Mother’s Day Gifts: lovely Etsy finds

May 03, 2011, 08:40 am  Posted by Lark

Sometimes it’s tricky to find the right gift for Mother’s Day. A mom can be a friend, a confidante, a leader, a compass, your coach, your cheerleader, your foundation, a giver of roots and a provider of wings. So when it comes to saying the things we want to say to our moms and the women who mother us in so many ways, we need to find just the right way to say it. I took a stroll through Etsy with moms in mind, and I wanted to share with you some of the beautiful handmade objects I discovered.

a collection of photos of handmade gifts on Etsy.com

1. Origami Lotus Flower by fishandlotus

2. “A Heart to Heart” Print by corid

3. Fly Little Bird Necklace by foundling

4. Poppies Fabric Flower Corsage by RiRiFisch

5. Yarn Wreath by ItzFitz

6. Poppy Bouquet Clutch Purse by PoppyPunch

7. “Connection No. 1” Hand Embroidery by marysgranddaughter

8. Poppy Giclee Print by CindyLindgren

9. “Quality Time” Print by ashleyg

10. Ranunculus Flower Photo by EvesEye

11. Blushing Embrace Flower Necklace by hydrangeablush

12. Sweet Pea Soap by fuzzybunny


6 Responses

    Thanks so much for including on epf my pieces! I shared through my FB page…

    Maria Louise High says:

    oops – “one of my pieces”, typing too fast today!

    Cindy Lindgren says:

    Thanks for including my Poppy print with such wonderful selections.

    foundling says:

    These are beautiful. I’m such a big fan of corid!

    Nancy Lou says:

    “Connection No. 1″ is a beautiful Mother’s Day piece. Thanks for sharing

    Ideal Mothers Day Gift is here http://tinyurl.com/YourGiftMoM

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