The color of work

May 04, 2010, 11:00 am  Posted by Lark

My first “real job” was working at a graphic design firm in downtown Asheville, NC. We preferred the professional look of black. Pretty much everything was black: walls, chairs, tables, promotional materials and dress.  I love black too, just by nature of being an art school graduate (SCAD). Seven years ago I came to work at Lark Books, where color is everywhere and, surprisingly, I am  enjoying it to this day. Even with all this color around, I still wear black.

Here are a few favorite corners of color in our building that I enjoy. Interestingly, these colors came into play as the art directors set-up a palette for the website—a nice continuation of space both physical and virtual. Here’s a website I love for checking out the palettes other people experience: www.colourlovers.com.


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    Nicole says:

    I absolutely LOVE the abstract beauty in these shots. More, more, more!

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