We Have a Winner!

June 17, 2010, 10:49 am  Posted by Lark

Congratulations to Debbie B. from Belmont, Massachusetts, for winning our first week’s sweepstakes prize! Debbie commented on our new website and her name was randomly selected from all the folks who posted comments. We’ve just shipped a huge box of 15 of our newest crafting titles to Debbie as the prize for the first of our four weekly sweepstakes drawings.

books to be awarded each week for four weeks!

We wanted to know more about Debbie and her creative life, and she was great enough to do a little interview. Here’s a bit about Debbie:

Lark:  How do you like to spend your creative time?

Debbie:  I love to knit, crochet, embroider, and do some beading/wire work. I have knitted and crocheted since I was about 7 or 8; a neighbor taught me how to do both.  About 13 years ago I took a class at our local High School that taught some of the basics for jewelry making and I find that can be very interesting, too.

L:  Where do you find inspiration in your life?

D:  I find my inspiration on the internet, Ravelry, Yarn Sites, Craft Publishing sites, and I belong to two Yahoo groups.  In the last couple of years I have seen huge growth in the Craft/DIY industry and my fellow crafters are truly inspiring.  It is amazing to see some of their creations, be it with knitting, beading, sewing, whatever.
L:  Now that the long, sunny days of summer are here, do you have a creative to-do list that you’re working on?

D:  I don’t have an exact list.  I have a few projects that are long term, e.g., I am working on a Fair Isle sweater and individually designed afghan squares.  Like most crafty people I find myself distracted by other projects and will put them down for short-term projects.

Lastly I was totally blown away when I received your email saying that I’ve won!  I wanted to thank Lark Crafts and Sterling Publishing for this excellent prize. I look forward to following the blog and future publications!

You, too, can enter to win a set of our sweepstakes prize titles just like Debbie. Read more about it!


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    sy says:

    congratulations to debbie :D so many books o_o drool

    Judyfreyerthompson says:

    Wow wee! Congrats to Debbie on her being chosen! Looks like Lark is doing a great job at promoting their new blog and sweepstakes!

    Bunny says:

    Congradulations Debbie, Enjoy the wealth of knowledge that Lark has published. what you don't want, donate to your local library for ohers to enjoy!! Again Congradulations!!!

    va says:

    Debbie…do you need a new best friend? ;)


    Kamani74 says:

    this ia a fascinating website!

    Katie Will says:

    congrats! i love this website! those books sound awesome!

    Shaiha says:

    Wow! Those look like a great set of books! Please toss my name in the hat also.


    Kc-carr says:

    Congratulations Debbie. Looks like some great books. Maybe I'll get lucky as well. If not, enjoy them for me. Karen Carroll

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