This Dog’s Life with Ira G

September 24, 2010, 09:20 am  Posted by Craft Your Life Team

From Asheville, North Carolina, it’s This Dog’s Life. I’m Ira G. Each FRIDAY, of course, I pick a theme and present a story around that theme.

My new favorite past-time is pulling a disappearing act. Oh the thrill of being let out into the big fenced-in back yard and then finding some way, any way to get into the unfenced front yard. You should see the look on Mom’s face when she finds me. It’s hilarious. And she just can’t figure it out. She’s patched up all the gaps and holes she can find, but little does she know–I’ve been secretly studying magic. David Blaine, you got nothin’ on Ira G.  And with that, ladies and gentlemen…-poof!-


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4 Responses

    Susannah says:

    I hope the next Friday’s post is not about Ira’s mom having a heart attack from the disappearing act! Don’t these dogs know how good they’ve got it? Why jeopardize that?!!!

    Karen B. says:

    IRA! Don’t do that to your Mommy. Bad dog!

    Argylsok says:

    Ira, you naughtikins! You’re supposed to *protect* your property, not evade it! (Cheshire Cat grin)

    Absolutely composed subject material, thankyou for selective information.

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