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July 30, 2010, 12:46 pm  Posted by Craft Your Life Team

From Asheville, North Carolina, it’s This Dog’s Life. I’m Ira G. Each FRIDAY, of course, I pick a theme and present a story around that theme.

This week’s episode: Dear APD. You might not know this, but, outside of the Food Lion Skate Park, it’s illegal to skate anywhere in downtown Asheville. I didn’t know this, and Mom didn’t either, until we ventured out one day — she on her longboard, me running on-leash beside her, and took off for work down the quiet side streets into town. The new issue of our beloved independent weekly, the Mountain Xpress had just come out, and the cover said it all: Skateboarding is a Crime. You can read the excellent story here.

It really is a shame. I mean, longboarding (which is all about carving and cruising, not doing tricks–although, Mom wishes she was that good) is a really rad form of alternate transportation. It’s good exercise, an awesome way to interact with your environment, and, if you know what you’re doing and respect the rules of the road, it’s safe and really, really fun.

How do you feel about skating in your city? Do you have any stories to share? Any tips for how we can help change the laws in Asheville? A lot of strides have been made for the cyclists of this city, but what about the skaters (or skater-supporters, like me)? What about us?


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