Reader Feature: Rose Candela Moore

June 28, 2013, 13:46 pm  Posted by Lark

We at Lark have been so thrilled with the success of Creative Lettering, an inspiring and colorful guide to creating artful letters and making your words as expressive visually as they are linguistically. Crafters, artists, and doodlers alike have loved it. It only published a couple of months ago, and we’ve already sold out of it twice!


Well, a while back, in celebration of the book’s release, I asked to see the creative lettering that our readers were doing. Now, I want to take the time to feature some of those incredibly talented artists, starting with Rose Candela Moore. Her beautiful, dream-like drawings often feature lettering in the form of inspiring messages, repurposed book pages and ads, and thought-provoking compositional elements. Here are a couple of teasers:

Rose wrote a blog post about using lettering as creative fodder in her drawings. Click the photo to see that post and a slideshow including close-ups of the details and text she used in this drawing.


Mystery, prayer, love, darkness, and a kind of harsh reality are regular features in Rose's art.

Ms. Candela Moore also makes beautiful painted ceramic pieces and sets.


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