Playing with Fire: Making a Mark with David Sena

June 30, 2010, 12:56 pm  Posted by Lark

Part of actively crafting a creative life is seeking inspiration from those who can help open your eyes (and perhaps even your mind) to the possibilities, both in style and in process. Right now I’m particularly fixated on the work of David Sena. After encountering his artwork, I had one of those moments that left me feeling both jealous and respectful all at once. In a spirit of true artistic alchemy David uses fire, fireworks and gunpowder to burn patterns, lines and shapes on paper. The results are truly elegant and surprising. In addition to exploring works on paper, he is also an amazing tattoo artist. Talk about a multidisciplinary body of work! You have been warned: you might find yourself losing sense of time while perusing senaspace, or even end up wanting a tattoo (or another tattoo in my case).

David Sena on the floor and in action. Photo by Josh Rubin, from coolhunting.com.

Check out this article on coolhunting:

David Sena Studio Visit:

Intergalactic paintings made from fireworks by a world-renowned tattoo artist


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