Down and dirty beaded earrings

February 03, 2011, 12:32 pm  Posted by Lark

Wonder Woman ropes in my gorgeous beaded earrings above downtown Asheville.

I’ve caught the bead bug. … And I’ve passed it along to a co-worker… But I don’t feel too guilty because unlike the flu, you appear much more attractive after catching it.

So, if you don’t have the bead-bug yet, I will attempt to lure you in as Wonder Woman has done to the Invisible Man with my elementary beading skills that produce VERY quick and easy earrings. (It took me less than 20 minutes to put together these earrings.)

Here are my beading tips about purchasing supplies:
Buy jewelry findings in BULK from online or at your local beading store so you can make plenty (for yourself, friends and/or to sell).

peal earrings

Here's an up-close shot of some of the earrings I made last Friday on my lunchbreak.

If you’re just starting out as I have in making earrings, you may want to purchase the following in silver, gunmetal (shiny black) or copper (or if you want to make the earrings above) : jump rings, french ear wires (normal-looking hooks) or long kidney wires (pictured above, middle), head pins (straight pins with a ball or pin at the end for stringing beads for dangle earrings) and 3-prong leaf bead caps if you want to attach to a pearl or bead as pair in the middle above. Spiral cages are fun to use to in case a bead (above right). Also, find centerpiece beads that you love. I chose big pearls and glass leaf beads. Click HERE for a good site I found online to find some jewelry findings. Also, you’ll need jewelry pliers and E-6000 all-purpose (smelly) glue to attach beads that don’t have holes.

Get a beading box to organize your findings and beads. It’s REALLY helpful.

To learn how to bend wire well (good techniques), it takes practice. But it helps to get a book to reference. If you’re a beginner like me, you should start with an easy step-by-step project book. I like 30 Minute Earrings because the projects look doable.

Get your friends involved to make things with. That way, you can share findings so you don’t always have to start from scratch.

I hope you’ve caught the fever…for more (cowbell?) beads … It can get addictive fast. Have you made any simple jewelry projects lately? Let me know!


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    Beth says:

    All I know is that your Wonder Woman earring display is AMAZING!! And I think it’s so great that you’re teaching yourself these new techniques :)

    Bead Ninja says:

    Fantastic that you can create some cool stuff so quickly, and without needing tons of skill right off the bat. Looking forward to more complicate4d and intricate designs once you really start getting into it! And yeah, +1 to the WW display is awesome.

    Kara says:

    Love these! Can we make some at Craft Time? :)

    Csfolks says:

    I can’t belive those are lunch time earrings! They are so lovely.

    Jordan says:

    Best earring display ever, and A plus for not intimidating me with beadwork.

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