This Dog’s Life with Ira G

July 08, 2010, 15:55 pm  Posted by Craft Your Life Team

From Asheville, North Carolina, it’s This Dog’s Life. I’m Ira G. Each week, of course, I pick a theme and present a story in four panels.

The fourth of July has come and gone, our out of town visitors have returned to their homes, and I’m left with snapshots of all the fun. It was a great time, even if I don’t understand some of your human customs.

I mean, setting off fireworks again and again? (I’m not scared, but: hello, annoying.) Taking constant pictures? (The flash is also irritating, not to mention getting cradled like a helpless baby, which I am not.)

Speaking of babies, I found a kindred spirit in Ella Rose; turns out she likes to dig in the dirt as much as I do. Oh yeah, and Mom came home smelling like a baby goat. It was all a bit bizarre. And, Tito, my brother, I picked up your scent, and let’s just say I can tell we’re going to be friends.


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