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June 09, 2011, 21:36 pm  Posted by Lark

What fun to be here in Milwaukee for the 2011 Bead&Button Show! Meet the Teachers took place last night from 8 to 11—the hall was packed with fans, but I still had the chance to chat with dozens of terrific artists, renewing acquaintance with some, and discovering others for the first time. For your pleasure, and in no particular order, a little photo essay of just a few of the stars at this event.

Laura McCabe

Marcia DeCoster

Judy Walker

Diane Hyde

Diane Fitzgerald

Jamie Cloud Eakin

Gordon Uyehara

Sherry Serafini

Melissa Grakowsky

Melissa Grakowsky

Jeri Warhaftig & Neil Fabricant

Mabeline Gidez

Cynthia Rutledge

Jill Wiseman


Jeannette Cook

Janice Berkebile

Brenda Schweder

Barbara Becker Simon

Candie Cooper

Dallas Lovett

Cindy Pankopf

Tracy Stanley

Sonoko Nozue and me


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    Nath, thanks for sharing all the faces to go with the names and the outstanding work of these beaders and jewelers. Looks like the show is buzzing happily this year!

    Yadasi Beads says:

    Nathalie…you must not know about Marcia’s no profile picture rule……interesting, I think she is the only one you have in full profile…run and hide quick before she sees this!! LOL No really.
    (( hugs ))

    Nathalie says:

    I had no idea! After I read your comment, I ran into Marcia while she was on a break from teaching, and she confirmed what you tell me.

    So I shot some new photos—from the front only—and as soon as I can organize the hundreds of photos I took, while somehow still meeting all my other book deadlines, I will replace the photo in this post with a different one! Marcia would undoubtedly say, “The sooner the better, Nathalie!”

    Thanks for the tip!

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