The Winner of our Sweepstakes: Week #2!

June 24, 2010, 17:09 pm  Posted by Lark

Congratulations to Lynn of Asheville, NC! Lynn commented on our site, and her name was selected at random to win last week’s sweepstakes prize: 15 of Lark’s latest craft titles. Thanks for participating, Lynn!

sweepstakes prize titles!

We wanted to learn a bit more about Lynn, and she enthusiastically provided us with a quick bio and some great responses to our interview questions. Here’s a bit more about Lynn, her shop, Frivoli-tea, and her creative endeavors:

Lynn is an artist and crafter. She and her husband arrived in Asheville in 1999. Two children quickly followed. In between raising their children and assisting with several art-related programs, Lynn began to explore art and craft for herself in numerous different media. She has experimented with everything from jewelry-making to paper collage, and in doing so has developed a wide range of skills. Inspired by her love of all things artsy, Lynn recently opened a small art and craft supply shop called Frivoli-tea. You can learn more about Lynn and her shop at www.frivoli-tea.com or www.frivoli-tea.blogspot.com.

Lark Crafts:  How do you like to spend your creative time?

Lynn:  I enjoy experimenting with different media, as I have not yet settled on one that I claim as my own. And as the years pass, I find that each skill that I have learned while experimenting with various media comes in handy. For example, I use the wire-working skills that I picked up from jewelry-making to attach elements to my mixed media work. I use paint and rubber stamping in my collages. I guess if I ever need to really define what I do artistically, I will call myself a mixed-media artist/crafter.

Lark:  Where do you find inspiration in your life?

Lynn:  Craft books, magazines, and blogs inspire me to no end. I often come up with ideas for my own projects as a result of seeing how materials are used or elements combined in published or blogged about projects. For example, I once saw an adorable mixed media teapot created from a small milk carton. I set about to create my own using a tea bag box as the base. When I finished, my project looked nothing like the teapot that had served as my inspiration. But seeing that original teapot really got my creative juices flowing!
Lark:  Now that the long, sunny days of summer are here, do you have a creative to-do list that you’re working on?

Lynn:  My current creative to-do list is filled by getting my studio in order in our newly-renovated house. I have a basement room that is all mine to do with what I want. During these sweltering days of summer, I plan to spend hours cleaning, organizing, and decorating that cool basement room so that I can be super productive once fall arrives. Thanks again for the wonderful books. I can’t wait to get my hands on them!!!


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    sy says:

    a whole basement studio sounds nice *_*

      Lynn says:

      Hi and thanks for the congrats. Just to clarify: It is not a whole basement studio. it is just a room in the basement:) And I am *thrilled* to be getting these books. I will definitely put them to good use!!!

    vaharoni says:

    2 and counting!

    thom says:

    Congrats! Always great to win something. Even better when it can inspire creativity!!

    marcy says:

    My creative organizational project is the same as Lynn's. I too will be cleaning and arranging my cool basement room into a studio for my jewelry work this summer, I feel lucky to have the space for myself and can't wait to get started on those creative projects!

    Beadweaver says:

    Lucky Girl!!!

    Very well written post. It will be helpful to anybody who employess it, as well as me. Keep doing what you are doing – for sure i will check out more posts.

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