How about this for a magnificent Lark Jewelry & Beading giveaway? Our first three books in the 30-Minute Series — the best-selling 30-Minute Earrings, the newly released 30-Minute Necklaces, and a very special advance copy of the not-yet-released April 2011 book 30-Minute Rings — all signed by author Marthe Le Van!

Each of these books includes 60 jewelry projects by dozens of top designers; together, they offer an incredible wealth of jewelry-design inspiration and instruction. With these 180 — !!! — projects you can add sparkle and splash to your wardrobe … and without delay! Featured designers range from Boris Bally to Brenda Schweder, Ingeborg Vandamme to Sim Luttin, and Nina Dinoff to Sara Westermark!

How to enter for a chance to win this fantastic bundle of signed books? It’s easy: Leave a comment on this post by 9 p.m. EST on Monday, February 7.

Any post will do, but how about this: Tell us what your favorite material is for jewelry, whether you’re making it or wearing it! One winner will be selected at random and announced on Thursday, February 10. Click here for the official rules. Good luck — and get designing!


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    Anita says:

    I love beads and chains…and charms…and polymer…and…well you get the idea. :)

    sharlyn says:

    Currently (because I tend to change what my favorites are) I love handmade glass beads with sterling silver. I also love jewelry that combines art forms…felting and glass beads, wire and found objects. These books look great. I think I could really get some great ideas from some of them for my glass bead jewelry! Here’s hoping I get selected! Thanks.

    Heidi says:

    I love silver – these books look very inspirational!

    DK says:

    Ooh. I knew about 30-Minute Necklaces, but not about the earrings one or that there would be a new rings one coming out. I love the necklaces one and would expect nothing short of terrific-ness from either of the others,

    Sharonncee says:

    wow, these look great!

    Great books to add to my collection !!!!

    Sheryll says:

    My goal for 2011 is to make jewelry that is more streamlined and minimal, without losing the impact and ‘wow’ factor. These books are full of inspiration to help me meet that goal. Thanks, Lark!

    Queenofegypt says:

    WOW I have seen two of these books and they are excellent, great designs, well described, beautiful. Pick me please!!

    TesoriTrovati says:

    Hot dog! I don’t know how, but these books are actually NOT on my shelves (and I have a habit of buying books by the half dozen). I would love to win these. My favorite material… I love pearls and try to work them into designs. I have a new love affair with Czech glass. I love mixing metals but copper and bronze and brass are still my favorites. But I am mad about art beads. I have glass, ceramic, polymer clay, you name it! I am starting my own line of components and I am excited about it! Reveals this week!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
    Enjoy the day.

    Maryann says:

    I love the concept of this new line of books. With busy lives I believe these will be a true inspiration. To answer your question, it is so hard to pick a favorite material since that seems to change depending on my current project, however as a lampworker I always seem to find myself coming back to glass.

    Cwein09 says:

    Beautiful jewelry! Would be awesome to win these!

    Cwein09 says:

    Beautiful Jewelry! Would be awesome to win these!

    linds says:

    so excited about the 30 min ring

    Hannah Sykes says:

    fantastic collection! My favorite material for jewelry right now is hammered metal…fun to make during the winter!

    Ashley L says:

    I like jewelry made from fabric. It’s fun to work with, and very easy and comfortable to wear!

    Linda Magi says:


    dawn says:

    Lately I’m all about felt for jewelry – it is the perfect material as it will shape into anything you want it to be!

    Emma Baird says:

    I am so excited about these !! Especially the Rings Book :)

    Janel says:

    I love working with beads to make jewelry, but I have tried some metal working and really loved it.

    Kim Huender says:

    I do fused glass and usually work it in with lots of other beads. Would love to win these books, they look fun.

    Beponti says:

    Love seed beads, but I need to spread my wings!

    Marian Ward says:

    I work mostly in Metal Clay with a pinch of traditional techniques thrown in for good measure.

    Jeanniebench says:

    Give me beads, beads, beads! Glass especially!

    Kimberly R. says:

    I’d love a chance to enter!
    Thanks :)

    Lucidmoonstudio says:

    These books look very inspirational! My favorite material to work with is wire. It is fun and versatile. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Pretty fantastic! Very encouraging that I could actually complete a project in a half hour! For me that would be enjoyable AND miraculous! :-)

    Sansan239s says:

    OMG…. it would be awesome to win these fabulous books!

    helen says:

    I would love these – my favorite material is still silver – although I also use copper and bronze!
    thanks, Helen

    Karen says:

    My favorite material for jewelry is silver. Making it and wearing it and loving it.

    Tina Degreef says:

    I work with silver – sheet metal and metal clay….love silver….and i collect books !!!!

    Kgaryson1 says:

    I love sterling for jewelry and use it the most. Even when buying jewelry I gravitate to the sterling pieces.

    Sherry says:

    My favorites for earrings are found materials which make very distinctive, unique pieces.

    Kristi says:

    Favorite material?? Whichever one I have that will work with the project I am working on!

    Kipperknitter says:

    I love making jewelry out of yarn and beads. I really enjoy knitting scarves and adding beads to it! Thanks for entering me into your drawing!!!

    I would love to win these books to help me turn my glass beads and metal bits into fabulous jewelry!

    Sskcraftshop says:

    Would love to win these books…looks great.

    Bead Hostage says:

    At the moment my favorite material for making jewelry is anything bead related. Currently I use a lot of polymer clay beads that I make.

    Carol says:

    Love making AND wearing jewelry, especially projects using seed beads and a touch of metal. Thanks for entering me in your drawing. I love your books.

    Sharon says:

    I love working with metal, all metals. I think these books look fun and inspiring!! Thanks for the opportunity to win them

    Karen says:

    My favorite material to wear is gold, but my fav material to make jewelry is beads. I would love to have these books!

    Marina says:

    Such a fantastic concept – creating start to finish in 30 minutes… my jewellery usually takes much longer, I usually use sterling silver and add gold, brass, copper or shell, whatever I am working with at the moment. Thanks for the opportunity to win these books :-)

    Thea says:

    I love to work with metals, and typically with some form of silver wire, although when I get the chance to be creative, I branch out any way I can. My favorite material of all, however, is scrap: there is just so many ways it can challenge the imagination, and it recycles, too!

    Annabel says:

    Right now it’s wire and Lapis lazuli stones!

    Kaypasa says:

    I mostly work with seed beads, but have recently been bitten by the lucite bug, and the filigree bug, and the wire bug. Stop me before I diversify again.

    Melissa says:

    These books sound fantastic. I keep a very busy schedule and often do not start a project because I know I’ll never have time to finish it. I love working with metal and fibers and beads. Thank you for your generous giveaways

    I’d love to add these books to my collection! My favorite material…definately wire and lampwork beads!

    Majekmom says:

    Love to work pretty much with anything. But really love silver and turquoise.

    Lynn says:

    I love jewelry making books. Even though I’ve been making for several years its always great to have new inspiration.

    Melissa says:

    Definitely sterling silver. I always gravitate towards silver.

    Leslie says:

    Favorite material? It’s so hard for me to choose just one! I love working with seed beads but I also like silver/copper metal work and polymer clay.

    Sara Westermark says:

    Right now my favorite material is rough gemstones.

    beryl says:

    What a fantastic give-away! I used to prefer silver. But the more I work with copper, in all of it’s forms and patinas, the more I love it. Copper is the new black!

    What a great series! I especially love to find ways to incorporate vintage bits into my work – buttons, glass cabs – the more unique, the better!

    Teresa_smith73 says:

    Sterling silver for me!

    Mel says:

    Hmm, right now it’s waxed Irish linen… or maybe silver… or possibly antique brass… Okay, I love it all!! Thanks for the chance to win these books, I’m really excited about 30-minute rings, I’ve so been wanting to learn to make some!!

    Marilyn says:

    My favorite material is sterling silver. I make earrings that have a simple design and that are very light to wear. I would love these three books.

    Mommapudding says:

    I make beaded and fabric jewelry, but loved my silversmithing course.

    Mgrdzyne says:

    I am a fine artist and graphic designer who discovered I love working with metal! A self taught jewelry designer and started making and selling copper wire work beaded jewelry recently. I love copper as it can be shiny pink or rustic brown aged hammered, so versatile! I am learning new techniques designing and experimenting all the time. :)

    Beadsophisticate says:

    It’s not easy to narrow it down to a single favorite, but I guess if pressed, I will say Czech glass.

    kari says:

    Vintage tin cans…

    Colleen says:

    anything made of metals would be for me! thanks!

    Blackcloverdesigns says:

    Looks like a wonderful series; a great way to help encourage people to jump right into the making.

    Blackcloverdesigns says:

    Looks like a wonderful series; a great way to help encourage people to jump right into the making.

    Motte says:


    cindy says:

    I love wire works!

    I make jewelry out of all kinds of materials, but I think I work with the beads most. I make them to wear for myself and very often I give away as gifts.

    Cari says:

    Silver is easily my favorite material for both making and wearing, but I love to add a pop of color with gemstones, too. A bold cocktail ring with a big cab is the best for me!

    Ritsa says:

    …beads, silver, yarn, wire…. I love to create and I use the material that inspires me the particular moment!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Deirdre says:

    I’m Deirdre, a beadweaver from the UK. I mainly use Japanese seed beads [for their great quality], Swarovski crystals and Czech Fire Polished beads. I’m currently exploring 3-D shaping – I love it!

    Billy says:

    Awesome! I never have much time these days to work on jewelry. These will be great! My favorite material is wire, specifically jumprings for chainmaille.

    Susan Hahaj says:

    I love jewelry that is made of silver and eclectic! Suzie

    Valerie Heck says:

    Lately at work and at home I’ve been using a lot of glass in my jewelry. I’m not so good at the quick projects, I tend to go overboard so these books would help me to simplify!

    Karen says:

    I love wire… any type of wire… fine, sterling, copper… love it all! My forte is viking knit and chainmaille… getting into wrapping and metal smithing as well… :) Thanks for this great drawing!!!

    Tahmi says:

    I weave fabric from metal, then embed that behind glass. I like to both wear and make it. :)

    Ilene Kay says:

    I love working in argentium silver – tarnish resistent, no firescale and it fuses beautifully.

    Maureen C says:

    What a wonderful combo of books, who doesn’t love a project with instant gratification! Seed beads are my favorite and I love to wear what I make. Thanks for offering!

    rosemarie h. says:

    My favorite materials are sterling silver along with glass lampwork beads that I have made.

    jayne says:

    Fab books! My favourite material would have to be natural flawed semi-precious stones and silver :)

    Kim Last says:

    I am a silversmith so I love using metals – particularly sterling silver and sometimes brass in my jewelry :)

    I love texturing and altering silver, copper and gold…anything that will give me an organic, natural look…

    Lreign says:

    Being professionally trained it was so difficult to unleash my creativity using mix materials outside of precious metals and semi precious gemstones. Freedom came when I discovered shrinking plastic … I’ve never been the same since!

    Heidi Bundy says:

    OHMYGOODNESS!! I have never seen these books before – and I NEED them!! NEED NEED NEED!! Ok, maybe I really just want them, but still. My favorite material to work with is silver – sterling or fine silver depending on the project. And generally, I like to mix my own Sterling so I know EXACTLY what is in there. Lately, I’ve been adding feathers to some projects. Not the ones you can find at Michael’s, but the SUPER AWESOME ones that fly-fishers use. Amazing colors, extremely soft and a great compliment to the shiny, hard, cold of the silver.

    Abarrabarr says:

    My favorite material to use is wood. There are so many colors and so many patterns, plus I love the challenge of finding natural designs in the wood which still show up in such a small size as earrings.

    Vanessa says:

    My favorite material is anodized aluminum. It’s lightweight and colorful and allows me to design big, bold pieces that don’t weigh a person down.

    Lesleymessam says:

    I’m a metal clay maniac as well as a traditional jewellery maker and those books would give me all the inspiration one person would need:D

    Karenwoods says:

    I work in polymer clay and only wear jewelry I made or someone I know has made!

    CarolG says:

    Titanium, just love the fabulous colours I can get, the strength and the lightness means there’s no limit to the size, I can wear my favourite cuff all day and forget its there and it combines well with so many other materials

    Michelle says:

    I am always looking for jewelry inspiration and guidance. Lark books are supply both.

    NicolaReedJewellery says:

    Hi there, My favourite material is sterling silver teamed with freshwater pearls, vintage and found objects – particularly vintage suspenders!! :) Unusual and feminine is my approach!

    Heidi Bundy says:

    do you have a page that I can see your designs? I LOVE folks that have the talent to work with wood!

    Blandine LUCE says:

    wood on my erings
    silver on my head
    plastic on my finger
    silver on my wrist
    gold friends always on my heart

    Peggy Russell says:

    I’m a self-proclaimed pearlaholic and will string, stitch, weave any size or shape of pearl into my jewelry designs!

    charlene says:

    Lovely! I love wearing faceted gemstones, especially blue ones (sapphires, indicolite tourmaline, blue spinel, blue cz). Lately I’ve found myself working more with sterling silver wire… probably a combo of silver prices going up and wire-wrapping not needing a lot of prep or questionable equipment next to a small baby.

    Boadinmom says:

    I love to marry metals and by far my favorite combination is copper and silver.

    CanCan says:

    My favorite thing to create jewelry with is David Christensen’s Cane Beads and wire.
    The possibilities are endless and the wire allows the beads to reallly shine.

    maria cardoso says:

    i work with silver, gold or any other metal but my favorite is silver. i like to add stones combine it with all kinds of different matirials like cork glass porcelane realy anything that inspires me. i have been try to get those 3 books but just have not been able to get the order to go through. i make a living out of this so these books would be a fountain of inperation. hope i win

    I make jewellery and I really would love this books. I need them!!!!!! :D

     I really really eally would love to have those books!!!!!!

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