Randel Plowman: Collage Exploration

June 07, 2010, 10:45 am  Posted by Lark

Randel Plowman, In PicturesIt was years ago when I first discovered Randel Plowman and his work. A longtime admirer and practitioner of collage myself, I was absolutely smitten when I serendipitously stumbled upon his inspiring Collage a Day project. For the past four years, Randel has created a new 4″ x 4″ collage every single day (yes, indeed, every day) and uploads the results to his site. Randel had intended on the project lasting one year, but the project continues with great vibrancy and energy today.

When asked how the project originated, Randel says:

“I was sort of in an artistic slump at that time. The more I “thought” about making art the less I did it, so I decided to stop thinking and start making. I remember reading somewhere that most successful artists had a routine that they followed every day. I think that it was a way for me to become more routine with my own art making. It was a way to force myself to sit down and make something…I’ve found that it is about the act of doing it instead of thinking about doing it that works for me. Once I start playing around with images I’m okay.”

For someone like myself who often battles issues with creative motivation and discipline, I was inspired by this commitment to a creative practice. These miniature studies in color, pattern, and texture are so mesmerizing that it’s pretty easy to find yourself lost in each and every one. Just in the writing of this post I ended up falling down a delightful spiral of almost a full year of posts. And the real kicker? The collages are all available for purchase at just $25.00 a pop, including an 8″ x 8″ archival gallery matting and documentation from the artist. As you can imagine they get snatched up really fast. You have been warned.

And so it was a great delight to discover about a year ago that Randel had been signed up to curate our book Masters: Collage. Who would this creative personality tap as the best in the collage field? The final results are absolutely exquisite,  a book filled with variety and visual intoxication.

Randel Plowman, Magic FingersSome words from Randel taken from the book‘s Introduction:

“[Collage is] a genre that embraces just about every conceivable material and creative technique. I’m still intrigued by artists who are making collages in new and inventive ways. The form is more dynamic and diverse now than ever before, as today’s artists boldly mix traditional and non-traditional methods and materials…Compared to other art forms, collage seems a democratic and unthreatening medium. It requires few tools or supplies, and practically anyone with an appreciation for found objects and a love of composition can do it. And yet the process of creating a collage is not quite as simple as it seems. What makes one collage more successful than another? Why do some pieces resonate with viewers, while others fail to strike a chord?”

See more of Randel’s work, including images of new work by visiting his site. And be sure to bookmark his Collage a Day site, a worthy addition to your creative daily clicks.


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