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May 19, 2010, 08:00 am  Posted by Lark Jewelry & Beading
Black chain mail jecket with red lapel on model

Vanessa Walilko, Jacket

Aluminum chain mail shrug

Vanessa Walilko Shrug

Beaded chain mail

Vanessa Walilko, Bead Mail

Beaded chain mail, detail

Bead Mail (detail)

Vanessa Walilko fashions each piece of custom couture from at least 15,000 jump rings and two pairs of pliers. Her creations exemplify how chain mail is being rethought and reworked into dynamic wearable art.

Colorful chain mail bangle made from rubber and metal rings

Susan C. Thomas, Cuff

Susan C. Thomas, Bracelet

Chain mail is experiencing a 21st-century renaissance. Dyed aluminum rings and colorful rubber ones offer jewelers a large and vibrant pallet. Rubber’s elasticity makes for versatile weaves, as can be seen in Susan C. Thomas‘s jewelry. Dylon Whyte is adding of beads to rings, and Cindy Pankopf is even making rings from beads! As you can see, the possibilities are endless and the future is bright!

Want to try your hand at chain mail? Here are four great Lark Jewelry books to get you started, and our friends at Blue Buddha Boutique have all the supplies to set you on you way. And coming soon…you can post photos of your chain mail work on a Lark Jewelry Flickr group. Stay tuned!

Left to Right: Beadmaille, Cindy Pankopf (Lark Jewelry, 2010); Beaded Chain Mail Jewelry, Dylon Whyte (Lark Jewelry, 2009); Link It!, Susan C. Thomas (Lark Jewelry 2008); Chain Mail Jewelry Dylon Whyte & Terry Taylor (Lark Jewelry, 2006)


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    Those images of Vanessa are incredible!!

    Argylsok says:

    Beadmaille looks *really* intriguing, as it combines two disparate hobbies.

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