She Sells Seashells

August 12, 2010, 05:00 am  Posted by Lark

The beginning of school signals the end of “true summer” at our house. While the temps may still be indexing into the three digits in parts of the U.S., the carefree days of no homework and playing fast and loose with bedtimes is coming to a close. Time to sneak in one last outing to the coast. Two Lark colleagues are headed to the beach this week leaving me with envious thoughts of sand, seafood, and seashells.

During our family beach trips, hubby and the boys grow gills and practically live in the ocean while I partake in one of my favorite pastimes: beach-combing. My shell collecting activity normally results in a handful of carefully culled sandy souvenirs. These end up in a decorative jar that sits on my desk at home, carrying me through the long days of winter.

Peggy Green’s work shows what astounding beauty can be created with these treasures from the sea.

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    I have a dish with shells sitting on my kitchen sink and always thought…what should I do with that? I also have a jar with stones (lava rocks!) brought back from Santorini….same question. Now I have some inspiration! Thanks!

    arondini217@yahoo.com says:

    can i buy these?

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