Sweepstakes Winner, Week #3!

July 06, 2010, 14:54 pm  Posted by Lark

Congratulations to Bonnie of Columbus, Ohio, for winning our third week’s sweepstakes prize! Bonnie commented on our new Lark Crafts website, and her name was drawn at random from among all the folks who have commented so far.

We wanted to hear from Bonnie about her creative life and how she likes to spend her crafting time–here are her great responses:

1. How do you like to spend your creative time?
I’m thinking of many ways that I enjoy spending my creative time, but nothing compares to simply hanging out with my creative friends!

2.  Where do you find inspiration in your life?
All textures, colors, finishes, and shapes speak to me, and Mother Nature is my favorite!

3. Now that the long, sunny days of summer are here, do you have a creative to-do list that you’re working on?
Lol…my creative to-do list is so long that I’ll have to will it to my great nieces & nephews!
Seriously, my creative to-do list is rock-steady: Coming up with interesting and challenging beadweaving, chainmaille, and wirework designs and classes to feed students’ muses, and that’s not easy – they remain hungry, skilled,  and talented!

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Stay tuned for an announcement of last week’s 4th and final sweepstakes drawing….


4 Responses

    Mary says:

    I am an appreciative student of Bonnie in Columbus. Her designs are unique and creative, she is an excellent teacher, too.
    You should check out her etsy shop at: http://MailleEtc.etsy.com Better still, you should come and take a class with Bonnie.

    Janie says:

    I am one of those Bonnie “students” and we love it when she is in touch with her creative self! Her designs can be complex and challenging but always brilliant and inspiring. We have such fun in her classes as we bond in a true “beading sisterhood” exploring colors, patterns, and our “works of art” while exchanging life insights and lots of humor. Congratulations Bonnie! :-}

    Chandeluse says:

    I want to do everything! I make a little jewelery, sew, make bags, scarves, hats, pillows, curtains, finish furniture, restore antique lighting, make cards, envelopes, recycled t shirt skirts, hair decor, but mostly, I have been selling vintage stuff I like at chandeluse.etsy!

    homepage says:

    I am felling so lucky to have this facebook account here.

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