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June 16, 2010, 10:56 am  Posted by Lark

Are you like me? Do you have a supply of stacked materials and endless ideas for creative endeavors? If you do I hope you’ll agree that it is a great feeling to finally finish a project. Here’s my finished painting from a couple of weeks ago. Nearly all of my materials are recycled—paint, wood scraps and sawdust. Once I started hoarding scraps for creative re-purposing, the piles just got higher. So here’s my summer goal: I will empty out the stache of stuff and get more art work on the wall!

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10 Responses

    Ray says:

    AMAZING, Kristi!

    unknown says:

    That would be “stash” and not “stache” unless you have developed a hormonal problem….

      Kristi says:

      The difference between an Editor and Art Director: spelling! Actually, we have a lovely new book called “Stache” that has been on my radar recently, perhaps that is the cause.

    Bethany Haeseler says:

    this is lovely. and hoarding is never a bad thing when it comes to art supplies. :-) inspiration comes from all places.

    Slvilov says:

    Yes, I enjoy gathering odds and ends waiting to be created into something new. You've inspired me to get busy and see what evolves!

      Kristi says:

      Let's see how much we can get done!


    Hollawayjj says:

    Make up the old and make room for the new. :)

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