The newly released 21st Century Jewelry: The Best of the 500 Series collects 500 of the best images from a decade of 500 Series gallery books dedicated to leading contemporary art jewelry. The pieces are set out over more than 400 pages and interspersed with commentary from leading jewelers, curators, collectors, and gallery owners to form a spectacular and essential collection in one handsome, hardbound book.

To celebrate, we’re giving away a copy of the new book signed by series editor Marthe Le Van, along with a complete set of all 10 500 Series art jewelry books that preceded it—for a bundle of 11 books in all. Together, these books constitute the foremost anthology of the world’s leading contemporary art jewelry. The set will form the centerpiece of any library for jewelers, crafters, and appreciative laypeople alike, with abundant beauty and inspiration ever at the ready and at your finger tips. And, if you have many of the books already, the set will get you off to a great early start for prepping your holiday gift-giving.

The books in the bundle are:
21st Century Jewelry: The Best of the 500 Series
500 Silver Jewelry Designs
500 Gemstone Jewels
500 Pendants & Lockets
500 Plastic Jewelry Designs
500 Wedding Rings
500 Earrings
500 Bracelets
500 Necklaces
1000 Rings
500 Brooches (now out of print)

How can you enter for a chance to win this extraordinary bundle of 11 books? It’s easy: Leave a comment on this blog post by 9 p.m. EST on Wednesday, October 26. Any comment will do, but how about this: Tell us what your favorite jewelry material is, whether you’re making the jewelry or wearing it.

One winner will be selected at random and announced on Wednesday, November 2. Click here for the official rules. Thank you for being a part of the Lark Jewelry & Beading community, and please connect with Lark Jewelry & Beading on Facebook!


UPDATE: Entries for this contest are now closed. Thank you to all who participated: More than 800 entries is a record for comments on any Lark post. We appreciate having you as part of our community and are glad to be a part of yours. We are also pleased to announce a winner, randomly selected from all entry comments: Leslie Boyd, a grad student at RISD, is the winner of the set of books. Congratulations, Leslie, and thanks again to everyone.

  • CraftyHope

    I enjoy making jewelry MORE than I like wearing it. As such, I’ll tell you my favorite material to work with. I really enjoy using unusual and found objects, but my favorite has to be buttons. I LOVE using buttons in my jewelry-making!

    Thanks for the chance to win such an impressive collection.

    • Jan Moury

      I love Lark books! They have introduced mevto new crafts I never new exsisted!I would love to win just the new book! It looks beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!
      Jan Mouru

      • http://betsybensen.etsy.com Betsybensen

        I’m a maker, and my material of choice is sterling and gold paired with awesome non precious and semi precious stones. Love the books!!

      • http://betsybensen.etsy.com Betsybensen

        I’m a maker, and my material of choice is sterling and gold paired with awesome non precious and semi precious stones. Love the books!!

        • Buchananjewelry

          Yay – congratulations on the success of the 500 Series! I love these books and feel extremely fortunate to be included in the new 500 rings book. Thank you 500 series!

          Ashley Buchanan

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001059800934 Theresa Anderson

    My favorite material to work with is copper, love the warmth of it and the possibilities with patina.  What an amazing collection…serious inspiration material!

  • ande

    silver and stones. love to wear it, love to create with it :)

  • Made In Mpls

    I love making AND wearing jewelry. My favorite material for jewelry-making would have to be Swarovski crystals. There are so many different shapes, sizes, and colors. The possibilities are endless!

  • Mars

    Seed beads!  The tinier the better.  (And thank goodness for beading needles, lol)!

  • Sorcha

    Precious metals and gemstones are my dream materials for making jewellery. Hoping to fall in love with materials that are a bit cheaper soon! Life would be alot easier. However, my love of silver and gold is probably destined to be a life-long love affair. How about a book called Jewellers of the World…bios of everyday jewellers like me, pictures of our benches and our work : )

  • Neil


  • Babybells2679

    I love making jewelry as much as I love wearing it! I love working with beads since that’s the first material I learned how to use, but I do enjoy working with metals, specifically chain and sterling silver. The best part about making your own jewelry is that there are always new skills to learn, new materials to use, and new outfits to create the perfect accessory for!

  • Yebo1996

    once i started making jewelry i started wearing less of it…hmm?
    i love silver, copper, found objects and organics.

  • Karen

    I love working with stainless steel for makin chainmaille, but it’s too nice to give away!

  • Sasha

    Copper and rivets!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1205681233 Julie Stiles

    yep, silver and beautiful rocks, that is what i love to work with, adorn myself with.

  • Swesthoff

    I love making AND wearing jewelry. My favorite materials to use are Swarovski crystals. There are so many different sizes, shapes, and colors. The possibilities are endless!

  • Jennifer Surine

    Such a wonderful collection! Thank you for the opportunity. 

    I work in sterling silver quite a bit, but nothing as such a lovely feel as gold. I wish I could afford to work in gold constantly. :)

    • Jennifer Surine

      *nothing has*…

  • http://www.facebook.com/robin.priest1 Robin Priest

    I love working in sterling silver wire with swarovski crystals, opalite, and opalized glass beads. I wear my own work all the time, I feel odd without it on. 

  • Kimpy

    I love to work with seed beads, crystals and semi-precious gemstones !!!

  • Patricia Larsen-Goodin

    I make the jewelry. I am a glass bead, seed bead and PMC artist.  This is a wonderful and lovely give away.  I would be honored to receive such a bountiful gift. 


  • http://www.DiannaBDesigns.com DiannaBDesigns

    I love to make jewelry and I love to wear it…and I love to teach others to ‘smith.  I like it all, but I like to work with precious metal most and I love all kinds of stones.

  • http://de-fil-en-aiguille.blogspot.com/ Eclatdusoleil

    I love seed beads and gemstones because its a pleasure to associate them to make personal jewelry you can wear everyday, in accordance with your outfit . Adding some Swarowski crystals, and they become fabulous to wear for special events (without saying that’s great to ear “wow” when you say you made them by yourself ;-)

  • Angieleb13

    this is a great giveaway, have been wanting some of these books just can’t afford to buy them. i hope i win.

  • Joyce Pusel

    I love sterling silver. What a great giveaway!

  • Aylaelie

     love creating earrings the most, working with silver wrapping the wire perfect and tight into beautiful spirals. I wish I could make jewely all day!

  • anna marie stewart

    Amazing give away.  Thanks for the opportunity.

  • Sherry Fox

    My favorite material is copper.  I love the rich, elegant, and rustic look it offers!

  • AngelaJewerly

    I have a few of these but would love the whole collection!  Such inspiration when i need it.

  • Dwoz

    I’ve enjoyed looking at many of these books.  My favorite jewelry is made of gemstones  & my favorite to jewelry to make is made with seed beads..

  • Ana

    Thank you for the opportunity.   I love to wear rings!!!

  • Janel

    I usually use beads and thread to make jewelry. However, I have worked with metal a bit and loved it!

  • Lori

    I love color and gemstones are my favorites to wear.  Seed beads are my passion and I’ve collected them since I was a young child.  Thank you for this amazing gift!!!

  • Anonymous

    Oh how wonderful. I love glay beads on bracelets, because they are super comfortable.

    lauren51990 at aol dot com

  • Formysweetdaughter

    I make jewelry and my favorite material to use in my jewelry is porcelain. I just love it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1627124078 Bobi Serfling

    You have the best giveaways! :) I like to make and wear jewelry with seed beads, glass beads, gemstones. All these books are so inspirational – Congratulations to whoever wins!!

  • Anonymous

    After having the excellent opportunity to be featured in the 500 Silver Designs publication my confidence in my ability as an ‘up and coming’ contemporary jewellery designer has soared and i would love to thank Lark Books Publishing for a much needed confidence boost. You guys at Lark Jewelry also helped to contribute to my degree, many references, ideas, inspirations were absorbed by your wonderful, concise collection of books.
    My Philosopy:Jewellery is the material, the body is the canvas – create a masterpiece by combining the two.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=696313818 Holly Carter

    Oooh, it is love!  Beadwork is my favorite.

  • Jamie

    Oh my Oh my Lark Rocks!  This is such a fabulous collection!

  • Angelica H.

    Sterling is my favorite material.

  • Bearchicko

    I’m both a jewelry artist and lover!  Favorite materials to work with: jump rings, beads, chain and wire.  And my new obsession: Metalwork with copper!  To wear–All of the above and more, plus vintage pieces.

  • MaryLou Holvenstot

    I love love love Lark Books!  I have several of them already (not the ones in this list, though), and they’re a great source of inspiration.

    I made beadwoven jewelry of all kinds, using peyote, right angle weave, herringbone, bead crochet, and a myriad of other stitches.  And I have a serious addiction to beads.  :-)


  • Judy Bickel

    My new favorite jewelry material is pmc silver clay.  Learning just how creative I can be.. ;0)

  • https://facebook.com/janemichael.beads Jane-Michael

    This may be the most fantastic prize ever! I’m always making jewelry, wearing jewelry, and dreaming about jewelry.

  • Grace Beading

     Wow, that’s an amazing giveaway.  There is going to be one very happy winner on November 2!

    Favorite jewelry material… anything Swarovski, LOVE the sparkle!

  • Leebeads

    Lark does a great service with their continued support of the bead community.  Just got my copy of Jamie Cloud Eakin’s new book, Dimensional Bead Embroidery and it is gorgeous.

  • Anke

    I like to work with sterling when the design requires soldering.  For repousse and chasing I like to use copper.  I have recently incorporated human wisdom teeth into a sterling ring, which I submitted for the upcoming 500 Rings book.

  • Clarice Kanouse

    I love your stuff, Lark Crafts. I don’t make a lot of jewelry myself but I purchase the supplies and a friend makes it for me. I do however use your materials when I make wind chimes. It works so good for wind chimes.

  • Elizabeth Woodford

     What an incredibly generous give away!!  I have lusted after each of these books and keep them checked out of the library for the maximum amount of time! the librarians ALWAYS know where the books are!!!!

  • An_ephemerist

    i love all forms of adornment

  • Celtcrafts

    Wow! Great giveaway! The photos in the books are always so beautiful!

    • http://www.celtcraftdesigns.artfire.com Celtcrafts

      P.S. I’m a glass artists, both torch and kiln and I love making jewelry out of glass!

  • http://artofthefirebird.com artofthefirebird

    I work with copper, bronze, and my own lampworked glass beads most of the time.

  • Emily Nilson

    I am taking a metalsmithing class.  I love getting ideas for my own jewelry from your books!  I mostly work in silver.

  • Sherry Hernandez

    I love knowing that I have the ability to make something beautiful with my own hands and that it can actually be worn and wanted from another person.. It is inspirational and just plain cool to experience these feelings…

  • DonnaJ

    Wow – what an awesome prize!  I love all jewelry – especially silver.  I have loved so many of your books – I used to love getting the new catalog in the mail – miss those days!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jewelry-Designs-by-Tara-Finlay/132683030153353 Tara Finlay

    My favorites to work with are leather and silver. Since the price of silver has gone up so dramatically, I’ve started working with lead-free pewter and I like it.
    I also created hand made beads using polymer clay. I own two of the books listed above and if I win, I’ll do a giveaway on my blog for those two.

  • Catherine

    Wow.  What a lovely giveaway!  That’s some dreamy eye candy. :)

    I love large gemstone cabochons.

  • B Winders

    My favorite jewelry material – that’s a tough one.  I have so many.  I love glass beads, bead weaving, sea glass jewelry and sterling silver is one all time fav!!

  • Pam killingsworth

    Ooooh… What a wonderful giveaway. My favorite beading medium is mixed bead embroidery. I create lampworked glass cabochons to incorporate into bead embroidered art pieces. Love to create the entire piece myself.

  • Ms Sherri Conrad

    I absolutely love to work with beads. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/alorinna Cate Donoghue

    I have found so much inspiration in the books I have, I would LOVE to have this set! Thanks for the giveaways you guys do :D


  • jissej

    I love making beaded jewelry with leather!

  • Ann Rosier

    I would love to win again…..but this time give the away to our San Diego Bead Society library. Thanks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=757066702 Terry Oostdyk

    Oh my gosh – what an awesome & generous prize!!  My favorite jewelry to make lately is nature-inspired PMC pendants!  :)

  • Readerwoman

    I love to create jewelry, even more than wear it – and I love to use whimsical materials for creating. My favorite medium, at the moment anyway, is unusual vessels for necklaces or prayer bead strands. I would love to have this set of books to browse and indulge in the beauty of creative jewelry making!

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5OV7PKM6SNLOBSAFN4MQUCH4JA LaLa

    I LOVE these 500 series books!  I am fascinated by the amazing art work presented so beautifully.  I am also very appreciative of the high quality at such an affordable price.

    My favorite jewelry mediums are polymer, wire, sheet metal, found objects, glass beads and resin.  I know, I am all over the place!  ;P

    Keep up the good work!

  • http://www.tamalincraft.com Tamalin1

    i work with beads ans sterling silver. i have a passion for jewelry and would love to win this prize! thank you for such a wonderful giveaway! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1632743286 Elizabeth Beeson

    My favorite jewelry material is brass because it seems to have a life of it’s own and is so organic. I make jewelry, but I also love to wear it!

    I LOVE Lark!

  • KatLowe

    My all time favorite material is glass, but mixing it with silver and sometimes pearls or crystals really makes it pop!
    Thanks so much for having this giveaway!

  • Margaret Schindel

    I am a jewelry artist and I work with many different materials, metal clay and artisan or vintage beads and components being among my favorites. And, of course, I wear the jewelry I make! (In addition to selling and giving it as gifts, that is.)

    Thanks so much for doing this wonderful giveaway.Lark books are always beautiful publications with rich content and gorgeous, inspiring photos. I would be thrilled to win the entire set of the 500 Series books signed by Marthe and would put them to good use!

  • Lily

    Just seeing all the covers in one place is a treat

  • Constance J Mitro-Johnson

    I really like Lark Books as they are a great inspirition.  Keep them coming.

  • Danoldcans

    I love copper and sterling silver! I would love to win the book bundle even more!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1363835674 Carrie Tahquechi

    My favorite material is silver. I use a lot of others but its almost always combined with silver at some point

  • Esther Liberman

    My favorite jewelry material would have to be glass, since I use a LOT of glass beads! But I also have a real bias for gold, as opposed to silver. There’s just nothing like it!

    I love Lark books, and would be so happy to win this set!  What a great idea!

  • Anonymous

    My favorite medium is Art Clay Silver.  I’ve just completed my senior certification and am looking foward to teaching this wonderful product to others.

  • Susan M Morgan

    Perhaps I am somewhat a mulit-personality when it comes to jewelry because I enjoy multiple jewelry materials. I work in off loom bead weaving, metal clay, wire, and traditional metalsmithing techniques. Inspiration for jewelry design crosses the materials available for the artist today but I appreciate those based on historical pieces or artwork other than jewelry.  Lark’s 500 series is a wonderful source of inspiration and sheer amazement of artistic jewelry design.

  • Kristen Baird

    I love these books. They are so fun to look at and study! I hope to have my work in one of your books someday soon! 

  • http://www.anthelionjewelry.com Leayn Tabili

    I make and design jewelry, as well as teach on occasion. My current favorite material is metal, primarily jump rings, in sterling, copper, aluminum, anodized aluminum, jewelry brass, and bronze.

  • C Clarke

    I love chain maille jewelry, especially the wonderful pieces my daughter has made for me.

  • Sandytally

    Seed beads are my addiction!  I design for others, but have a hard time letting go of my work.  I think I need to keep everything I make.  Afterall I feel like I gave birth to them!  I have a couple of book from the 500 series and they’re almost “threadbare” from constant looking.  They have been a great inspiration.  So thank you from all of us who are constantly creating.

  • http://www.facebook.com/heathertaylor5 Heather Taylor

    Lark has the best books!

  • Jessica Kuzma

    I am just starting out but I would love to win this giveaway!

  • Thomas J. Janstrom

    As a student and jeweler, my favorite material(s) are silver and palladium, silver because it’s so versatile and palladium for it’s warm patina that builds with use. These both feature highly in my work as they off luxury at a near student budget level….

    This give away has the potential to hugely improve my reference library, something I’m always striving for, as good reference materials greatly simplify the student experience.

  • Ali murphy

    Thanks! I’d love to win!

  • http://gypsycowgirlz.com Sandy Tally

    Seed beads are my addiction of choice and bead embroidery is my medium.  I’m lucky enough to be able to sell my work and wear my own designs as well.  I have a couple of books from the 500 series and they are almost “threadbare” from the constant looking.  They have been a great source of inspiration, so thank you for those to date and hopefully there will be many more to come.  

    • Mysticbeadz

      I have often thought of starting a 12 step program for bead-a-holics like myself. Seed beads are my addiction of choice as well!!!

      Happy Beading and happy gathering!

  • kelli miller holmes

     I love silver jewelry. I’m looking into taking some metalsmith classes,so excited!

  • Diana

    I design jewelry using kumihimo as my format to incorporate textures and color.  This would be an amazing collection of books to have!

  • Sandy Wogaman

    I love seed beads, metal, wire and lampwork. I loom, stitch, string and pound!

  • Norma Turvey

    I love your books, and have quite a few of them in my own library, but I don’t have any of these, they would be a much loved addition to my book collection!

  • http://spiritartist.com Linda Bahner

    I am a jewelry artist (spiritartist.com), and I like to work in sterling and gemstones.  If I don’t win the books, I’ll have to buy one or two…:)

  • Joanna Joy

    I am a jewelry artist who loves platinum, gold and silver. I work with numerous colored gems and diamonds and I’ve been a goldsmith and designer for many years now. I fell in love with jewelry as a fan and became a goldsmith so all my friends could wear the jewelry they wanted but couldn’t afford.

    Lark has published so many beautiful books- what a fantastic giveaway!

  • Deb

    I do not have a favorite jewelery making material.   I am just learning and so far all the mediums I’ve worked in are fun.  I especially like to make and give away to my friends.

  • Rp

    Awesome giveaway!!!!!!
    I can’t wait for a 500 Clasps book :)

    • Wendy O

      Yes!!! I love clasps and would really enjoy a book showcasing them.  Inspirational!

  • Deb

    I am new at creating jewelery.   Because of this I do not have a favorite material.   I do like to make and give away my work.

  • Laura Giusti

    I’m a jewelry creator, and work mostly with silver, other metals like copper, bronze, german silver, shibuichi, most of the time assocciated with cotton fabrics. I like also to wear my jewelry, but I like more to see someone else wearing it. 
    Lark books are great. And this give away is a great idea. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=826907935 Anonymous

    I love your books and I have the 500 Gemstone Jewel one and would love to win the others. I am a jewelry artist and would love to get inspiration from all of them to help me grow as an artist. 
    Thank you,

  • L E Schoening

    My favorite jewelry material is high karat gold, and I’m wearing it, not working with it!

  • Amanda

    What a wonderful giveaway! This would really round out my library!

  • Lisa Crone

    Wow, this is extremely generous!! I would LOVE to win. I am a beaded jewelry maker and author. My favorite element in any jewelry piece is sparkle. Swarovski or CZ are my faves because I like jewelry I don’t have to worry too much about. However, as with anything, if it speaks to me in some way, it doesn’t matter if it sparkles or not, I will need to have it or make something with it! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Barbara

    I love using tiny seed beads to make larger beaded beads and wear as earrings.  The seed beads are my favorite beading material, I cannot have enough colors or sizes! 

  • http://www.studiofiredance.com Paula McDowell

    I love the Lark 500 Series – it always provides a source of inspiration, and usually AWE.  I am a jewelry artist working primarily with metal clay to create highly textured creations.  I love rock:  beads, rough, cabochons, or stones found along the path.  Thank you Lark for bringing us the best of the industry.

  • Laura

    I love to work in Sterling Silver!  I live and breath silver!

  • http://profiles.google.com/astropalmistry00 Leslie Zemenek

    I was gifted two books from the 500 series and knew immediately I had to learn to make jewelry. Thank you, thank you for helping me to discover my passion. I work mainly in silver and I sometimes add copper and cabochons that I cut myself.

  • http://profiles.google.com/astropalmistry00 Leslie Zemenek

    I was gifted two books from the 500 series and knew immediately I had to learn to make jewelry. Thank you, thank you for helping me to discover my passion. I work mainly in silver and I sometimes add copper and cabochons that I cut myself.

  • Blkreger

    This is a wonderful give away.  It’s really exciting.  I am a polymer clay artist but I also work with a lot of wire.  I love copper, it just looks so clean and natural.
    Pick me, Pick me.

  • Blkreger

    This is a wonderful give away.  It’s really exciting.  I am a polymer clay artist but I also work with a lot of wire.  I love copper, it just looks so clean and natural.
    Pick me, Pick me.

  • Valerie Heck Esmont

    I make jewelry and my favorite material is wire, I use it to make jumprings and then solder them together making a filagree look. My jewelry almost looks like bubbles floating in the air together. I love it!
    Your books are very inspiring. Thanks so much!

  • Valerie Heck Esmont

    I make jewelry and my favorite material is wire, I use it to make jumprings and then solder them together making a filagree look. My jewelry almost looks like bubbles floating in the air together. I love it!
    Your books are very inspiring. Thanks so much!

    • Jet Kosanke

      do you have a website? i’d love to see your work.

  • FC

    I design, make and wear, and have been experimenting with a range of materials including silver, acrylic, stainless steel, aluminium, stone, glass and wood. Love the books!

  • FC

    I design, make and wear, and have been experimenting with a range of materials including silver, acrylic, stainless steel, aluminium, stone, glass and wood. Love the books!

  • Rockcreekcreations

    wow what a wonderful collection of books!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/ronna.weltman Ronna Sarvas Weltman

    Although I don’t have a favorite jewelry material, I can’t stop playing with polymer clay. Every time I play with it, it yields a new discovery. 

  • Nmarkosky

    Fabulous give away!  I love working with sterling or copper and semi precious stones and of course I wear what I make but I give lots away and sell some too.  

  • Thecantlers

    What a great opportunity!  A beautiful set of books!  I make and wear my own jewlery.  Silver is my favorite material, both sterling sheet and metal clay.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jennifer-Bruner/100002055863742 Jennifer Bruner

    My daughter designs jewelry as a hobby and has sold and given away many pieces.  She loves to gather ideas to spark her own creativity.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Jet Kosanke

    although i primarily work with seed beads and crystals, my favorite jewelry material is silver. i don’t wear much jewelry aside from my tungsten wedding band, and my silver-plated bangle that is badly in need of re-plating (my late father gave it to me nearly 20 years ago; i haven’t removed it from my wrist for almost 14 years.) this is an incredibly generous giveaway. i’ve seen these books at the library and reveled in paging through them :) my favorite types of jewelry combine something new (such as silver, perhaps) with something novel and unexpected (such as feathers).

  • Ann Sherwood

    What a fantastic prize.  5500 pictures to inspire:)

  • Jet Kosanke

    oh! i completely forgot my black titanium lip rings (two, one on each side of my lower lip, seamless) and my black titanium industrial piercing (in my left ear- google ‘industrial piercing’ to see what it looks like, i love it). but THAT is the extent of my personal adornments. :)

  • Amy Andreasen

    It’s hard to have a favorite medium when you love it all.  Gold, silver, diamonds,gemstones, mixed materials.  I love wearing all of it. Earrings, necklaces, rings, brooches,pendents, bracelets, and wedding rings. Thank you Lark for making such beautiful books to enjoy.

  • Tina

    I love to wear silver, and I now I work in silver, silver clay, and enamel. One of my favorite books is 500 Enamel Objects!

  • Kim R.

    I love gemstones and silver, to wear and work with!
    Thanks :)

  • Laryn Henson

    Wow, what a great prize - I’d love the collection.  I am a beader and love to stitch with tiny beads – sometimes gem stones, but usually glass.  However, I’ve tried my hand at polymer, PMC and metal work – just a bit.

  • Anneurism

    I am currently quite taken with chain mail.  I, also, do seed beading, stringing, riveting/forming, lost wax casting, fusing, soldering, and soon enameling.  Some day I will tackle wire wrapping.  I just like to do whatever speaks to me or inspires me at the time.  The books are beautiful.  I have browsed some of them before. 

  • Robin

    Kiln formed glass is what I love to use.

  • Anonymous

    right now my favorite material is copper. i’m playing around with alcohol inks on hand-sawn/formed copper blanks. i would love to be able to add these books to my jewelry library!

  • Azbeader

     I love the gemstones and Maggie Meister Jewelry/

  • Catherine Taylor

    This is an awesome giveaway! It would be pure joy to win. And thank you Lark Books for being so generous to one lucky winner. - I am a bead embroidery jewelry artist. I love to make and wear it. My favorite are definitely the cabochons I include in my beadwork. But I really enjoy all the aspects that go into my designs such as hand stitching, seed beads, gemstones, crystals, rhinestones, pearls, lacy’s stiff stuff, and bugle beads, etc. I just can’t seem to get enough with more colors and different textures. I never know what my completed piece will look like until it’s finished so it’s a surprise to me as well. 

  • Sue J

    I don’t have a favorite. I love all kinds of jewelry. Each piece can identify the mood or person wearing it!!

  • Donnakate

    My favorite material to work with is sterling. Or is it Swarovski crystals? Or filigree? So hard to pick just one! I make it and wear it, and would love a set of these inspirational books!

  • Regina

    What an unbelievable giveway! My favorite jewelry material has to be silver.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Gilruthgirl Lila Guenther

    Ooh, I’d love to see the bracelets book!  Thanks for the chance to get the books!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rebecca-Alexander/100000790480228 Rebecca Alexander

    omg, that would be so awesome to win!!  wish I had the $$ to just buy it outright, but sadly right now I don’t.

    …my fav jewelry material to work w/ huh? well, at the moment it would be gemstones. I do beading on the one hand, but I’ve also learned and taken up gemstone cutting and carving and even have the basic equipment for it. I’ve always really resonated w/ stones, so it was only natural that I learn how to cut them so they could be used in beautiful jewelry designs that I could wear. …though I have taken a class at a local craftsmen’s league in doing some silver smithing, but I don’t have the confidence to solder on my own just yet – I need some more practice (so I need to sign up for a couple more classes when I can afford to).  usually I’m the one both making AND wearing my jewelry, but I do have some projects in mind for other people as gifts as well, and would like to at some point expand to selling some things I make online – though for jewelry making my skills aren’t quite at the level I’d like for that just yet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rebecca-Alexander/100000790480228 Rebecca Alexander

    oops, didn’t mean to double post – it’s my first time on this particular site.

  • AnitaM

    Wow….what an outstanding prize….I hope I’m lucky enough to win this treasure!

  • Cat Jack

    oh god, what an awesome prize. Im a student jeweller so currently work a lot in copper and then re-create many of the final designs in silver, however I am enjoying the copper more and more and love the opportunity to oxidise and patina it :)

  • Judithb

    OMG, I surely would love to win this collection! I work with all kinds of beads, as well as metal, polymer & metal clay, and found objects.

  • Grayravendesigns

    I love working with gemstones that I can cut into fragments and reconstruct into mosaic jewelry.

  • Kanderart2

    Wow what gorgeous books! My favorite jewelry material is silver wire and beads. But due to the economy I’m mostly making jewelry out of copper wire and beads. I wear it and make it.

  • lizhart

    Great giveaway!  I love working with seedbeads.

  • Lauraoka

    Oh! What a giveaway! Pick me, oh, please! I can’t name my first, or even my second-born after you, but the next cat…….

    I love making things from found objects. I love finding found objects. Sometimes, a la Thomas Mann, I even like to make found objects.

  • xaipe

    Love your books. I am an enamel artist.

  • http://www.rainforestdesign.com Roz Zelenka

    What a wonderful idea!  I am the designer behind a project called Rainforest Design®.  I work with Wounaan Indians from the Darien rainforest region of Panama who carve shell cameos with designs inspired by the flora and fauna of the tropical rainforest.  These are not your grandmother’s cameos…it’s a fresh look and people love. 100% handmade, Eco-friendly, Fair Trade. http://www.rainforestdesign.com

    Follow us on Twitter @rainforestdesig:twitter 

  • Ruth Shapiro

    I’m clearing a space in my bookshelf for these! What a great gift these would be. My favorite materials are copper and silver, and favorite technique is etching! My specialty is Judaica.

  • Melody Pierson

    I had no idea how many books Lark published! I must say, with the few I have managed to buy, this Newbie learns a lot.

    I think you publish real quality work.

    Melody Pierson
    Montreal, Québec

  • http://www.claycorner.ch Teia

    It’d be great to have the whole series! Wow! I work with polymer clay but get my inspiration from all kinds of materials :)

  • DJ

    Oooooh- I want these books! I work with beads, crystals, leather, wire, chain, & jump rings…my favorite material is definitely beads. I’m currently hooked on bead embroidery & am loving it. :) :) 

  • http://www.facebook.com/Christen.Jo.Stone Christen Jo Stone

    I have worked in copper for years. I love it’s warmth and colour when it is oxidised. My wire jewellery is very organic….so it suits it perfectly.

  • BeautyBeBeadsCreationsbyTera

    Very cool! What do I like? I have not absolute favorite. It all varies with my mood and what outfit I’m wearing. Jewelry dresses me up or stay casual with just a bit of shiny, but I never leave home without it! My momma taught me right. ;-)

  • R Morris

    I love to work with seed beads and cabs.  But bead embroidery is my favorite.

  • Mfergusonstudio

    I am a metalsmith — working in silver, bronze and copper. I have been a maker and metalsmithing educator for almost 16 years. I enjoy incorporating found materials with primarily sterling and the other nonferrous metals. I don’t own any of the Lark “500 Series” books because budget has been tight for so long (like so many of us out there). I have seen many of the books because some of my students own them. I did submit for the new “500 Rings” book in hopes that I get in to this prestigious book. What a wonderful and generous giveaway!!!!

  • Elaine Bradley

    Silver and porcelain are my favourite materials to make jewellery with.  Both materials have such a wide range of possibilities and options within them.  It annoys me to see people learn the smallest lessons in how in how to work with clay and then stop and be lazy and make half assed badly conceived ill prepared and poorly finished work.  It gives other artists in that material a bad name.   If only I had a REALLY stunning collection of Lark books to inspire me to raise the bar and achieve better things.

  • eus

    io do love glass and silver :-)

  • Marion

    What a great and surely inspiring giveaway! I make jewelry since many years. I started with metal but meanwhile I love most to create jewelry with all kinds of beads.

  • Spiralgyra

    I absolutely love Lark’s 500 series books, so much inspiration for an aspiring jeweller like me. I work mainly in silver but with an added mixed media element too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/dee.wingrovesmith Dee ‘Beadee’ Wingrove-Smith

    Very inspirational books for any jewellery makers/designers out there.

  • Sansan

    I love the “500″ Lark books. I have purchased numerous Lark jewelry books in the past and am always on the look out for more news titles and am PLEASED to see there will be a BEST OF THE 500.  YEAH…. This new book should have some pretty phenomenal jewelry pieces I can drool over. I love working with the glass beads I make myself and coordinate them with various metal wires and beads, as well as bead embroidery……. which I’m just now starting to learn.

  • chrisk_ob

    Hello everyone!
    I am a jewellery designer and maker myself and I must say that I am very fond of Lark Books Publications. I already have about a dozen books and I am very excited whenever a new book comes out!
    I love to work mainly with aluminum, silver and plexiglass, but there are so many materials (conventional and unconventional) that inspire me that I can’t list them here:)
    Hope I am lucky:)

  • kashas

    As a newish jewellery maker I’m still experimenting wanting to try new techniques and materials. At the moment my favourite is wire I’d love to be able to become really good at wirework incorporating it with the genuine gemstones I use. I also like the wire for chainmaillie. My eye has started to turn to macrame just now so looking forward to delving into this now.
    I love looking through lark very inspirational. I hope I win pick me pwease lol. Xxx

  • http://www.facebook.com/annika.kedelauk Annika Kedelauk

    As a jewellery artist I love the strenght of gold!

  • Toeffel

    nice can´t wait to take an look into it

  • http://secretlifeofjewelry.blogspot.com/ Cara

    I adore each and every book in this series.  This giveaway is awesome!

  • Joy Funnell

    I use silver clay and enamel in my jewellery. Love um! This new book looks great :)

  • Sheryll Ryan

    My favorite beading materials sparkle! rivoli, helix, rhombus, wild heart, coral, keystone…all the new Swarovski crystal shapes.  I like to combine them with materials that are a sharp contrast, such as metal, leather, shaped wire, to give the jewelry I make an edge.  I tend to wear the first piece from a new design, see how the design works, then make more to sell.

  • Jghklh


  • oceanlady1956

    I love to look at books like this

  • Dragonfiremail

    I’m a traditional silversmith/lapidary who got hooked on PMC in the late 90′s when it first arrived. I love combining PMC pieces with enamels & beaded neckpieces to display them. I teach many classes in various jewelry arts including PMC, polymer, silversmithing, stone cutting, enamels, beading & wireworking, and these books would be an inspiration to my students – and ME!

  • Bzbeads

    I love using lampwork   beads and gemstones,,, throw in some crystals and seedbeads and  I am in heaven!

  • Beth

    I have no favorite material.  I create with seed beads, I wear anything I like, which covers a broad range.

  • http://zingalasworkshop.blogspot.com Maryanne Gross

    I love all the 500 series books and I own several.  I love to make jewelry that I can wear.  My favorite medium is seed beads, which I use to off loom weave, and embroider with.  I’m becoming enamoured with wire and metal, but seed beads will always be a fvorite

  • Pam K

    What a fabulous giveaway! I like working with all kinds of materials and my preferences seem to change monthly. Right now I’m enjoying sterling silver metalworking and am playing around with tube rivets and spaced layers. I love the negative space layering creates!

  • Bbeachz71

    Love this entire series!  Such great books!

  • Cassandra

    I am happiest when both wearing and beadweaving with seed beads and natural cabochons.

  • Susan

    Oooohhhhh, shiny!  They all look amazing!

  • Shirley G.

    My favorites materials to work with are seed beads (all shapes, sizes & colors) and swarovsky crystals (all shapes, sizes & colors) with silver and gold wire. Thanks for such an outstanding giveaway of this magnificent book collection! Hope I’m the winner!!!  :-)

  • Miranda Ackerley

    Wow what an awesome giveaway!

  • http://www.fugudesigns.etsy.com Fugudesigns

    Started studying metalsmithing about 4 years ago.  As my knowledge base expands, I find the 500 series of books my most reliable “go to” source for new inspiration.

  • SallyA

    Oh, man! What a great giveaway!  Thanks for hosting it. I hope I win (and was very glad my friend Mandy won the last one!)

  • Joellam

    Very cool! I make jewelry – love working w/ sterling ’cause it’s shiny but also love copper ’cause it’s warm.

  • Maureen

    This book sounds wonderful!  I work with seed beads so any kind of glass bead is my favorite, big or small, to make jewelry.  Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • Cyndi L:

    I love working with a combination of materials.  Just when one starts to get a bit stale, an opportunity to work with something else arises!  And btw, all the Lark books are da bomb!

  • Marilyn T. Jones

    My favorite material is beads. Beads of all kinds – all shapes & sizes, materials, colors, textures, finishes, etc. When I bead, I seem to meld into a prayer mode, or Zen state of mind. The world just falls away and the process takes on its own life. I try to step out of the way and when I’m finished with a project, it’s never what I envisioned. Usually it’s much richer and more interesting.

  • Janbuday

    I find such inspiration from these lovely books.

  • Paul Bishop

    My favourite jewelry material is wire.  By itself, it can be anything – findings, beads, components and focals.  It can also be reworked where most jewelry materials can only have one main function.

  • Cdcsails

    Wow, these books are awesome.  Would love to win them!  Carol D

  • Cara Frey

    Wouldn’t I just loveto win this…keeping my fingers crossed.

  • Joy

    Fantastic giveaway!  My new favorite is heavy gauge bronze wire.

  • Tonya

    This is extremely generous!! I would LOVE to win. I am for the most part a beaded
    jewelry maker.  Although, I have been concentrating on bead embroidery lately, I want to work with many different mediums, including but not limited to metal smithing, wire, polymer clay, metal clay, glass, and mixed mediums.   Thanks for the chance to win! 

  • Valeriafast

    I love silver!! Is so skin friendly!!!

  • Naomi – art925

    I consult the 500 Lark book series all the time at the library – excellent collection! I am a jeweler and of course I wear it too. My most common material is sterling silver and found objects. May the luckiest winner win! 

  • Chris Elser

    Love contemporary silver jewelry

  • Chris Elser

    Love contemporary silver jewelry

  • Sharon

    I love working with metal(mostly silver) and pearls,and gemstones and and and…..
    Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity to own all these books!! I agree with Rp, 500 Clasps sounds fantastic!!

  • Sharon

    I love working with metal(mostly silver) and pearls,and gemstones and and and…..
    Thanks so much for this wonderful opportunity to own all these books!! I agree with Rp, 500 Clasps sounds fantastic!!

  • Unionstudiometals

    What a fun giveaway!! I am a metalsmith from Boise, Idaho and I own a small company with my best friend called Union Studio Metals. This is probably an obvious but silver is my favorite material to work with, as well as ebony, bronze, silk, and an occasional tooth or bone! In our studio we rely on the 500 books to help get inspired and delve into the exciting inner dialogue of “how did they do that”! Thanks to Lark for this killer series!

  • Unionstudiometals

    What a fun giveaway!! I am a metalsmith from Boise, Idaho and I own a small company with my best friend called Union Studio Metals. This is probably an obvious but silver is my favorite material to work with, as well as ebony, bronze, silk, and an occasional tooth or bone! In our studio we rely on the 500 books to help get inspired and delve into the exciting inner dialogue of “how did they do that”! Thanks to Lark for this killer series!

  • Sarah@circle and sprout

    precious metals, stones, beads, fabric are my favorite materials.  I love wearing my pieces and hopefully my customers do too!

  • Kinshipglass

    I am making glass beads right now, but like to work with metal – keeping my fingers crossed, I am selected as the winner, now that would be awesome!

  • Suzie James

    absolutly fab. stunning jewellery. cant wait to see the book.

  • Deborah

    I am a metalsmith working mostly with sterling and copper- and lots of pearls! These books are so beautiful- I love having a chance to see what other artists are doing!



  • http://www.facebook.com/anne.utter Anne Utter

    I love working with silver and look forward to seeing more of the 500 series of books!

  • http://www.artattheranch.com Randi Harper

    I absolutely adore your books! Have bought several as gifts — would love to own the set (I have a small teaching studio w/a library… my kids especially would benefit!))

    Personally – I love copper – the colors and depth. And the technique that’s my favorite – and one I think you need a book @ ie Chasing and Repousse! Suggested editor: Nancy Megan Corwin, of curse!!

  • Moniquebeau

    At the moment my favorite jewelry material is enamel:-)

  • christianvrodriguez

    I love bead embroidery with gemstones but have been recently captivated by soutache work.  Fantastic giveaway!

  • Dellana

    I think my first comment got lost!!!
    How can I possibly pick one favorite material I use? High karat golds, diamonds, Damascus steel, opals,….?!?!? Whatever I’m using when I’m having fun fabricating something is my favorite in that moment…. :-)

  • Cathi

    I love sterling silver, both making things with it and wearing it.

  • http://www.circleandstone.com Jen

    I love these books.  Bracelets have to be my favorite pieces to design and create because I love wearing them!  Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Avril

    The 500 series (and Masters series) are my favourites for inspiration.  I am a glass artist and I am learning to combine my glass with silver.  I think the two together look so beautiful.  So I have to say that silver is my favourite :)

  • Debbeez2002

    What a fabulous set of books, so much talent and inspiration. My favorite beading media is beads, beads, beads attached to anything with a hole in it or that I can bead a bezel around. Right now I am wearing a necklace that I just finished–a wonderful clay pendant of a bee made by Keith O’Connor strung using a spiral stitch and amber with glass 8s in two colors of rust and gold. It is warm and beautiful.

  • http://keiserdesigns.com/ Eva Maria Keiser

    This is a fabulous bundle offer. The 500 Series offer a superb source of design study and inspiration. The photographs are wonderful. I am a Beadwork Artisan exploring the many possibilities of structure and containment with the medium and am on occasion asked to make a unique jewelry item for a client.  The combination of Swarovski [tm], silver and gold elements, worked into layers of beads of all types are most popular. When I am not entangled in thread, beads, and wire, I wear on of my own prototypes in public, which invites interest.Thank you for this offer and opportunity!

  • ChatNoirDesign

    I love your books – great give away! My favorite materials to work with are metals and glass! Many ways of combining them!

  • http://www.beadsforever.etsy.com Linda Roberts

    Wow!  What a giveaway!  Awesome!  My favorite material for making jewelry is dichroic glass and seed beads, but I also love metal and wish I were better at creating with it.  I create my own jewelry and sell it and every so often I wear one of my own statement rings.

  • Pippi Konstanski

    Oh! O would love to add all of these books to my library! I have been making jewelry for more than 10 years now, and though most of my work is in silver, I love the feel of gold as I work with it.

  • Sandy Cahill Johnson

    Such an exciting giveaway! I work primarily with sterling silver and hand-cut stones. I love these books – my art school has a set and I drool over them. I would LOVE a set of my own as I only take about 10 days of classes per year! I’m not much of a jewelry wearer on a daily basis, but I love creating it, giving it as gifts and selling it. Of course, I do keep a few of my favorite pieces for myself.

  • http://www.beadingbutterfly.com Kassie Inman

    My favorite is seed beads… and I both make and wear my creations!! :)

  • April

    I love wearing silver and I enjoy working with bright colored beads.

  • Jennifer Gardner

    What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you Lark for publishing this gorgeous collection of books!

  • Kathy King

    Great giveaway! Love all your books. My favorite material would have to be beads, the smaller the better.

  • Jennifer Gardner

    Thank you Lark for publishing this wonderful collection of books! …and for giving us a chance to win them! ;)

  • Charley Hughes AKA Beadyboop

    What a generous giveaway! Thank you Lark for publishing this wonderful collection of books!

  • Clrimmer

    My favorite jewelry is beaded jewelry, either made by myself or one of my friends.

  • Deb

     I make and wear my own jewery.  
    Copper is my first choice, though I do use other materials occasionally.

  • TownsendRockworks

    My favorite materials for making jewelry are silver, copper and brass as well as natural stone.
    What a generous offer and exciting collection of art!

  • Sylvia Loftus

    I live in the bead-crazed Pacific Northwest where I’ve been active with the fine members of Portland Bead Society since 1992.  I’ve been enjoying books in this fantastic series for some years now.  I make jewelry out of the most unusual components I can find.  I fabricate jewelry elements from found objects, precious metal and polymer clay, and I love all of these materials.

  • http://www.lavika.com Victoria

    My favorite jewelry material is porcelain. I make fibulae & pendants of translucent porcelain.

  • Kelli

    hey don’t forget about me. Thanks for this opportunity

  • http://profiles.google.com/annabelkina Anna Belkina

    Wow! Awesome giveaway!

  • Michelle_pujol

    wow, looking forward to that

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000368314461 Corinna Owly Metters

    I like to wear and make silver jewellery. I like making rings and necklaces best! I love that Lark have these great inspirational authors and sourcebooks :D And that they are goving away these stunners.

  • http://www.facebook.com/MiooraSmycken Susanna Segerholm

    Ooooo. I love my “500 rings” and the inspiration it gives me. Got to join this.
    My favorite material right now is silver and titanium together. Love the golden greyness of the titanium with the shiny whiteness of the silver.

    Susanna Segerholm

  • Lisa Reilly

    OMG this is an phenomenal collection and winning it would be amazing! I’m a novice metal-smith and I love to work mainly silver, but also mixed metals. I wear most of what I make and give some away. I’m currently attending a jewelry school in Florida to take my skills to the next level before I begin selling it. I’ve used a couple of these books for inspiration at a studio I used in Rhode Island before I moved to southern Florida and they are truly amazing works of art. Good luck to everyone!

  • kathyS

    Wow what a giveaway. May current fave jewelry material is polymer clay, but beading is ongoing as well.

  • Kalaya

    Favorite material is metal.  It can be silver, copper, brass, or rusty musty.  No wait!   Favorite material is found objects.  No wait…it’s stones.  Oh…there so many different, wonderful materials out there.  My favorite material changes with my moods.  I make my jewelry.  If I can’t sell it I wear it but most of the time I wear it.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/dranemra Aimée Ménard

    I love the chainmaille books that you’ve published, now, if you could only have a competition that would include more than the US, you might actually appease all your fans.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_TMAGU3UGSFJBMGSU7RRSEADKRQ wendy

    I LOVE Lark books. I leave them out so people can look at them. Never fails, someone always has something great to say about the books. Inspirational, educational and beautiful books. I get such great ideas looking through them. My first Lark book was on chain mail.  I have been making jewelry for over 10 years now, I always refer to Lark books for instructions and inspiration.  

  • M Ward

    I mostly use metals clay and fused glass.  I love these books.  They provide great inspiration to create using new materials.

  • Sorcie

    This is so exciting!  I love working with 14K gf wire to make my jewelry and would love to have these inspirations to reignite my inspiration!

  • chris

    What a great giveaway.  I hope to start selling my own jewelry and these books would be great inspiration for creating my own designs.  Color, texture, dimension all are part of creative designs.  I would love to own these.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  • LLM

    amazing! all the books are so inspirational. to see new and interesting talent. Really helps in my own designing process. :)

  • Straybeads

    Love these books!  Inspirational, beautiful and sometimes thought provoking.

  • Lynder45

    My favorite material to work with is crystals. The chunckier the better and lots and lots of bling. This series of books would make a fabulous collection to look at lots of bling. Wow! What a giveaway!

  • Deanne

    How exciting!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Peggy-Wilcox-Russell/1841074588 Peggy Wilcox Russell

    I like to try lots of different mediums. Right now I’m learning bead crochet and bead embroidery. I find the best way to sell my jewelry, is to wear it! These books are phenomenal! Thank you Lark!

  • C. Gore

    Black Spinels and gold….

  • C. Gore

    Black spinels and gold!

  • Saltygirljewelry

    My favorite jewelry material is silver. I still am just as excited about it as I was the first day I worked with it!

  • Diana Casabar

    Well thank you for this opportunity.  I love to work in silver, copper, red brass, and of course, gold (when I can afford it).  Chasing and repousse is what I love to do most.

  • Donna Greenberg

    I use polymer clay myself but I appreciate jewelry of all mediums as long as it communicates honesty, joy and beauty. 
    I’m also very excited about the new plastics being used and the future of computer assist design, helping artists go to places they couldn’t go before. This book series is a treasure for any one interested in the limitless boundaries of the human spirit.

  • Anonymous

    I love to make and wear my work.  Especially colorful, eye-catching pieces!  Copper is a very generous, flexible, inexpensive option that so many folks see as a cheap alternative to silver.  And for some folks it is just that as they make their test piece out of copper before producing the final piece in silver or gold.  Perfectly understandable.  I, however, feel that copper is an underestimated metal.  There are so many different processes that copper never balks at!  Sterling, for example, hates to be enameled without some serious prep work, while copper just requires a really good cleaning!  Nickel doesn’t like to be etched, while copper adores it and takes the acid to levels that allow for exquisite detail.  Silver doesn’t take a heat treatment very well, often ending in fire scale, where as copper absorbs the heat and turns it into a rainbow of colors.  It’s the most versatile, friendly, and accepting of all the metals and personally, I am a huge fan of copper!

  • Dias

    ohhhhhhhhhh wow! thank you for this GORGEOUS giveaway!!! please count me in… fingers crossed… I’ll be the winner :-) 
    xx Dian

  • Dias

    Sorry I forgot to tell my favorite material.  Silver and gold !!!!! again thanks!!!
    xx Dian

  • Pepaki

    I already have 3 of them but i’d love to have them all!!

  • Colleenjoon

    I love so many different kinds of beads and found objects, but my all time favorite material is sterling silver. I love manipulating silver. I love cutting it, hammering it, soldering it, wire wrapping it. I used to make large sculptures out of steel and iron until I discovered the luxurious soft and pliable world of silver. Now I make small wearable sculptures.

  • B Winders

    Me me me! What am incredible gift to have!

  • Karenwoods

    my favorite material is polymer clay and I only wear either my own or the creations of others.  It combines so well with other jewelry techniques in your books!  The plastic jewelry book looks very intriguing!!  

  • Elmeharg

    Love earrings and pendants-make and wear both!

  • http://www.ndesignsmetal.com Nancy

    Congratulations to Lark Books and Marthe Le Van on another wonderful 500-series publication! I love to get inspiration from the pages of this series while I’m at the workbench, alone with my thoughts and tools. Currently, my favorite material to work with is copper for its malleability, color, and patina. Keep up the good work, Lark!

  • M Deuel

    I love creating mostly with Polumer Clay and wire wrapping. 

  • Heather

    What a great giveaway of some totally awesome books!  (…keeping fingers crossed!)

  • Cindy Cima Edwards

    Fantastic giveaway! 
    My favorite materials are probably brass, copper, stones, and glass beads

  • Lauren

    Fantastic prize. I enjoy making in metal. 

  • Bernasconidesign

    Weaving with high karat gold

  • Leah J Wickett

    This is a great giveaway!
    I love the new lace jewelry pieces that a lot of artists are making.

  • Vanessa D.

    I love silver jewelry and love your books! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Danae

    At the moment my favourite material is niobium, i love how it sounds like its from outer space, even though its is totally terrestrial. The colours are so seductive and I love the challenge of making something tasteful by exercising restraint and not letting myself go nuts with psychedelic rainbows. I love blending the colours into each other and creating interesting combinations.
    I also like un-cut gemstones and using them to create tension in the piece by contrasting their roughness against the finish of the metal and geometric forms.

  • Candy

    I love all types that are unusual and unique. Anything with earthtone colors…..

  • Kenneth Setzer

    Copper is my fave. Relatively inexpensive, very “organic” in feel, ages nicely. I wear and make jewelry out of it.

  • marjorie jumisco

    Big fan of metal jewely and am partial to works by Amy Tavern’s style.

    Love to wear rings and bracelets but do not often wear necklaces.

    No matter. Being made a gift of any of book from this wonderful series would tickle me pink! 500 brooches or 500 bracelets would make my day!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • http://www.connectedelements.net Candy Westfield

    Awesome giveaway!  I make jewelry and LOVE these books!

  • http://pixelpointgraphics.com/2011/05/special-edition-journal-celtic-knot/ Dan McKinney

    What a fantastic prize!  I love to work with etching copper plate with my designs, adding a torch flame patina and then using as inlays in my custom journals.


  • http://www.copperista.etsy.com Amy

    I am making & wearing COPPER!!

  • a. m.

    oooh! pick me! pick me! i like wire the best. i like wire the best. but tomorrow it might be sheet metal…

  • Tessarickard

    These books are the best!  Love this giveaway!  

  • Carol

    I still like silver even though it is getting harder to afford to buy and harder to sell because of price.  Copper is looking good!  I’m making and wearing jewelry!!!

  • Mags

    WOW what an opportunity! I already own several of these books, but would love to win the entire collection along with the ‘greatest hits’ version. I make and wear polymer clay jewelry since that’s what I do. But I love all jewelry and always have. I get so much inspiration from all of the 500 series. Thanks for the opportunity. Mags B.

  • http://profiles.google.com/salvagebeauty Marin Mitchell

    I create one-of-a-kind found-object jewelry, so my favorite material comes when I discover unexpected beauty in an element. Great give-away!!! 

  • maryfnyc

    I make (and wear) jewelry in silver and I LOVE THESE BOOKS!!!!!!!

  • http://www.thewanderinggoat.weebly.com Amber

    I make jewelry, currently working in ceramics but I love to set stones in sheet silver and lost wax casting.  Love the 500 series they are always a source of inspiration.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1629486571 Joyce Hayter

    I need to add these to my 500 collection! As I’m a clay artist, I have to say: my favorite jewelry material is Clay. I make awesome raku pendents & beads and was honored to be included in Larks “500 Raku”.

  • Janhuling

    Having just shown my micro-mosaic beaded jewelry at Loot at the Museum of Arts and Design, I can honestly say that I can’t possibly choose a favorite jewelry material. It so much depends on the craft and creativity of the jeweler. Lark Book appreciates that and celebrates it! Kudos!

  • Connor

    Wow this is a great contest! I use mostly silver for my jewellery, hope I win :D

  • Neeka

    Yay for the giveaway! I love to make jewelry using upcycled leather, metals (old and new), vintage metal and glass components and my own photography and text. Lark books are very inspiring for ideas, and they’re beautifully laid out.

  • Amirsh

    I love ,make and design jewellery  and love Lark Graft books

  • Nikki Knoll

    I love moving metal and my favorite piece is usually the one I’m wearing =)
    Each of these books is a feast for the eyes and heart – and the collection could feed the artist’s soul for years to come!

  • Amanda

    WOW! what a giveaway!!
    as a college student in jewelry it would be
    amazing to own all of these! i love to work in copper and brass.

  • Molly

    Oooh, yes please!

  • JujuBySarah

    Oh what a great giveaway! I love all the Lark books! My favorite jewelry material is really a stone. It can be a raw crystal or a faceted gem, but that is what inspires the piece for me.

  • Cyndehdesigns

    I love working with alternative materials in my jewelry making.  Currently, I am using 35mm negatives while my supply lasts.

  • Judy Babin

    I’m obsessed with the stones that I get the opportunity to work with everyday.  The amazing variety and shape astounds me everytime!

  • betty

    What a nice collection I make jewelry and teach jewelry classes. I am also the director of the jewelry program at an the Pullen Art Center. Favorite material is silver. These books would be an amazing addition to our jewelry library.

  • http://www.diffendaffer.com Grant

    Who doesn’t love Lark Books?  Not me.  I can’t imagine a greater font of inspiration than the 500 series.   

  • lilymay

    I love the 500 Series. The photography and layout are just beautiful.

  • Jentownsendjewelry

    The 500 series are an amazing collection of books to inspire anyone interesting in creating jewelry.  Right now, my favorite material to work with is definitely enamel. Thank you for the variety of materials and styles you feature in these collections.

  • Kathndolls

    I love the inspiration of the 500 series!! My favorite jewelry material is metal clay!

  • http://www.facebook.com/jcmilner Jennie Milner

    I like the idea of the 500 clasps book too!  My favorite jewelry material is resin, sterling & tubes!

  • Lauriejane27

    Steel is my favorite material to work with!

  • Anonymous

    oh please choose me! i’ve always ‘done’ jewelry, wheter restoring/repairing antique/vintage, some silversmithing, some enameling, lots of beads, and now i’m playing with alcohol inks on hand-sawn/formed copper blanks!

  • Ewhitt6

    What a fantastic giveaway! I personally love rose gold, not because of its value, but because it does yellow gold one better — it always seems more magical to wear it.

  • Heidi S.

    I love making and wearing silver jewelry! I also really love unique stones, like laguna/agua nueva/crazy lace agates!!

  • http://twitter.com/HoIJewelry Lindsay Wisecup

    I wish I had a coffee table big enough for all of these fabulous books! Hours and hours captivated in their awesomeness.  My favorite material being made and worn by me  is using repurposed metal from furniture hardware. Think drawer pulls, escutcheons, etc. Thanks for the great giveaway! Good luck to everyone. 

  • shimshoni

    What a wonderful gift! 
    I love to work with polymer clay, silver and copper and will be happy to win all these books!:) 

  • http://www.facebook.com/erika.czerniejewski Erika Czerniejewski

    I personally am waiting for the next book ya’ll put together: I want to get some of my work in!

    Right now I’m all about the silver. Wish I could do more gold, but too bad for me!

  • Kimarden

    Ok, first of all this is an amazing collection of books.  How I would love to own the collection.  Fantastic artists and perfect photographs throughout!

    My current and looks like last great passion is for polymer clay jewelry. I have been earning my living making jewelry with this medium for over 20 years. I see no signs of ever slowing down or losing interest because there is no end to what can be done with polymer.

    While I own wonderful pieces of polymer jewelry made by many good artists, I still like what I make the best.  It’s been a fun ride: I make what I love and the world plays along.

    Kimberly Arden

  • Lori Paximadis

    These are beautiful books! My favorite material to wear is sterling silver, and my favorite material to work with is copper with enamel and resin.

  • http://realityarts-creativity.blogspot.com Amanda

    This is an amazing giveaway, I am new to jewellry, but my favourite is silver especially earrings and rings

  • Valerie

    Wow, owning a Lark 500 book is owning a masterpiece and to have and share this entire set with all my friends is beyond words! Thank you for this opportunity and as said in an earlier comment, pick me pick me….

  • LG

    Lately I’m interested in adding both felt and buttons to my designs.

  • enchanted Moon

    Enchanted Moon-I love working in seed beads ,,would love a set.

  • Kayla Johnson

    I love adorning the body with any material I can experiment with! Of course I love silver too…

  • Cattlemom

    Love to work with silver.

  • Hillarey

    My newt favorite jewelry material is felt. I love the juxtaposition of the soft material against a hard metal like silver. Thanks for all the amazing books!

  • http://twitter.com/SterlingEchoes Denise Harrison

    man oh man this would be an awesome contest to win.  I have a few of the 500 series – but to own them all would be fantasic!!  Currently my favorite material is sterling silver – I use it to cast designs created from patterns I find in my photographs.

  • Camdeon

    Your giveaways are so generous.  This one really rocks!

  • M Ixes

    Awesome GiveAway! Very Generous, Thank you. =) My Fav Materials: Silver  and Gemstones, both for Wearing and for Creating. Mx

  • Glasswebb

    I love sterling silver….hope you continue with the 500 books!!!

  • Denise

    I love working with silver and glass.

  • Denise

    I love working with silver and glass.

  • Leslie Todd

    Fantastic giveaway! Lately my favorite material for jewelry is copper.  I’m just getting into foldforming and I want to hit everything with a hammer!

  • Karen Firnberg

    I would love to have this set. My favorite jewelry is beaded, of course! I make it and wear it.

  • http://twitter.com/lasertron lasertron

    I love jewelry made with BIG, gaudy, flashy jewels. statement pieces.

  • Jeanne

    My favorite material for jewelry is sterling silver – to wear or make.
    I’d love to win these books – I’d even buy a new bookcase to display them!

  • Piercedchicken

    What’s not to love? The funkier, the bigger, the better.

  • Alcina Nolley

    Lark Books puts together the most interesting collections. I am a jeweler that incorporated polymer clay and metal clays into my box of materials. There is no better day than one filled with working in my studio.

  • Linda

    wow! A great library of jewelry texts all at once. What a GREAT give away!
    :) Linda

  • Specialfxcreations

    Looking forward to the books !  I am primarily a “beader” but enjoy all forms
    of beautiful, artistic jewelry and accessories.

  • Sherry

    I have only been beading for one year.  There are so many exciting designs to create, but, I need to have instructions to follow because I am not as creative or experienced as I would like to be.  I can follow directions.  I have been stringing mostly and have tried some wire projects.  My next accomplishment will be to do some beautiful beadwork.  Send me any books you have left over.  They definately will be used.

  • just jewel

    Silver and gold.. make them and wear them, give them and see others wear them <3 

  • Maureen

    well…if i had to choose…..

    diamonds ( i aim big…)

  • Litlwlf

    How cool are these books?  They look awesome :)  I love working with Stainless Steel and Sterling Silver in creating my ChainMaille designs.  I could get lost in these books for months at a time. lol 

  • Ladydharma1116

    I’m partial to marcasite 1920 style, but my own pieces creations are mostly beaded chainmaille.  I’m with RP, lets have a 500 clasps book!

  • Amy Leggett

    Awe inspiring! I liked working with sterling silver when it was affordable.  I like all metal in general!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=646010720 John-Paul J. Pelletier

     Great giveaway! I prefer working in 14k gold and platinum chainmaille! Taking traditional designs and translating them into chainmaille weaves.

  • joanna

    silver is my favorite, I make them and I really love it! 

  • emsimmons

    I love silver and wire.  I adore gorgeous books like this and all the inspiration that comes from them!

  • DeeGoings

    Love the idea that you are giving away all these books! What a great thing! Would love to have them all but the 500 wedding rings would be a great addition to my catalog for clients. :) Thanks!

  • http://www.facebook.com/bethcase Beth Case

    I have recently discovered resin and am having fun exploring the possibilities. I usually like taking old pieces of broken jewelry and recombining them to give them new life. And I wear almost everything I make, I have a hard time letting go of my children!

  • Diana Ferguson

    This set would be the ULTIMATE inspiration and an amazing addition to my reference library!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kathleen.krucoff Kathleen Krucoff

    My favorite jewelry material is Amethyst Sage.  Great colorations in those stones and they inspire design challenges for me in my work.

    Really appreciate the giveaway.  Thanks for the opportunity!

  • http://www.nexusmaille.com NexusMaille

    Sterling silver is my favourite material – usually wound into jumprings then woven into chainmaille, but I LOVE looking at all different types of jewellery.

  • Nico

    I enjoy mixing PMC with Sterling silver to create one of a kind pieces.

  • Stargazer642005

    What an absolutely amazing collection!! As a designer I love fueling my inspirations from others. The creativity is  incredibly energizing! These books would be well worn with love and delight within weeks!

  • Carrie Klaege

    I love making and wearing Chainmaille jewelry!  This set of books would be a great addition to my library and help me get new inspiration for my pieces!

  • Luise

    oh what a great compilation!!!
    i prefer making juwelry out of metal- old- fashioned, but always interesting. i like gold and silver, also plastic- old plastic.
    thank your for the nice books you publish*

  • Tempest618

    My favorite right now is aluminum jumprings for making chainmaille, especially when you add Swarovski crystal!

  • Queserah2

    I love silver but can’t afford it! Ditto niobium! Bronze is also great and glass, and polymer clay! And natural stones!! I make jewelry and sell it and I also wear it!!

  • Amanda H.

    Totally adore sterling silver, both to work with and wear.

  • J9rose60

    My favorite jewelry material is bright aluminum – specifically in rings.. chain mail rings

  • Laura Holm

    Love it!!!! What a wonderful giveaway! It would be such an honor to win. I am a glass lampwork/wire wrap jewelry artist who also LOVES to wear jewelry! Go figure! :)

  • Paintbrush1966

    What type of material is my favorite??  That is just not a fair question because all materials are up for consideration in designs.  Whether it is wire, beads, silver, reed, brass, clay, copper, waxed linen, felt, glass, gold, stainless steel or ceramic, the materials used express the style of the person who wears the items and the person who designed them for the world to see and interpret as they wish.  Honestly, the materials can go far beyond even those listed.  The challenge is creating a work of art that expresses a thought at any given moment.  What a wonderful set of inspirational reference books this would make!

  • Judy

    yay free stuff! :) Would be thrilled to own such an awesome collection! I make jewelry and am forever seeing out new thing to learn ;)

  • Kclanin

    i work in rings — jump rings that is, i make, sell as well as wear chainmaille jewelry!

  • Cquilting – Cathy

    Fantastic set of books!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Laceylouweaver Louise West

    I love these books and its my birthday in a few days!!  I love working with all forms of silver but been trying out copper more recently, and expanding the range of work I do.  Currently doing an MA in art and design and although it isnt in jewellery, I keep sneaking bits in!

  • chrisdd

    My favorite jewelry material is glass. I love making glass beads and I love wearing them, too. :-)

  • http://www.janetlewisdesigns.com janetlewisdesigns

    This is such a great set of books –thanks for doing this giveaway :) Although I often work with alternate materials, my true love is copper.

  • Shelley

    I LOVE MAKING JEWLERY!!  Started with CHainmail – And now I am bitten with the metal smithing bug… Silver is my favourite and I can help love it even on the bad days when it is over $40/oz!!   These books would be much enjoyed and appreciated!!

  • Edwina

    My all time favorite is silver to wear and to work with. But I’m currently into semi precious beads in a variety of uses.

  • Cadgirl22

    This would be so beyond awesome to win this set of books!
    I love doing all sorts of lapidary work, but I probably enjoy the relaxation
    of doing chainmaille the most, using stainless steel gives me the sturdiest finished product!
    Thank you for entering me in this contest!

  • Misty

    I love making jewelry.  My favorite right now is Chainmaille.  I do love learning about new and old methods.  I am always looking for new designs.

  • Gretchen

    Wow, look at all the comments! I’m only just starting out in jewelry making so I don’t know for sure if I have a favorite material to work with yet but personally I am really drawn to metal and would love to learn metalsmithing one day.

  • Scotdog

    AMAZING give away.  I would just love love love to have one of these to drool over.

  • Judy A

    I work in silver, all types of beads, and wire work. I think that winning this set of books would be fantastic! I look forward to hearing from you.

  • Adori L’Argento

    I will tell you what you are asking (I love Metal Clay, Bead, and Wire.  I love to make jewelry and also wear it.) but PLEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEE pick me.  

  • Fishmaven

    I’d have trouble parting with any of the books if I were to win this giveaway.

  • http://profiles.google.com/librariall K H

    I love all jewelry materials, can’t afford them all, though.  I love making jewelry or wearing it. I love these books.

  • Yvonne


    I love gold jewelry. I make jewelry using mixed metals; copper, silver and brass. I like buying jewelry more than making it. I just love seeing what other people come up with

  • Cherrychnagan

    I love to make all costume jewelry, but my favorite is chain maille.
    Thanks for the opportunity to possibly win. 

  • Graygirlstudios

    TThanks for the opportunity! My favorite material is copper and silver.

  • Jen A

     I am fairly new to the actual crafting of the jewelry itself, but I’ve been helping my mom with the design aspect for a while now. My mother works in wire work, various metals, and all kinds of beads, but mostly knitted bead work. I think it’s absolutely amazing watching someone who is legally half blind create such beautiful, delicate work as she does. Personally, I am more drawn to metal work and chain maille, but I am willing to try various different techniques. Since I recently teamed up with mom to start our own business making and selling jewelry, these books would be a great help in learning the techniques I will need to know.

  • Moniquemorey

    My favorite material is silver wire….can transform into anything! :)

  • CindyR

    Wow, what a wonderful prize.  I am a jewelry artist who loves wearing all my work, I especially love chain maille and anything sparkly!! I would love to win these books and would put them to good use!

  • Pam L.

    I love working with metal clay and glass.  When I’m not working with fiber of course. Unless I’m working with all three in the same project.  :-)  

  • sandy martin sweet pea jewelry

    what an amazing give away.  I have purchased ALL of these books but have “lent” them to friends and have not received them back!!  I would love to have them back.  I love all things jewelry.  I live eat and breath jewelry.  When Im not making, looking at or wearing jewelry, i am thinking about it.  I love gemstones,enamel and silver the most.

  • Sasmit

    I think pendants must be my favorite!

  • DK

    My favorite material is enamel….with cloisonne.

  • Blairkj

    What a wonderful giveaway.  I use beads and crystals for my jewelry.

  • Delelliosandra

    I love jewels that made by the soul : Soulmade!

  • Vera

    Wow, what an incredible giveaway!
    I love creating freeform wire woven jewellery, but anything that is well designed and beautifully crafted  is always a joy to behold!

  • Michele

    The most amazing books…..pure inspiration what more is there to say.

  • Sharlyngp

    I would love to be the winner!  My favorite jewelry material is glass beads.  I make them and love the colors, shapes, feel, versatility, creatability (?) they offer.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed!  Thanks for these books, they’re great!

  • trixandeli .

    I love silver … at the moment at least… favorites always seem to change!

  • Marilyn

    What a wonderful set of books!  I would love to win this set.  BTW, Sterling silver is my favorite jewelry material for making jewelry.


    I am hoping to be in one of your 500 series books soon! I mostly work with sterling silver and once in a while bronze. There is alot of character in bronze metal, giving it a vintage feel.

  • HISCrafts

    Your 500 Book Sweepstakes will make a wonderful addition to somene’s library. I do beadweaving for the most part. But I’m also working with wire. Thanks fo the opportunity.

  • Greg

    What a great offer. I have too many to have one favorite. My newest passion, for now, is chain maille.

  • Elena Rosenberg

    count me in, what a bounty of books! i like wearing all sorts of jewelry and i like making fiber jewelry.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509660821 Sue H

    I have a couple and LOVE the set!  Working my way through them – one at a time. :)

  • Diana

    My favorite medium is aluminum rings, and adding beads with it.  I love the silky feel, and my favorite is sharing my creations with granddaughters and friends.

  • Designer_d

    What a fantastic collection! I am hopelessly addicted to beading – weaving, wearing, you name it!

  • http://www.facebook.com/cindymccormickflowerpower Cindy Mccormick

    I love to make jewlery, and wear it, and give it and sell it. I work with wire wrap, gemstones, glass,crystals,natural materials,anything but plastic. I started out making earings for the relay for life and donated all monies execpt for cost of materials to fight breast cancer. I taught myself alot of different things , that all started about 5 years ago,and I’ve been growing and learning different way’s to do all kinds of different projects. I get alot of complements on my different kinds of jewlery that I make, I have learned to do alot from books that I have read from the library, I would love to have some books of my own to look at and learn from.

  • http://profiles.google.com/avroch.lea Lea Avroch

    WOW! What an amazing giveaway! I’d love to be included! Since I’m a lampwork artist, I’d have to say that my favorite jewelry material is lampwork glass, followed closely by seedbeads. They are my favorite things to work with. HOWEVER, I love ALL jewelry as far as what I like to wear. ;-)

  • Deanna_cox7

    I love Lark books and have bought them for a long time! What a wonderful giveaway!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mary-Shannon-Hicks/100001566498661 Mary Shannon Hicks

    I would kill for this set, and I am a total, non-violent pacifist, LOL!  Seriously, this is an awesome opportunity.  Let it be me!

  • michelle bellinger

    I make and wear jewelry.  The only thing that makes mornings bearable, is looking through my collection to find something to go with my outfit.  My favorite element is Swarovski crystals.  For me, it’s the next best thing (sometimes better than) to real gemstones.  The sparkle make me happy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=40602796 Samantha Gonzalez-Flora

    I like to make jewelry out of anything and everything, but I really enjoy using paper and fabric.  I do make jewelry that can be worn, but I like experimenting with sculptural/conceptual jewelry most of all.

  • http://judithkinghorn.com Kinghornj

    I love these books.  I make jewelry and I wear jewelry and think about jewelry practically 24/7.

  • DebraB

    This is a wonderful opportunity. I would love to win the books.My favorite jewelry to make is metal (usually silver and/or copper) with wire and cold connections.

  • Stamper45

    My current favorite is beadweaving with seed beads and delicas. Maggie’s new book looks fantastic!

  • http://beadsophisticate.wordpress.com Beadsophisticate

    If I have to pick a favorite material, I’m going to go with silver. 

  • http://www.karin-roy.se Karin Roy Andersson

    My favourite material right now is seeds – melon seeds, apple pips and grape seeds. And unfortunately also gold – but today that is way too expensive for me to work a lot with!

  • A.Z.

    Very generous giveaway! I enjoy working with copper and silver. I get this transcendant feeling when I think about working with metal, like I’m connected to all the people throughout ancient and modern history who have ever worked with or admired metal in all of its shapes and forms. I never win at these random drawings but might as well try! And I’m just going to hope that eventually I get so good at crafting jewelry that I’ll have enough money one day to buy the full set of Lark books!

  • tkay


  • Diane Schlichting

    WOW.  After looking at those books, I’m surprised I don’t have one in my personal library yet!  I have such a huge collection!  Ah, well, here’s hoping for win then! LOL!  I love making jewelry, but oddly do not wear much.  I have started wearing the pieces that I make occasionally, but still don’t wear it on a daily basis.  I adore chainmaille creation and beadwork as my favourites and specialties, although I have dabbled in just about everything including polymer clay, silver bronze and copper clay, fused glass, regular stringing and other sorts.  I like to try whatever strikes my creative fancy, and that is just about everything!
    I would love to have the chance to broaden my creative skills by browsing through your books, particulary the plastics one and the new one.  Please pick me!
    Diane Schlichting

  • Ethansmom66

    I was an avid beader, then I found a Chainmaille book.  Been hooked every since!  

  • http://twitter.com/F_Camarata Florette Camarata

    I am attracted to vintage, estate jewelry as well as ancient and/or museum quality pieces. Lockets are a favorite as they serve two-fold; as ornament and as a place to hold a significant artifact (photo, hair, tiny keepsake) from a special person or event. I also admire contemporary pieces and am amazed at all the talented designers there are around the world. The books offer much inspiration for both designers and people who are lucky to wear the pieces.

  • Wendy O

    Busy making sterling jewelry for a show and hoping to win the set of books!

  • R Louis74

    My love of jewelry started at a young age. Now my passion has brought me to making silver and glass jewelry, that I can accent with crystal beads!! Rose

  • Britta McKee

    I graduated from the University of Kansas with my BFA in Metalsmithing and Jewelry!!! During my senior year I experimented with anodize Aluminum!!! Since then I learned to love it! We had and exhibition in Eutin, Germany and I was the first to sell a piece and it was anodized aluminum!!! I’ve learned a lot from others and love doing research to help learn about new techniques! (: 
    -Britta McKee

  • Nataliejp827

    I like wire, wire, did I say wire…add a little crystals for sparkle. Chain maiile fatly becoming an obsession..


  • Candace42

    Hello, my name is Candace and I am a bead addict! I love rocailles and cylinder beads, crystals and gemstone beads and pearls, Pearls, PEARLS!  Actually, I love any and all bead work that brightens up my day with color, mesmerizes me with pattern and brings a smile to me and anyone else who sees it.  That is the best part about the Lark Series of Art Jewelry books – the mesmerize part. No need to drive to the museum, buy a ticket and squeeze my way into the crowd next to the jewelry case. All I need do is choose a book, make a cup of tea and settle in for a dreamy time with gorgeous jewelry!

  • Salha

    This is really great! 


    Very generous :) I am a newbie at jewelry making. I love working with seed beads and I especially love making earrings.

  • Suzi

    I love glass beads, not just for how they look but also for how they feel against my skin.

  • Karenz111

    Beads.  Beads are definitely my favorite.  I create with them and wear them.  Thanks Karen

  • Lilcritter5150

     I love gluing anything to ultra suede, covering the fabric in beads, then encasing it on a cuff. 

  • Lilcritter5150

     I love gluing anything to ultra suede, covering the fabric in beads, then encasing it on a cuff. 

  • Zsuzsanna R.

    Rose gold and opal…

  • Juanita Finger

    These are wonderful books and very inspiring to anyone that would get them. Thanks for publishing them.

  • Janice Lee

    My favorite material is seed beads. I like three-dimensional beadweaving projects and make jewelry to wear, not sell. 

  • Lynsey Phelps

    oh, how exciting!  
    my favorite is working with enamel. 
    (make and wear)
    i love adding color to my work :)

  • Fuzzishu

    I love working with glass and silver, what a luminous combination.

  • Coin Operated

    I’ve recently started making jewelry out of coins from around the world. I guess you could say that I like taking found objects and giving them a new life.

  • Marisa

    Favorite material? Epoxy paint.

  • Karen Schiavone

    I love jewelry of all kinds, but right now my favorite materials are wire and beads, which I crochet with.  I design and wear the necklaces I make!

  • DMcG

    The Lark jewelry books are terrific showcase for contemporary artists and designers. The publications not only make a great contemporary craft archive they also make a great resource that fosters creative innovation. In the years ahead I look forward to future publications that continue to help illustrate how craft is rapidly changing as makers push the boundaries in their field.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ashlee-Hearn/100002526953494 Ashlee Hearn

    Im still learning how to make even the basic so I don’t have a favourite material as yet but lark books is where I go when I need some inspiration for what I can do

  • http://www.facebook.com/pestkaj Jessica Pestka

    I LOVE silver- both for making and wearing

  • Th_bookfiend

    I have lok looked, droollingly, at these books. There seems to be SSO much information and inspiration contained within. I would simply LOVE to win these books.

    I make jewelry, mostly beaded, with some simple wire work. Trying to expand into other facets of this huge business.

  • Deniseomiami

    I love to create jewelry with teeny tiny beads!

  • Debra Womack

    I am just learning about making my own jewelry… I love the creativity! I want to learn how to manipulate wire and work with metals in general. I already do my own beading. thank you for the chance to win!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jane-Font/538305687 Jane Font

    I make and wear jewelry! My favorite material is silver, but I am in love with the combination of silver and copper.  

  • Liz Steiner

    I love copper mainly because it enamels so beautifully. I love turning something considered a base metal into something precious, or something that looks like stone. I also love working with found objects.

  • http://twitter.com/mtns_sea The Mtns & The Sea

    Creating ceramic jewelry has been fantastic for me! I would love to incorporate it with some fresh and modern metal work and this collection would make a perfect library of inspiration!

  • TeriC

    As a “newbie” jewelry maker this set would be immensely helpful. I started making jewelry and things in the last 2 months, just in time to quit smoking and deal with my mom  being diagnosed with cancer.  It has truly help me get through the last couple of rough months. 

  • JM

    Love to work in combinations of silver and gold with stones…when I can afford the gold. Lark books are always a source of ideas and inspiration for my metalwork no matter what the metal maybe. Thanks!

  • Maggie Lais

    I have liked jewelry since I was a small child making necklaces out of dandylions - although today, I like cleaner designs!  I love how a woven beaded bracelet feels between my fingers, smooth, pliable, and beautifulwith light of any source shining on all those tiny surfaces. I am drawn to anything shiny as though I were a crow!

  • Mysticbeadz

          :~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~: :~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:

    What a fantastic set of Books! These will be a welcomed addition to my already growing Lark Book Library and wonderful reference for new projects. I have basically learned how to make jewelry from Lark books- they have always been my favorite of all the beading books available~ I am also excited to hear about the two new Master Class Series  books coming out in Spring 2012. The photography and very clear directions in all the Lark books I own have helped me elevate my beading levels to new heights! Thank you Lark Books for your dedication to quallity books and for finding such talented artistis to show case.
        :~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~: :~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:.:~*~:. .:~*~:. .:~*~:

  • CallieMay

    I am in love with these books, in fact I covet them ALL! I am partial to any jewelry showcasing guilloché whether they are gold, silver or copper, enameled or not, guilloché might just be the love of my life!

  • Kelseysimmen

    This is so amazing!  My favorite jewelry material is silver and I love spicing it up with a little Kumboo or something organic that I found, like a seed pod or sea life washed ashore.  I have been trying to collect all of these books as well as trying to be in them!  Good luck to everyone!

  • http://www.adarosman.com Adarosman

    What a truly amazing giveaway! I mainly work with silver and gold, but I love to use found objects. I am truly inspired by the medium and the ability that it has to not only be a piece of jewelry, but a wearable piece of artwork that is able to tell a story as well as remember the past/history.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QVGXMQMWFWOXG7ITAQKTDL4VUU rose

    My favorite is wire. I like to make chains and other wire elements into necklaces and bracelets. Wire work allows me to incorporate beads and charms, as well as found objects into my work.

  • Anonymous

    i would love to own these books! i’m making a sapphire and sterling necklace today, and so far it’s coming out very nicely.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=511053528 Tonee Hoage Whitfield

    I would love to have those!!  I think I have one of them but my  library is a little larger than I thought and I haven’t located which one.  Its probably on my work table somewhere!  I work mostly in sterling, but copper, brass, gold and aluminum at times.  I love to fabricate from sheet and wire mostly, but lately I have been doing a lot of beading based on vintage looks, creating dripping classic looks, very feminine and delicate and have been getting lots of compliments wearing them.  I’d love to draw inspiration from this set of awesome books since I haven’t succeeded in getting my own work into one yet.

  • http://honeyandollie.com/ Rain

    Ooooh, I hope, hope, hope you pick me! I’m a metal clay artist, but I absolutely adore working with sterling silver wire and gemstones too. Love the wire wrapped stones! So versatile. :-)

  • Bethany B

    I love working with wire to make classical chains and clasps.

  • Bethany B

    I love working with wire to make classical chains and clasps.

  • Cinray

    First, I must say I LOVE THESE BOOKS!!!  There, I’ve said it.  As to my jewelry making, I am just an enthusiastic hobbyist, I give a lot  away and wear the rest.  Thanks for asking.

  • Beaded Kitty Kim

    This is a very generous offer. Good luck to all. I love wearing gold but it’s much too expensive now. So I’ve begun gravitating towards silver, which is getting expensive as well. I hope I can take a silversmithing class at the local college to round out my beadweaving and chainmailling skills. That way I can make more and better goodies!

  • Beaded Kitty Kim

    This is a very generous offer. Good luck to all. I love wearing gold but it’s much too expensive now. So I’ve begun gravitating towards silver, which is getting expensive as well. I hope I can take a silversmithing class at the local college to round out my beadweaving and chainmailling skills. That way I can make more and better goodies!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001743843605 Rebecca Dortzbach

    I am a jeweler working mainly in silver and I love Lark!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001743843605 Rebecca Dortzbach

    I am a jeweler working mainly in silver and I love Lark!

  • JNA

    I love working with chain, and it’s fun to wear, too. I’ve been a bit blocked lately though :)

  • http://marafriedland.com Mara_friedland

    Wonderful prize, I have my fingers crossed! One of my happiest moments daily is piercing sterling silver and the magic of enameling~

  • Slbkramer

    My favorite jewelry material is definitely glass.  It’s so versatile coming in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors.

  • connie

    love love love lark books!

  • http://www.facebook.com/pestkaj Jessica Pestka

    I love to work with silver in all forms!

  • Laurie Brown

    I’m not sure I can pick a favorite jewelry material; there are so many wonderful ones! I love to work in and wear seed beads, but I also love mixed metals used in assemblage, opals, love the fine wirework being done these days but can’t really see myself mastering it, polymer clay..

  • Mollie Blackburn

    What a wonderful giveaway!  My favorite medium for making jewelry is copper…I adore the variety of color and the price is just right.

  • http://amykozak.com Amy Kozak

    I love working with sterling (learning more new techniques in my metalsmithing class) – I wear some pieces, but most finished pieces go to shows with me…

  • Dan

    I love contests….  My fave materials are glass, copper, acrylic, and silver!!!

  • Jgruffino

    My favorite’s are colored stones

  • Peaches1300

     As the mother of two very creative jewelry makers, I often feel left out and inadequate.  I’m taking classes to learn to make jewelry and glass beads so I can contribute something worthwhile to our conversations.  I love the technical work involved in both.  I enjoy working with sterling and love to wear pieces I’ve made but really could use the set of Lark books for inspiration to design my own pieces (that don’t look like everyone else) and help in the creative end (I’m definitely more left-brained than right). 

  • Charlene

    ooohhh me me me please!  My favorite material right now is woven metal.  Making.

  • Sunottin

    I simply can not pass up any booth at any craft fair or art show with glass jewellery.  I haven’t found the piece that I must own (aren’t we all being careful?) but I spend enough time imagining myself wearing each fabulous piece that I have guilt for standing in the way of other (paying) customers.  As a potter, I have made my own pendants and given some as gifts and have been blessed and gratified to see pleasure in the giftees, but someday, oh someday, I’m going to made glass beads! 

  • Cebette

    partial to recyclying/upcycling vintage beads

  • nik

    My favorite is 22K gold…it sets off most gems beautifully, pairs well with platinum or fine silver and wears its age with pride. I love that it takes on a wise and ancient look as it accumulates a softened scratchy look with time.
    500 Opals or 500 Pearls (or both!) would be excellent additions to the lineup.  :)

  • Dia Daniels

    These books are fantastic and I would LOVE to have the complete set!  Lark Publications has been publishing wonderful material for years and many of their works occupy spaces of honor on my shelf of much used reference material.

  • http://rmkdesign.etsy.com Ketztx

    Though I am now completely immersed in the wonders and possibilities of polymer clay,  I came to it by way of enamelling and goldsmithing, and  those mediums still inform and inspire my work; and I think they translate very well into the playful dsciplines of polymer. I am constantly perusing books like these for another….what if  I……..

  • Michael O’Neill

    This amazing! I would love to have all of these books!

  • Jvaala

    Wow… This is unbelievably generous :) I love using everything for making jewelry…. Seed beads, wire, metal, polymer clay, crystals…. All of it has a beauty of it’s own. I would love to win this beautiful collection but would also like to extend my congratulations to the one who does :) it is a wonderful collection for any jewelry lover to own….

  • http://chelsearainbow.com Jacqueline Gikow

    I love and make jewelry that is a combination of silver or copper and beads. I both wear and sell my jewelry. I would love to have the collection of books on jewelry for research and just plain enjoyment.

  • http://twitter.com/DMJewelry Dina Michelle

    Awesome!….Generous Giveaway!!  I would love these!…YAY!!…My favorite materials to work with are Silver, Pearls,Gemstones,Copper,Gold.Vintage and Rare Beads.

  • Mary A

    I enjoy working with seed beads, especially the new Tilas and LMAs!

  • Lee

    Love the 500 book series….would love to win it.

  • yess

    Wood is hands down my favorite material to work with and wear!  It compliments metal so well.

    Killer giveaway!!! ….I’m probably going to lose sleep over this….

  • Neko

    Love the jewelry. Just started Chainmaille. These books will be fantastic!

  • Penney Klaproth

    I plan to work with silver wire that has a patina.  What a generous give-away!

  • Barb

    I love metals. I love stones. I love making jewelry and I love wearing jewelry. It would be most exciting to win this collection of beautiful books!

  • Penny

    Love the Lark 500 series! In fact, Lark consistently publishes wonderful books. I have quite a few on my beadwork bookshelf.

  • Kim Dworak

    I love all kinds of jewelry, but I am very addicted to artisan made beads.  Glass, ceramic, polymer clay, doesn’t matter what material they are I just love them.

  • Victoria Monty

    Wow.. favourite jewelry material is by far GOLD because I can’t afford to use it very much. Otherwise I am rather loyal to sterling in my work. 

  • Judith Kaufman

    I love all jewelry especially antique. My husband makes lampworked glass beads and I love those best of all! I have so many that he has made…nearly one for each outfit!!

  • Judith Kaufman

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    Giveaway of a complete set of Lark’s 500 Series art jewelry books!

    October 15, 2011, 16:42 pm  Posted by Ray Hemachandra


    The newly released 21st Century Jewelry: The Best of the 500 Series
    collects 500 of the best images from a decade of 500 Series gallery
    books dedicated to leading contemporary art jewelry. The pieces are set
    out over more than 400 pages and interspersed with commentary from
    leading jewelers, curators, collectors, and gallery owners to form a
    spectacular and essential collection in one handsome, hardbound book.

    To celebrate, we’re giving away a copy of the new book signed by
    series editor Marthe Le Van, along with a complete set of all 10 500
    Series art jewelry books that preceded it—for a bundle of 11 books in
    all. Together, these books constitute the foremost anthology of the
    world’s leading contemporary art jewelry. The set will form the
    centerpiece of any library for jewelers, crafters, and appreciative
    laypeople alike, with abundant beauty and inspiration ever at the ready
    and at your finger tips. And, if you have many of the books already, the
    set will get you off to a great early start for prepping your holiday

    The books in the bundle are:
    21st Century Jewelry: The Best of the 500 Series
    500 Silver Jewelry Designs
    500 Gemstone Jewels
    500 Pendants & Lockets
    500 Plastic Jewelry Designs
    500 Wedding Rings
    500 Earrings
    500 Bracelets
    500 Necklaces
    1000 Rings
    500 Brooches (now out of print)

    How can you enter for a chance to win this extraordinary bundle of 11
    books? It’s easy: Leave a comment on this blog post by 9 p.m. EST on
    Wednesday, October 26. Any comment will do, but how about this: Tell us
    what your favorite jewelry material is, whether you’re making the
    jewelry or wearing it.

    One winner will be selected at random and announced on Wednesday, November 2. Click here for the official rules. Thank you for being a part of the Lark Jewelry & Beading community, and please connect with Lark Jewelry & Beading on Facebook!





    About the Author
    Ray Hemachandra
    I’m a New York-D.C.-Chicago-Bellingham-Asheville guy, and it’s my pleasure to lead the g…

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    Project PDF of the beautiful Laksmi Pendant from Maggie Meister’s Classical Elegance!
    Great giveaway of two sets of six signed beading books (with links to free projects)!
    Grab a great Rachel Nelson-Smith project PDF: Rondo Neckpiece


    Free Projects,


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    Judith Kaufman 0 minutes ago

    I love all jewelry especially antique. My husband makes
    lampworked glass beads and I love those best of all! I have so many that
    he has made…nearly one for each outfit!!

  • Dwaine

    It’s always so exciting to open one of your publications! Keep up the good work!

  • heatherk

    I love working with gold! Thanks Lark for keeping everyone inspired!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Emma-Ehart/100000695097339 Emma Ehart

    I just love working in silver, especially fine silver as it does not retain heat scale nearly as much as sterling. I love these books and would love to win!!!

  • Mybadjewelrycreations by Coco

    I love making jewelry. I am learning to do soldering but enjoy making beaded and some wired jewelry.  Right now earrings ar my specialty. I plan to do rings!

  • Lynn Kordus

    Fabulous give-away!!! I’m attracted to 24K Delicas to do the type of work Maggie Meister does, except along ancient Egyptian lines!

  • http://www.eugeniahuckaby.com Ehuckaby

    My favorite material to work with is wax, I love that it is so easy to fix if you make a mistake.  I’m a jeweler who enjoys making and wearing jewelry. Would love to have this set of books!

  • Katie Hanrahan

    Fabulous Give Away! Lark, you are my favorite publisher! And my favorite jewelry material is metal – especially metal clay. I love to make jewelry pieces with metal clay. And I love to wear jewelry pieces made from metal clay, too!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1031525633 Linda S Brundies


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/April-Gray/1502600050 April Gray

    what a cool giveaway!! *fingers crossed*
    it’s hard for me to pick a favorite material, it depends on what mood i’m in. i’d say i’m more likely to go for earthier materials, gemstones, freshwater pearls, copper…..but sometimes i need sparkle & shine, crystals, fire-polished glass, silver, or some kitschy vintage plastic, gumball machine toys, found objects. i don’t have a signature style really, i just like what i like ;)

  • Pdxcyn

    Ooooh! So much eye candy! I really like to wear antiqued brass and copper jewelry.

  • Aileen 3691

    I love your blog! I work mostly with wire wrapping because it offers such a variety of jewelry styles and it is just plain fun to work with. I did silver and gold until the price of this type of wire went through the roof so now I concentrate on copper. I love wrapping turquoise and copper is the perfect wire to offset the color of this gemstone. I would love these books  and could put them to good use.

    Evelyn at: aileen.3691@gmail.com

  • Melissa Stenstrom

    My favorite material is 18k or higher karat gold. Argentium/sterlium sterling silver are a close 2nd.
    Yes, I make jewelry and of course I wear it. I also love looking at what others make. Thanks, Melissa

  • Melissa17s

    I like high karat gold and gemstones. Argentium and sterlium silver are close 2nd. Yes, I make and wear jewelry. I also enjoy looking at it.

  • Wendy R

    Nice!!! I am a bead hoarder :D Pick me please!!

  • Elizabeth

    These books are all so wonderful….what a treat. :)

  • Nanz

    Dear Ray and Marthe,
    It has been my pleasure to work with you on the “Master” series of book and to have my work included in several of the 500 series books as well, including the “21st Century Jewelry” book. I have currently embarked on a career in education and am working to rejuvenate a jewelry design and manufacture program in a public high school.

    The complete set of the “500 Jewelry Series” books would be a crowing jewel to begin a resource library for this program. I have already donated my own collection of Lark Books such as Joanna Golberg’s “Art and Craft of Metalsmithing,” “The Art of Plastic and Resin,” “The Art of Wood” and many other books. What you have created through publishing so many beautifully designed educational jewelry books is a legacy of art and craftsmanship that will inspire generations to come!

    I want to thank you for my own inclusion in that legacy, but also thank you from all the students who have yet to discover the wonderful work you have done. Thank you! Nanz Aalund

  • Bbbsimon

    I love this idea! Hope I win the 500 series has got to be one of the best ideas EVER!!!!

  • Ann Rosier

    Love Lark books…..have many. You publish many authors that my husband and I like. 

  • Stacy Creamer

    I love to work with seed beads and lampwork beads that I make but I collect jewelry fabricated by other artists in polymer, silver, and seed beads.

  • Susan Blessinger

    My favorite inspiration and jewelry design materials are found objects.  How about a 500 series book using found objects?

  • cedric chevalley

    great collection , I want it !!  :)
    my favorite material, yet, is pink gold. but it change often …somtimes, zironimum, sometime glass, sometime wood, silver, palladium and often is mokume gane …
    Most of all I enjoy a lot to cast.
    yep !

  • Karin

    I have 500 Beaded Objects, which I look thru over and over for inspiration. Many wonderful artists have contributed to this series. I need some new books – a great series.

  • Lica L.

    What a collection!

    My favorite material to work with is sterling silver, I’ve loved it all my life :)

  • Florence Turnour

    Pick me! Pick me!
    I’m a beadweaver, and I love gaining inspiration from other forms of jewelry. That collection of books would suit me just fine!

  • Metalsmithdeb

    My favorite material is what ever is currently on my bench! I work in copper, silver, gold, iron, stone, plastic, fiber — whatever strikes my fancy. I work on jewelry and small sculpture. A day in the studio is a good day!

    OK — now I want the books! 

  • http://www.wireworked.com Sally Russick

    What a fantastic giveaway! My favorite material to make jewelry from is sterling silver or copper sheet metal!  

  • Anne C

    What a wonderful collection of books. I’d love a chance to win! My favorite jewelry metal is sterling silver. I make jewelry, primarily mixed media pieces with polymer clay, found objects, paper and resin and I am also learning how to create jewelry with silver clay.  I am fascinated by jewelry design and this collection of books would be an amazing source of inspiration. I mostly make jewelry, but for some reason don’t wear much.

  • Deb Jemmott

    what an amazing set of books. Lucky person who wins them!

  • LeeW

    I love off-loom beading and using buttons, and working with sterling silver and crystals.  Thank you.

  • Luana Coonen

    These books are becoming a gold standard to have in every craft & jewelry book collection. As a jewelry maker, I have entered many of the submissions, and whether I am accepted or not I still greet each new publication with excitement and inspiration. I am honored to find my image on the cover of the most recent Studio Series: Earrings. 

  • Kest Schwartzman

    Whee!! My favorite material is copper- so smooth, and so many colors it can be. I love it to work with. Stainless comes in second

  • Kest Schwartzman

    Whee! what a great give away. My favorite material is copper- it’s just so smooth to work with, and has such a wide range of final colours. I love it.

  • MarylynnB

    As someone who is a newbie at PMC, I love to browse your books!! They provide endless hours of inspiration, ideas and helpful advice.  Keep it coming and I will keep buying :)

  • Barbjg

    Nothing beats sterling silver for wearing!

  • Linda

    I work primarily in silver with some copper, brass and gold and love to wear the pieces I make if only for a short time to test drive them.  I would love to have copies of these books!

    Hope I win, Pick Me Please!  I feel lucky!

  • Lindly Haunani

    I both and wear and make jewelry- and would love a book featuring clasps.

  • craftynester

    Pick me!!! Pick me!!!! This an awesome assortment and a great giveaway!

  • http://twitter.com/calico22 calico22

    These books are great inspiration for all kinds of design work!

  • http://www.etsy.com/shop/enchantedbeads Enchantedbeads

    I would LOVE a chance to win! These books would be a real treat for the artist in me. I love making jewelry even more than wearing it. I prefer beadweaving and I “specialize” in brooches. I weave the tiniest seed beads around other materials (mother of pearl, semiprecious stones, pearls) creating a whole world of shapes and colors.
    …and, of course, I am looking forward to have my work featured one day in one of the Lark Books…

  • Agold

    Love using natural materials in my work. wood, leather, snakeskin etc…

  • Erica Millner

    My favorite book is 500 bracelets. It is very inspiring!

  • KatieS

    Very excited for this give away!  I’d have to say metal and enamel are my favorite jewelry making materials.

  • Alexandra

    I love wearing anything natural, especially wood and bone.  It connects me to nature and I love how no 2 pieces can ever be exactly the same!

  • Christine

    Both the 1000 Series and 500 Series are wonderfully inspirational!  Love all the jewelry!

  • Andreeanne

    Oh this is so greath! I hope this is just the beginning and more books are comming! My favorite material is silver (I’m soo origninal hihi)

  • Karen Bachmann

    As a jewelry maker I have worked in many materials and all types of metals. I am particularly involved with alternative materials such as plastics, wood, and organics like bone and horn. The 500 series has been a great resource ans I eagerly look forward to more publications!

  • Katie Poterala

    Favorite materials: brass. Sterling. Wood. Plastic.

    Awesome giveaway! Someone will be very lucky! Fingers crossed!! :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/jzwilling Jennifer Zwilling

    Wood, especially when carved, is such a sensual and satisfying material for personal adornment.  I am an curator, teacher, appreciator, not a maker myself.   I would love to have the book set, thanks for the chance!  : )

  • Shana Astrachan

    I love these books. Some of my jewelry is actually in a few but I would oh so love to have the collection! I am a jewelry maker, wearer and collector!

  • http://www.kristindiener.com kristin diener

    golly, how to choose!

  • Christo

    Fantastic giveaway of the most fantastic jewelry books ever published! I love 18k Yellow Gold and I am honored to be part of some books in this series.

  • Ellen

    These are my favorites.  So nice to have these wonderful large photos.  A picture does speak a thousand words.  I am making jewelry out of instrument keys, esp. flute keys: http://www.flutejewelry.com

  • Mcloughlin Em

    What an awesome give away! My favorite material to work with is silver, but I tend to work with a great deal of copper.

  • Alisha

    I make jewelry and love enamels, silver and gold (though I’m still working up the nerve to use it more!). Thanks for the chance to win this beautiful series!

  • Jlc

    It is an honor to have had my work included in this group of outstanding artists.  In total this is the best collection of contemporary talent and creativity in jewelry that I’ve seen.


  • Sara Commers

    I am a jewelry designer and a goldsmith. I got my start beading as a young girl and now I work in gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Making jewelry for others is my passion. I am been very fortunate to have been featured in the book 500 Gemstone Jewels – I love these Lark Books!

  • Fireflycreations

    AHHHHHH AMAZING!  Awesome offer of really unique pieces both functional & nonfunctional jewelry represented!  Love it and have been creating my own functional pieces mainly in silver but I really enjoy exploring new techniques & ideas.

  • http://www.rotenier.com Robin Rotenier

    I carve my all models and each piece is finished by hand either in sterling silver or 18K gold, distinguishing it from machine-made items. It is my passion for design and attention to details that truly sets my work apart.

  • http://www.elisekendrot.com Elise Kendrot

    The Lark Books 500 series RULES.  As a metalsmithing instructor, I use these books extensively to expose my students to the myriad ways contemporary jewelry is being created.  Being able to open a single book and see 500 images of a particular theme makes visual research easy and rewarding for students.  There is no other series out there that provides the quality, breadth, and sheer volume of contemporary jewelry.  Thanks, Lark Books, for providing this valuable resource!

  • Jillpalone

    Lark Books have been an inspirational series to all artists and every medium.  They are also great as teaching tools and support for students and emerging artists!  I love them all, especially paper, metal, plastics, and resins!   Thanks so much for being such a great partner to the art community!  

  • Mary Esses

    The 500 series by Lark is hands down one of the most interesting publication in the jewelry market. Not only the publication is amazing but its hometown is spectacular. Everybody should try and visit Asheville, NC. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been. 

  • Suzanne Golden

    Although I’ve been collecting most of the 500 series and have had the honor of being published in two
    of the books in the series, I would love to be considered for the “giveaway.”  Lark has been like the “parent” of all of us bead children who have been given the opportunity to share our work and watch us all grow and develop.  Thanks Lark and thanks again for letting me be part of this great “family!”

  • bjk

    I love working with various materials for jewelry depending on the intent of the work.  Sterling silver is the best non-ferrous metal.

  • Natalie Knott

    The 500 series is the industry standard for quality, diversity and excellence in design among craft publications.  They are my absolute favorites!!  Thank you for your peerless publications : )  My favorite material is SILVER.

  • ACF

    This is an amazing giveaway! My favorite material would be any kind of stone… precious, semi precious, raw… any kind! just because it always give that ‘wow’ effect on any piece of jewelry, no matter how simple the piece may be :)

  • Cohen Alexia

    I ama  jeweler, and I enjoy constructing and forming in silver. i really love your books, specially for my students!

  • http://johnleonardstudio.com John

    I love using high quality opals to make freeform organic rings

  • Steph

    I love to wear all kinds of jewelry, especially white gold and silver. I wish I was creative enough to make jewelry though! 

  • E. Elizabeth Peters

    My work is in the 1000 Rings book and I love this series. My favorite material to work with is rough cut stones (precious or semi-precious). I especially like the fact that these rough cuts maintain the integrity of the original material, reminding me of the earth they came from. Also, they remind me of the geology/mineralogy sections of natural history museums that I spent many fascinating hours in as a child.

  • Sophiapja

    I can not wait to see the book.
    Lark Jewelry & Beading’s 500 Series book giveaway!! Awesome :)

  • Anika_18

    Congratulations on a full decade of 500 series Art Jewelry Books!
    They are wonderful resources.
    Love the idea of a 500 Clasps book.
    Thank you!

  • Rogi25gners

    I love working with PMC.

  • Pamela Farland

    Great giveway! A Clasp book would be fantastic!
    22K gold is my material of choice.

  • Jennieloee

    I love working with gold and silver and my favorite thing to do is piercing :) also, love all of the 500 series books!

  • http://www.eiselein.de Martina

    I would like to win this great giveaway. Love to work with silver and pearls, and hope you could see my work in a Lark book one day…

  • AJ


  • Mark

    I love to wear an alabaster brooch made by my niece!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/goldiloxz08 Sarah Jean Costantino

    I am currently designing my senior collection at SCAD. My collection
    is made entirely out of fishing line and sterling silver. 

  • JF

    Jewellery Rockssssss!!!

  • jessie yeager

    I love the 500 series!  So inspiring and motivating!  My favorite material is any kind of metal!  Oh, and I am a sucker for turquoise.

  • IanArtandDesign

    Rubber tubing is my favorite material to work with right now. Please send my a book! Yay!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Minna-Aaparyti/1033537249 Minna Aaparyti

    My favorite metal ot use is silver, or PMC specifically.  It offers such a wide range of options, especially for those of of us who are cermaics enthusiasts.

  • Pzvglass

    Lark books 500 series is a wonderful way for artists to get their work out there.

  • Lauren

    I am a studio jewelry and work mostly with silver, reclaimed wood, textile, and paint.  I discovered the Lark 500 series in one of my first metalsmithing classes – it was so inspirational and opened my eyes to a whole new world of contemporary jewelry! 

    • Lauren

      *studio jeweler*

  • Lewisk

    Fantastic idea for the giveaway. My matereial? Sterling. Always sterling…

  • Victoria Takahashi

     I am a maker and a admirer! My favorite materials are the ones that I randomly run across and plead to be given a second life to be admired in a new way, more oftenly bound in metal!
    And if “life” was a material it would have to be my absolute favorite, the inspirations felt through a persons piece of artwork can tell a thousand words and hold a special meaning for each individual who connects with it.
    Thank you LARK for holding this VERY generous give-a-way!

  • David Wurz

    Really cool contest!! I mostly work in Sterling Silver and semi precious stones.

  • Izzy

    My favorite material?
    the one that I decide at that particular moment that is the one my design and fabrication deserves!
    Who says that a piece of jewelry created with gold and diamonds has to be better than the one made out of paper?

  • http://www.kellbot.com kellbot

    What a great giveaway, I love the entire 500 series.

  • Csmit8

    What fun! Would love a collection of Lark Books – never found any to match them! I work with all metal and create wearable art jewelry.

  • Debbie

    Great giveaway! Love this series – very inspirational!

  • Myadira

    I love to use silver and a combination of other contrasting metals to showcase the geometry of stones, wether polished or “in the raw”. I particularily prefer more contemporary settings to contrast/compliment the shape and color of stones.

  • Laurel

    I love stone. It was why I wanted to make jewelry and a constant source of inspiration in my work.

  • Katarina Kotselainen

    Silver, horn, quartz

  • http://www.facebook.com/marentesdesigns Michael Marentes

    I am a Jewelry Designer in Kansas City Missouri,  Marentes Designs, and cant live without the500 Series. (Fingers Crossed) I hope I Win !! I work with Argentium Silver a,d Karat Gold Accent. Strong Pave Accents. 

  • C Spencer Carl

    I love Lark’s 500 books I always find myself flipping through them when I’m looking for inspiration for my own work, I currently have 500 wood bowls and 500 knives on loan from the library right now!

  • S Z Wilson

    These books are an invaluable source of reference for our students.

  • S Z Wilson

    These books are an invaluable source of reference for our students.

  • Schurch85

    I make allot of my favorite jewelry out of laminated dried flowers, but i love setting them in an oxidized sterling silver. Would love to add this set to my book shelves! 

  • Schurch85

    I make allot of my favorite jewelry out of laminated dried flowers, but i love setting them in an oxidized sterling silver. Would love to add this set to my book shelves! 

  • Anonymous

    It’s great that Lark has published these. Every jeweler out there has images of their work that would otherwise go unseen. It’s also nice that they’ve chosen to include work from industry professionals to the most pretentious and absurd that academia has to offer

  • Anonymous

    It’s great that Lark has published these. Every jeweler out there has images of their work that would otherwise go unseen. It’s also nice that they’ve chosen to include work from industry professionals to the most pretentious and absurd that academia has to offer

  • http://pamelamorristhomford.com Pam Thomford

    This has been a most enjoyable series of publications – interesting to both artists and general public; exemplary work and great photography. 

  • Christina

    sounds amazing, I’ve been in need of some serious inspiration lately. I’m a jeweler and I’m tyring to branch out into alternative materials, but as of now my favorite materials are sterling silver and wood.

  • http://www.facebook.com/caitlyn.davey Caitlyn Davey

    As a jeweler myself, when friends tell me they are taking a metalsmithing class, I tell them:
     ‘Careful, it’s addictive!’

  • Triin P

    Love making jewellery using silver, quartz etc. 

  • Amelia @ milkwood

    Best prize EVER!!!! I love resin. I make resin, and I wear resin…. And love wearing porcelain too!

  • Kay Seurat

    I’ve been working with Sterling for about 20 years now, and it’s still my favorite metal. I really like bezel setting semi-precious stones in Sterling and Turquoise is probably my all time favorite stone. One of my bracelets in Sterling & Turquoise was included in 500 Gemstone Jewels, which I am still, to this day, bragging about.
    My 2nd favorite is PMC+, (I like it better than all the other metal clays), and my newest is Steel Metal Clay. Just started working with it….this morning…so I can’t say just yet if it will make it to the favorites list or not.

  • Kristin

    Copper is my favorite metal… It’s biddable and willing to do what I ask of it without too much struggle. :) Love all these Lark 500 Things books.

  • Melanie Egan
  • Amie Louise Plante

    I’m a jewelry artist and I love Lark’s 500 books, they are so inspiring. I love that they celebrate of all kinds of jewelry art. They ‘re a great resource for my teaching as well. My favorite materials to work with are sterling silver and enamel.

  • Nickyfalkenhayn

    Love to knit with copper, silver and gold wire to create my jewelry. With some incredible cool finds on the beach this summer I am inspired to include this treasures in my new line of work. Enjoyed the your books since the beginning. Nicky Falkenhayn

  • Eina Ahluwalia

    My favourite jewellery material is silver, and I’m making it, and wearing loads of it… it brings me the moonlight, the sea and snowcapped mountain tops… yes, silver, definitely….

  • Lmerriam

    I teach jewelry at a public high school.  There is nothing so magical as watching the students’ eyes light up and feet start dancing when the solder flows just right.  We would very much enjoy any books you’d send us to add to our classroom collection.

  • MMayfield

    Silver is my absolute favorite, and I’m making jewelry.  Someone is going to be VERY lucky!

  • curliecue

    The 500 brooches and 1000 rings books were in a mini library in the art rooms in my high school that helped inspire me to become a metals major in college. Here’s hoping I can continue to be inspired!

  • Sculptress

    Rings remains my favorite of the series.  Will always love silver, but my favorite material is fast becoming plastics because of the endless possibilities and light weight.  The new challenge is finding more environmentally responsible ways of working with the materials (in addition to recycling).  I make, but also wear, which leads to more making once future wearers see me wear and want me to make so that they can wear.

  • Tessarickard

    wonderful set of books!  I am always inspired when I look through them!  

  • KV

    Truly a wonderful series. All the best to the creators and just as great ideas for the future!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=797555749 Kristin Shiga

    What a great opportunity!  Our school could really use these books…
    I love to use lots of unconventional materials in my work, but my favorites continue to be rusty steel, wool felt and piano key ivory.  Thanks!

  • Murphym01

    I love using wood in my jewelry because it is an organic material that adds warmth to the piece.

  • http://www.sarafinjewelry.com Sarah

    Love the 500 series! I am crazy about 22K and am happy doing intricate granulation with it.

  • Hilary

    I heart wood.

  • Amy

    The 500 Series is such a confirming and gratifying publication for artists.  The quality and originality of the work represented is a feast for the eye and the imagination.  These books are a win/win for everyone involved… the creator, the viewer, the publisher, the seller… and here is yet another great idea – this drawing.  Thank you Lark Books Publishing – this is very generous.
    I make jewelry.  I like working in silver and gold.  I like to saw because it’s like drawing and I love to solder because it’s thrilling.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=589739972 Benjamin Pastrana

    Silver & Bronze is my choice of materials, inspiration is in the 500 series for necklaces, rings and cuffs! Every new book is like a Christmas gift!

  • Leslie Boyd

    First year grad jewelry student at RISD currently exploring wood and raw wool.

  • Woodandsilver

    My partner and I make jewelry using wood scraps with semi-precious stones and sterling silver. I love the combination of the sensual wood and the more rigid metals and stones. I think jewelry is so much more powerful than we give it credit for. It’s a form of art in its own right–a form of communication and interpretation, like how a piece can look totally different on two people depending on what they are wearing, how they carry themselves and move through space with the piece.

  • Margaret Jego

    I love all of my Lark books. My favorite material to use is 34 gauge bronze coated copper wire for  crocheting and knitting. I make and wear my jewelry.

  • sG

    amazing chance to win these books. Love them!!!! I am a jewelry program student. So I make jewelry and wear it. I like to play with silver. And paper is also my favorite material. I have a question: how can my piece be selected in these books?

  • Jmcmartin

    i love these books!

  • Kelly Hunter

    I love working with unusual translucent materials, found objects, and vintage finds.  My favorite book is 1000 Rings–Time for a Part 2 I would say!  It is such a great opportunity for artists to be published in in any Lark Book.  Thanks Lark!

  • jf

    The way I feel about silver…
    Ode to the Moon

    Still white light pulsating into night’s quiet darkness, reflected from
    the moon’s rocky terrain, solid, stable, eroded by ancient celestial winds,
    their story unspoken.

  • Wayne

    The 500 series was a great idea and are great books for inspiration.

  • Geri

    I like wearing silver as it looks so pure and shiny. I love glass beads made by a friend of mine Tina Walker as they are like little artworks in each one. My favourite is Starry Night and it is like a little bead with Van Gogh’s starry night in it. I also like her flowers and I have one like a little rock pool at the ocean with star fish and sea things in it. 

  • Coreyackelmire

    Boring though it may be, I love both working with, and wearing silver.  Such a same the price is so high right now…

  • Melinda

    I find these Lark Books a great source of inspiration. Thank you for the opportunity, for any jewelry artist to be able to submit work and have it published whether or not they are well known. Please keep up the good work.

  • Ldkocher


  • renxue

    I love wearing and making everything and anything that includes copper and silver and their related alloys.  Thanks for the sweepstakes – the books are a feast and inspirations.

  • Tory Laufenburger

    I love. Working with metal. Copper and silver are my favorite

  • 1Dellana

    I couldn’t possibly pick a favorite material!!!  As long as it’s high karat gold, platinum, sterling, precious/semi-precious gems, pearls, magical objects, I’m happy!!!  :-)

  • Nathan Dube

    What a wonderful opportunity, these books are great!

  • Savacoole


  • Natalia

    I totally loveeeeeee the 500 series!! please keep doing it are all amazing!! I think would be great to do a 500 cast from real objets jewelry pieces.. ;)   thank you for the possibility to get all this books!

  • Konstanze Nodeform

    Love all the books from the 500 series, they provide so much inspiration when I am stuck in a creative rut. I am a jewelry maker mostly drawn to beautiful OOAK gem stones set in rings made from any precious metal especially palladium. 

  • Pamela

    I love to play with metal, and I do make jewelry, but I hardly ever wear it! One thing I keep meaning to explore is using found objects. I keep collecting things, and not doing anything with them. Makes me laugh, I guess I just like shiny things!

  • Erin Gardner

    How about a 500 Brooch Backs book?!

  • Terri Garcia

    I love the Lark books.  Many of the artists become my jewelry heroes.  What great inspiration on every page.

  • http://www.seanwscully.com/ Sean W Scully

    I am a maker. I love making jewelry from silver, plastic, glass and anything I find in the thrift shop. Having had the opportunity to be featured in 500 Enameled Objects I can’t sing your praises any higher! Lark Books has been a powerful contributor to the field of makers and an inspiration for spreading the good word of craft.

  • Yy

    Wonderful!! Great inspiring books. I make and teach Jewelry medium. All material especially silver is my love. Jewelry can have tell a story and show personally.

  • Jamihamilton

    I am always so inspired by Larks jewelry books. I cannot just pick one material that is my favorite, sterling silver, glass and gemstones are all I need to make me happy!

  • Hsiang-Ting Yen

    I am a graduate student in Jewelry and Objects department at SCAD, and your Lark’s 500 series art jewelry books totally open my horizon when I was just started this program, and it’s always been inspiring me ever since then.  My favorite material is enamels and metal wire, the combination of this two materials always leads me to create the interesting and visually appearing body of work. 

  • Gary Schott

    My new found love is working with aluminum.  Great work, Lark Books!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jennifer-Williams/45507238 Jennifer Williams

    My favorite material is any and everything that my imagination can use to make jewelry!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jennifer-Williams/45507238 Jennifer Williams

    My favorite material is any and everything that my imagination can use to make jewelry!

  • Kelliechristie

    What a fantastic giveaway! My favourite jewellery making materials are buttons and resin.

  • Hobble_bobble

    I really like materials that are inventive that are recycled. But come on what girl doesn’t love a diamond!!! Gotta love my engagement ring!!!

  • Rachel

    Great Contest!  I make gourd jewelry set in silver bezels.  I also made a power teacher ring for myself using a baby tooth and sterling silver. –a bit odd maybe, but it does the trick.

  • SallyJ

    I love to see copper and gold used together!

  • Emily S.

    My favorite material is hair!

  • Beverly Brannan

    I love, love, love sterling or gold wire, pearls of all colors and any gemstone, especially briolette shapes!

  • Danielle Rose

    Your books are my favorite! What a fabulous giveaway! I am a jewelry maker/ wearer and metal lover. These books are so inspiring.

  • Beth Herbert

    Favorite jewelry material: found natural objects to use as pendants….Thanks for the offer to win this great collection!  Best to you all!

  • bethwicker

    Love the Lark books, especially the how to books – great pictures, which really help me learn!  I love working with silver the most, but also work a lot with copper and bronze and brass.  I love the look of forged bronze… really ties in to historical jewelry.

  • Danielle

    Your books are my favorite! What a fabulous giveaway! I am a jewelry maker/ wearer and metal lover. These books are so inspiring.

  • http://www.shimonscollection.com Shimon

    My 3 rings are in the 500 Rings book and i would love to have all the rest of the books
    how can I get them???

  • Danielle

    These books are so inspiring! What a fabulous giveaway! I am a jewelry maker/ wearer and metal lover.

  • Jane Hamill

    What a great prize!  My favourite material in jewellery is glass… so many shapes, colours and possibilities…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1566196982 Amy Robinson Bone

    I like silver and glass, but love precious stones, too…..

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1566196982 Amy Robinson Bone

    I like silver and glass but precious stones are fun, too.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=38712009 Anansa Green

    I like working in metal, but lately I’ve been addicted to beadweaving! And I love the way a bead-woven bracelet feels on my wrist. (:

  • http://annebocci.com Anne Bocci

    LOVE. These books are gorgeous and inspirational.
    Can think of nothing better than a lazy Sunday, strong cup of jo, an overstuffed chair in the sunny corner, blanket and the complete set to peruse all morning long. Bliss.

  • Pat

    I’m usually inspired by materials, and so each piece I make uses the combination of the materials I like best at the time. The use of mokume gane, which I love, is particularly demanding in creative terms.

  • Andrea

    I love silver!!!!

  • Linda Cordner

    Thanks Lark. Would love to have a chance to have all these books.

  • Metalqwrx

    Will there be a 500 pieces of re-purposed scrap in the box book?

  • Dreama Hall

    Favorite metal: alloys of silver
    Favorite gems: iolite, moldavite, labradorite, garnet

    mood changes: daily.

    i am a maker, and wearer of my own work.

  • http://twitter.com/shimmerlings Shimmerlings

    My favorite material is metal clay (any kind) because when I decided I wanted to work with metals, and I was asked it I wanted to do bench work, or if I wanted to do casting, I couldn’t explain to anyone how I wanted to be able to mold and do whatever I want to the metal with my hands…and metal clay is the answer to that wish!
    And can I just say that OMG to win this would be incredible!! pick me! pick me!! : D

  • Margaux Lange

    My favorite kind of jewelry is Art jewelry, and my favorite material to work with… Barbie dolls of course! ;-) What an AMAZING give-away, thanks so much for the opportunity! 

  • Civilcav

    This is very cool giveaway!!! I work with Ceramics in my jewelry!!!

  • CJFewtrell

    I like moving parts in the jewellery I wear, particularly earrings.  I love pearls, stones, faceted gems, and rose gold.

  • Kbeen

    Thanks Lark for such a great giveaway! Have loved the 500 series for years!

  • Samantha Katehis

    I love silver, especially fine silver, it has such a beautiful white coloring to it!

  • Mmicha23

    I am currently getting my BFA in Metals and Jewelry. One of my favorite metals to use is copper. It is so malleable; I love using it for forming organic shapes. However, my favorite materials to use in my jewelry are found objects. Most of the time I find interesting objects in random thrift stores, flea markets, or even on the street. I love to give these forgotten trinkets a new function or form.

  • Ellen Rockower

    I am a jeweler and a wearer! I mostly work in steel and copper now, but i love the ability to move and manipulate any metal and art to become the vision in your head.  
    I love love love love these books and would cherish these books! what can awesome and generous give away!!

  • Kim M. Baxter

    I love worth with fusing sterling silver wire and sheet.  Thank you for the chance to enter and win a series of “500″ books.  They are so inspirational.

  • http://www.virgomoon.com Mary Hicklin

    These Lark books are marvelous, I own many of the titles and find them beautifully produced and inspirational.  I make jewelry and feel honored to have been included in the past.  I eagerly await the newest volume!

  • Tanya

    These are such great books! I use enamel, silver and copper in my jewelry, and find these books truly inspiring!

  • Lunettajewelry

    Amazing Giveaway!! I am a jeweler and work mainly with silver and add in soft elements to the design like fibers, found objects, and sometimes acrylic for color. Thank you LARK!

  • Erika Uzmann

    I really like working with plastics.  

  • Ally S

    I love making and wearing jewelry made from found materials!

  • Ally S

    I love making and wearing jewelry made from found materials!

  • Lisa

    Ooooohhhhh!  I LOVE THESE BOOKS!  There are ALWAYS beautiful pieces!

  • Jessi Lopour

    I am a beginner maker and love working with sterling. These books are a great inspiration. Thanks so much!

  • Sarah Davis

    Hi! I just graduated with an MFA in Metal. I make objects, and sometimes jewelry. I love copper because it is soft, but silver is just beautiful and worth more.  I just moved from NY back home to CA and I can’t wait to get my studio out of boxes and start making again!
    Sarah Davis

  • Lynnji

    No vessels book?

  • Bonnie Blandford

    I’m both a maker and a wearer. Now we’ll see if I’m lucky as well!

  • Jenny Williams

    I am a jewelry student, and my favorite material is sterling silver. I love it! The 500 series is a great source for inspiration!

  • http://www.facebook.com/tbrannigan Tara J. Brannigan

    Love these give-aways!

    Favorite materials at the moment: Argentium sterling silver, antler
    I am mostly a maker, though I like collecting interesting jewelry as well, when I can afford it.  

  • Ivy Talaga

    I LOVE working with copper.  Lately I have been using recycled electrical wire to make jewelry, and have been loving it.  I taught myself how to braze, and have been expirementing with different techniques.

    I dream about jewelry designs, how to make this or that.  Any of these books would ROCK to have.

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway.

  • Nisasmiley

    I am a professional jeweler who crafts and wears my work, and while I love all rough materials, I specifically love silver Precious Metal Clay, as well as BronzClay!  These relatively new mediums provide endless possibilities and inspiration for me, and when married to my traditional silversmithing techniques, the results are always surprising and exciting.  Thank you, LARK Books, for such a wide array of books, and for this generous giveaway! Also, I, too, would love to see a clasp book…….

  • Corrina Goutos

    Hello!  I am a passionate Jewelry maker and a student at the Savannah College of Art and Design. I am proud to be a member of a department in which conceptual jewelry and objects are exploding into the contemporary art world.

    My current favorite material is a translucent onion-resin paper I created.  I had been experimenting with it for quite some time, I used skins from onions (which I just fished out of bins at the grocery store) and flattened them in sheets and thinly resined atop it!  With some added pigment and laser cutting forms out of it, the material was totally disguised.  Also the way light passes through the paper is beautiful!  Who doesn’t love free materials?

    thanks for the inspiration you provide us break-through jewelers with Lark Crafts!

  • Anonymous

    My favorite material to work with is copper because of its amazing malleability it always does what I want it to without putting up a fuss.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1368304596 Julia Monroe

    What a splendid give-away! I am just beginning to make jewelry. My favorite materials are copper and bicone crystal beads and Czech glass beads. I had no idea there were so many amazing ways to make jewelry and it is very exciting just getting started.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1368304596 Julia Monroe

    I am just beginning to make jewelry. I had no idea there were so many amazing ways to work with beads! So far, my favorite materials are copper, vintage beads and Czech glass beads. But I’m sure that will change as I learn about new materials and methods and see the work of so many splendid bead artists.

  • Theresa Samaniego

    I have enjoyed your books very much and had one of my rings chosen for the “1000 rings” and was honored. Thank you. As to my favorite medium to create jewelry out of: mine is rubber! I create chain maille pieces using solely rubber o-rings and can pass the hours making traditional jewelry and other wearable pieces. I am excited for the opportunity to win this collection!

    Theresa Samaniego

  • Lindsay Olson

    I am a maker and avid wearer. I use a lot of sterling and argentium silver and gemstones, as well as reworked vintage found pieces. Love this series and would love to add all the books to my growing library! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Jenni-Brown/582655674 Jenni Brown

    I absolutely love these books! They’re so inspiring and have really opened me up to new ideas and possibilities! I don’t have a favorite material – I love taking things I’ve never used and playing around to see what the material can do, how it can interact with the body and its movement.

  • http://www.bynatalia.com Natalia Krasnodebska

    I love the LARK books, this is awesome!
    I’m a maker. My material is sheet steel, which I cut and fold to capture space. I also use CAD and 3D printing when I cant get steel to bend in ways I can imagine. 

  • Metalsbystacy

    Love these books and the visibility they give artists.  I work in silver and cut my own stones.  I’m coming back from a brain tumor and stroke and find inspiration all around me.

  • Barbigossen

    I love Lark books and the this series.  Thanks for having a few of my works in your books!
    Barbi Gossen

  • Em

    My new favorite material is wood.
    Some old textured wood and new polished wood as well.

  • Nancy Meli Walker

    Love Lark. Yes maker AND wearer. Love metal. Love Chasing and Reposse’.

  • Danielle Embry

    What an awesome giveaway!!  I’m definitely a jewelry maker – I love silver, copper, and enamel.  

  • Beth Hylen

    Congratulations, Lark Books, for your first decade of art jewelry books in the 500 Series!  And thank you for celebrating with a special giveaway of 11 of your inspiring books.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the new Best of the 500 Series – 21st Century Jewelry. And I can’t wait till the upcoming 500 Rings comes out next year — with one of my pieces.  Best wishes to your staff!

  • Typhoid Mary

    My favorite material to use is humor.  You can find it anywhere if you look.

  • jeni

    My favorite material is whatever I need to best communicate the concept of my piece. Sometimes it’s sterling or copper, and sometimes it’s bead or enamel.

  • Alexandersjewelers

    I am going to really appreciate winning these books, they will be a great addition to my jewelery books.

  • Michelle

    Super inspiring set of books. I could really use some super inspiration right now. Looking forward to all the books that will be published in the near future!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Camille-Borbouse/789461213 Camille Borbouse

    My favorite jewelry material is found object, specially from beaches and woods!

  • http://twitter.com/DesignsByOnye DesignsByOnye

    I have always enjoyed this series of books and feel blessed to have had the privilege of meeting a select few of these very talented artists. Thanks to  @rachelnelsonsmi for posting this giveaway :)

  • Eidwk

    Right now my favorite material is ceramic beads (that I make myself in my ceramics studio).  Some are colorful beads and some are raku.  I made a ring that several people in my Guild bought from me with a raku bead on a sewn band of glass seadbeads. I’m also using lots of polymer clay beads I have made…in necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watch bands, rings, etc.   I wear everything I make to see how a piece feels and to make sure it works.

  • Eidwk

    Right now my favorite material is ceramic beads (that I make myself in my ceramics studio).  Some are colorful beads and some are raku.  I made a ring that several people in my Guild bought from me with a raku bead on a sewn band of glass seadbeads. I’m also using lots of polymer clay beads I have made…in necklaces, earrings, bracelets, watch bands, rings, etc.   I wear everything I make to see how a piece feels and to make sure it works.

  • http://profiles.google.com/beads.boutique Amy Blevins

    WOW – what a generous giveaway !!!
    My favorite jewelry material is glass.  In any shape, size, color, or form.  It can be bezeled and set in metal, it can be strung, it can be fused.  Love love love glass !!

    Thank you to LARK for always providing fabulous jewelry design publications & master series books !

  • http://www.facebook.com/moon.stumpp Moon Stumpp

    I make jewelry….I make lampwork beads.  I love sterling and lampwork beads…I love seed beads too. I wear it as well!!!  Yes, I admit, I’m a beady head…beads make the world go round. :-)  Thank you for your lovely books, they grace my home and bookshelves.

  • http://profiles.google.com/beads.boutique Amy Blevins

    WOW – what a generous giveaway !!!My favorite jewelry material is glass.  In any shape, size, color, or form.  It can be bezeled and set in metal, it can be strung, it can be fused.  Love love love glass !!Thank you to LARK for always providing fabulous jewelry design publications & master series books !

  • http://profiles.google.com/beads.boutique Amy Blevins

    WOW – what a generous giveaway !!!My favorite jewelry material is glass.  In any shape, size, color, or form.  It can be bezeled and set in metal, it can be strung, it can be fused.  Love love love glass !!Thank you to LARK for always providing fabulous jewelry design publications & master series books !beads.boutique @ gmail.com

  • Dana

    I am a jewelry artist, and I am currently working with ostrich egg! It’s fun although it smells TERRIBLE. But it’s worth it :D

  • Eugenia

    I have no favourite materials. I´m more interested in the design and what matches with the idea helping it coming out…

  • Rita Paes

    I love silver, and seed beads they are my favorites!!!! I would love to win, because I am a new student of Jewelry designe!!! I am in love with This!!!!

  • http://www.artnic.etsy.com Cintra04

    was verie inspired by “Stitched Jewels” & began a long term jewelry hand stitching project, using cotton & polyester thread on plastic canvas…cintra/artnic

  • Mary Luke

    Sterling silver and copper!

  • Chris Kuhta

    My name is Chris Kuhta. My favorite materials are sterling silver and 18k gold. With the cost of materials going up I have been working with copper and brass, and alloying some bronze to look like a cross between gold and platinum. Rings are my favorite jewelry, but bracelets are second. Thanks, Lark Books.

  • Lucy

    I love to collect jewelry , beads, charms and
    Fibers. My goal is to use my love of all of these to crochet jewelry pieces that speak to me. I do not want to sell my work just make it for myself, for my therapy.

  • Edna Kuhta

    Sterling Silver is my usual material. Crosses, necklaces, and bracelets are my favorites. I’m 92, and I’m not slowing down. …… well, maybe a little.

  • John Kuhta

    Dude. You want fries with that burger?
    I’d rather have all 11 Lark Books.
    Bro…   Sweet…  I’d rather have new wheels for my skateboard.

  • Vacurtis

    500 thank yous for such an offer!

  • YK

    I am a jewelry designer and I used to use only precious metals – but now I am in love with brass! I love the numerous colors brass can create especially by heating them up.  

  • Kr

    My favorite material is copper and I am a maker.

  • Renata


    I am a maker and a keen wearer of contemporary jewellery and wearable objects – my own and others.
    And my favourite materials at the moment is aluminium, rubber bands and cotton threads.

    Thank you for this opportunity.



  • Carol Berger Taylor

    I am a maker and was fortunate to be included in 500 Judaica ( Thank you Ray!!) I use a wide variety of materials  and am so inspired by all of the 500 series! Thank you for a chance to own some of them. A very generous giveaway!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/danielle.butters Danielle Butters

    This is in the spirit of jewellers for jewellers!! I’m a jewellery designer, maker and teacher. I use a range of eclectic materials in my work, but one of my favourite techniques is carving in wood and stone. In fact, I’m wearing a pair of my own hand carved wooden earrings right now. (Check them out at http://daniellebutters.com/jewellery-objects/earrings/). Winning the book collection would provide the most tremendous resource for my many students. Thanks for your generosity!

  • Info

    as a jewelry designer i get to both make and wear jewelry – the best of both worlds. even though most of the pieces i make are made of silver, i can’t say that this is my favourite material – i love to experiment and try out unconventional materials and ideas.

  • es

    I would love to be a part of this contest.  What a wonderful offer.
    Thank you for sharing.

  • Anna Sprague

    Have been working with vitreous enamel and silver, but like working with surfaces (patina, enamel, gold leaf, mixtures of color and pattern). Love to experiment with mixtures of the above and share the outcomes with my students :)

  • Carol Faulkner

    Wow, what an amazing prize. My favourite material is the one that is going to communicate the concept I am exploring at any given time. I have hand dyed plastics, cast aluminium, crocheted binding wire and fine silver. As an emerging contemporary jeweller I am interested in using material and techniques in unexpected ways but silver is usually not too far from away!

  • Nuria Deya

    Hi there!! I love to use titanium or niobium in my jewelry: it allows me to introduce sea, sky, grass or fruit colours in my designs!!! These metalls are soooooo light… I put a bit of my little island in all of my work. Thank you!!!

  • Joan_nelson

    I am a metalsmith and I refer to the designs frequently. How the pieces are put together, use of texture, forms, etc. I look at the artists and this leads to other artists, and then more artists for the contemporary look.
    This give away is great for struggling artists for inspiration. I also look forward to the 500 clasps book . 

  • Milly

    My favourite jewellery material is metal. This material can be anything you desire, any shape that you can imagine making it into. And if you decide you no longer like that shape you can melt it back down to a shiney little blob and make it into any other shape you fancy. Metal is as exciting as your imagination can imagine! :-)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=641183471 Annmarie Steffes

    Very awesome giveaway! I hope that who ever wins enjoys the books, But I sure hope it’s me :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/TotallyTilleyjewels Tilleyjewels

    What an amazing prize! Someone will be a very happy individual when this one is selected. I’ve made jewelry for about 25 years, long before it was the “thing” to do. My focus and style has shifted considerably over the years with my current obsession being Swarovski crystals.

  • Maureen Farr

    I am a jewelry maker – right now working in fine silver PMC and occasionally making something from all those found objects that fill boxes, nooks and crannies in my studio.

  • Callie Godshaw

    My favorite materials are the handmade glass beads I get at my local craft shop – the owner makes them in his spare time, then brings them in and puts them all loose on this big towel-covered table in the middle of the shop.  There are always one or two people sitting at the bead table – it is so relaxing to sit there and go through them one by one!

  • Phaupkb

    SILVER!!! I am a maker mostly, love to cast!

  • Beth Tivol

    I make jewelry, but wear it as well!  Until recently I have done most of my work in sterling, but am currently exploring a bit with aluminum.

  • Vicki Cook

    Lovin’ the 500′s!

  • Ila

    I make jewellery as hobby and I adore it!! I work mainly with sterling silver but I have in mind to explore the use of acrylic and other “unusual” materials. I love the 500 series of books!!
    Thank you Lark for holding this generous giveaway!

  • Barbe

    What an absolutely fantastic giveaway!

    My favorite items to work with are silver and found objects, mixing precious with non precious increasing the inherent value of both. 

  • Patrick Nelson

    As a jewelry designer and admirer these books are fantastic!

  • Patricia Nowogrodski

    I am a jewelry designer and I think  that its an awsome giveaway!!!!!!!!,so inspirational, beautiful photographs and so much ideas !!!!!! Thanks for your brillant series of books.

  • http://twitter.com/mistygrayc Grace E. Li

    My favorite jewelery material to use are beads… particularly lampwork glass artist beads, pearls, and swarovski crystals.

  • http://www.facebook.com/insilyoon Tonya Ferraro

    When I took my first metalsmithing course my instructor introduced me to 500 rings.  Prior to my studying metalsmithing I studied installations, and worked with found objects. 
    Ever since I have been working with “alternative materials” and “found objects.”

    The books have been a great source of inspiration for me, and as a Teacher Assistant, I have directed many students towards them.

    Thanks Lark Books!

  • Mexocelotl

    I prefer to work in sterling silver and textiles. I can’t stop designing and make every chance I get. Of course, I also love collecting whenever possible because I adore all forms of adornment!!

  • Katie Hanrahan

    I make, sell, wear and play with beads, gemstones, pearls, silver, copper, bronze, metal clay, faux bone, resin, and found objects. My ‘favorite’ material changes with whatever catches my fancy at the time. Right now, my favorites are found object, base metals and silver metal clay. Talk to me in a month and it might be different!

    I love Lark books – all of them! I would LOVE to win the collection of the 500s! They are fantastic books, full of inspiration and awe. I’m planning to start teaching in the near future and these would be PERFECT references for students to look through and drool over.

  • Kristina Glick

    It is impossible to choose a favorite jewelry material, but I love working with copper and clear vitreous
    enamel because of the incredible range of colors provided by the oxides in the metal. 

  • Silkartist0

    Having been a metalsmith/jewelry make for some 24 years, I’ve come to a place where the refuse in our world has become a concern to me.  I love/wear jewelry made of metals, silver, niobium/titanium, copper, all of it, but I stumbled upon making jewelry from plastic water bottles because of our great consumption and use of them.  I’m working on a line that doesn’t “look like” plastic bottle parts and gives an artistic flare to them.  I absolutely LOVE the Lark Books and have read/collected them for 25 years.  I get so inspired by the artists chosen to be published in them.  This give-a-way is so very wonderful to add to a collection of some I’ve missed.  Thank you Lark.

  • melissa

    I am a maker. I love combining very different materials to make jewelry, currently I am using steel, paper, and crochet. 

  • Glenda Bollivar

    I currently make jewelry for myself and others to wear out of seed beads/weaving; but I am slowly incorporating filigree and ‘found’ objects into my designs.I also love remaking old pieces into something more up-to-date, especially pieces that have been inherited.

  • CocoMiyoko

    whoa what a giveaway

  • Linda Magi

    Connections – I am intrigued by how design elements are connected. I like to see connections other the standard jump ring.

  • HopefulWinner

    I’m learning to use metal.  That’s my favorite for now.

  • ClayLady

    My favorite medium is clay.

  • Loucrie

    My favorite material to work with are beads because I like working out a design organically, as it where, building it piece by piece.
    Thanks for the great opportunity!

  • LynS

    Very exciting! LOVE all your books!

  • Luccey

    Beads are my passion. Love all your books and want to thank you for this great give-away.

  • Martina Lorantos

    I especially love cold connections and forged work. Then again, metal clay is an amazing medium I’m just starting to explore.

  • Jeanie Pratt

    I love to incorporate a variety of materials in my jewelry, but one of my favorites is the gorgeous iridescent beetle wings.  Beetle wings have been used in jewelry historically throughout the world.  I make my one of a kind jewelry “as if it is for myself”, so I am happy to sell it or just as happy to wear it. 

  • http://spiceoflifedesignsonline.com Megan Martin

    My favorite material, the anchor of all my work, is Argentium sterling silver.  I purchase from a supplier that uses reclaimed silver in their alloy so it is eco friendly and I love that it can be fused like fine silver and also worked like sterling silver with the added benefits of being stronger, tarnish resistant and resistant to firescale (which means I can use minimal chemicals in my production). 

    I’ve ogled books from the 500 series since I first began creating jewelry and think it is awesome Lark is celebrating their first 10 years of the series with such a  fabulous giveaway!

  • Martina L.

    I especially like cold connections and forged jewelry, but metal clay is pretty amazing too!

  • Suzanne Ivester

    I’m a polymer clay artist and jewelry-maker. I love combining polymer with other materials (metals, stones, glass, leather) and found objects. The Goodwill store is my second home.

  • http://kellyjeanconroy.com kelly jean conroy

    what a generous givaway!! I was lucky enough to be able to see Martha speak at the professional development seminar at this years Snag conference.  It was my favorite element of the show!  I am a second year grad student in Jewelry/Metals at Umass Dartmouth, and love making jewelry traditionally and with non traditional materials as well.  My first metals book was 1000 rings and very happy to find out last week i’ll be included in the next 500 rings!! Thank you Lark!!

  • Louise Little

    Wow, what a wonderful give away. I make glass beads and use them in jewelry with metal and wire - which i wear—  until my 2 daughters visit.  Then the jewwelry jumps into their suitcases. 

  • Pat Accorinti

    I love the 500 series and aspire to be included one day. This is a wonderful prize. Thanks, Lark!

  • Lnfullington

    would love to win this! Favorite material to work with- sterling silver!

  • Malabramson

    While I have not made in awhile, I consider myself a maker and a wearer, but a jewelry lover for sure! Thanks for hosting such a lovely giveaway!

  • Annie

    Always inspiring!  I’m a maker and an admirer – my favorite materias are copper and enamel.  Love, love, love this series!!!

  • Cameron

    I love creating earrings. It is an easy way to express your self differently each day.
    What an awesome give away! Would love to have the complete collection of these books

  • Dlfrank5

    I love Lark Books, especially the 500 series and the two I am in :)   I make and wear jewelry!  Presently I am participating in the Radical Jewelry Makeover Santa Fe. What a week so far!  I love working with a variety of materials traditional and non-traditional.  Thanks for the opportunity for one of us to be so fortunate to have the complete collection of 500 Series Art Jewelry books!

  • Andrea

    I’m making the jewelry & right now I really like constructing with brass.  If I could afford it, I would work in gold :)  My next endevors will be in stainless steel.

  • Ashley

    I’m a wearer and a writer–especially fond of Copper because it makes me think of my little boy (named Copper).

  • http://laurelhilljewelry.com Laurel Hill

    Awesome giveaway!!! I make jewelry, and my favorite materials are brass, sterling silver, and giant, unique cabochons.

  • Btbeadco

    I would love to win this great set of books.  I make seed bead jewelry and plan on learning chain mail in the near future.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bshields.4 Bené Shields

    Yay! My favorite material is bone and coral… natural found objects that can be altered. I’m lumping that into one big “found objects” pile. Hah! 

  • Lhcolby

    I’m a metalsmith who has contributed to a couple of the 500 books and also a fan of so many of the talented artisans who have their work published in these wonderful books. After working with sterling silver for the past 20 years, I’m not about to stop any time soon! Keep producing the 500 series, they’re an inspiration to many.

  • Ruth

    What an inspiring collection of books.  

  • Erin Mindigo

    These books have inspired me and are full of fabulous work. Fingers crossed for ringtastic success! Thank you for the oppertunity!

  • rrs

    I love the process of casting so my favorite material is wax:) It’s even more rewarding to see the wax come out in gold! I’m defiantly a maker.

  • Celestefriend

     I love being a silversmith and having your wonderful books for inspiration. I just bought the 500 Silver Jewelry Designs, and I love it!

  • donnarittorno.com

    Love the 500 series books.  I enjoy making and wearing all different types of jewelry. 

  • Lucy

    I love this site!! It is so inspirational. All of these talented artists showing their work. I love jewelry and love Lark Books!!!!

  • katherine steinbring

    Love Lark Books! Always so inspiring. And now to have you be so generous — amazing!

  • Lucy

    I am an appreciative layperson who loves jewelry, art, paper and fibers. Love Lark!!!

  • Holland Houdek

    These books are the nectar of the gods, yet I own none of
    them. Currently in my final year of grad school I’ve always had the entire catalog at my
    disposal through my department’s library.  They have acted as a catalyst in my own research and work as well as an influence and source of invaluable information for my students.  

    My favorite jewelry material as of now
    is copper.  I’m a maker as well as
    a wearing enthusiast.  With the ‘real
    world’ approaching fast, i.e. setting up my own studio, pursuing my career as an artist and professor, this collection would be an amazing asset.  What a wonderful opportunity! 

  • Cappy Counard

    This series is my go to when I need inspiration. It is also the best resource for my students here at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. I always look forward to the next one. Many thanks.

  • Eauxna

    I think it’s astounding how people can look at the same materials as everyone else and yet come up with so many different ways of using them and creating unique pieces of art with them.

  • Elke Kuhn



  • Vicki

    What a fantastic giveaway!   I work in metal and have learned many skills and become inspired by L:ark books.

  • klocke

    Can’t wait until “500 ’500′ Books – A Collection of 500 Books Containing 500 Things!”

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gina-Boyce-Sandoval/1392084035 Gina Boyce Sandoval

    love to work with natural stones

  • Lholmes2

    I am an artist and I have been making jewelry for a few years now. I absolutely love the flexibility in materials one can use when composing work for the human body. I definitely believe that any material could be used to make jewelry, just as any material could be used in any other form of art. I especially appreciate jewelry that pushes the boundaries. What exactly is jewelry? Does it need to be wearable? I have been experimenting with paper as a medium in jewelry. I emphasize and celebrate its fragility as a material, letting it fold and tear and become vulnerable to the elements. Especially when juxtaposed with the strength and durability of metal, paper can be beautiful in its delicate state. I also love the fact that paper is quite often viewed as disposable (or recyclable), and that by placing it on the body in such a way as to create a moving aesthetic experience, one can interpret the simplest, most inexpensive material as valid, even precious.

  • http://www.thesilverschmidt.com Silverschmidt

    This is an amazing giveaway!!
    I love working with fine silver because of its malleability, it’s white color and its purity. I also love working with high karat gold for its purity and deep rich color. I love wearing both because of the warmth they hold and transmit to the body.

  • Sabra

    I have an intuitive love of metal, but have found that after 25 years as a maker that it has become difficult to keep the metal fresh.  Lately, I have turned to polymer clay as an outlet.  Not knowing how a material works can be very exciting.

  • Margaretratliff51

    I’m a maker and love silver, found objects and beautiful stones.  I love Lark books and own a few!

  • Dion Utt

    I am a maker! never have been one for wearing jewelry but I have always been passionate about small scale sculpture. It only made sense for me that i should try putting those sculptures on people. I have read most of the 500 series books before. My teacher, Kelly Malec-Kosak, introduced them to me and I was hooked. Later i found out that one of my other teachers, Anne Holman, was in the book also and was very excited to go back and express my interest. These book mean a lot to me. A great source knowledge and inspiration. I know if i had all of them they would be used very well. Thank you Lark!

    This is my digication site if your interested in seeing how my work was inspired by these book!

  • Lynette holzer

    I am a maker…  work mostly in sterling, but I’m becoming fond of copper as well.  And while I own a BUNCH of Lark books, I don’t have any of the books in the bundle. 

  • Jesturner

    My fav right now is Resin, I want to do some more experimenting with Metal and Resin and shapes, etc.  just love it!

  • Bongsang Cho

    I make art jewelry and my favorite material is steel. I use laser welding and forging technique to make unique forms. I love your books which are very inspiring. Thank you so much!

  • Aurelioa Castano

    I am a Bead enthusiastic, love the colors and possibilities that beads allow me as an artist. and the 500 series books show the most magnificent works of masters of beading  techniques

  • Bmhappy22

    I have tripped over many crafts in the past 60 years, but precious metal clay and mixed metal  jewery is where I landed.  The freedom to create is intoxicating; sure hope they never come up with a 12 step program to treat this wonderful condition!

  • Annie

    This is an amazing giveaway!  I love to appreciate and wear all forms of jewelry.  Currently my favorite material to work with for making my own jewelry is reticualted silver.  I love how organic it is and how each piece takes on a life of its own…you never quite know what the piece is going to look like until you finish :-)

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the opportunity to own more beautiful Lark books.  I am a metalsmith and enjoy making and wearing handmade creations!  Currently into metal clay and beading.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ryan.holandes Ryan Holandes

    I enjoy working with titanium. 

  • Stoeckled

    LOVE your 500 series!  I work mainly with sterling silver and copper sheet.  Add in some beach glass, pebbles and a few gemstones and that’s where I am at the moment.


  • Shanzah

    I like the ceramic beads. I am learning to work with clay and looking forward to crafting my own soon. Thanks!

  • Vickirhine

    My favorite jewelry is polymer clay.  Not in the giveaway but what inspiration!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=39609674 Allison Hall

    i make jewelry and i love to wear it! sterling and gold!

  • B Michelle

    I love these books always very inspiring.

  • TADM

    love these books!! pick me!!! pick mee!!!! I love to work with alternative materials.

  • Vangardpace

    I love jewelry of all kinds. I am a maker and also an admirer of other peoples creations. My favorite material is 18K gold. Needless to say, I haven’t been working much in it lately.

  • Designersjewelry

    Precious Metal Clay is my new love. I love the endless possibilities it affords.

  • strangeovertones

    i love using jewelry-making as a jumping-off point for considering interaction of the body with art. What if an entire space could be considered jewelry? 

  • Amanda

    I am a metalsmith working mostly in sterling silver.  Lark books were a wonderful source of information and inspiration all through my art school days and beyond.  I look forward to more 500 series books!

  • Simply MegA

    I make jewelry and my current favorite item is found rusty washers. They have to posess just the right amount of pleasing surface texture, rust, color and wear & tear, courtesy of mother nature to be the focal point of my silver jewelry. I make pendants, necklaces, rings, earings and small wall sculptures from these precious nonprecious found objects. 
    I love this series of books. Thank you so much for offering this opportunity for winning the collection!

  • Karenwoods

    polymer is my favorite choice for creating jewelry.  The possibilities are endless!  thank you for this giveaway

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Heidi-Abrahamson/1148667621 Heidi Abrahamson

    I’m a studio metal smith and I use silver and 18kt gold. I wear a lot of my own jewelry. These books are incredible and have served as a great inspiration to me and my student. Everyone should have these books! Thank you!!

  • Jackie

    I am a professional maker of jewelry.  I love to use beads of all kinds, metal clay, sterling silver, and I could go on and on…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kathryn-Soule/593885141 Kathryn Soule

    I love enameling on steel. Its interesting to use a material that can change overtime. I also like to mix precious metals with steel. Thanks for the opportunity for these books! I love lark books!

  • Kitburkesmith

    I wish gold wasn’t so expensive right now because I kinda love working with it!  Thanks for doing this giveaway; Lark books is great!

  • Carol Cox

    Best series of books on contemporary craft ever! Keep them coming Lark Books, you do artists, collectors, and  the community a wonderful service- thank you!

  • Karinbremer

    This is fantastic! Looks like I noticed it just in time, too. I am a metalsmith & jewelry designer, using predominantly sterling silver, but these days my favorite material to play with is colorful enamels. It’s like opening a world of color to the process…such fun!

  • Annie Wells

    I LOVE this book series! I first came to know their brilliance reading them at a friend’s (and jewelry artist) house. I look forward to looking through, learning from and reveling in the beauty of this amazing collection of design that pushes the limits, enlivens the mind and challenges the hand. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a coveted prize! I know just what I’ll do with them if I win! LOVE. THEM. FOR. EH. VER. :)

  • Laura Hastings-Brownstein

    Love Lark books! Am a jeweler, and I am secretly working on a sapphire and diamond ring for my son’s girlfriend, who I am hoping he will marry and use the sapphire ring as an engagement ring! Wish me luck!

  • MJ Oref

     I LOVE Lark Books.  They are like eye candy, love, and represent all the masters out there.  I love making jewelry because I love wearing jewelry.  This set is like the Smithsonian of jewelry work–I would ascend if I were chosen to receive this collection.  Thank you for being such an inspiration.

  • http://twitter.com/ajoohoo ajoohoo

    I love working with silver or bronze. More so bronze, actually, because of the rich warm color and history we have with the metal. I love telling my students [who get frustrated with it] “there is a reason we had a bronze age and not a copper one.”

  • Mariela

    I make jewelry with wire and sheet metal on copper, brass and s.silver, also bead and gemstones. My favorite techniques are cold connections and fold forming, but I am trying to develop better skills at soldering. 
    I will love to have those beatiful books for inspiration.

  • Chris Weston

    I consider myself a maker, and my favorite metal is sterling silver in 18 gauge since I can make just about anything from rings to brooches with it, and it’s still a bargain, compared with gold.

  • Rjcheslock

    I make glass beads and do a lot of wire work also creating one of a kind jewelry.  These books would help me work outside the box.

  • betty

    favorite metal is silver, have enjoyed the lark series books

  • Amerie

    My favorite materiel is polymer clay. I make cabs out of it and set it in silver and copper. I *love* the “500″ books and use them for inspiration. I have many of them, and not just the jewelry ones. I am slowly collecting all of them, but winning the giveaway would certainly speed up the process! : >

  • Esecoy

    Hello to everyone at Lark books! I am a maker of fine craft. I work in many materials- mostly silver and wood, but have recently started mold making and pouring plastics. My work is conceptual- inspired by the rich history of craft itself. I want my audience to be introduced to certain movements or materials of the handmade that may often be overlooked or misunderstood. This is an awesome opportunity for the recipient- your books have been an inspiration since I began studying craft. 
    HAPPY first 10 years, 500 series! 

  • Rowan

    I love the 500 series! Eye candy for any jewelry designer

  • Marilyn

    I love Lark Books and I would like to enter for the Lark Jewelry book giveaway.  My name is Marilyn Davenport, Sevierville, TN  865-453-4081..

  • http://juliesanforddesigns.com Julie Sanford

    Right now I am loving oxidized sterling and I make and wear it :)

  • http://juliesanforddesigns.com Julie Sanford

    Right now I am loving oxidized sterling and I make and wear it :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/sandralocastro Sandra LoCastro

    The Blue Ridge Polymer Clay Guild is a group of Polymer Clay Enthusiasts that meet in Arden every month. The artists come from all media and all levels of expertise. The members love the Lark Books with the quality of the photography. We call them Eye Candy. Our guild has a library that we loan books monthly to members so we can continue to share. We would love to have a set of these for our library. 

  • Robin

    I love to make jewelry AND wearing it! I’m hooked on the miracle of fire and it’s power to transform raw materials like copper and silver into something beautiful, different and one of a kind.  Thank you for this opportunity to be a lucky winner and owner of an amazing collection of books. Good luck everyone!

  • Eileen

    Lark Books has done an amazing job of inspiring artists to be makers, to experiment, to present their finest work to be viewed by a wide audience.  Keep it going!

  • Jane Richard

    I like the combination of Sterling Silver and 14K yellow gold.  It is a really good contrast!

  • Elena_llivina

    Hi!  Oh, I sure do hope that I win!
    I make fused glass art, some wearable jewelry and other gift items, likes vases and bowls.
    Wish me good luck!  Thanks!

  • Patti

    i work in silver and i wear and sell my treasures. i love looking at books for inspiration and it would be wonderful to add these to my collection. thank you.

  • Stig B

    I am studying for a goldsmith degree, but have worked mostly in copper, brass and silver. It is hard to say what is my favorite metal. Much depends what I am making, wearing or what finish it has or even my mood. I haven’t read any of these books, but judging from the cover they sure enough invite for a closer look.

  • LisaG

    My favorite jewelry to wear is a pair of silver earrings. Beads are my crayon box that newer empties.

  • Abcdestinylynns

    Oh so very sad I missed the deadline for the book giveaway. Your books make up a large portion of my soul.

  • Chloe

    I love 500 series!! I love working with sterling silver for its mysterious shine and sturdiness.  Also because it’s metal that you need extra care of.  It will oxidize if you don’t love it and wear it often!

  • victoria Altepeter

    hi lark, and thank you for this generous give away! i am a maker, an admirer, an educator. i primarily use non ferrous metals, those alloyed and patterned. i usea variety of  patina recipies on nearly everything! love love love color! thanks for all the inspiration via your 500 series!

  • Iona Heck

    What a great win!  I like to make silver jewelry and hand crafted beads.  I can use the beads of my own liking in the jewelry I make.   Thanks for the chance.       Iona 

  • Bluekniter

    Well I love weaving anything into beads but I never win LOL so here’s a comment Lark U rock.

  • Anonymous

    As an Artist and Designer, and recently implementing art to jewelry, I am thrilled to have opportunity to win a Clasps book.

  • http://www.bitsofclay.com Marilyn

    I cannot imagine all the inspiration in these great books!     Marilyn Davenport

  • http://www.webcamporn.mobi/ save_me_from_iphone_porn

    oooooo I want jewelry… Don’t like the ones that are too big though. They remind me of porn stars. Besides they flash when i get a pic taken with an iPhone.

  • Berri1228

    I am a recent graduate from Rhode Island College of the Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design department. These books have always been an excellent resource for my peers and I. I hope to continue using them to make jewelry in the future! Excellent collection! 

  • KLFletcher

    I am a recent graduate from Rhode Island College of the Metalsmithing & Jewelry Design department. These books have always been an excellent resource for my peers and I. I hope to continue using them to make jewelry in the future! Excellent collection!

  • Anonymous

    Oh how nice that someone got the books that they will be able to use in their teaching career…. because if you graduate from RISD then you’ll never make it as a real artist.