Have you made anything from Big Little Felt Universe by Jeanette Lim yet? Please share if you have; we love to see what you’re making. To get you inspired, here’s a little roundup from some of our fabulously crafty readers. Aren’t their projects great?

Remember, you can start making your own Big Little Felt Universe by starting with our free Sundae project download here. And, congrats to bbklarinette for winning the cover apple and copy of the book from our last giveaway. Happy crafting, everyone!

1. The Campfire

My Sewing Cupboard posted this adorable picture of her handmade Kinder boys sitting by the campfire she made from Big Little Felt Universe. Don’t they look nice and toasty? It makes me want to go camping this summer. Check out the cool colors she used for the set on the right!

2. Piece of Cake!

Carina of Carina’s Craftblog make a slice of cake, to her own taste, from the Birthday Cake project in the book. How delicious is this?

3. House Plant

Abby Glassenberg, author of The Artful Bird posted a picture of the succulent project under an entry called “Finally! A plant I can’t kill” on her blog, While She Naps. Too cute!

4. Go Bananas

Finally, we’re smitten with this little banana that Sarah of Material Evidence made when she should have been making dinner! (“Sorry babe,” she writes in her blog.) As shown in the book, it’s held together with magnets. Do you think Sarah tried to serve it for dinner? It does look good enough to eat.  :)


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7 Responses

    that banana is too much…i even love the plate that its on!

    Katee Tea3 says:

    Love the banana but the magnets make me nervous weren’t a bunch of kids toys just recalled because of magnets swallowing issues?

    Kathleen says:

    Hi, Katee Tea3,

    Thanks for commenting. You bring up a good point. As with any small, handmade item, I wouldn’t recommend making this particular project for a child young enough to accidentally swallow it. Jeanette’s stitched felt items are like art — children can enjoy them, but they’re not inteded for babies or very young children.



    Lark Crafts says:

    [...] contacted by an editor for Lark Crafts with an email saying that my felt banana was shown on their blog! How exciting!  Cancel [...]

    FeltOnTheFly says:

    KateeTea3, you’re right to be concerned about a magnet inside an item that’s popular for children.  Maybe a better choice would have been a small bit of Velcro. 

    Kathleen, felt play food is a great toy for children.  There’s no reason why children of any age couldn’t play with them (as long as there are no magnets or buttons of course!).  In fact, the wool felt available in my shop (http://www.feltonthefly.etsy.com) is safe for children as it hasn’t been processed with any harsh chemicals or toxins – just pure, natural fiber.  Better for children and better for the environment than any wool-blend or ‘eco-fi’ felt. 

    Great post!  Thanks so much for sharing this book : ) 

    Kathleen says:

    You’ll see that several of Jeanette’s designs use velcro — including the apple on the cover.

    Thanks for sharing, FeltOnTheFly. I agree that handmade toys are a wonderful choice for children — what I meant to say was that I wouldn’t recommend handing a small toy over to a child if there was a risk they might accidently swallow it. I heartily endorse making safe toys for kids — and for supervising them in their play!  :)

    FeltOnTheFly says:

    You’re right, Kathleen.  Obviously toys with small parts such as buttons or magnets shouldn’t be given to small children.

     I was referring to the currently very popular felt food being made for children’s imaginative play.   The point I wanted to make was that, when play felt food is created from pure 100% wool felt (not felt made from recycled plastic or wool blend felt processed with harsh chemicals), it is quite safe for children to not only handle and play with, but even if a child were to put pure wool felt in his mouth (which children may tend to do since, after all, it is play ‘food’), he would not ingest any toxins.  I would hope that anyone making felt food for children would be very conscious of the size of the pieces.  There are more things to worry about than just small parts – exposure to harsh chemicals and toxins over time can cause health risks as well. 

    : )

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