The Art of Hand Lettering

March 22, 2013, 14:54 pm  Posted by Lark

Re-envisioning the alphabet: In Jenny Doh’s Creative Lettering: Techniques & Tips from Top Artists, 16 designers offer their ingenious interpretations of the 26 little symbols we rely upon so heavily each day. Along with original, hand-drawn alphabets, they share creative exercises, inspirations, and advice—everything you need to know (from A to Z!) about the art of hand lettering.

R by Flora Chang

To help you take up your pen with confidence, Creative Lettering opens with basic information on inks, paints, and writing tools, as well as a breakdown of the individual elements of a letter. Then it’s on to the artists, whose fresh sets of ABCs (check out the samples below) demonstrate the alphabet’s dynamic potential. You’ll learn how to give ordinary letters new flair—to give each character, well, character! 


Kooky Alphabet by Lisa Engelbrecht


Plumped-up Alphabet by Aimee Dolich

Bug Alphabet by Andy Ainger


With easy-to-execute projects that allow you to explore different techniques and develop your own signature style, Creative Lettering is a terrific introduction to the art of hand typography. And if you’re looking for more cool ways to showcase your lettering skills, peruse the list of books below. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

Journal It!: Perspectives in Creative Journaling by Jenny Doh

The Complete Decorated Journal: A Compendium of Journaling Techniques by Gwen Diehn

Pushing the Envelope: Crafty Packaging for Cards of All Kinds by Marthe Le Van

The Encyclopedia of Greeting Card Tools & Techniques by Susan Pickering Rothamel





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