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We can’t wait for the release of our upcoming title Wedding Papercrafts! With spring finally on the horizon, wedding planning season is at its peak, and the beautiful and unique DIY papercrafts included in this book are sure to inspire. See below for a sneak peek of some of the projects included in the book, and preorder your copy here.


Paper Wisteria Branches

Designer: Kathryn Godwin

Inspired by beautiful, lush cascades of wisteria vines, this unique backdrop is a statement piece that will add simple elegance to any wedding venue.

Paper Wisteria Branches


Cascading Butterflies

Designer: Jessica Fediw

Adorn chairs with a cascade of paper butterflies to make an elegant statement at a wedding reception.

Cascading Butterflies


Vintage Wallpaper Envelope Seals

Designer: Valerie Lloyd

Add pretty accents to invitations and thank-you notes with these heart-shaped vintage wallpaper seals.

Vintage Wallpaper Envelope Seals


Recycled Book Page Flower

Designer: Kimberly Bart

Recycle old books and give them a new life by making flowers to attach to gift boxes, napkin rings, place settings, and more.

Recycled Book Page Flower


Make-Beautiful-Music-Together Centerpiece

Designer: Sandi Genovese

This three-dimensional centerpiece folds flat for convenient storage after the big event, but makes a spectacular display by simply pulling the front cover around to meet the back cover.

Make-Beautiful-Music-Together Centerpiece


Starburst Cake Topper

Designer: Brita Vallens

This elegant, shimmering, Art Deco–inspired cake topper adds an extra layer of personalized charm to wedding reception festivities.

Starburst Cake Topper





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