Share the news! Two beautiful new beading books in Lark Jewelry & Beading’s acclaimed Beadweaving Master Class series have just released to local retailers, as well as on Amazon and BN.com: Maggie Meister’s Classical Elegance and Rachel Nelson-Smith’s Bead Riffs.

To celebrate, we’re enjoying an assortment of chocolates selected from my file cabinet drawer. And, if you happen to miss out on that, we’re also giving away two sets of all six books in the series:

Diane Fitzgerald’s Shaped Beadwork

Marcia DeCoster’s Beaded Opulence

Laura McCabe’s Embellished Beadweaving

Sherry Serafini’s Sensational Bead Embroidery

Maggie Meister’s Classical Elegance

Rachel Nelson-Smith’s Bead Riffs

These inspirational and best-selling titles from leading beading master teachers form an essential library of books for all beaders, as well as great gifts for beady friends! How can you enter for a chance to win one of these two fantastic bundles of books, all of which have been signed by their respective authors? It’s easy: Leave a comment on this blog post by 9 p.m. EST on Wednesday, September 28. Any comment will do, but how about this: Tell us what trend you find most exciting right now in the world of beading.

One winner will be selected at random and announced on Wednesday, October 5. Click here for the official rules.

Want to get a taste of these books? We’ve posted plenty of content related to them on this blog. Sample some!

For Rachel’s book:

Get PDFs of the book’s Billie’s Bounce necklace project and the Rondo Neckpiece project

For Maggie’s book:

Get a PDF of the book’s beautiful Artemisia Earrings project

Get a PDF of true BONUS projects (not in the book but made for it!) of Maggie’s Fiore Earrings and the Liternum Brooch

Read our interview with Maggie Meister

For Laura’s book:

Get PDFs of the book’s A Well-Kept Secret necklace project and Star Flower Earrings project

Read our interview with Laura AND get a PDF of the book’s Herringbone Cluster Earrings project

For Sherry’s book:

Get PDFs of the book’s Arizona Sunset Earrings project and Rock Star Cuff project

See a preview of six other projects from the book

Read our interview with Sherry Serafini

(I know what you’re thinking: We really need to post some projects for Diane and Marcia’s books, which were released shortly before our current blog debuted. You’re absolutely right, and I promise we’ll do it very soon.)

Finally, I’m pleased to announce two upcoming Spring 2012 additions to the Beadweaving Master Class series by brilliant and popular international beaders: Japanese Beadwork with Sonoko Nozue and Sabine Lippert’s Beaded Fantasies. These books are finishing their production right now and will be exciting parts of Lark Jewelry & Beading’s Spring 2012 list.

Please leave a comment on this post to enter our giveaway; connect with Lark Jewelry & Beading on Facebook; and know we’re very grateful that you’re a part of our community!


UPDATE: THE GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED. Congratulations to Juanita Finger of Roswell, New Mexico, and Mandy Duffy of Elkridge, Maryland, randomly selected winners of signed copies of Diane Fitzgerald’s Shaped Beadwork, Marcia DeCoster’s Beaded Opulence, Laura McCabe’s Embellished Beadweaving, Sherry Serafini’s Sensational Bead Embroidery, Maggie Meister’s Classical Elegance, and Rachel Nelson-Smith’s Bead Riffs! Our thanks to everyone who left a comment and participated.




310 Responses

    What a wonderful giveaway!!

    oh my gosh would I LOVE to win these!  WHat a fabulous set of books!  As for trends in beading right now, I think the tilas are pretty cool, but I havent had a chance to actually play with any myself.

    mmr says:

    I want these books.  I NEED these books.

    Doreen Benoit says:

    I recently took a class w/Sherry Serafini so right now I am so into bead embroidery.

    Dan says:

    Amazing books! Thank you for the giveaway!

    susan w says:

    Beautiful collection! TY!

    Sharlyngp says:

    I’m a lampworker and would love to learn more about how to use the beads I make with other beads in jewelry.  These books sound like the info. I need!

    Amy Blevins says:

    WOW !!  What a fantastic collection of give away books!
    Any beader would be fortunate to have these in their beading library.

    Looking forward to the Spring releases!


    Rebecca Jake says:

    Great collection of books!  Would love to have any one of them!

    Wendyoes says:

    Beadweaving has changed so much over the years.  I love the creative ways the “masters” are coming up with to combine stitches and styles of beads.  When I first began, you hardly ever saw projects that combined stitches.  Now everything is multidimensional and full of surprises! 

    Pam says:

    I like that readers are encouraged follow their own “whims”. Seeing the masters break out of the box sets the perfect example for creative amateurs to follow.

    Sarah says:

    I love that vintage/statement jewelry is still in so beaders can go wild!  Beats a chunky neon chain anyday lol

    Jamie Dulski says:

    Rachel’s latest book Beading Riffs is my favorite book of all of the books I have bought this past year.  I also enjoyed reading about her other passion in her life. 

    Lalee1957 says:

    What a great collection of books! Thank you Lark Crafts. I been doing a lot of beading research recently and what I have noticed is there seems to be a huge trend for jewelry called “Steampunk”. Fun, funky and lots of flair. Just my take on my research. On a side note,  I recently took a private class with Heidi Kummli~if anyone gets a chance to take class with any of the Masters.i.e. Heidi, Sherry Serafini, Laura McCabe it is well worth the experience. If this is not an option, these wonderful books are the next best thing. Everyone should have at least one or two in their collection.

    Awjewelry says:

    What a wonderful prize!  Would love to win signed copies of these books!

    Laura Lee says:

    What a great collection of books! Thank you Lark Crafts. I been
    doing a lot of beading research recently and what I have noticed is
    there seems to be a huge trend for jewelry called “Steampunk”. Fun,
    funky and lots of flair. Just my take on my research. On a side note,  I
    recently took a private class with Heidi Kummli~if anyone gets a chance
    to take a class with any of the BeadMasters.i.e. Heidi Kummli, Sherry Serafini,
    Laura McCabe etc, it is so worth the experience! If this is not an option,
    these wonderful books are the next best thing. A good Beadster should have at
    least one or two in their library collection.

    Deanna_cox7 says:

    Love these designers and their work. What a wonderful opportunity to own their instruction books! 

    Maylyn Felix says:

    Sign me up, I would love to win such a great prize!

    Grace Beading says:

    Awesome – what a treasure chest of beading books!

    Csexton3031 says:

    I would love to learn these master’s techniques.  Thank you for having this giveaway!

    Dogmawjo says:

    These are great books, I hope I win!

    Denise Smeaton says:

    Wow! I love the give aways!!!  The colour paths in beadwork now these days are so inspiring!  I also love the texture I’ve been seeing!  Beadwork to me has always been textural but these days, beaders are adding even more!!  No longer do we see a simple strand of stones, now we see glass, and stone and lace mixed with chain and it all is works!!  There is so much variety to beadwork!  The masters represented in the book give away help to expand our knowledge and creativity and your give away is a beautiful compliment to their work!

    ginaboyce says:

    These look like awesome books, I could def use some inspiration!

    Terri says:

    I agree that Steampunk is fun and has taken off in a big way. I am personally also intrigued by all the doodling going on & I have turned it into patterns for a new jewelry line I am calling Zendoolrey©. As far as these books go, who wouldn’t want to win them? All of these ladies are brilliant and the books are fabulous!

    Veerle Haems says:

    These are all beautiful books.

    Klazine says:

    I just love the masterclass series. I like the trend to combine materials with seed beads, to create bling and sophisticated pieces of jewellery.

    Sljwogaman says:

    Bright- colored beads sewn with black backgrounds! I never tire of that combination.

    Klazine says:

    I just love the master class books. I started seed beading with Diane Fitzgerald’s book and I’m hooked ever since. I love the embellish trend, combining different materials to create bling and sophitication.

    Kathy King says:

    An awesome collection of beading books. I would love to have them all!

    Terri Terreault says:

    I agree that Steampunk has taken off in a very big way – I also am intrigued by all the doodling going on and have been designing an entire line of jewelry from it that is called Zendoolrey©. That said, who wouldn’t want this collection? All of these ladies are brilliant, and their creations are wonderful.

    Regina says:

    Beautiful books! Thank you for the giweaway!

    Dibleynrose says:

    Love these books and patterns!

    FiberArtist45 says:

    Love this giveaway! The perfect collection for any Artists library!

    Thanks for doing it!

    oops sorry double posted.

    Please add my name to the drawing  I would love to have some of the master books, especialy Rachel Nelson-smiths book ive been wanting that one.

    Arlinebeadlady says:

    Wonderful collection of beady information. Great addition to any library.

    Kim Spooner says:

    Awesome collection.  Thanks, This offer rocks!!!

    I already have all of these books and they are all fabulous!   So if I won, I’d re-gift them – wouldn’t that be fun!

    Carmel Beads says:

    This would be the best postal delivery ever! Thanks for such a splendid giveaway.

    Karen woods says:

    Thank you Ray!  This kind of intricate beading makes my heart sing!  Lark has their finger on the pulse of the beading world!

    Chris says:

    This is one of the finest collections of artist’s work available.  Thanks Lark Crafts for this great giveaway!  Having one of these books would be a great addition to anyone’s collection, but all of them would be a treasure.  I think the most exciting trend in the beading world today is unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.  Putting your own spin on traditional stitches, or patterns, or techniques have an interesting twist in the world of fashion.  Everyone wants to make a statement, unique designs make that happen.

    Yebo1996 says:

    who wouldnt love to own these!!!

    colleen says:

    These would be so fun to win!

    Phelandc says:

    I love Lark Publishing

    Jessica Le says:

    I have all the books!  I love them.  Good job Lark Crafts!

    Judithb says:

    Oh my! I sure would love to win these. As for trends, I agree with Lalee1957 about Steampunk. I really love some of the things–jewelry and other–in that genre.

    Lauriebrown54 says:

    Wow, what in incredible set! So much beauty and things to learn!

    Like Lalee, I love the steampunk trend, but despite my love of all things steampunk it’s not what I like to make best with beads. I love the new tila beads and the things beaders are doing with them. I love the shapes people are making with seed beads, like the necklace on the cover of the latest Bead & Button. I just wish that those ropes didn’t take so many beads!

    Mjeanne Vandenbremt says:

    Wauw amazing!I like de seed beads very much.

    Darcy says:

    Bead books have come a long way baby!  And these are the tops!  Thank you lark for taking beadwork as seriously as you do!

    Ruth says:

    Wow, that’s some set of books – you’d never be able to say that you lacked inspiration if you won these!  One of the things that I most like whilst flicking through beading books is seeing other people’s colour choices, it’s so easy to get into a rut and go back to the same palette over and over.  Thanks for the chance to get our mitts on this set Lark.

    Clrimmer says:

    I would love to add these to my beading library.

    Judy Lind says:

    How cool it would be to win this fabulous set of books!

    kellq says:

    These books are great!!! I love the shaped woven seed bead jewelry! The designs are so intricate and amazing! And sometimes they look like they’re made of gold & silver metal work when they’re seed beads. Just awesome!!

    Miz Overstood says:

    I hope I win cause I am super broke and have been lusting after those books for quite some time!

    Lindsay says:

    What an amazing prize! I recently lost one of my earrings from the only homemade pair I’ve ever attempted to make-such a bummer! Anyway I’d love to learn more about beadwork technique & trends so I can make more earrings…and other cool stuff too!

    I don’t know if it’s a trend exactly but I am delighted that the Japanese manufacturers are finally coming up with more permanent finishes on their galvanised and metallic seed beads. I am a seed bead-a-holic and anything that makes the beads more durable AND beautiful is very fine by me.
    Thanks for the pdf samples, better than chocolates any day :D

    What a lovely set of inspiring books, and you can’t beat free. I can’t wait to learn more about the shaped pieces- how intriguing!

    Anne says:

    I love the colors of the beads.  Just about any color I can imagine, I can find a bead for my project.  I also love mixing hand-crafted metal pieces into my bead projects.  

    Leslie says:

    This is extremely generous! Great books with a lot of inspiration! Thank you for a great giveaway.

    Kristen Ho says:

    Wow! Great giveaway! 

    Rose E Moore says:

    I have taken classed from most of these ladies. They are each as beautiful as their beadwork.

    Phorbit says:

    This series is so full of technique and inspiration. Great addition to the beading world – especially as a set.

    Lori says:

    Great giveaway. Thank you, Lark!

    Lori says:

    Thank you Lark for this fabulous giveaway!

    Lori Callahan says:

    Thank you Lark for this awesome giveaway!

    Irene B in NZ says:

    What a wonderful collection of books! I would love to win them.

    I’m very new to beading so I don’t feel I can identify any trends. All I know is that I love to make things from tiny little beads.

    Ldarmes says:

    All these bead artists are great and their books will be also!!

    Cath says:

    how nice!

    Awesome collection of books to own…thanks for the fantastic giveaway….ciao4now64@yahoo.com

    Khahina says:

    Sweet give away ! 
    Everyone want win !!! 

    CWhiteJewelry says:

    Wow!  What a great giveaway!  As a silversmith & lapidary, with the rising price of silver I have gotten more into beaded and wire work this past year – and find myself hooked! I love the colors, and the beaded embroidery is a wonderful way to work more of my cut stones into pieces. 

    Lissa says:

    I love these books and the creative geniuses who share a bit of themselves with us. Thank you Lark! In terms of trends, my interest lies with a chunky mish-mash of components, like combining bead weaving with wire-working, ribbon and metal components.

    Jenny Nott says:

    I am so happy to see some more new books in my favourite craft available.

    Nice blog! It seems there are two new trends, bead embroidery and tila beads. Found some very nice tilas at Beadfest, and now I understand why. They are next on my list to use in a project.

    Becky Carr says:

    More wonderful books from the Lark series.  They always are really well done.  These are all great artists.  I want them all!

    Christine says:

    This is an awesome set of books!  I’m a little behind on what the current beading trends are… but, I still LOVE to bead and would make good use of this collection of books!  :)

    Gail E says:

    What a timely and wonderful giveaway!  My daughter-in-love is very ill and facing serious surgery in addition.  She has recently began beading, and if I am lucky enough to win these marveolus books, they will go to her because I know she would love them and get much use and enjoyment from them.

    I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed!  And maybe my toes and eyes too! ~LOL~

    Jennifer Haddock says:

    great books!

    I just this week received the latest Master Lark books…this one by Maggie Meister. What a grand compliation of her work! Of course I want to make all of the projects!!! Have several earrings finished and now on to the beautiful Laksmi Pendant.

    Larisasbh says:

    I enjoy all kinds of beads and I really am inspired with these two books. I am actually learning and discovering a new hobby. 

    Debbie says:

    As usual you have picked fantastic books to give away.

    Susan says:

    I love the combinations of different types of beads and different stitches.  No longer is it just RAW or peyote – it’s those and more with embellishment and embroidery and textures and shapes everywhere! 

    Serenasmom says:

    I am loving the dimensional beadwork!

    cscaccio says:

    I’m most excited about the mixed media jewelry trend, especially the use of fiber and found objects.

    Adori L'argento says:

    And you think beading is easy!!!

    Adori L'argento says:

    And you think beading is easy!!!

    Irene says:

    Already have some of these great books, but I would LOVE a signed copy!!!!

    Jbrbarr says:

    I am new to the jewelry arena, and my interests are somewhat different. I am working with mixed beads, particularly paper and recycled beads, coupled with glass, metal and crystal  beads to create pieces in support of a non profit organization tied to caregivers and those dealing with dementia. The other part of what I am doing is trying to learn enough about my craft to share it with children at a children’s home ( Zion Children’s Home) in the Bahamas in which we have a vested interest. We have given our time and talents to bring this home out of the ground. Sharing with these abandoned and neglected children a craft that will allow them  to create items designed to to be sold and the proceeds used to help fund the home has been a driving force in my wanting to learn as much as possible about bead jewelry. I had the opportunity to work this summer with a talented bead paper bead artist from the Asheville area who taught a class at John C Campbell Folk School and shared so many unique crafting projects….I am hungry for more information.

    LSBellamy01 says:

    What a MARVELOUS giveaway!!!  

    Cindy Cima Edwards says:

    I find most exciting that current beading trends seem to go in any and every direction.  You can let your creativity loose!

    Lori Y says:

    Amazing artists! Wonderful books! Thank you!

    abtcat says:

    I already have the Diane Fitzgerald book on shaped bead work and I use it on a weekly basis when I make component jewelry.  I just love the symmetry she has found and use it as a basis for many things I make.  Using the many bead colors and components to make anything reminds me of being younger and using Lego’s to make everything. :D

    LOVE!!! <3   Inspires!

    Melissa says:

    Thank you for your generous giveaway.  The wonderful thing about the world of beading is the trends come and go but there is room for any style — chunky beads, miniscule elaborate beading, wirework, cold connections, fabrication — it’s all good — something for everyone!!

    Lori C says:

    Oh I so much want to win these books.  You can contact me at lmassey_lolo@yahoo.com

    I’ve worked primarily with large beads and sterling wire, making stuff that way, but I do find this type of beadwork intensely amazing. I’ve got some exceptional pieces from my great grand aunt that need redone, but I’ve never had the balls.

    Anonymous says:

    What a generous giveaway!  So many people I know are beading these days–one friend beads with her mother and her nieces.  This would be a lovely gift for them.  Thanks so much!

    wordygirl at earthlink dot net

    Beadsophisticate says:

    I love mixing metals and hope to see that trend continue for a good long while.

    I’ve been doing industrial style jewelry for years and I’m excited to see the new things in these books.  xoxo Pinkflamingo61.etsy.com

    marg says:

    I love the Beadweaving Master series! All my favourite beady designers.

    Royce says:

    i would love to have these books ,,,, nice giveaway… count me in too

    Rochelle Treister says:

    I am thrilled to have found this blog. Your choice of authors for this series is inspired. I will be watching closely to see who you choose next! 

    And thanks for publishing selected projects from the books. When I read them over, I realize that I really could produce these beautiful jewelry pieces, even if I couldn’t invent them.

    Tali Shchori says:

    What I love most about Lark Beading books is the high level of production. When you hold one of them in your hands, you touch quality. The quality of the paper, the coating, the pictures, the graphic layout, the quality of the projects… all of those make owning and holding a copy of Lark beading books in your hand such a pleasure!

    Utoogigi says:

    Oh I love these!  The Master’s series of Lark’s beading books is the best that I’ve seen.  I love all the ones I have and dying to get the new ones as soon as possible!  What’s trending?  I see a lot more intricate work lately, seems I’m needing to replenish my 15/0 bead stash all the time!

    Jeanne says:

    These books look fabulous!  I’d love to win them and add them to my crafting library! 

    Jeanne says:

    These books look fabulous!  I’d love to win them and add them to my crafting library! 

    Cathy says:

    Beautiful! What a collection of wonderful projects.

    Cathy says:

    Beautiful! What a collection of wonderful projects.

    I am really enjoying all of the acleptic and asymetrical designs being used right now. I have never been one for perfectly even and organized, I just enjoy the randomness to alot of the styles out right now.

    Pam Chesbro says:

    I love the trend of mixing metallic components as well as composing new jewelry with a vintage flair. Great giveaway!

    kathyS says:

    o wow, beading is my life –I do like the quick and easy adult friendship bracelets right now –leather macrame with beads or bead wrapped on leather

    Normaturvey says:

    I would love to have the whole series of books, I do have the first four, and love them! I am trying to learn as many styles and techniques of beading and jewelery making as I can

    Wendy Chercass says:

    the color combinations are so amazing. i have to have these books!!

    Ronda says:

    Besides being eye candy, these books have great projects/instructions.  I am loving doing right angle weave these days…it is so versatile!

    My first beading love will always be bead embroidery. IMO Sherry, Laura and Heidi are beading goddesses! I also love freeform beading and would love to learn other stitches to expand my obsession of beading;o)

    Randesv says:

    Love love love the artists in this collection.  My first love is still working with sead beads, the smaller the better. 

    Randesv says:

    Love love love the artists in this collection.  My first love is still working with sead beads, the smaller the better. 

    Randesv says:

    Love love love the artists in this collection.  My first love is still working with sead beads, the smaller the better. 

    Jeanne says:

    I find the Lark Beadweaving Master Class series of books to be absolutely necessary for every beader’s library.  The projects, illustrations, instructions are all first rate and prompt the reader to have confidence in employing the strategies for working with beads and thereby creating their own works of art.

    Jeanne says:

    I find the Lark Beadweaving Master Class series of books to be absolutely necessary for every beader’s library.  The projects, illustrations, instructions are all first rate and prompt the reader to have confidence in employing the strategies for working with beads and thereby creating their own works of art.

    Jeanne says:

    I find the Lark Beadweaving Master Class series of books to be absolutely necessary for every beader’s library.  The projects, illustrations, instructions are all first rate and prompt the reader to have confidence in employing the strategies for working with beads and thereby creating their own works of art.

    queenmumslace says:

    Always need inspiration!  These books look like they would certainly be inspiring.  Great giveaway!

    Roma says:

    Say It With Beads………that is how I think of my beading and all of my “blinging”.  I work with several different mediums but everything revolves around beads. 

    Sharon says:

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to own all these fabulous books!! I’m so glad to see artisans mixing techniques and media to create one of a kind pieces of jewelry. I love the metal and fiber trend I’m seeing right now.
    Thanks again!!!!!

    Sharayah says:

    I so anticipate any new released beading book from Lark.  The featured artists are masters in their beading area, photos top notch, directions well written and the hard covers extend the life of this awesome collection.  As I continue to expand my beading techniques, I’m always amazed at the integration of lampwork, fibers, hardware etc. into a finished work.  It challenges me to “think out side the box”.


    K H says:

    Oh I want these beading books! I already “Like” LarkCrafts on Facebook. Great site!

    Sue Kirby says:

    I enjoy the ead weaving with fiber on the loom.  The mixed aspect is very interesting.

    K H says:

    I want these beading Books! I already Like you on Facebook. Great Site this is!

    lee says:

    what lovely books! thanks for the giveaway!

    SallyA says:

    Oh, this would be the best thing ever to win (except maybe the lottery).  I’m keeping my fingers crossed!  Thanks.

    Thredz says:

    Gorgeous beading from VERY talented folks! Thanks E.G. for alerting me to this!

    Donnamariehanna says:

    Thanks to these talented artists for sharing their gifts with the rest of us.

    The trend I find most interesting at the moment is the use of mixed media. I have three new designs in process that incorporate felted wool rope, seed beads, lampwork beads, and etched metal. The designs challenge me to try and perfect skills in vastly different media, as well as opening up design possibilities.

    Glbg says:

    I would love to win this set!!  The current trend that I find exciting is the mixing of various beading techniques with wire work and chain!!  From simple structural looking pieces to over the top layers and layers of materials! 

    Petrina B. says:

    What an amazing array of super-talented beading artists!  Thanks for sharing patterns from their books–keep them coming.  The books are great.


    [...] of the Beadweaving Master Class series from Lark, that is! Check out the details at Lark Jewelry & Beading for your chance to win one of two sets being offered for giveaway. After you enter for your chance [...]

    Kaja bahmooh says:

    i’m super excited about bead embroidery! Serafini’s book looks like a real treasure!

    Great jewelry!!! absolutly gorgeus artists!!! love to get one of those!!!

    I love mixing seed beads and chain together.  And I love all the books in the series.  Unfortunately, I’ve yet to be able to buy any, so I have to check them out from the library.

    Cindy Semrau says:

    Wow! These are incredible! Thanks to all for sharing your craft.

    Kristi Meneau says:

    Let’s see. What trend to I love? Well it’s hard to choose because I love jewelry so much! So I am just going to say I love it all! Great giveaway!!

    Clairecomp says:

    I love working with new beads, I like to mix them about and make alsorts of new designs. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Carol says:

    Oh what great books!  I love metal art jewelry and am wondering what will inspire me most from the books!

    LynnN says:

    What great projects, thanks for posting. 

    Lin Dworkin says:

    What a great Christmas gift this would make to ME!!! I have been a bead maker for years and would love to take my art to a new level.

    red carousel lion says:

    so many ideas, so little time

    Kelliesblingnthings says:

    Thanks so much for offering this giveaway and the free projects.  I have been beading and wire working for a while, but have not ventured into beadweaving (afraid of the mess I will make!).  I have printed the free projects and will see what I can turn out.  Beading is a has become a family affair with my immediate and extended family.  Myself, my sisters, my daughters, my nieces and a lot of our friends all design and create jewelry.  Some of us sell it and some just make it for themselves and their friends.  We try to get together at least once a month and have a “beading weekend”, since we live in different parts of Texas some months are more challenging than others.  Thanks again for the chance to win these awesome books.

    Mahf08085 says:

    Awesome books. It shows the very talent of each woman.

    Biesecker123 says:


    Marymac says:

    Would love to add these to my collection

    Elena Tucker says:

    More great Lark books!  Beautiful photos as always.

    Stoktrac says:

    These books look fantastic.

    Stoktrac says:

    These books look fantastic.

    Stoktrac says:

    These books look fantastic.

    Patricia Williams says:

    Wow!  You have the creme de la creme of the beading world here…how luck to have it available to people who aren’t able to purchase the books through free projects. Thank you Lark!  Its a great way for beaders to experience the gifts of these talented bead stars!  Would I love to win a set of the books…absolutely.  Please enter my name.  Thanks for this opportunity!  

    Thanks for the links.

    Andi Lia says:

    I love beading but the only thing I know at the moment is cabochon brooch beading. I need at least one of these books to learn and do more beading. I think the trend right now is more into asymetric shapes. Tricky but interesting to be studied :)

    Vicki says:

    I’m new to the Jewelry/Beading world. I’ve been collecting books and supplies in the hope of one day being able to have my own storefront showcasing not only my works, but others talents as well. From jewelry designs to hand painted silk scarves, other jewelry makers, artists (of all styles and mediums) and any other artisans that have a vision. I just came across your site, and love it. Thanks!!!!!

    Lhontz5674 says:

    Great beadwork and designs!

    The covers alone are just gorgeous.  I’d love to look inside each one.

    The covers alone are just gorgeous.  I’d love to look inside each one.

    Peggy Reynolds says:

    What a wealth of information and inspiration! I’d love to have these in my library. I look forward the publication of  Japanese Beadwork with Sonoko Nozue too.

    Glenda Bollivar says:

    Oh WOW………….I’ve been admiring the beadwork by these artists for years. I would be esp. awesome to be able to read S.Lippert’s book and pattern in English. I’m used toreading her blog in german!!

    Cdcsails says:

    I’m pretty new to beadweaving and really enjoy all the embellished rivoli patterns.  Laura McCabe is wonderful!!!

    Janers41 says:

    More new bead books!  I can’t wait.  Thank you for the chance to win some of these beauties.

    ladyhawthorne says:

    I’m really taken by the bead embroidery just now but it really is hard to choose one style over another as they are all so beautiful!

    Kay C says:

    Love all your books.  I’ve been really happy with every one I have ever looked at. Great giveaway, count me in.

    Annie Sh says:

    I just love these books. The designs are so inspirational. These designers are so talened. I recently bought Marcia DeCoster’s Beaded Opulence and have been learning the delights of Right Angle Weave. I was so pleased when one of my efforts resembled the photograph. I am officially obsessed!!!

    Justblue1 says:

    Like to add beads in my crocheted and knitted projects.

    Justblue1 says:

    Like to add beads in my crocheted and knitted projects.

    ms says:

    I am eager to see these new books……I may be behind a trend but I am into Kumihimo beaded jewelry.

    Leah Prewitt says:

    What fun!  I have been designing jewelry and doing wire work, but knew I had a hole in my knowledge of the craft  - beading. I have bought a puny loom and a needle filling magic bowl, but a lot of this material would open up new avenues to me, and the rest would help me hone my skills.

    Amy says:

    Two wonderful books.  A must have for any beading library.  

    Bonnie Horowitz says:

    An amazing collection of incredible work by great bead artists. My friend, Dr.Sabine Lippert, is such an inspiration. After taking her class and hosting her here at my home while she was teaching, I have  completed several of her designs already. The projects really sparkle, they look complex, but they are not frustrating to make. All the students just love her! Thank you………….Bonnie Horowitz

    Melinda Whiteman says:

    I love the “randomness” of clusters and the creative ways I see people using them :)

    Amazingly talented artists! Great additions to my beading library… hint hint ;-)

    Mardel says:

    A class with Marcia DeCoster got me past my fear of beadweaving, so I enjoy learning new stitches.  I like how little seed beads can be turned into something with a lot of wow factor!

    Tara Roberts says:

    I’m new to beading, so I can’t really predict any trends (or spot them), but I am using them with not only my needlework, but with my tatting & kumihimo projects.

    Lizinseattle says:

    I’m stitching beaded barrettes for my daughters and using wire to make rings out of vintage buttons.

    Krazeblooeyes says:

    I have been beading for 7 years, and have enjoyed learning new ways to use my beads.  I love the mixed media trend!  Anything goes and that’s great!

    Bejaap says:

    Beading is such a fun and personal way of giving that just perfect gift

    Jen H says:

    :) I think that bead embroidery is so incredible. There is so much that can be done with it in so many different ways.  I hope someday I might actually be good at it! :)

    Jean Callaghan says:

    I just discovered your site and know what I have been missing!  So much to see!  I’ll definitely visit often!

    Ivismccarthy says:

    Would love this!

    Now that is a great giveaway!!  I love all the Lark Books :)

    What a great offering of books! I’ve had Laura McCabe’s book in my Amazon cart for a while, but I always seem to need supplies worse. LOL I love the mixed-media trend. I’ve used some simple bead weaving in my predominantly wire pieces.

    Ivis_mccarthy says:

    I would love to look at these books

    Gailbano says:

    I’ve only been doing bead embroidery a few months, but I know Inspiration when I see it. It is rewarding when a piece of mine can make me feel good, knowing I’m heading in the direction that I want to go.

    Lori Clarida says:

    Your books are always utterly amazing.

    Kathy L says:

    Love this series.  I have all except Bead Riffs and that is on order!.

    CNJ Ceramics says:

    Oh, I hope I win!

    Skjell says:

    Beautiful books! I’d like to see more beadwork based on art historical examples…Ancient Greek, Mesopotamian, Renaissance, Art Deco, etc. There is so much inspiration from the past.

    Shaiha W says:

    I would so love to add these books to my library.  I have just been drooling over the projects that you have been sharing with us

    Constance J Mitro-Johnson says:

    I love these books as they are so inspirational and the instructors are terrific.

    Connie says:

    I love the idea of mixing crafts in jewelry.  Embroidered earrings, stitched rings, etc.  I am getting ready to make some string art earrings.  I would love these books.

    Kathleenmcg6 says:

    I have downloaded all the freebies and would just love to explore these books in their entirety.

    Kathy Roberts says:

    These books would be great for my collection of bead books!  Thanks for the offer!

    ARod says:

    Like others, I’m a big fan of mixed media beading. My favorite thing to work with lately is paper.

    Danoldcans says:

    I would love to add any of these to my library! Current trend I am into is the mixed media.

    Susan Deegan says:

    What a giant Plethora of inspiration!!!!!  I Just love it here!   I am an offloom weaver and the trends I feel coming are for bold sized jewellery  with a feminine touch like a strong bangle with delicate embellishment on the edges.  I also see brighter colors, but ones that still occur in nature.  I also think that leather will still be popular, but I like to see it done with semi – precious stones

    OMG, these books look wonderful! I would so love to win them; I’ve ‘drooled” over most of them before…but unfortunately we can’t own everything!

    Deb B says:

    When I got this link from a friend, it felt almost as good as winning the lottery would feel. If I won the book set, it would definitely feel that good! These are amazing beaders whose books never fail to inspire and teach.

    Herliana Agustianti says:

    l love all about beads work: crochet, knitting, netting and stich…. ..

    Emily C says:

    These will make a great addition to my personal library. I love the wealth of information and inspiration included in these books.

    Shirley Moore says:

    What a FABULOUS giveaway! Well, I’m not sure if you could call it a trend, but I’m noticing more people talking about the importance of color in their designs. For me personally, the use of different beads to affect the overall design is really grabbing my attention.

    Katie H says:

    I love to do bead weaving, and want to start bead embroidery.  These books will be great additions to my library.

    Pea says:

     What a great collection of beading books, all unique and fresh. I’d love to have any of these.

    Diane Fitzgeralds book got me hooked on seed beads and bead weaving. The bling trend, adding crystals and other materials, is something I very much like!

    Foxrose2006 says:

    All your listed authors are such great teachers, and the two new books sound wonderful. Thank you for posting the great sample projects. Very generous! 

    I love bead embroidery. There are so many ways to combine colors and textures that the possibilities are endless!

    Pat Manzo says:

    These books are fab!

    Buddzc says:

    I’m new to beading and all thumbs, sad to say.  But I would love to try bead embroidery to make colorful and unique pillows for gifting. 

    Debbie says:

    I love the unlimited opportunities there are for embellishment with bead embroidery.

    AH says:

    I’m currently learning bead embroidery. These books would be a welcome addition to my library!

    I’ve been swept up in the beadweaving ocean! About to start learning loom weaving, eventually making small tapestries with beads!  My favorite beadwork activity though is embroidered cuffs. Can’t wait for the new Sonoko Nozue book and especially the new Jaime Cloud Eakin book “Dimensional Bead Embroidery”.

    This is so neat.  Even one of those books would be great to own let alone two.  Beaded Opulence is next on my Christmas library list.  

    Nicci Hartland says:

    Always looking for new ways to bead.  Bead weaving looks like a definite winner

    vintage jewels says:

    LOVE the master classes & the great books that are being written by such talented people. I always tell people beading is MUCH cheaper than therapy, & it has kept me sane!

    vintage jewels says:

    I love anything that uses the picasso bead finishes as it is a gorgeous bead!  I also like projects that are simply seed beads as it gives me a chance to use up my huge stash. These artists are SO talented & their books are a blessing to the beading community. Thank you

    StitchinNole says:

    I just saw “Bead Riffs” at Crystal Creations/Beads Gone Wild in West Palm Beach! Eye candy to the max!!  I wonder if I can ask for them as an anniversary present?  I did manage not to drool all over the pages.

    Beadybub says:

    I love the fact that beadwork is getting so rich and embellished. Did a class with Laura McCabe yesturday. Amazing! Great to see the work in the flesh ( so to speak )

    wendy says:

    I’m pretty new to jewellery making and I’m enjoying trying lots of different techniques to find “my” style.  I love twisted wire jewellery but would love to experiment with more beading

    Anne Ellis says:

    I recently completed a day course with Laura McCabe in the UK and she is such an inspiration, I want to spend my days following her example, I look forward to the publiction of her next book and also of the Japanese Beadwork book, which sounds very unteresting

    Colleen says:

    Gorgeous work. Thanks for sharing the free pdf projects!

    Ssmallcomb says:

    This would be fantastic to win!! Good luck everyone=)

    Susan Wojtowicz says:

    This would make a great gift for my favorite beader – my wonderfully creative sister.

    Susan Wojtowicz says:

    This would make a great gift for my favorite beader – my wonderfully creative sister.

    Susan Wojtowicz says:

    This would make a great gift for my favorite beader – my wonderfully creative sister.

    Paula Sullivan says:

    Because I am involved in Civil War Re-Enacting, I don’t always follow the trends of the time.  I love the classic elegance of the victorian jewelry pieces and use pieces from that era to inspire me to create necklaces, earrings,bracelets etc.. for myself and other re-enactors.  Right now I’ve been doing some netted pieces, along with circular peyote and R.A.W.  These two books would be a huge asset to me!!

    Kristen says:

    Oh to have these books in my library would be incredible!

    Justblue1 says:

    Look fantastic!!  Would love to be an owner…….

    Sahily Saldana says:

    I would love to have this books and learn to do this beautiful projects! I’m just satrting in beading, but love it!

    Donna H. says:

    I’m new to beading but love the patterns and trends that I am seeing. I am anxious to learn.

    Anonymous says:

    I’d love to have these books.  Working with beads is my way of relaxing.  I’m always on the lookout for new projects and I think these books would give me a few ideas.  Thanks.

    Ruby Taylor says:

    I love the many ways of stitching and beading to make many different patterns. This would be awesome to own. Thanks so much for the chance to win them!

    MaryF says:

    I have just recently found beading so I think everything is GREAT!! I would love to add these as the first beading books to my library.

    Nora Pero says:

    These would be a great addition to the library we keep for our polymer clay guild-our members are always branching out!

    Pearlandpebble says:

    FABULOUS giveaway!!! This is very exciting, I just recently started making beaded beads to incorporate into my jewelry designs. I love the texture the beadweaving introduces. I don’t know if it’s a trend or not, but it’s a new little venture for me!  

    Swellmore says:

    This would be a great addition to my library to spark those creative juices!
    The trend I find most exciting is combining beadwork with other media, such as wirework, polymer clay and metal clay.

    Nissa Abidi says:

    Wow! I’ve been beading as long as I can remember!  There are two techniques that I enjoy beadweaving and bead embroidery.  There are endless possiblities with them!!

    C says:

    I love bead embroidery and I am excited by the myriad of  techniques which fuse together into modern art jewelry.

    Moon Shadow says:

    o o o I want to WIN!  best of luck to everyone!

    Deb (Two Cheeky Monkeys) says:

    Oh wow, so many books to inspire me!!!

    Roelyjenkins says:

    Here in Australia we been fortunate enough to have had Marcia and Laura come out to teach. But to be able to have a book at home to look at whenevery you want, that would be fantastic. I would be the envy of all my beading friends, and aren’t they the best.craft friends to have.

    Dparker95 says:

    I’m new to beading and love all the help your books and classes have given me! Thanks

    I am excited how mixed media is making it’s way into jewelry.

    cl cl says:

    thank you for all those freebies , I am delighted !!

    jeanniebench says:

    Wow!  It’s like Christmas.

    Casy says:

    As a new beader (about two months) – it would be awesome to receive these books and as a new beader – everything is exciting!  At this moment, I am most excited at learning cubic right angle weave – I have seen quite a few projects popping up around using this method. 

    Umoza Mzizi says:

    I have Marcia DeCoster’s Beaded Opulence and I have used it continually in making both color and stitch preferences. I really love this book.

    Judi Leatherberry says:

    Wow, these are some of the best books! I love all of them and would love to have them in my collection!

    Ronit says:

    Would love to have a chance to win an awesome book (each and every one is!!!)

    Jvaala says:

    Wow and more wows…. this is one amazing set of books that would make any passionate beadster (such as me) drool for hours together. Thanks Larks books for this wonderful opportunity to own such great books. Keep up the motivation and inspiration :)

    Ruth Spooner says:

    I know I may be slow, but I’m really interested in Steampunk at the moment. Although maybe I should call it Beadpunk – a softer version allowing the inclusion of some colour and different texture.

    salla says:

    I have Shaped Beadwork and LOVE IT! Getting the others in the series would be awesome!

    bead lover says:

    Couldn’t wait!! already purchased all of them and they are WONDERFUL!  Would love to win a set to donate to my bead society library… share… share… share!

    Kristina says:

    This series is so breathtaking. My favourite trend right now – asymetrical necklaces with plenty of beaded beads preferably of irregular shapes. 

    Mjluquette says:

    Oh my, I would love to win this —  I love beading and think that is going to become more popular and sophisticated.

    Imsikofu says:

    many of those pieces look absolutely delicious!  what’s more fun than a beading challenge- enough to keep you off the street and out of trouble for quite a while!  val magnuson

    Skyebdreamersboo says:

    I’m really into the extravagance of bead embroidery and the over-the-top wirework with coils and swirls.  I just like how big and bold jewelry is right now. 

    Simpat says:

    I like to use beads in my soft sculptures- these books just look amazing- so inspirational

    Awjewelry says:

    I love beading books!  They are such a source of inspiration.  I have been seeing lots of Bohemian and Ethnic looking things recently, looks like something fun to try.  I would especially like to try my hand a bead embroidery.  Hope I win!!

    Margaret Lew says:

    What a fabulous little library!  I already have one of these books and it’s not enough… kind of like the seed beads themselves… there’s always room for more of them and there’s always the need for new inspiring projects to try!

    Diann says:

    As a beginning beader these very talented beaders floor me. The elegance of their work shows the passion of a true crafter. I would love to own a collection of knowledge as vast as these. Passion of a craft makes creativity come alive.

    love these patterns, can’t wait to use them.

    Ann Sherwood says:

    That is a fantastic prize.  They all look very interesting.

    Kim McM says:

    My daughter would be so happy to receive these books and I would be so happy to win them for her.  I am not the beader in the family, so am not really up on the latest trends, but it seems to me that jewelry is not just an accessory anymore, but is more of a statement, or work of art.  Anyway, thanks for the giveaway!

    I love beading. It keeps me sane when the rest of life drives me crazy. I would love love love these books!

    Lorimf says:

    Omigosh I would LOVE those books! I already own 2 of them, but would give my (unsigned) two to a local library  so other beaders can enjoy them. 
    As a quilter who has come to the world of beading just about 5 years ago, I’m most excited about the trend of fibre inclusions in fine jewelry….and personalized stamped metal pendants and charms…love those!

    kat newkirk says:

    great ideas, wonderful clear instructions! I’d love to make these a prt of my jewelry arts library!

    Valerie says:

    The Lark books already in my library are filled with exquisite pictures and a wealth of information and I know these will be just as wonderful and would make my bead work that much better!

    Liz (the Bad Liz) says:

    What a great series of books you are producing!    Kudos to you and your staff!

    Lissa says:

    I would really, really, really love to win these books. Did I mention I would love to win? Thanks for the opportunity! You rock! I’m most interested in the multimedia look – combining ribbons, metal, beads, etc.

    Leslie Wayment says:

    I absolutely love the quality of book Lark Books provide.

    Jaqui says:

    These are wonderful designs that I and many others would love to make!

    KathyB says:

    What a stunning collection of beading books! Several interesting trends I’ve been watching are the cubic right angle weave, new ideas in bead embroidery, and beadweaving stitch combinations.

    Deb Bee says:

    I’ve never really beaded before and would love to learn how.

    Jafinger1 says:

    It is awesome that I could possibly win these wonderful books. Keep up the great work on publishing the best of our beading community. Thank you Lark Books.

    Cherie says:

    How exciting to have access to such wonderful names in the jewelry segment!

    michele shanholtz says:

    Great contest! What tend I find most exciting? The mixed media trend has opened up so many possibilities in beading…

    Anna Belkina says:

    I think that mixed media is the best trend around!

    Susan Spiers says:

    A Wonderful Giveaway! Luv what I’ve seen so far! Thank Susan

    LaRocca01 says:

    Wow!!  What an AMAZING opportunity to get these great books!  I find that in books like these I get the most inspiration.  I am a hobby beader and recently have played with the idea of starting my own business in this amazing and endless possibility field.


    Mariela says:

    I am a metal girl, but every now and then when a famous teacher comes to our guild I take a classes on stitching  and the ladies on your books are the best Macia DeCoster, Diane Fitzgerald and Rachel Nelson-Smith they inspired me to try and try again seed bead stitching

    Karen Ringen says:

    Wow, enough bead books to get me through my bead stash. I’m no good with trends. I’m just happy there are more colors of Tila beads coming out.

    Gale says:

    Awesome giveaway!  Would love to add these books to my beading library.

    I only started beading a couple years ago, but so far have found that I really like working with wire. I have been making all kinds of goodies with bead and wire.  I do use other materials, such as hemp cord and other, but like I said, I think I enjoy wire the best. :)

    Mars says:

    I used to bead in High School; then I put it away at graduation, thinking I needed to ‘grow up’.  Well, now married with kids, I’ve picked it back up, and oh how I’ve missed it!  I’ve been pining away for 2 years for Shaped Beadwork by Diane Fitzgerald!  I would be soooo thrilled to have all these!

    holycrow says:

    This would be a great way to use up more of my stash! Bead embroidery is a cool trend that I want to play with a little more. After beading for 22 years I’m still amazed at what kind of art is possible. 

    Traci Staves says:

    The trend for me right now is mixed media jewelry with the focus on beadweaving.  I agree these books would be a great addition to my library.

    Teri Kline says:

    I love the mixed media trends that I have been seeing.  I need more ideas so it becomes more natural to me.  I tend to second guess myself.  Love the cuff on the cover of Sherry’s book!

    Jamie Rubin says:

    I think it woulod have to be a tie between bead embroidery and resins w/ collage underneath. I’m looking for a way to meld the two into my own unique style…

    Bobi White says:

    While I am not sure it is a ‘trend’, I am noticing beads everywhere, it seems. Beads are showing up like they’ve been newly discovered :) I know that my few years of beading have opened my eyes to the many possibilites beading offers!! Mixed media seems to be the way a lot of ‘new’ beaders are being exposed. Thank goodness for all the artists penning these wonderful books to increase those who want to learn more.

    Cindy (from Germany) says:

    Oh, what a stunning collection of bead designers you can find in this book give-away! My favourite trend is mixing bead weaving elements with Chain Maille. Unfortunately, I’m a bloody beginner in Chain Maille…

    Jacquelyn Guerrero says:

    I’m new to beading and wouldn’t be able to tell trends but the thing that I like doing right now is adding vintage items or mixing stuff up with seed beads and mixed media. Thank you for this opportunity!!

    Marla Gibson says:

    These are fantastic!  Thanks so much!

    I love to combine beadwoven elements with wirework, larger beads and metal charms and stampings. THese two new books look amazing!

    Diana76017 says:

    I’m bead crazy and love all of the beadwork done by all of your books’ authors.  Thanks for a chance to win a book. 

    Carol Johnston says:

    Sherry Serafini’s book “Sensational Bead Embroidery” just arrived in the mail and I had to sit down and look at every page.  WOW!  I’m awed and inspired.  Thank you for having this web site available for us “Beaders.”  I’ve been working with beads for about two years now.  This is a new area and I’m anxious to start my first embroidery project.  Carol Johnston

    Joyce Pusel says:

    What wonderful books!

    DJ says:

    I have to say wow- it would be so awesome to win this giveaway. I stumbled upon beading 2 years ago & was instantly hooked! I really enjoy both beadweaving & bead embroidery…right now, I am loving bead embroidery. :) 

    Angelfishsherri says:

    Wow amazing books :)  Really inspiring!

    Auroramist4u2c says:

    what wonderful beadwork. been doing it for 40 yrs. and still so much more wonderful things to learn.

    Dmm987oh says:

    These are terrific books! Such eye candy!
    donna m

    Designsbymtj says:

    I would love to win this collection of outstanding books!  Talk about honing my beading skills – wow! Than you for this opportunity!

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