Recycled vinyl

July 09, 2010, 12:28 pm  Posted by Craft Your Life Team

image from www.paulvillinski.com

Disclaimer: To all of you record collectors, this one may hurt a little bit. Let’s hope more Paul Anka and Herb Alpert records were used here instead of Dylan and Stones. Of all  the recycled music media-as-substrate, I think the vinyl record has been put to more use than any. They’re large, cheap, and in great abundance (check your local thrift shop). A quick internet surf session unearthed three clever and inspiring uses of the antiquated (to some) media. Daniel Edlen paints haunting portraits directly onto the record by the same artist, (sacrificing a mint copy of Otis Redding or Miles Davis for art’s sake). Vinylux is a company offering various products made from recycled records: Notebooks, bowls, wall clocks etc. My favorite are the very chunky and modern cuff bracelets. Finally, Paul Villinski’s butterfly installations are a beautiful example of what can be created with the dicarded vinyl disc. (Enter your own metaphor of music and butterflies in flight here).

image from www.vinylart.info

image from www.vinylux.net


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    justval says:

    Boy, talk about taking recycling, those are AMAZING! The butterflies are wonderful. I have seen bowls make out of LPs but this takes it way beyond the bowls. Absolutely beautiful.

    Jsahawkwiz says:

    While I really enjoyed this post, I must say that I am a HUGE Herb Alpert fan and will in no way partake in the harming of his records.  I’ll use old gospel and christmas records instead :)

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