Stamping with Teenagers

May 23, 2013, 05:01 am  Posted by Lark

I was reminiscing about my two daughters the other day, floating on a gentle current of nostalgia. At the ages of 16 and 18, these two young ladies are depending on dear ol’ Dad less and less as time flows ever onward. This progression is, of course, natural and (mostly) desired as far as a parent is concerned. But I was remembering the way things used to be when they were younger, about the many activities we used to do together; you know, homework, yard work, soccer, countless viewings of Barney videos and The Lion King (aha, the circle of life), and and as you might expect, simple arts and crafts projects.


“Well,” I wondered, pulling my thoughts back to the present, “even though my children are becoming busy young adults, why can’t we still have fun working on a project or two?” So I gave Olivia and Genevieve a copy of Lark’s just-published book, Stamp It!, and asked each if they’d like to do a project from the pages within. It was a pleasure (and gratifying) to see them lay the digital world aside for a couple of hours and work “hands-on” with the object instructions in this cool book by Jenny Doh.


Genevieve (left) and Olivia (right). I agreed to publish their favorite “sisters” picture in return for permission to feature them in a public blog.



Gen is my younger girl. Fortune gifted her with more “art genes” than the rest of us in the family. It made sense that she chose a fine-arts kind of print called “The Four Seasons” found on page 103, because of its grace, balance, color scheme, and underlying meaning (circle of life??). Framed, it will enhance one of the walls in our living room.


Olivia, always practical, organized, and thinking ahead, surprised me by making the same choice. Except she wanted to use the artwork, along with a cute little addition, to decorate the front of a notebook that she plans to use as a calendar/reminder booklet so she doesn’t forget about important events or assignments at college.







My role in this father-daughter festival was to take photos, offer unwanted advice, carve the leaves and snowflakes from the template, and, did I say, offer unwanted advice (as two pairs of teenage eyes roll once more toward the ceiling).


So, how did it all go? Swimmingly, I believe, as I you can see for yourself below:


Olivia, Genevieve, and Stamp It!


Olivia decided to add a bird walking on the ground below her tree. It is one of more than a hundred templates found at the back of the book.


Yes, that is me losing more hair each day and transferring leaves onto the stamp pad.


Gen works on carving a tree into the pad.



Olivia's handiwork.


Genevieve and a summer tree.


Here are the four seasons (in no particular order, obviously). Gen will rearrange, mount the cardstock, and frame the project as a nice reminder of a Sunday afternoon crafting with the family.



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