She Sells Sea Shells

July 22, 2011, 10:00 am  Posted by Lark

Chances are sometime in your life you’ve gone to a beach. Beaches are one of those leisure spots sought after world-round. Who can resist wriggling their toes in the sand,  the soothing lull of the waves or just basking in the sun while you read a decadently mindless paperback? Then there’s the shells—those freebie gifts from the sea—just there for the taking. If you’re like me,  you’ve taken a select few home to serve as souvenirs. I always have grandiose plans to “do” something with them but they usually end up sitting around the rim of my tub. But this year was different; I had a plan. I was going to make a shell wind chime. Use my dremel to drill little holes, tie ‘em to a piece of driftwood with a length of string or line and viola–a bit of family beach vacation memorabilia for our mountain home porch. Three weeks after vacation progress report: well the wind chimes aren’t done yet, but then again happily, neither is summer.

Shell-studded koi by SandisShellscapes

If you’ve got a bucket of shells and need a little inspiration, read on. These talented ladies take shell art to a whole new level.

Yes, they’re made entirely with seashells..remarkable, huh? They remind me of kaleidoscopes.

Top row (both): Karine Mirzakhanyan

Bottom row (both): Lois Long

Elegant, refined, and serene all at one time.

Left to Right: SandisShellscapes, Peggy Green

These beautiful keepsake boxes would be worthy of any treasure you put in them.

Top row (left to right): SandisShellscapes, Peggy Green

Bottom row (both): Peggy Green


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