Our giveaway of the complete set of Lark Jewelry 500 series books last month generated the most comments — more than 450 — of any post in the history of the Lark blog. But conspicuously missing from that giveaway were seven other books — non-jewelry titles in our 500 series that nonetheless are great titles from the Lark Jewelry & Beading team!

So hold on to your hat pins: We’re now giving away a fantastically diverse bundle of seven 500 series books: the newly released and incredibly beautiful 500 Judaica, along with 500 Metal Vessels, 500 Enameled Objects, 500 Knives, 500 Beaded Objects, 1000 Glass Beads, and 400 Polymer Clay Designs.

How to enter for a chance to win the bundle? Leave a comment on this post by 9 p.m. EST on Monday, October 4. Any post is fine, but you’re welcome to leave a comment letting us know which of these books you’re most excited to own — and why. One winner will be selected at random and announced on Thursday, October 7. Click here for the official rules. And good luck!


234 Responses

    MAKUstudio says:

    I already own 1000 Glass Beads! It’s beautiful! So much talent all in one place! But, would be most excited about owning another one, so that I can give it away as an awesome Christmas gift!!!

    Doreen says:

    Wow, great giveaway! All these books look so interesting. Since I love to work with polymer clay, 400 Polymer Clay Designs looks good.

    oh, I am soo in!…please, I hope I win!…am most interested in the Judaica book, because I make mezuzot, and I know how inspiring it will be!

    Aja says:

    Yup…you should pick me ;-)

    I would absolutely LOVE to own the beads book. As a new lampworker, that would be like caffeine to the spirit!

    I’m a “Beader” so I’m always on the lookout for some awesome new books. I might even share with my blog readers at http://www.CherryChickJewelry.blogspot.com. Thanks so much for the opportunity to join in the giveaway.

    Janel says:

    I love your 500 series! Even if they are about something that I don’t do I find the books inspiring.

    Felix Gill says:

    greate refrances of craft coulture! I have a few, but none of these, and would love to build the collection ;)

    Melissa says:

    What a wonderful eclectic group of books. My husband works in metal and I work with beads and embroidery. These book would be filled with inspiration for us. Thank you for these wonderful giveaways.

    Laura says:

    I know I can’t win again but, I just wanted to post to say would love the polymer bead book.. I bet is incredible.. I love the 500 art quilts.. that is my favorite.. even though it is not on the list for the giveaway..

    Elizamay77 says:

    What a nice offer to beading and art enthusiasts! I would personally hope to win the beading books. I am a newbie here and am excited bout learning more about my favorite craft. Thanks for a great resource!!

    LisaT says:

    They all look great but I would have to say the 500 Enameled Objects would be my favorite.

    Karen Carroll says:

    400 New Polymore Clay Designs sounds like the one I’d like the most. Since I don’t know what all the sunjects are, is’s hard for me to answer. Karen Carroll

    Canarytv2 says:

    Would love to win. They all are inspiring

    Maggiewilder says:

    Love these books!

    Lilfishstudios says:

    What an amazing giveaway! I’m really interested in the knife book. The metal vessels and beaded objects books look amazing too.

    Dorrie says:

    Interesting to know that there are so many ideas for beads and such. The enameled objects catches my attention as I love enamel work and I collect enamelwar. I am also playing with polymer clay more and had a huge failed experiment. LOL But, I am still working with polymer to get it right!

    Argylsok says:

    I would LOVE to win the “500 Judaica” book, because my wonderful doctor is an Orthodox Jewish lady

    I would love to learn how to make gifts for her for those holy days in the Jewish calendar.

    (As I am a Gentile, I’m clueless about such things. But I LOVE to learn!)

    jocelyn says:

    All of them, all of them! I could get through winter so happily with all of them.

    Willy flom says:

    The glass beads book looks very inspiring as does the 500 Beaded Objects book.

    Scotdog says:

    They all look just wonderful. I think the 500 beaded objects would have to be my first pick, but the metal vessels intrigue me & then poly clay designs might make me want to dive into another artist obsession!

    Ukiahaiku says:

    I’m for 500 Beaded Objects and 1000 glass Beads.

    Melinda says:

    I would love to add all those books to my collection – but the Knives seems pretty intriguing. I would love to be inspired into making a knife.

    joann says:

    They are all so nice, but I think I’d like the bead book best.

    Andrew Thornton says:

    I’d love to get my hands on 500 Enameled Objects. Enamel is so hot right now in the jewelry world. I would jump at the chance of having the extra reference!

    Maureen C says:

    Love these books, very inspirational! As a beader, I’m partial to the bead books!

    Norma Turvey says:

    it would be nice to own this collection of books, I would think they would be full of limitless inspiration

    Robbie Payne says:

    i’m a fiber artist and beading is one of my loves to do in my art work! how I would enjoy having 500 beaded objects for inspiration!! Thanks so much for this give away!!

    Wondrousstrangedesigns says:

    Each of your books are inspiring and beautiful to look at. Had hoped to have a piece in your 500 Raku, but alas…there are so many wonderful raku artists out there:) Thanks for setting the bar high! Any of these would be a treat to own.

    Annrishell says:

    These books are amazing! I would give them as Christmas gifts to different sisters and brothers and maybe keep the beaded objects book for myself!

    Tracy says:

    Let’s see, we have “500 Beaded Objects” and “1000 Glass Beads” in the office (both AMAZING books) – it would be so cool to add “400 Polymer Clay Designs” to the library!

    amybeads says:

    Oh my gosh!! This would be a wonderfully, dreamy win!!! I can’t decide if I would love 500 beaded objects or 1000 glass beads more!!!

    Great give away. I see a book or two I don’t have in my collection.

    Orenjane says:

    I think it would be awesome to own 1000 Glass Beads! I love looking at all glass beads.


    Sharon says:

    I’d be overjoyed to win just one of these gorgeous books!! To win seven makes me faint! Thanks for this fantastic opportunity

    Laura says:

    I LOVE the 500 Series books!! I would love to own the 500 Enameled Objects book, since I am just starting to dabble with adding enamel to my metalwork!

    Spiritbead says:

    I already own several of these books but would love the opportunity to check out the others – plus, I can then gift the duplicates to my buddies! Win-win!

    Mlgovaar says:

    WOW!! These are great books, I would love to win these books!

    France says:

    Whilst I would love to win the Polymer Clay book the most, because it’s a craft I already indulge in, I have to say the other ones are gorgeous and attractive, the beading one and the glass beads one… if I were in a book store, I would definitely open them and leaf through (and yep, the other ones too!)… Fingers crossed, these would not only look good on my bookshelf but would also be read, often!

    Boot~C says:

    some of my favourite books that I return to time & time again are Lark books

    Njgraver says:

    These would be an awesome addition to my library. I would love to own them! and would gift the duplicates!!!

    Anne Christ says:

    I would love to have any of these books. I have a couple from the series that I adore, but none of these. I have just begun working with polymer clay so I think I would most love to have the Polymer Clay Design book. It is full of wonderful creative inspiration. The Enameled Objects also intrigues me…I would love to try enameling in the near future.

    Sdriscoll says:

    I love this series of books. I have two that you have shown but that is all. I have some that are not shown. I use them all of the time to stoke my creative energy when it ebbs. The Driscoll library of heavenly inspiration and learning needs some new additions.. Thank You for publishing all of them – each new one is a jewel.
    Sharon Driscoll

    Cenya says:

    I bought “500 Beaded Objects” and loved it so much, I went out and also bought “Masters – Beadweaving”. Both books are incredibly inspiring.
    Cenya Eichengreen

    Jocelyne says:

    The best inspiration you can find

    Mary K says:

    I have “500 Beaded Objects” and I love it. Would love to add to my library any of these books.

    Jeannie says:

    Thank you for a chance to win one of these beautiful books. I would love to win the 1000 glass beads. Lampwork intrigues me and it involves fire. uh la la

    Christy says:

    They all look gorgeous. I’ve seen the Polymer Clay one (and know several of the people with pieces in it), but I’d really like to win the Enamel book. The work enamel artists can do is so beautiful.

    Lynn Batt says:

    All of these books would be fascinating to browse, but I think the Polymer Clay one was me intrigued. From what I have seen, this medium is so versatile, I can’t imagine what lurks under that cover!! Hope I get the chance to find out :)


    Gillwatson says:

    I love the look of 1000 Glass Beads!

    Barbara says:

    What a great giveaway. I would be happy to win 1000 Glass Beads.

    edie says:

    Oh! This would just about complete my Christmas gift list! the PC for me, knives for my son, metal for the beloved froggie prince…. what a lovely giveaway!

    purpleone at gmail dot com

    Kris says:

    Months of inspiration here, but I think my favorite would be polymer clay

    ASTHRT says:

    I have always wanted to own 500 Beaded Objects. But the rest of them look great too.

    Marty52 says:

    I think my favorite would have to be the 500 Beaded Objects… yum!!!

    Jinxmercer says:

    If I can’t have the bundle, I’d settle for the covers alone. Enticing images.

    Sharlyngp says:

    Which would I be most excited to own??? They all look like great books, how do you pick just one! I happen to know that 1000 Glass Beads is awesome, I’m interested in learning more about enameling so that would be great. Since I make glass beads, 500 Beaded Objects would certainly come in handy. But how could I leave out 400 Polymer Clay Designs? Needless to say, please include me in the give a way!


    marcy says:

    I have looked through the enameled objects book many times in the book store and would love to own it but I am also intrigued by the metal vessels book, I’m sure there are many outrageously creative ideas in there too!

    Carijanehakes says:

    Wow! The one I would most like is the one on enameled objects – after doing a course in this I was a convert.

    Sue says:

    500 Enameled objects! I just got started in enameling and can’t wait to see what people do!

    Laurgeo says:

    The 500 Enameled Objects! That looks very interesting!

    Yeli says:

    I would really love any of the beaded, glass bead or Polymer Clay books. Thanks!

    Pardancanda says:

    I’d love any of your books, but think the ’500 Judaica’ would be most interesting. Thank you!

    Genie says:

    Exciting! I would LOVE 500 Enameled Objects,,,such a great resource for contemporary enamel artists!!!

    Kinghornj says:

    The 500 series book are wonderful!

    Kalicat says:

    getting these books is awesome, thanks

    Debbie says:

    Wow, Think of all the wonderful hours spent looking at the eye candy. I would be most excited to own the beaded objects book, as I am a beader who is amazed at all the talent out there. Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway.

    StarJewelry says:

    I would love to win the 500 beaded objects or the glass beads book.

    Marcia W. says:

    Gorgeous images of beautiful items. Would enjoy having this collection of books.

    Coty Sage says:

    I’d love to have 1000 Glass Beads! I’m a bead fanatic!

    AmandaSue says:

    I’d be most excited about the Beaded Objects book, I love beaded art!

    Kelly says:

    I am so excited about this giveaway! I hope I win! It’s hard to pick only one book to be the most excited about, but I think I am most excited about the 500 beaded objects book!


    Sharon says:

    Include me in second batch of over 450 people who are interested in owning these books. I freely admit to owning two of them – 1000 Glass Beads and 500 Beaded Objects. I also own several in the previous offering. These books are wonderfully inspirational to any artist no matter what the medium they are working in and a must have for anyones book shelf.

    Lysa says:

    As a rennie, I love the knife book. Got to have pointies and other project inspiration around while sitting around camp.

    Shaiha says:

    I would love to own the 1000 glass beads.

    SunRae says:

    the books look beautiful – great covers! great book of collections

    CJ says:

    I would LOVE to own these books. I am most excited to own 500 Enameled objects and 500 metal vessels. As a Metal Design student I formed silver vessels, and also worked with enamel, infact several of the artists in the Enameled Objects book are friends of mine, as well as graduates from my college. Both of these books were available for reference in my studio’s library. All of the Lark 500 series books have such inspiring images. I so want these books for my collection! I am also going to be a high school art teacher in the very near future. These books would make such great reference tools for my students. I so want them to be exposed to good art. Thanks for the giveaway!

    RobertaWarshaw says:

    I already have two of these. The one on enamels and the one on beaded objects. I love these books. They are such a source of inspiration for me. When I am too tired to pick up my tools or my beads, I reach for one of these books and find total satisfaction. Thank you for publishing these gems.

    Colleen Wilson says:

    Wow! What a great selection of books. They claim “that you can’t judge a book by the cover” but these books would have to be spark ones creativity!

    Colleen says:

    I would love most to read the 1000 glass beads. I love anything w/ glass.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

    Chris says:

    500 knives – that would be awesome to own! Thanks

    Mikki says:

    Hope I win!

    beadbabe49 says:

    I do love your 500 series and have two of them in my library but would love to have more.

    marcia says:

    Lark books are always amazing. oh to be lucky.

    Becki C. says:

    Lark books are so well documented visually and the compliations are just amazing! I’d enjoy this collection of books for my personal library. Thanks for the opportunity of perhaps being a winner of this giveaway. Warm smiles, Becki

    I have the “500 Animals in Clay” book, which I love. Great sturdy nice paper pages and rich, clear photography. Beautiful. Would love to win this!

    Carmen says:

    I am excited to have this collection.

    Andpatrat says:

    would love to have 500 beaded objects!

    Michelle says:

    Awesome books. Oh what i would do to own the 1000 glass beads book, or even the 500 beaded objects. So much inspiration!

    Djp85541 says:

    500 Beaded Objects would be the book I would look most forward to getting. I have always loved the beauty of Native American beadwork and really became fascinated, with beadwork in general, because of that love.

    pat says:

    I have 500 bracelets, 500 tiles, 500 beaded objects. These books are so inspirational–would love ALL of them

    Susansmog says:

    your books are wonderful. the clear instructions and marvelous photos make each project as easy to make aas possible. thanks, susan

    L_coburn says:

    I would love love love love all of them!! What a nice giveaway! Wduld definately be put to good use!!!!!!

    Robin says:

    I would LOVE to win these books – especially the polymer clay book!

    Sallyholstein says:

    Of the book I would love to have either 1000 Glass Beads of the 400 Polymer Clay Designs as I am beginning to find books in the library to learn how to do Clay. I have only been beading about 6 months and have already been accepted by Arts Gallery to sell my Jewelry in their Gallery and received a University of Florida Gator Contract to make a sell Official Gator Jewelry. Since I have taught my self to bead and never had a Class, I need all the information I can put my hands on—Actually would love to have the entire Library. Will probably buy all of them anyway if I don’t win one. but I hope I do.

    ksv858 says:

    I missed the last give-away. So thanks for having this one. I am interested in the 500 beaded objects, 500 Enameled objects, and 400 Polymer Clay designs, they will give me another look at handmade objects. Thanks

    MH says:

    Love all of them. Would enjoy having 500 Judaica, 500 Metal Vessels, 500 Enameled Objects. Thanks.

    Firebug says:

    Lark Books are always great! Would be a nice addition to my craft books library!

    Andrea H says:

    I absolutely love the Lark 500 series! I own three of the jewellery ones already, but always wish I could have more. It’s hard to pick just one favourite, but I would probably be most excited to receive the enamelling book as I have admired enamelling for years and am just starting to learn how to do it. Though I would love a look inside the Metal Vessels book too as well as in the Polymer Clay and Glass Beads and, and, and… These books are all so lovely!

    CreativeBeadz says:

    I love the Lark Books I own and these look fabulous. I would especially love 500 Beaded Objects as inspiration to expand my line of beaded re-fashioned vintage textile bracelet cuffs. Fingers crossed! CreativeBeadz.com

    Maylayla551 says:

    What an amazing set of books! As and artist and craft person it is always a plus to have books this wonderful as references and to help inspire new creations.

    Zlifer says:

    Love the Lark books on pottery (500 Bowls, etc.) and these books look equally beautiful.

    Marian424 says:

    After having just about no interest, I’ve become fascinated with glass beads and can’t wait to get my hands on a torch and learn how it’s done. I’d love all these beautiful and inspiring books, but I’d pick up the glass bead book first.

    Baiyyinah says:

    What a wonderful way to help others share in creating beautiful things to look at, wear and admire.What a great opportunity to put forth effort to at least try and win.

    HELEN WHITE says:


    Judy Kastin says:

    Lark books are ALL fabulous. I’d love to add them all to my collection. They’re great inspiration!
    - Judy Kastin

    Whiteheronstudio says:

    I love your books and have many of them, the 2 I want the most is the enameled objects and
    the polymer clay, thanks for putting such good books together.

    Ann says:

    I love the 1000 Glass Beads cover. Fun stuff

    Sheri Bord says:

    WOW…what a great giveaway. Love the cover of 500 Judaica. Don’t think I can pick one as the most exciting to win. They all look like they are fabulous.

    Kathy says:

    What beautiful books. The beaded object book is most interesting.

    Lfigueiredo says:

    These look really interesting – cant wait to win. The one Ii am most interested in is1000 beads – cause I love to bead.

    Carolyn says:

    I love the book on polymer clay. Alwasy enjoy looking at exciting projects that others are doing. Great way to spark your own creativity.

    Suedebyga says:

    Tried clicking on the 500 Knives but got nothing. will have to come back later to find out why its amongst the craft stuff.
    Beautiful metal vessel.

    Judith says:

    I have been beading for a while now and am looking for new ideas – these books look like just what I need!

    MTdiva1401 says:

    I love Lark books. Cool, cool stuff. Would love to win the books – I do beading and polymer clay – getting into metal working and wire working – have done lampworking in the past and would like to get back into it – just limited on location at the moment (have cats – who DO NOT get the concept that they are flammable!).

    chrissy says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on 1000 Glass Beads, then 400 Polymer Clay Designs, then500 Beaded Objects, then…
    Well, you get the idea!!

    Chris says:

    I have 500 Beaded Objects, it’s a great book, ‘ would love to own all of them.

    Thanks for the generous offer!

    Daisyee12 says:

    I can’t make up my mind whether I’ld like 500 Beaded Objects or 1000 Beads, both look great.

    Beth says:

    Always a great place to trun for inspiration.

    Salazar7080 says:

    yes I’m interested in the 1000 glass beads I have recently learned how to create my own and this would give me more possibilities into the craft.

    Edeloof says:

    I’d be most interested in 1000 Beads, but they all look beautiful!

    Corrinagale says:

    500 Enameled Objects would most definitely be a favorite to have!

    Yummimummi says:

    I am majorly excited to win the Judaica book since I find it hard to find designs within this framework
    . Ho Ho Lark
    Way to go
    with this series of 5 oh oh

    Barbara Mathews says:

    These 7 books would make a wonderful addition to our collection. Our patrons will enjoy them immensely.
    Thank you for making this offer in these hard times for crafters.

    Lindsay says:

    They all look like very fascinating books! I’d love to dig into them!

    Bearlovesme122606 says:

    There’s simply no way to decide on a favorite, they all look wonderful !

    Kerrie says:

    These need to go to my school library! I hope I win!

    Lconnieo26 says:

    These are intriging looking books.We would enjoy browsing them and experimenting with the creativity that they are sure to spark.The Blessing and Gift of being able to win this collection would probably be one of the few ways we would have to own such a collection. We work in a variety of mediums in creating our jewelry-wire,beads,glass,rock and gemstone.We enjoy expanding our craft by learning new techniques.We have been interested in learning how to create our own beads and focal pieces from art clays,porceilon and ceramic clays,forge and metal work and woodcarving.I am particularly interested in the books concerning Judaica and the book on Knives as a sources of information and inspiration to use in my painting,even the book on Metal Vessels could prove to be a wonderful visual source.

    Ronnam56 says:

    would love to win the books! make jewelry as a hobby now.

    Sheryl says:

    Gorgeous book covers…Beaded Objects and Glass Beads look delicious!

    Darkdanc3r says:

    Oh wow. Lovely collection but that book on the Knives is just awesome.

    InaRae says:

    I love your 500 series,and have 5. I totally enjoy them, collect more and hope to collect more! Thank you for days and weeks and months of inpiration in each one.

    Annahita M. says:

    I would love to own the enameled objects, metal vessals, and polymer clay books!! I am a newbie jewelry maker and I am just eager to learn everything now :-)

    beadlady1948 says:

    Wow, I would love to win these books! I could use some inspiration.

    Eileenfit6 says:

    Amazing. I love to learn new crafts. Would love to own them all

    Malinda J says:

    I would especially enjoy the polymer clay book!

    Teresa R says:

    I have quite a few of your books including 500 Beaded Objects. I would love the 100 Glass Beads, 400 Polymer Clay Designs or the 500 Judaica. I’ve found that the 500 Beaded Objects is very inspiring. I often pull it out at bed time and just study the designs.

    What a wonderful opportunity to expand a craft library!

    What a wonderful opportunity to expand a craft library!

    jack lincoln says:

    This look like a great set of books

    Abarrett says:

    I like the 500 Beaded Objects book the most, followed by the 1000 glass Beads book.

    Dana says:

    This would be an awesome collection for anyone’s library :)

    Natalia says:

    I’d like to have 500 enameled Objects, sometimes I do similar painting projects.

    Prairie says:

    What and inpirational library this would make.

    Pamelahaggarty says:

    As an avid beader and collector of all things beaded, I would consider it a gift from the Gods, as I have just started a new job….in a bead shop, no less! But with not much money in my pocket,with this beautiful book, I can dream about all the masterpieces, past and present. The 500 Beaded Objects would be a dream come true! Thankyou for giving a lady a chance to dream.Pam

    DndmamDiannamone says:

    I’d like to applaud all the “behind the scene” people at Lark who have helped make this series so successful! The stylists, photographers, editors, designers, proofers and all. Congratulations!

    Cristi Cook says:

    These are amazing!! I am truly an amateur-but would love to spend more time improving my techniques. I’ve dabbled in a little bit of everything for wire formation to polymer clar bead making-ended up making little clay animals for my grankids!! :) They loved them! What I would truly like to learn is the art of stone/rock carving as well as integrating natural rocks/stones into wired hangers to include in my jewelry-I need a LOT of practice. Thanks for allowing us to look at these beautiful photos!

    RobinBeth Faulkner says:

    Wonderful, I love all of the lark books I’ve been privileged to read. I would love to add these to my growing collection!!

    Cristi Cook says:

    I had left a comment a few minutes ago-but forgot to mention something. My husband and I went to Alaska a couple of summers ago. We spent hours and hours on the beach of Cook Inlet gathering what the locals call agates-don’te believe they are truly agates. But they are quite beuatiful-most are of a gold to amber color, differing ahapes and sizes, can be carved and polished. I would like to know if anyone has any ideas on how to incorporate these into jewelry-of any kind. This would be greatly appreciated as I have about 50lbs of these!!! :)

    Lynn Tolles says:

    I love all your books, but don’t have any of these yet. I would really love to own 500 Beaded Objects the most, it would be very inspirational!

    Bonnie says:

    What a fabulous giveaway! I’d love to win this addition to my art library!

    Jeannie says:

    Metal Vessels looks so adventurous,also Polymer Clay should spark some new creativity for me! I need some inspireation,and these books ,surely will fit the bill 4 me.Please please please,with cream&sugar on top???

    Dragonswing15137 says:

    I want to learn to make glass beads sooooooooo bad!! One of these days.

    Naomi F says:

    I love the look of the book ’500 knives’ – my partner who is very creative would love this! This set of wonderful books would spark some creativity and I would love to produce some beautiful objects to give to family and friends!

    Jawolfy says:

    My partner would love the book ’500 knives’ that is one for each each day of the year for over a year and a half! Now I think this would be a great inspiration, as long as thought of using one of those said knives on me isn’t thought about. These books look like great collect of beautiful items, the ’500 metal vessels’… after reading the rules my partner is considering using one of the 500 knives on me… as we are outside of the 50 United states.

    Jeanne B says:

    I think that 500 Beaded Objects would be inspirational and get me out the jewelry designing rut I have occasionally fallen into.

    Suzanne says:

    I’m a collector of good creatively inspiring books and these books fit the bill. I would love to add these to my bookshelf. Thank you for the opportunity to win them!

    Gillianevans says:

    The book which I would like to own is 1000 Glass Beads, as I am new to Beading & making my own Jewellery, I have been following the instructions from books from the Libraries, but forget to take them back on the right date, therefore get a fine. Hope I’m one of the Lucky ones. Waiting in ~Anticipation.

    Gillianevans says:

    You could wrap0 them in wire to make PENDANTS, I borrowed a book from the Library, which shows how to do it, it’s quite easy. or you can get them drilled with a lot of patience.

    Christine Ritchey says:

    Talk about inspiration! These are all beautiful books that anyone would love to add to their library. I know I’d be constantly referring to all of them at one time or another to help spark my sometimes off-the-job creative muse. Picking one of these gorgeous books is impossible. I’m enchanted both 400 Polymer Clay Designs and 500 Beaded Objects. Oh, heck! All of the books are absolutely delectable!

    Susan says:

    great books look like there is loads of insperation in them, need sometime to help me use some of my growing collection of beads etc, also polymer clay is something i would love to try.

    Ennikki Eze says:

    All kinds of handicrafts interest me and my priority one is beading. My favorite book among these 7 is naturally 500 beaded objects! Since I live in Finland that turns colder and colder, winning these books would certainly warm my heart!
    Ennikki Eze, nnikki@icenet.fi

    Donna Schwendinger says:

    I would love to win the book “500 Enameled Objects” from Lark books. As a “newbie” to enameling, this would be an excellent addition to my ever expanding library. I live to learn, and this would be great.

    Donna S.

    Maria says:

    The pictures on the covers alone are inspiring, I’d love to see what’s inside! I get jewellery ideas from everything, from leaves in the park to old machine parts, and these books look like they could be my new muse. :)

    Margaretbardoczi says:

    I have only been aware of a few of your ’500′ books- this collection looks wonderful and I will be on the hunt for them!
    Marge B

    Lynda Stone says:

    Love all of the 500 series books for learning about artists and for the inspiration… would love to have the glass bead book especially as I make jewelry…

    Jcross1492 says:

    Wonderful books. They’d be a great addition to any library.

    Jer says:

    Would love to own “1000 Glass Beads” as I can already picture a dozen ways to use the beads pictured on the cover to make something really special.

    Archerlanedesign says:

    Love the Glass beads and Polymer Clay books! Can’t wait to see more of all of the books! :-)

    Tgraub says:

    Everyday I search the web looking for jewelry making ideas. I love to see what others do and learn different techniques. It not only educates me but inspires me to new ideas of my own. The possibilities are endless. This set of books is chock full of ideas and some in areas that I would love to learn about. I could see me referring to them multiple times for instructions and most of all for their inspiration. I would be honored and would love to be the recipient of these wonderfully inspiring books. Wish me luck!

    Chris B says:

    What fun! Fabulous books of beautiful objects; the beads catch my eye the most at the moment, but I like them all!

    Cross says:

    these books look like “inspiration in a bundle”, Wow! i’d love to sit and browse, with a cup of coffee, through these books and then get to creating!

    Peggy says:

    Inspiration for any art form can come from other mediums. I enjoy looking for new techniques, color combinations and shapes in a variety of areas. The covers of these books are inspiring!

    Karenstreasures says:

    I love the glass bead book! So many beads to work with, excellent!

    Jo says:

    Just getting into metal work and design of different wearable and non-wearable objects, I am eager to look through each one of these books – they look fabulous!

    AWESOME884 says:

    polymer clay and the metal vessels books look very interesting.

    Anonymous says:

    Great inspiration for any type of artist.

    Your collections are always amazing. I hope I win these for my home collection!

    Tessamcc says:

    Wow, those are some great books.

    Judy says:

    I would be most interested in the beading or polymer clay boos, but any kind of crafting/art books serve for inspiration! Judy S

    Deborah Swanson says:

    They’re ALL fabulous books, I’m sure! My husband will FLIP over 500 Knives, but MY eye is on 1000 Glass Beads – I’m fascinated by these small treasures – AND this book has DOUBLE the examples in the normal 500 Series. Thanks SO much for this giveaway!

    Pat K. says:

    What a wonderful collection! I would love the entire set, but I would be very excited to own the “1000 Glass Beads” inasmuch as I make jewelry, and on the other hand, “500 Knives” would be wonderful for my husband who is a knifemaker.

    Pennie Junger says:

    I just love the thought of a 1000 glass beads. It would help me in times when I just can not decide on what color and patterns to see the wonderful colors and the patterns and how they work together. I have used the 1000 rings to spark ideas before and I’m really looking forward to sitting down with a hot cup of tea and wonderful music and pouring over these new books. I have a special place for them in my resource section of my most loved books.

    Kathenry says:

    i would like to say the lark books on pottery are very awsome and inspiring. Thanks so much. Kat Henry

    Sandi says:

    As a jewelry maker I am looking forward to the beading books the most. I have planned to ‘get into’ polymer clay design as an extention to my jewelry making. I have bought a pasta machine, etc., but have not done much with it. Maybe this book is the one that will get me inspired.

    Carol says:

    I just started working with PolymerClay and am very interested in designs that inspire.

    Fran3769 says:

    What can I say new about Lark books – only that I too have enjoyed several. I am just getting involved with enamling and metal working, so I have already marked 500 Enameled Objects and 500 Metal Vessels as “WANT!!”

    Kimariskreations says:

    Love, Love the book. They all look to spark my muse. A wonderful assortment sure to please

    VoteAudrey says:

    Thanks for another chance to win titles from this great series! I love the variety of media in this set and would enjoy each one, but like dive into 500 Metal Vessels first as I’ve begun experimenting more with metals.

    Janevickers says:

    I teach metals/jewelry at the University of Southern IN and last night i was putting away some of my books I had brought in for student use. Two of these were 500 bracelets and 500 rings. I was thinking then that I would like to have the whole series for my students to use, but have too small a budget to accommodate. I think i would enjoy 500 metal vessels and judaica the most.

    Valerie says:

    I own several of your ceramic books which include 500 Cups, 500 Teapots, 500 Pitchers, 500 Animals in Clay, 500 Tiles, 500 Animanls in Clay, 500 Figures in Clay and 500 Handmade dolls. I use mostly the ceramic books to see what other artist are doing as well as to aid in the creative process. Not only does the ceramics help me in the creative process but the the images of other art areas helps me to think outside of the box. I would like very much to have a source of ideas that will aid in the production of my ceramics by having access to a library of books that are outside of my usual working zone!

    Kmratzlaff says:

    I love books… and these would be a fabulous addition to my library…The enameld objects book looks extrememly interesting. But I do so love glass beads…choices choices

    Arienna_elf says:

    Wow didn’t know there were more in the series!

    Charlene Aspray says:

    500 Beaded Objects if very dear to me, the only one of this group I already have but would love to win the others and be inspired. Thank you Lark for being the advocate for artists.

    Jan says:

    They all seem fantastic! The beaded objects & polymer clay designs appeal to me the most.

    Snooptcindyoth says:

    i love the 500 series! totally!

    Denise says:

    1000 glass beads. Inspiration on every page I’m sure.

    Ehra says:

    WOW! What a great collection of books! Everyone in my family is very artistic and one of these books would speak to each person! I am the jewelry maker bead-addict, so two of them would bless me tremendously! Thanks for putting together such a great group of books!!

    Pcnytelady says:

    I love these books

    Patsy says:

    all of the books look interesting but if I had to pick one as the most it would be 500 beaded objects. all look interesting though!!

    Karen says:

    I love the entire series. If I had to choose just one I would love to have Judaica.

    Howdydog1 says:

    I stumbled on thi;s site this morning. What a great series! Can I tell you about “Craft Porn”? I got the idea from a writer who called cooking shows and magazines “food porn.”
    In this case, “porn” is something you enjoy viewing or reading about, but that you may or may not do yourself. In that sense, all of the 500 series books are “porn”!
    Rock on!

    Kimpeeler says:

    Polymer Clay is my next adventure and would love to experiment with this fascinating clay. I would also love to win one of your books as I have heard he are such a joy to own. Also I have shared your site with many of my friends on Facebook and my own blog.


    gill123 says:

    Am new to jewellery making and these would be a great way to learn and make fabulous things

    TF says:

    I think ’500 Knives’ looks fascinating: I only ever see knifes with the same general shape and structure, and am incredibly curious about what sets these knives apart. I work/have worked with metal, beads, enameling and clay, and think that all these books could give me new ideas and new directions to explore.

    Emőke says:

    I would love all of theese books, but my favorite is the 500 Beaded Objects!!! :)

    Dollartist says:

    Great prizes for art inspirations! I think I would like the Knife book most as it would have lots of historical designs that would be applicable to lots of different artistic endeavors.

    Silkartist says:

    The 400 Polymer Clay Designs book is the one I choose to be most excited to own. Not that I would not dearly love to own any of the other books too, as the Lark books are all so special and would be a plus to be added to anyones art library. Polymer Clay is the most recent of media that has risen to a new height in the art world and its use in multi technical aspects. It can be made to look like other media or just its own wonderful style. The inspiration is more than enough from the many artists who have utilized this medium and made it a wonder in its own right.

    tryshz says:

    What a deal! Nothing like getting an entire library at one fell swoop!! Would love to spend the next many, many hours going through these!!

    Karol says:

    I love your work, so inspiring. thanks for sharing

    Tracybesser says:

    the beads, no the polymer, no wait the beads…ummm the polymer. Ohhh I can’t decide they both look like such good books, how do you pick a favorite!

    Donnarerickson says:

    Starting a craft ministry at my Church these books would be an awesome tool for creativity!

    Roserene3159 says:

    ihope to get all the books, but really look forward to the 500 beaded projects to work with my granddaughter on.

    Adam says:

    I really like the cover of 500 beads.

    Lmassey_lolo says:

    Oh I would love to win the 500 Beaded Objects the most but all the books peak my interests! What a give away! When I saw this I knew I had to enter.. Thank for a chance. lmassey_lolo at yahoo

    Jkrus says:

    I love to read and collect books and I would especially love to have the 500 Enameled Objects and the two bead books. I can already see them on my coffee table and in my library.

    Yvette Ickmans says:

    I would like to win the enameled objects. It is an old technique that is still very modern today. I especially like enameled jewelry with a modern twist. It is always interesting to see and learn from peoples work.
    I hope you keep publishing new books in the 500 series. There are still a lot of titles and subjects possible.
    Have a nice day.

    D'Marie Designs says:

    1,000 Glass Beads looks amazing! I am getting more and more into lampwork design and this looks like it could be a fabulous addition to my library. The Polymer Clay book looks intriguing as well…..they all do for that matter! Love the opportunity to win <3

    Susan L says:

    All of them look inspiring, but I would be particularly like 500 metal vessels as I have been working with metal a lot lately.

    sisterwoman says:

    I would love to win a set of these books so I could donate them to our free public library for everyone to enjoy. I am envious, greedy and would personally be thrilled to own a set myself, it would contribute to my communities creative excitement to have this available for everyone to utilize on library loan.
    Could you not imagine being inspired to create a dynamic piece from being motivated by one of these books? They are candy for the eyes!

    Jasmine Matus says:

    500 Metal Vessels would be a welcome addition to my bookshelf. As a jewellery and object designer/maker, I am constantly looking toward other makers work as a source of inspiration.
    Thanks Jasmine Matus

    shazz says:

    These books would be great teaching tools

    shazz says:

    These books would be great teaching tools.

    catwoman62 says:

    WoW, what a gift it would be to have all SEVEN books of the 500 series ! It would be like an encyclopedia to the beginner in all those areas… so much to learn in one set of books. I would really appreciate such a thorough introduction to these skill sets… just the images would be an inspiration ! The only 1000 book, the 1000 Glass Beads, would be my most fave probably, as I LOVE glass beads. If I win, please notify me by message on FB via Tamra Stanton Ramsey…. fangers crossed ! <3 to win !

    Sheilajkersey says:

    Of the books shown in this blog, Beaded Objects would be my only selection, although the other books are just as interesting to others.

    Laurabeestudios says:

    The 500 series of books is so inspiring! The book I most want to own is the 500 enameled objects because I love color and the technique is most amazing. I would have said the polymer clay book, but I already own it.

    Abarr says:

    The knives and Metal Vessels books look spectacular! You don’t often think of artistic metal vessels, so that’s the one I’m more curious about – how creative can these folks get?

    great giveaway!

    Cruzin4sun says:

    All of your books look very interesting, and would probably be very interesting to find out more about each subject, but I know I would enjoy Polymer clay designs, 500 beaded objects, 500 enameled objects and 1000 glass beads since these are the mediums that I now work with..

    Nisasmiley says:

    This is such a great idea, and exciting prospect headed into the long cold winter, and I am pleased that this round of give-aways will not be all about jewelry…. I am a jeweler and love to get out my box when I can :). I would enjoy reading the Enameling book the most…. Nisa

    Kakie says:

    I would love to win ANY of these wonderful books. New ideas, new projects, new skills…..the list goes on!

    [...] Giveaway of a seven-book bundle of 500 Series books from Lark … So hold on to your hat pins: We're now giving away a fantastically diverse bundle of seven 500 series books: the newly released and incredibly beautiful 500 Judaica, along with 500 Metal Vessels 500 Enameled Objects, 500 Knives, [...]

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