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May 06, 2011, 12:42 pm  Posted by Lark

Beck with his favorite handmade koala

My one-year-old son Beckett has several mommy-like role models in his life, and I’m thrilled to say that some of them are outrageously creative—they happen to be my co-workers and frequent Lark bloggers.

They’re always pointing our readers to other talented individuals in the world and are humble enough to rarely put themselves in the spotlight.

Well, I think it’s time to break that rule!

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I want to thank all you gifted Larkers for bringing an artful spirit to my son’s little world, and I’m happy to give our readers a glimpse of the talent that’s behind the Lark blog.

I’m positive that your adorable creations will bring inspiration to lots of folks out there. Every time I receive a handmade gift, I’m always determined to go make that exact thing for someone else—pass on the love, you know?

Beth Sweet (who made the ridiculously cuddly koala pictured here) assures me that I have the skills to make a cute plushie-bird-thing for my friend’s new baby. Skills, perhaps. Time, not so sure!

Here’s a look at some of Beckett’s favorite things crafted by some of his (and my) favorite people over the past year.

This happy dino was stitched by Shannon Yokeley during the most amazing work shower where everyone decorated onesies.

Dinosaur appliqué made by Shannon Yokeley

Valerie Shrader from the Needlearts team knitted Beck this cozy hat—he treated it more like a security blanket and chewed off the pompoms. Side note: it’s spring, and he’s still wearing it.

Knitted hat made by Valerie Shrader

Also from the Needlearts team, Amanda Carestio crafted this most-amazing quilt. It hangs in Beck’s room above his crib, and I get to admire it as I’m rocking the pumpkin to sleep. Everyone who enters his room wants to know, “Who made that???!!!”


Quilt made by Amanda Carestio

Two of the cutest, softest, and most expressive cuddlies I’ve ever seen were made by Beth Sweet of the Craft Your Life team. Beth, if you ever want to start your own business (while still working at Lark, of course), this is it!!

Stuffed cuddlies made by Beth Sweet

And most apropos for the day, Carol Barnao from the Jewelry & Beading team made this sweet little gem of a onesie that says, “I love you, Mom,” and also subtly states, “…I’m going to be a biker when I grow up.” Um… No!

"I Love You, Mom" made by Carol Barnao

I hope you’ve enjoyed this tour of talent. Thanks again to my friends and co-workers for introducing Beckett to all things handmade. And Happy Mother’s Day to everyone else out there—even if you’re not a crafter, being a mom sure takes an insane amount of creativity! Here’s to you.

PS: I’m not as humble as everyone else. Here’s my homage to Willow (Beth Sweet’s dog) that I embroidered at Christmas—totally appropriate to include here since I’m one of Willow’s many work mamas. If you love it, you can find the instructions in Craft-In, by Kathleen McCafferty.

Embroidered Willow made by yours truly


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    Beth says:

    Oh Gavin, not only are you a slam-dunk mama, writer, and friend, you’re an amazingly talented embroidery goddess! Willow’s pet portrait hangs here in my office as I type–its craftsmanship and detail shine even more brightly because you created it. Happy Mother’s Day–Beckett’s one lucky little fellow :)

    Carol says:

    Beckett is one lucky little man! And tell him he’s not allowed to mess up any of those one-of-a-kind pieces. ;) Hope you have a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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    sipemalas says:

    Mom’s is very great

    nice. thank you bro

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