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July 15, 2010, 16:59 pm  Posted by Craft Your Life Team

From Asheville, North Carolina, it’s This Dog’s Life. I’m Ira G. Each week, of course, I pick a theme and present a story in four panels.

Last Sunday was The Big Crafty, Asheville’s biggest and best biannual indie craft fair. Mom goes to every single one and usually comes home buzzing with excitement…and cupcakes, and bags–lots and lots of bags.

This summer’s Crafty was no different, although she really knocked herself out this time. And now, I’m stuck eating dried dog food without a trace of grilled chicken. Sure, she’s eating Ramen, but it’s hard to sympathize. Oh well. I’m just glad the Big Crafty only happens twice a year. Let’s  hope it stays that way. Now, for this week’s story: Lean Times After the Big Crafty, as our program continues.

1. Earrings by Sara Westermark

2. Necklace by The Vintage Vanity

3. Dress by So She Sews

4. Journal illustrated by Christy Wooke

5. Original painting by The Maple Ridge

6. Original painting by Alli Good


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