to use on some fabric for drawer liners for my desk I just refinshed.  3 Modge Podges, 3 successes!

    This is the sweetest giveaway ever….I have never seen so much stuff in a single give away…Good luck to everyone!

    Melanie says:

    I like to use Mod Podge to upcycle things I buy at thrift stores!

    Kellye says:

    I love using Mod Podge to personalize memory jars from vacations with my husband and mount pictures on boards & canvases!

    April B. says:

    I’d love to use mod podge to cover a toy box in fun papers.

    Tessa says:

    I am new to mod podge and want to mod podge everything.

    Wendy Fellers says:

    Love Modge Podge. I make cigar boxes purses and canvas art and much more!

    Michelle huegel says:

    I just bought my first pot of mod podge to use for some home decor projects, including a paper strip covered trash can!

    Shannon Hackenberg says:

    I was “Mom Of The Year” when I Mod Podged my sons puzzle together and hung it on the wall!  Thanks, Mod Podge!

    denisep says:

    I use Mod-Podge in my artwork. My art students love the stuff too!

    Rhythmentertainment says:

    I started using mod podge as a child and now love making things for my daughter with it. I love the products!

    Passkeet says:

    Mod Podge rocks! It is like the duck tape of crafting- so many uses!!!

    Tina M says:

    I’d love  to win this. Thank you for the giveaway

    Passkeet says:

    Mod Podge is awesome! It is the duck tape of crafting – so many uses!!!

    Dply90 says:

    I love to use mod podge to make all sorts of stuff. I have some cute coasters for Christmas. Mod podge is the BEST!!

    Christine Bolin says:

    I don’t own any of those products!  I would love to win.  I’m starting to make an altered book/smash book and could use all of the Mod Podge products.

    Awjewelry says:

    would love to experiment with Mod Podge!

    kimbalika says:

    I love to use Mod Podge with my two Girl Scout troops!!!  Those girls love to be creative.

    L Wojtalik says:

    Used it to make a art piece by placing paper onto canvas. Then bedazzled like crazy. The little girl I did it for LOVED it.

    Kat Slay says:

    I love Mod Podge so much! I’ve used it for almost everything from jewelry to collage to puppetmaking! I’ve tried so many of the formulas and love, love them all! I would LOVE to win this set!!!!

    Natalie @ A Turtle's Life says:

    I would make coasters for Christmas gifts, finish this dollhouse I’m working on, make some art for my daughter’s room and SO much more!  Mod Podge Rocks!! oh wait, that saying’s already taken… well, it’s really great!! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

    Ally Wilson says:

    I’m a part-time work from home/ full-time mommy ~ and my kids are home for the summer… need I say more? ;-)!

    Laurie says:

    My favorite thing to do with Mod Podge is scrapbook paper mache letters for my kids rooms and birthday parties!

    realdizzy says:

    So many different things to do with Mod Podge!  I first used it on a jigsaw puzzle and since then I’ve found LOTS of awesome, crafty ideas!

    Jfamilyofeight says:

    Love Mod Podge…my favorite project was making a mummy luminary using mod podge.

    Ashley Wyatt says:

    Addicted to Mod Podge!  I use it in my mixed media creations… I fell in love with creating art again.  

    Wisdm1111 says:

    Mod Podge is my best friend! 

    Becky Greene says:

    I have a train case that I would love to embellish with Mod Podge – thanks for the chance to win such a wonderful prize pack!

    Paula says:

    I Love Mod Podge and I am so excited about all these new cool tools.

    What a great giveaway. I use mod podge on so many things, I couldn’t choose just one thing that is my favorite!

    Mary says:

    I’m new to using Mod Podge but I am quickly becoming addicted.  I’ve used my one bottle to seal a painted picture frame, to make a personalized flip book with craft paper and photos, and to decoupage an art project.  Love it!  Can’t wait to try out different kinds.

    Trish says:

    I love to use Mod Podge for all of my mixed media projects!

    Oh! How I Love the Mod Podge! LOVE LOVE!!!

    Rickimoo says:

    I have been making pendants from scrabble tiles and pictures and using dimentional magic to seal them and give them depth. Love to win this give away!

    debz831 says:

    Modge Podge is great; I am going to modge podge some book boxes for my daughters classroom in the fall.  Thanks for the chance at this awesome giveaway!

    Melissa says:

    Love Mod Podge! I coat origami projects with it.

    Martykilroy says:

    I’m working on my very first Mod Podge project….covering the top of my favorite drop-leaf coffee table with a map of coastal Georgia.  It looks great!

    Jmchristman01 says:

    Love me some Mod Podge! Love to use it on canvas!!!

    Shawn Timm says:

    I really want to try using the photo transfer on canvas!

    Judy Resop says:

    Love to use it to decorate wood or glass surfaces.

    My3mags says:

    I love to decopoge with mod podge! :)

    Nicole W says:

    I am going to decorate boxes to organize my desk/craft space next!

    Jnw1016 says:

    Mod podge is awesome!

    Natashaversluys says:

    I like tO make art for my kids rooms.

    Mwaddellstudios says:

    I’m fairly new to the podge, but it didn’t take me long to realize that I can use it for everything!! I am a die hard crafter, and now a die hard Mod Podge fan! Mod Podge rocks!!!

    I’m using it to make a hollow book this week!

    Dawn Woolf says:

    I am sad to say I have never used Mod Podge  or any other type of decopoging.  I would love to learn how to use it!  Looks like so much fun!!  Thanks for the chance!!

    Vanessa says:

    I love using mod podge with paper!

    Alwaysvictoria says:

    I love Mod Podge and would love to win this gift to share with the Activitirs Dept. At the Nursing Home for some crafting.

    Jackie White says:

    I just want the Dimensional magic cause I can’t find it anywhere here in Canada to buy it!  Literally you can draw another name for the rest, should i actually win=)))

    Bradford says:

    Really enjoy using Mod Podge.have done several “high school graduation plates and plaques” with MP thru the years….also like to Sparkle Podge as an accent in my Gallery Glass paintings..too many ideas to count!!!!

    Hkcmom2 says:

    Mod podge is my go to for most anything! Altered art, journals-with tissue paper, fabric – anything!

    Rachel R. says:

    I used Mod Podge to cover a filing cabinet that had be one an eyesore in my classroom. As soon as my 7th graders saw what I was doing, they wanted to help. I Think I made some Mod Podge groupies out of them too!

    mathilde baldwin says:

     I’ve recently rediscovered ModPodge, and have been ambitiously recovering a lot of secondhand things for my new baby’s room. It’s the most fun I’ve had in years!

    Babushkasblog says:

    I would use the mod podge supplies to work on projects for my new grandbaby’s room

    saviour says:

    Mod Podge is awesome!

    Love using MP to make artsy craft gifts!

    Ssmart18 says:

    I am new to Mod Podge. As a stay of home mom of four wonderful children we love art and would love to win.

    Sar Tann says:

     What a generous giveaway. I have so many craft projects going on at the moment. lolol Home decor and holiday. I love it all.:)

    Carol Kirshner says:

    Mod Podge—great product

    Carmen says:

    Mod Podge is so versatile you can use it to decorate anything!

    Blueeyeblackie says:

    Mod Podge—-great product

    My mom has been using Mod Podge since I was little and it just carried over to me and mant of my creations. and I passed on my love of it to my girls :)

    Roxygurlie526 says:

    What’s a girl to do without her mod podge??

    Senora Muertos says:

    I would love to modge podge the top of my vintage wooden desk.  The top for some reason is laminate and it’s ugly. 

    Danielle says:

    Lovely lovely lovely package!!! I love mod podgorica for EVERYTHING!!!

    Ruby_murray says:

    What an amazing giveaway, would LOVE to win

    Roseyave says:

    There’s more than one way to Mod Podge….. Let me counts the ways….from old to new and renewed again….from mom to daughter…from father to son….from lost to found….from up to down….from blue to green….from me to you…..from war to peace…from young to elder…and back….from low to high….from plain to complex…from dull to bling….from tossed to regained…from yesterday to today….from now and forever….there’s always more than one way!

    Alisha says:

    I would love to use all of these wonderful items to recreate my sewing space and office. I would use Mod Podge on my cabinets, recycling cans with pretty paper and just be creative!! I would love to try it on fabric too.

    ElyseGirl says:

    I love mod podge …I’ve noticed though the price seems to be going up!

    Elizabeth D. says:

    I have been really wanting to do a few projects I found on pintrest like coasters, picture wall art, decorative plates oh I could go on and on! Just had a baby and have tons of projects inmind as keepsakes. Pick me please!

    Tamie says:

    I’d love to win this for my daughter. She has a Mod Podge project going on with her stamp collection.

    Amy says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE Mod Podge on just about everything!  I think my favorite so far though is probably our coasters made with a block of wood and our babies pictures.  I made them for coasters, but actually they are so beautiful we don’t use them for that!  Tons of comments from guests all the time!

    Desirae T. says:

    Love this product, so many many uses and more keep coming up

    Gayle says:

    I haven’t used it much yet, but I did make my son a Dallas Cowboys dresser by Mod Podging printed out logos on it. He loved it, and it was fun to do!

    Robin O. says:

    Hard question to answer….The last thing I mod podge’d were some candles that I did amazing henna designs on. The mod podge seals the henna paste perfectly!

    Melissa Hurdle says:

    I use Mod Podge for everything! But right now im making small wooden ABC’s for my toddler! Over the weekend I used Mod Podge and food coloring to tint some glass jars for the 4th of July!

    Vapor3547 says:

    There are a million things I would do…I am on overload just thinking about it! I would LOVE to win :)

    Daisies803 says:

    Love Mod Podge. I have used it in all kinds of projects, from coasters, to magnetic boards for my toddler, from scrap booking, to recovering my filing cabinet.

    Kelly says:

    I love Mod Podge!!!! Winning this would be like a dream come true!!!

    Kbddesign says:

    Just purchased my first container of it…need some inspiration on what to do with it!

    Twinymela says:

    This would be the greatest to have!!!

    Usairdoll says:

    WoW! What a super generous giveaway. How awesome. I love making fabric plates using Mod Podge.

    Thank you for a neat giveaway and a chance to win.


    Suzayn MacKenzie says:

    I used Mod Podge for a number of my wedding crafts, including making my little cake toppers!

    Kerrie says:

    Yesterday I covered an old pair of wedges with Mod Spodge and glitter for pretty “new” shoes to wear to a wedding, but I love Mod Podge for all sorts of crafts!

    gant2 says:

    I LOVE ModPodge!  I use it every day in art journaling, but I’ve done so much with it in the past. My decoupaged Easter Eggs were a real hit this year.

    Melody says:

     I would like to use it to put fabric on shoes.


    Tori says:

    I’m just getting started with Mod Podge, but I made my nephew a fun wall plaque map that shows where all of the family members in the city live. He loved it! Can’t wait to do more with Mod Podge!

    OMG that is such a great giveaway! I love MOD PODGE and use it for just about every thing crafty. I have a 6yr and twin three yr olds. We have used it to make at least one craft for every holiday. Congrats on the first publication!!!

    Asucarr says:

    love using Hard Coat Mod Podge for collages, mixed media work…even jewelry!  it glues, seals, and doesn’t feel tacky/sticky when dry.

    akprincess72 says:

    I use Mod Podge for all kinds of stuff!  My Mom decoupaged with it when I was a child & now I make magnets, coasters, glittery candles & more!  I’m a klutz so I like how Mod Podge works great but isn’t going to permanently glue my fingers together or something dumb.   I have regular as well as two colors of glitter Mod Podge & the silver sheen.  FUN stuff!!!

    Sieglinde says:

    I’m studying to become a kindergarden teacher and we are supposed to be crafty, to make amazing things with the children for little money. But i’m not good at crafts: I can’t paint, I can’t sow,… but I can Mod Podge! 
    Using Mod podge I am able to make new puzzels every week instead of having to buy them. Mod Podge has saved me a lot of money.

    Bmr2bme says:

    WOW. I would absolutely LOVE this!! I could play for hours!! Pick me! Pick me!

    Mod Podge & I go way back, first craft project was back in the 70′s when I first Mod Podged a puzzle I put together & wanted to keep so I could hang it on my wall, in the 80′s & 90′s I made many gifts for teacher’s and grandma’s using fabric scrap’s & Mod Podge, still using to make lots of fun crafts with today!

    Lisa says:

    I had NO idea that MP had so many products!  (and i work at a craft store chain!)

    Epatha44 says:

    Where to start ?!!?
    I have used Mod Podge to:
    Recover lampshades AND lamps
    Make outdoor garden signs
    Put ‘Thumbilina’ on a tiny tool caddy
    Make-over a stationary box to a “lady de’ Lettres” box
    Use pretty craft paper to cover those plastic Easter eggs
    Make lively wooden flowers for a tree made of branches

    My project today was making a wall sized map of Afghanistan to keep track of my nephew and his Infantry Division !!

    Trust me- if you can see & touch something… You can Mod Podge it !!

    Cara says:

    I have several projects in mind, but no Modge Podge to do them!! :-)

    Sherri says:

    I love using Mod Podge to alter home decor.  Love, love, love this stuff!  And this giveaway, oh my, what I would do with all that.  Such an amazing and generous giveaway!!

    Lisa says:

    Love the Modge

    Heather says:

    I recently used outdoor mod podge for the first time…what fun!

    I love love love this stuff, i’m totally addicted :)

    Beth Hillier says:

    I started using Mod Podge in the 70′s and have loved it ever since.  I took a classes in 3d art cutting out pictures and layering them on wood.  Did alot of wedding announcements back then.  You’ve come a long way baby. 

    Beth Hillier

    Christina says:

    I LOVE Mod Podge and am so excited to have found this site! Can’t wait to learn all kinds of other ways to use it!

    Teresa Magee says:

    I would love to win this giveaway, Thanks for the opportunity!  teresa

    Marilyn says:

    I absolutely love Mod Podge!  This giveaway would be great to win.

    Mcgoo4 says:

    Modge Podge is a great clue/sealer.  I use it for sooooo much! 

    Awesome giveaway!Smiles~Marilyn

    Amber Boggs says:

    I love to collage boxes, containers, notebooks and now furniture! After I refurbished a dresser a couple months ago with pretty contact paper and ModPodge, I have been looking at all the other furniture in my house and wondering just how I can redo it. I am beginning to think this stuff is made of crack! I don’t seem to be able to stop. LOL

    Michellehaag says:

    Actually, I had no clue that this existed!  Or maybe my subconscious “Seventies Self” remembered…After reading some of the posts, I would love to give it a try!

    Katie says:

    I like to use Mod Podge to do all sorts of things. Beads, decopage, preserving bird’s nests…

    Terri says:

    I’m still trying to figure out what you CAN’T Mod Podge!!! Love it all!!

    KW says:

    My new Mod Podge project will be to decorate a wooden block wall in my daughter’s bathroom.  We have painted the wall and now it needs a little more love.  I see some scrapbook paper, some fun wooden cut-outs and lots of Mod Podge in the near future!  I think a little splash of Glow in the Dark would be fun!

    Wwilloww says:

    Mod Podge is the only decoupage/collage product I use!  To win this amazing give away would be awesome!!!  GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!!

    Charlee Griffith says:

    I’ve been using Mod Podge for more years than I’m willing to admit. It’s fabulous!

    Mandy L. says:

    There are soooo many things I would love to use mod podge for! I would love to win this!

    Ruok72 says:

    I recently used Mod Podge to make my keys glittery!  Thanks to Pintrest.  Mod Podge is the best!!

    Poppy Keegan says:

    My favorite way to use Mod Podge is to add fabric to my embroidery hoops, but I use it for lots of other projects, too. This package is too much (in a good way)!

    Brooke says:

    I {heart} Mod Podge.

    My first project with Mod Podge was to put scrap pieces of paper on letters for my grandkids’ names.  Then I had to do my name and then I placed all the used scrap pieces of paper left over on a piece of particle board to make a table top.  Now when I craft, I see all the scraps I used on my grandkids’ names. 

    I showed my sister how to use this wonderful product.  We took chipboard and some border wall paper to create a cover for a scrapbook for her grandson.  It turned out so cute!  LOVE MOD PODGE!

    Ameliametalwork says:

    I LOVE Mod Podge!!! Its my favorite collage adhesive!! Excellent for almost every kids’ project!!

    Kgorman41567 says:

    I feel so MOD when I PODGE!!!!!!

    Daniel S. says:

    Awesome stuff. I want!

    Lynn Pelletier says:

    What is Mod Podge?

    Chandice says:

    I love Mod Podge!!  Oh my gosh so many goodies to be had! :)  There are sooooo many projects that can be created with this give~a~way.  Thank you for the chance to win.  Yay!!!!

    33rdjuly says:

    You can do anything with Mod Podge!

    Anna-Leigh McClelland says:

    I’ve had great fun using it for some photo on canvas projects!

    I would love to win this contest! I have used Mod Podge to create the Altered Art Journal that we teach at Michaels. Next, I want to use MP to collage paper or fabric onto some wood pendants I found on clearance. We used sparkle Mod Podge to make tissue paper collage treasure boxes when I was a Girl Scout Leader.

    We just moved to a new house in a new state and had to buy a bunch of new stuff because of weather damage (stupid leaky moving trucks…). I’d love to use all this to jazz up the place. Bare walls and boring furnishings make me sad!

    jflowers says:

    I would so love to win this. The list would be too long to list on what I have used it on. What can’t you use it on??? lol

    Lindaschiffer says:

    Mod Podge ‘furniture grade’ is my go-to gel medium of choice when I make anything that needs to be tough and durable. Great stuff!
    :) Linda

    Anninnj says:

    Love Mod Podge as a sealer for papercrafts – and you can stick paper to anything!

    Anninnj says:

    Love Mod Podge as a sealer for paper crafts.

    Shannon Holmes says:

    I love Mod Podge. I mainly use it to glue paper to canvas, other papers, sealant for paper beads and paper projects. I am thinking about Mod Podge-ing a lamp shade that I have with sheet music paper or old patterns.

    Beadsophisticate says:

    I have used Mod Podge for all sorts of projects, but mostly for decoupage.  I am glad to see that they are branching out and already have some projects in mind for my new home.

    Megan says:

    I use Mod Podge on puzzles and for decorating projects. 

    I love modpodging notebooks, cards, jewelry boxes, gift tag doo daddy things!

    John Andrew Dixon says:

    ~ The name Mod Podge has become synonymous with decoupage in all its variations, permutations, and incarnations!

    m Lorenz says:

    I’ve been using Mod Podge since I was a little girl!  It rocked then and continues to rock now!  Rock on Mod Podge!

    Snugglebtoys says:

    i’m wanting to make a lampshade with string, Mod Podge would be perfect !!

    Joyce Pusel says:

    I love ModPodge.

    Betsy says:

    I’d love more Mod Podge to come my way.  My almost empty bottle is looking at me right now and I have more papier mache mannequins to cover.

    Mom4larsens says:

    Memories of a mom gone too soon…..

    I’ve always been a crafter and I got the crafting bug from my mom. I tend to bead, knit, quilt, sew.  My mom died suddenly when I was 16 and she was 41.  I’m now 45 so I’ve grown up without her.  I now have 4 kids of my own.  

    One of the few things I remember about my mom is Mod Podge.  Who would have thought after all these years, Mod Podge would be one of the memories I have of her.  Way back when I was in junior high, I can remember her decoupaging all sorts of stuff.  Some was cool; some wasn’t, but it all had Mod Podge.  There were also a lot of burnt edges on paper that was decoupaged. 

     When I read a post about Mod Podge, it brought back a lot of really good memories. 

    My daughter tends to be more of a quick crafter and with all of the cool things that you can now do with Mod Podge, it would be a great way for my own daughter and I to share a memory of her Grandma that she never met. 

    My mom would have been a blogger had they existed back then.  How cool that something as timeless as Mod Podge could unite 3 generations. 

    teri pastorino says:

    wow what an awesome giveaway. i love mod podge! we used it for a project for our first grade arts festival project this year. we covered little hearts. everyone in the class made one and put a quote on it. turned out amazing. all these little hearts i a bowl. oh, and did i mention the bowl was mod podged with paper too?

    Dena says:

    I’ve made the cutest matchbox covers with fancy napkins and modge podge.

    Victoria Sturdevant says:

    I love Mod Podge!  I’d love a chance to try some newer products and, oh, I need Amy’s book!

    I love to use Mod Podge when making unique gifts for family and friends.

    Carol S says:

    I have recently started crafting again–after too many years away–so the first thing I did was go buy a bottle of my old friend, MOD PODGE!!  

    I haven’t been this excited by a giveaway in a long while!

    Jill Shope says:

    The first time I used Mod Podge was to make Easter eggs with tissue wrapping paper! Then I used it to put flowers on a vase for a Christmas present. I make beads, both paper and on wooden ones. I redid a lamp, some jewelry, a cabinet that had seen too much paint, a mirror and on and on and on!! Well, you can see I’m always using Mod Podge. I even made some of my own, but it just wasn’t the same!! Thanks for this giveaway and I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed. 

    Kaje0126 says:

    I’d love to win the prize here! I love paper crafting with mod podge!!

    BB says:

    I love modge podge for collages. 

    Teri says:

    Love!  Really, if Mod Podge can’t do it, it doesn’t need to be done.  :)

    I love Mod Podge, I use it for everything and everywhere!!!

    Nicole C. says:

    I’ve never used it (*gasp*).  This would be a great way to start, dontcha think? ;)

    Craftandbake says:

    What a fun giveaway!

    Dldpalsis says:

    I’m just starting to realize all the great things u can do with mod podge.

    BethAnne says:

    I’ve gotten away from my crafting for way too long. Art journaling has caught my attention and re-started my need to create. I am learning so many new ways to use mod podge in mixed media which is just allowing me to have more fun expressing myself on this new mod podge art journey! Lol.

    Andrea says:

    I love all things crafting!

    OOOOOH, I love this prize pack! I’ve only used Modge Podge for some ‘simple’ projects, but I’d love to ramp up my skills with this book!

    Beth says:

    Love Mod Podge! Testing the comment function…

    Pnewl57 says:

    Love Mod Podge and look forward to the inspiration of a new book.

    Kaje0126 says:

    I love mod podge… It’s great for paper crafting and photo collages! I’d LOVE to win this awesome goodie package!!!

    Donna Grant- Walker says:

    I am new to crafting but the inspiration is endless with modge podge. I would use modge podge to make custom one of a kind geek inspired shoes, bags and jewelry. This such a great product and an even greater giveaway prize. Best of luck to everyone!

    sandie sinatra says:

    OMG!  Craft Supplies!!!!!  There is nothing in the world I love better than craft stuff…..well, maybe then craft BOOKS!!!!!  As I love to do so many kinds of crafts from A to Z – I don’t quite know how I’d use the major stash, but believe me, I WILL find something fantastic to do with everything!!!  Ooh, maybe get some materials to recycle and cardboard and stuff and make myself a cute craft room-tree house!  Oh, that would be a dream!!!!!!  But, coming back to reality, thank you Lark Crafts for this opportunity!!

    Wanda Beteau says:

    I use mod podge matte finish for everything.  I have recently started using mod podge sealer…..It works perfectly!  Pick me pick me….this is amazing!
    Happy Crafting

    Wanda Beteau says:

    I use mod podge matte finish for everything.  I have recently started using mod podge sealer…..It works perfectly!  Pick me pick me….this is amazing!
    Happy Crafting

    Elizabeth de la Torre says:

    Oh how the time will fly with this much Mod Podge!  My girls and I could transform their rooms!

    Lynn Powell says:

    I am making beads using cloth, paper, whatever I can think of.  All of that Mod Podge would give me many more choices.  I would love to win it!

    Lynn Powell says:

    I am making beads using cloth, paper, whatever I can think of.  All of that Mod Podge would give me many more choices.  I would love to win it!

    There are so many ways to to use Mod Podge. That is why I love it so!

    Heather says:

    I love to use Mod Podge to help create home decor.

    Bowennicole says:

    How do I NOT like to use Mod Podge?!? I use it in place of glue. I use it as wallpaper seam repair. My favorite is to texturize it over pictures to make ithem look like canvases.

    the holly says:

    oooh…i’m working on some jewelry now that would be oh, so, fun! or working with my kiddos to revamp our garbage cans! 

    Shaiha W says:

    I have this old beat up file cabinet that I have been hiding the studio.  I would love to decorate it so that it can come out and play.

    MaryBeth says:

    I recently finished coasters and an Altered art journal using Mod Podge.  I would like to try wall art  - I have some canvases waiting to be transformed :)

    Leanne S says:

    I’ve seen a lot of awesome projects made using this magical stuff. I would love to try it too.

    Heleasomotha says:

    Thanks for the great prize. I would love to try it out.

      Helea says:

      Sorry the name should be Helea. I have no idea how the e-mail got in it’s place

    Debramurphy says:

    I haven’t used Mod Podge in 20 years, but thanks to Pinterest I am having sooo much fun with it once again!!

    Gailshuttkent says:

    Mod Podge is a fun craft-so much can be done with it-got a project that I am getting ready to start-thanks for the ideas and the giveaway

    Wordygirl says:

    Wow. Commenting after Roseyave is daunting! My favorite way to use mode podge os with little kids. Their creativity soars and their chaos becomes spontaneity captured forever.

    I love using the TierraCast metal charms, pictures of family, and the Mod as a sealant.

    lorena says:

    I love to use it in doing collages!  Love it! :)

    Diannc says:

    I’ve actually never used Mod Podge-so far at least.

    Patricia Spitzner says:

    I’ve never used Mod Podge…I’m just getting into crafting and winning this would be so helpful! I can’t wait to start making beautiful things!!!

    There isn’t a surface I haven’t mod-podged on – even though for years I read the label as “Modge-Podge” – kinda like mis-heard song lyrics!

    Jennie P. says:

    I’d never used Mod Podge but I’d love to try it!

    Nyxie says:

    I would love to learn about all the new things you can do with mp and about all there new products.

    Nyxie says:

    I would like to learn about all the things you can do with mp and about all there new products.

    Jane Michael says:

    I love to decoupage! Squishing Mod Podge around between my fingers is very relaxing!

    Heather N says:

    I have never used Mod Podge before, but will be buying some for the first time next week. I am looking forward to all that I will be able to create. :)

    debbieo says:

    There are so many cool Mod Podge projects out there.  I have a couple waiting to be completed in my craft studio right now!

    Gabby Hobbs says:

    Mod Podge is my absolute go to product to save images forever in time.  somehow when you cover them in mod podge and hang them up it seems to not only capture the photo but the time of your life too.  love it

    CherylH says:

    This is the greatest thing on earth!!

    Jillvater says:


    I haven’t used Mod Podge a lot. I used it to cover some old clipboards with a pretty paper for each of my family members to have their papers and calendar in order.  I think I’ll make a couple more to finish our organization wall!  This would be great to have and try new things.  Thanks for sharing.

    Martha Swartz says:

    Fabulous way to try out all the products instead of having to make up your mind. Great giveaway!

    I like to use ModPodge to change the finish on objects from matte to shiny and the reverse as well as to adhere fabric and paper together.

    I haven’t used modpodge in a loooong time, but my favorite thing I’ve made with it is a hammer I decorated for my Dad for Father’s Day when I was in 3rd grade-I asked him if I could borrow an old wooden hammer, then cut out a bunch of random magazine pictures I thought he’d like-baseballs, cars, guy stuff, and then used modpodge to stick it all on. He still has that hammer!

    Anonymous says:

    gosh this stuff is like my go to craft item  i would so love to win this contest i am going to redo a old vintage suitcase with photos and use the podge to transefer them all on it in a collage look
    my email is overmypinkrainbow@yahoo.com

    Jdburgess2006 says:

    I can honestly say – how do I NOT use Mod Podge?! I am currently obsessed with decoupaging ceiling fan blades, furniture, walls, books, wooden spoons, jewelry and more, more, more!! I love this blog because it allows me to step outside my creative zone and let myself be inspired by someone else’s artistic flavor… Seasoned with a dollop of Mod Podge!

    Erika says:

    Would love to win!  Thanks!  Wow, that is a lot!

    novachick1 says:

    I have been wanting to Mod Podge some dried flowers I gathered in our yard.

    Andiette says:

    I love mod podge!

    ModPodgeElder says:

    I’ve been a Mod Podge user since back in the 1970′s and it’s still my go-to product for papercrafts and other applications. I have net tried any of the newer Mod Podge products, but I would love to check them out, since I’ve now got time to actually do some crative craftng.

    hina says:

    hi i would like to use mod podge as it is not locally available in my country. Thanxs. 

    DarrellEn says:

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