Attaching photos to metal blanks

June 10, 2010, 16:07 pm  Posted by Lark

This is an example of an image that was adhered to a metal piece of jewelry.

Adhering photos to metal blanks is a really handy thing to know how to do for making any piece of jewelry with an image. Taking a few extra steps instead of just using clear glue on the back of the photo and clear nail polish on the top of the photo will really make it look professional. I recently needed to use it for adding pictures to pendants for gifts and wanted to do it the right way.
One of my FAVORITE beading artists/jewelry makers, Diane Hyde, was kind enough to share with me how to do it correctly. So here’s the basic way to add photos the right way:

1. You can use any small paper images taken right out of mail order catalogs or magazines if they’re the size you want or reduce the images on a photocopier to the correct size. You can also simply cut a photo to the size you need for the metal blank.

2. Take your metal blank and scrub it with steel wool (cuts the oily residue). Then spray a light amount of SPRAY MOUNT onto the back of the image and make sure newspaper is under your piece when you spray. Now firmly press the image onto your metal blank

3. SEAL YOUR IMAGE. This is a crucial part. Diane suggested using Krylon Preserve It! (you can buy it at a craft store like Michaels). Don’t saturate the surface, but spray it lightly once. Then wait until it’s dry and repeat the process about 2 more times. The matte finish works best and works great with images from an ink jet printer. Good luck!


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    sy says:

    thanks for the tips.

    Ellen says:

    Excellent article, Carol. I have been working up the courage to try this technique and I think that by following your instructions here I shall be able to make items to use in my jewelry. Thanks! Ellen

    Njgraver says:

    The other way to seal the image is using resin. Take a look at Cynthia Rutledge's The Key to My Heart locket

    Moonrox172 says:

    Very handy tutorial!

    Knrak says:

    Capturing images and protecting them so that they can be worn is always a challenge. Thank you for sharing!

    Argylsok says:

    What a marvellous idea! I collect all manner of (*copyright free*) images from the Web, and it would be a cinch to pop them into a metal blank. I'd simply never thought of this possibility.

    Thanks for the creative push!

    Pre-Raphaelites and Da Vinci, here I come! <Cheshire Cat grin>

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