A Mehndi kind of bling

May 13, 2010, 16:16 pm  Posted by Lark

My wedding shower (crafting extravaganza) not only included henna, but also handmade fairies, fairywings, fur-lined clothing, ornaments, and cake!

I found Mehndi, or henna tattooing, to be an awesome way to express your aesthetic for jewelry design, and it’s also just a blast to doodle on yourself — especially since it’s temporary, painless and affordable. My bridal shower (a crafting extravaganza where we made fairy wings out of wire hangers and other whimsical creations) incorporated Mehndi kits, including ready-made henna powder with mordant and directions. My friend bought a kit for around $10 at Michaels and added lemon juice to the paste to make it darker. If you want to try mixing your own henna without a kit, and get some good design ideas, visit the henna page and also check out artistic adornment.

The henna, originally used mainly as a form of decoration for brides in Pakistan and India, is usually drawn on the palms and feet because the color is darker where the skin contains higher levels of keratin. That binds temporarily to lawsone, the colorant of henna. I had it applied to the back of my hand, only because I wanted it to show it off. I hope you find time to give Mehndi a whirl, too!


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    Candace Folks says:

    I attened this party (that's me in the middle with the faux fur lined apron) and agree the Mehndi was so cool and very creative. The kit seemed easy to use and the template designs were helpful in seeing the possibilities from simple techniques.

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