Reflections on The Creative Connection Event

September 22, 2011, 11:47 am  Posted by Lark

Beth and I just returned from the extraordinary Creative Connection Event in St. Paul, Minnesota. If you’re not familiar with this inspiring annual gathering, just check out my earlier post to find out more. Toss together 450+ creative, collaborative, curious women together for three full days of classes, panels, and parties, and you are bound to be affected by the palpable energy it creates. So seldom do so many people of such varying backgrounds find themselves together in the same place with the same mission: to share, inspire, and propel.

We had a great group of Lark authors in attendance, including Ashley English (Homemade Living Series), Mary Hettmansperger (Fabulous Woven Jewelry; Wrap, Stitch, Fold & Rivet; Mixed Metal Jewelry Workshop), Brenda Schweder (Steel Wire Jewelry), Kaari Meng (The French-Inspired Home; French-Inspired Jewelry), Todd Porter & Diane Cu (photographers/stylists for Sweet Confections), and, of course, event co-founder, Jo Packham (Where Women Create: Book of Inspiration; Where Women Cook: Celebrate!).

Beth and I went to seek out ideas, to support our incredible pool of authors in attendance, and to network with a thriving and growing pool of bloggers and creatives. What we brought back with us was so much more(and I’m not just referring to all the freebies).

Leading sponsors Sterling Publishing (our parent company), BlogHer, and Mary Janes Farm really know how to throw a party!

Would you like to take a peek at our experience through our snapshots over the three days? See some of the speakers, our authors, the classes we took, and the fabulous wares available at the Market. Just go HERE to peruse our collection of photos (all 150 of them!) to partake in a little bit of the fun.

And check out this great video recap of the event by dynamo Becky Higgins.


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