Lark Jewelry & Beading is giving away a bundle of seven of our most popular recent beading books, all signed by their authors, just in time to make fantastic holiday presents for friends, family, or yourself!

The books are the three Beadweaving Master Class books — Diane Fitzgerald’s Shaped Beadwork, Marcia DeCoster’s Beaded Opulence, and Laura McCabe’s Embellished Beadweaving — as well as these great titles: Tapestry Bead Crochet by Ann Benson, Beadmaille by Cindy Thomas Pankopf, Bugle Bead Bonanza by Jamie Cloud Eakin, and Metalworking 101 for Beaders by Candie Cooper. PLUS, having just passed under some mistletoe, I’m adding in an unsigned copy of a special eighth book: The classic — and out of print! — Creative Bead Weaving by Carol Wilcox Wells, recently named by five of our six Beadweaving Master Class authors as one of their favorite beading books.

How to enter for a chance to win the festive eight-book bundle? Leave a comment on this post by 9 p.m. EST on Monday, December 13, letting us know what your favorite beading book is and what makes it special. (If you’re not a beader, but want to win the books as gifts for someone who is, just write about your favorite book of any kind!) One winner will be selected at random and announced on Thursday, December 16. Click through for the official rules. Good luck … and happy holidays from Lark Jewelry & Beading!


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    Catherine says:

    It’s not a beading book (but it’s jewelry related!). I’m a huge fan of Complete Metalsmith by Tim McCreight – -lot of knowledge packed into one book…and I adore spiral binding. :)

    Kristi says:

    My favorite beading book? I would have to say that is whatever the current one I just picked up to learn a new technique. Though also have to admit that 3 of these books are on my to read list!

    Jeanne says:

    I’m not so much of a beader, more of a metalsmith, but my daughters work more with beads at this point. My favorite jewelry books have got to be Jewelry Concepts and Technology, but Oppi Untract, Opal-Identifiction and Value (and of course, my own book! Silver Threads, Making Wire Filigree Jewelry!)

    Lindaprihoda says:

    I am a VERY beginner but my favorite book (and only one I own) about beading is French-Inspired Jewelry by Kaari Meng. I would love to add 7 more to books to my collection to learn from. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Pattic80 says:

    My current favorite craft book is “Scrapbooking Everyday Moments.” I am ready to switch back and do some jewelry making again. I switch between several crafts.

    DonnaJ says:

    My favorite bead book has got to be Creative Bead Weaving by Carol Wilcox-Wells. It was one of the first bead books I purchased and I still just page thru it looking for inspiration. It always gets me in the mood to be creative!

    Janel says:

    I always tell people to buy Carol Wilcox Wells’ Creative Bead Weaving if they want to learn how to bead. I love this book!!

    Theresa K says:

    I personally like the books that combine my other passions, crochet and sewing, the tapestry and weaving bead books intrigue me. I love your give aways. Thanks

    Anonymous says:

    I would love to give these to my sister who is a beader. I crochet and my favorite new book is Around the Corner Crochet Borders: 150 Colorful, Creative Edging Designs with Charts and Instructions for Turning the Corner Perfectly Every Time

    artist_w_a_good_i says:

    There weren’t too many beading books out there when I started beading. My first book, Step-By-Step Bead Stringing, A Complete Illustrated Professional Approach by Ruth F. Poris solved many of my early problems that came up. Its plain advice and straight forward illustrations let my mind’s eye do the creative work.

    Abarrabarr says:

    I’ve heard such good things about Creative Bead Weaving, that I’d love to check it out. Some of my favorite jewelry books are Mokume Gane by Ian Ferguson and Metals Technic. Fascinating stuff!

    Sharlyngp says:

    Oh my, I would so love to have these books! I make glass beads and would now like to learn how to make them into jewelry and other items. My favorite beading book would be the one I can learn the most from.

    Sabine Lippert says:

    What a marvelous collection of bead art!!!! I am sure from the previews, that my favorite beadweaving book will be the upcoming one from Sherry Serafini!!!

    Liz Thompson says:

    My favorite beading book is Beaded Opulence – this one was just put together so elegantly. Of course, Creative Bead Weaving is a very important staple in every beaders closet (even the dog thought so when she chewed one corner of the book), I call it my beaders “bible.” What a great collection for a very lucky winner!

    Denise says:

    I agree with your authors – Creative Bead Weaving

    Beth Eltinge says:

    My all time favorite beading book is “Creative Bead Weaving” by Carol Wilcox Wells. From that one book I learned most of the basics of what I do, and, even though it is out of print, I continue to recommend it to my friends and students.

    Brymarquis says:

    My favorite bead book is Beaded Chain Mail Jewelry. It shows me how to combine two of my passions: chain mail and beads!

    Lawt says:

    Do not yet have a favorite bseadisng book. If I win this, I’ll have 7 books to select from!

    Jvasquez56 says:

    A beader’s dream come true, Merry Christmas.

    Sandy T says:

    I have just recently entered into the world of beading but I actually do lampwork and was interested to read that Margie Deeb would like to see more of these two mediums combined….. that is exactly what I would like to accomplish. To be able to combine the art of seed beading with the art of lampworking is my goal!!

    Picking a favorite beading book is like picking a favorite child! Sorry, but I just can’t do it — every one that’s on my shelf has earned its place by having something wonderful about it. I will say, though, that I’m really looking forward to getting my hands on Sherry Serafini’s new book.

    Linda Frear says:

    The pendant on the Tapestry Bead Crochet is mesmerizing. I think I’m in love.

    Sharon says:

    My favorite beading book is Beaded Embellishment by Amy Clarke & Robin Atkins
    Thanks for the giveaway

    Drew Oliver says:


    I am new to beading but i want to learn more about it and these seem like the perfect way to do that.

    My favorite books are the Series of Ice and Fire, a wonderful grouping of books, filled with passion, danger, death, politics, savages and so much more. You follow the footsteps of many of the characters within the books, some are good and others evil and out for themselves. But either way it s an exciting tale.

    Glitterata1 says:

    If I could choose just one book it would be Beaded Opulence. Beading gives me the ability to create a decadent dream into the reality of a beautiful piece of jewelry. I love to blend colors, mix stitches, bend wire, and each of these books enhances personal knowledge. Thanks to each author/artist/designer. Sue

    Yvonnekuennen says:

    My favorite jewelry making book is by Jackie Truty. Metal Clay the Complete Guide. When I was new to pmc I read every page of this book at least three times and I still recommend it to my students when I teach workshops.

    Yvonne Kuennen
    Certified Instructor and Artisan working in Precious Metal Clay

    Camdeon827 says:

    I like too many to name a favorite. Currently I am stuck on Marcia DeCoster’s Beaded Opulence. My favorite “go to” for solutions to problems is, The Beading Answer Book by Karen Morris.

    Andrew Thornton says:

    I think my favorite book is my sister’s book, Enchanted Adornments. I helped her while she was working on the book and it was really an educational and magical experience. It was like playing mad scientist. Also, the book was designed by Pam Norman (Berman) with Cynthia’s illustrations and watercolors and turned out beautifully!

    Andrew Thornton says:

    Sorry it’s not a Lark book! I adore the 500 series. I can’t look at those books without getting inspired and having to make something!

    Melissa says:

    One of my favorite beading books is “A string and a Prayer” by Eleanor Wiley. It added new depth and breadth to my personal journey with beads.
    Thank you for your generous giveaway.

    Cathryn says:

    I already own “Beadmaille” and “Tapestry Bead Crochet” — *marvellous* books in their respective fields.

    I am *thrilled* to see that “Creative Bead Weaving” is on your radar, Larkcrafts, because it is another priceless book.

    Congratulations to your publication department for always anticpating the craft needs of the public.

    Melanie says:

    Pick just one fav? Well hard as that is, I choose Beadmaille. Such a creative idea combining the “manliness” of chain maille with “feminine” beads! I will have to have this book for ideas for my specialty collection designs!!

    LORI says:

    I’m not eligible for the contest :( as you apparently have something against Canadians….but I’d definitely vote for Marcia de Coster’s Beaded Opulence.

    Theresa says:

    I would take ANY book by Laura McCabe. I absolutely love her designs as she seems to be able to create such amazing works of art.

    StacyinKS says:

    Wow..there are so many Wonderful books out there on the market now….It’s so hard to pick just one-but I guess I would have to say I love the Nancy Alden Books…Right now, I am trying out designs from “Beading with Gemstones.

    Hope I am doing this right, I would love to have one of these to add to my Jewelry Resources.

    Tjyates says:

    The books look so interesting!

    I would love to have any of them since we do not have this in Mexico, but I’d chose Embellished beadweaving because I love how embellish can increase and even change the look of any beadwork increasing the possibilities, you can make one single bracelet embellished in many different ways and the look will be different everytime.I am sure Laura’s book is the best example to learn more about it, I have seen her work in magazines and love it all.

    MICHELE says:

    I really like the creative bead weaving, so many things that you can make. The book is very well printed. Easy to follow. Very nice stuff. Was very excited when I got the book, couldn’t wait to start on a new project.

    Ksredhead28 says:

    I am a fairly new Jewelry Designer-so am still needing ideas for inspiration..Right now I am really enjoying the Nancy Alden books.

    I would love to win any of these. :)
    Stacy in KS

    Rhonda says:

    I would love to get my hands on “Metalworking 101 for Beaders”! I live in a small city where there aren’t many places to buy findings or chain for my projects, so to be able to make my own would be amazing. Also, I’m sure I could learn some great new things from “Embellished Beadweaving”.

    Ingadej says:

    I started out weaving on a loom with beads, It would be fun to get creative with it instead of it sitting beside me collecting dust
    I already own Shaped beadwork and it has taught me so very much. I would love to find out what Marcia DeCoster and Laura McCabe can teach me.
    Tapestry bead crochet, I have never dared to do something like that, not chainmaille or metalsmithing either. Theese books might give me the courage

    Quelli says:

    My favorite beading book changes from day to day. Any book that I pickup and can inspire me to try something new or gives me a new idea and so far, that has been just about every book ;)

    LORI says:

    It’s not out of print. It’s available currently at Amazon.

    Missbecky says:

    My current favorite is ‘Bead Romantique’ by Lisa Kan. The beauty and simplicity really touches me. The first project I made was her V Scallop Necklace which turned out beautifully. I also simply love the lariat, and the leaves, which will probably be my next choice from that book.

    stacy says:

    Hoping this works…I keep getting errors.

    I am a fairly new Jewelry Designer-so right now I am using the Nancy Alden books. I would LOVE to win this set. :)

    Stacy in KS/Ksredhead

    Connie says:

    I loved Diane Fitzgerald’s first book, “Creative Bead Weaving” I learned so many techniques from her book.

    LORI says:

    Creative Beadweaving is not out of print. It’s available at Amazon.

    Ksredhead28 says:

    worked that time…seeing if I can enter my email now..

    Taraberry09 says:

    wow! just one?! um i would have to say beadmaille. i’ve planned to start learning chainmaille in the new year and this would definately be awesome along with all the others! what a wonderful offer! thank you for the chance to win this :)

    LORI says:

    I don’t seem to be able to “reply”; so to Beth E…..Creative Beadweaving is not out of print. It is available at Amazon, and probably also at Lark, as it’s part of the draw!

    Marge B says:

    I love Diane Fitzgerald’s Shaped Beadwork magazine. Who know you could make so many different shapes with peyote!

    Mabecker66 says:

    It is hard to pick just one, but I love the tapestry bead crochet. They projects are so beautiful.

    Jean Peter says:

    Beaded Treasures: Finger Woven Bracelets, Necklaces, Tassels & Straps-By Robin Atkins Is right now my favorite beading book. I hve quite a few, but this is the most recently acquired book I have read it cover to cover 3 times. I love and cherish all my books, they are the one thing that can get me out of a creative slump, even though I NEVER make anything exactly like what is in a book!! :)

    Car34hbar says:

    My favorite beading book is the book I don’t have yet. I get so much out of all that I have, I am ready to go to new ones. The books Beaded Opulence and Creative Bead Weaving are some of my favorites. Any book by Ann Benson and Laura McCabe look like the next ones that should be in my beading library.

    Laurie Emmer says:

    would love the book on bead weaving– I have tried it and would love to really learn what to do.

    Kristin Ackermann says:

    I just bought Weave, Wrap, Coil. I know its more wire working than beading but the pieces in it are amazing. I can’t wait to start.

    Kjwtwintwo says:

    I am not a beader, but my niece is and she loves, beading it is something she does to keep her mind busy. She is a cancer survivor and she has read many bead magazines but no books but would love to have some books to learn more styles.

    Butterfly7610 says:

    The bugle bead bonanza looks awesome! i love working with seed beads and that necklace on the cover looks great! would love to make that!

    Cindy says:

    Hmmm I cannot pick a favorite of any kind of book. I just love books and I love creating. I am an avid reader, scrapbooker, and jewelry maker. Thanks for the opportunity to win such fabulous books to learn more about one of my favorite hobbies from!!!!

    Jewelrybycher says:

    My favorite beading book is “Beading with Cabochons” by Jamie Cloud Eakin. There are so many gorgeous examples and instructions for variations, it takes me hours to look through each time. The beauty of her work just makes me feel in awe of the possibilities of beads. Every single chapter inspires me more and more. I am so looking forward to reading the Beadweaving Master Class Books and learning more about the amazing artists that wrote them.

    Tl5blue says:

    I’m not sure the name of the book, but I took a class with the author. It was a book about embellishing cabochons and I love the detail of that type of beadwork. My students are enjoying learning that technique. This would be fun to win, I could learn new tips and tricks and then share the books with my students. Any my birthday is Wednesday…. lol

    Tl5blue says:

    Where in the world did my comment go?

    D Keith Coulter says:

    I have just started beading and what a BONANZA this would be. My favorite book today is Zapotec Weavers of Teotitlan by Stanton. It has photographs of many inspiring designs.

    Lorri says:

    I too love Beadmaille. Was the first book I bought. I look forward to purchasing more. Now I must go forth and bead! Thanks for the contest, I have my fingers crossed!

    Sarabdesigns says:

    One of my favotire bead books is The Beaded Garden by Diane Fitzgerald. I absolutely loved making the awesome flowers it had in it. The instructions were great to follow and the patterns were keepers I loved sharing with my students. I love bead weaving as well as all styles of jewelry design so to win that many books would be a beaders dream “This beaders for sure”. If you haven’t checked it out before this book is one for the collection to have on hand. Wonderful Pansies, orchid’s, roses, daisy’s to learn and share!

    Angiejbailey27 says:

    I have just started beading and seen the bugle bead bananza I loved it so much . It was at hobby lobby looked like it would be a wonderful book to add to my collection…I hope santa will bring it to me…Angie

    Jghklh says:

    My favorite books are Seed Bead Stitching and More Seed Bead Stitching by Beth Stone. They were the first books that were able to amke it all come to life for me. I think Beths’ methodology and way of illustrating are the best way to learn. In addition, Beth has an amazing FUN attituse that really inspires-you can almost visualize her smiling and joking as you learn-a really lighthearted approach makes beading even more enjoyable.

    Kimberlea Branham says:

    I’ve only been beading for about 3 years, and I’m just now getting to where I’m trying to branch out in my techniques and learn more. I haven’t used any of the above titles, but the Beadmaille is the one that really stands out for me. My favorite beadng book that I have is Bead Chic by Margot Potter. Practically every design taught me a new idea for using beads in ways I hadn’t even thought of considering. It’s wonderful in the way it walks a person through certain steps for doing techniques, and makes you feel like you can accomplish everything with ease. I would love to add the above books to my growing collection and learn even more. There are no boundaries on creativity and inspiration is all around us every day, in the simplest of ways, but it never hurts to have knowledge at your fingertips to help bring that inspiration to life. Good luck to everyone and congratulations to whoever wins!

    Elena Evans says:

    Favorite: Embellished Beadweaving. Because it is a challenge I have yet to try. I do all kinds of beading.
    Elena Evans

    Elena Evans says:

    Beadmaille looks challenging as well. Hard to choose.
    Elena Evans

    Queserah2 says:

    I love Beaded Opulence! Please!!

    Queserah2 says:

    As to why its special – it is so inspiring – it was the first book that really got me working with those teeny tiny seed beads – I hope this still counts coz I forgot to put why before!! (Its called brain fog due to CFS!)

    AulosDesigns says:

    I’ve been making jewelry for about 10 years now, the selection of books available now is amazing. It’s hard to pick one favorite, but among my favorites are Creative Bead Weaving by Carol WIlcox Wells, the 2 by Beth Stone, the 2 Wire Jewelry books by Irene From Petersen, Laura McCabe’s 2 books, Dianne Fitzgerald’s Shaped Bead Weaving, and the ‘color’ books by Margie Deeb. As they are older, I think the I.F. Petersen books are overlooked – there’s a lot of information packed into these 2 small books.

    Diane B says:

    I love the new book Chained, which I recently received in the mail. The designs are very creative, and new! I do not have Beadmaille yet, so it would be a great addition. All the books being given away look great, and would open up new jewelry design avenues for me. Thanx for the opportunity!!

    Lori says:

    My favorite jewelry making book is Great Wire Jewelry from Irene from Peterson. It was one of my first jewelry books and I learned lots of cool things from it.

    Gayle says:

    My favorite Lark Jewelry book is “The Ultimate Jeweler’s Guide”. Though this book is wonderful for making metal pendants and creative little sculptures for Jewelry, I need to add beads to embellish and finish my projects. I will be exploring more into beads as I continue to create in metal. It is such a fun and creative outlet, that I am hooked! I will be looking forward to learning more about the fascinating craft of jewelry.

    Jenni says:

    I already own 4 of these books and love them all. The one I refer to the most so would be my favorite is Laura McCabes book. Creative Bead Weaving was one of the first books I bought and I learned a LOT from that book. Still one of my favorite ‘go to’ books when I need an idea or a stitch review. Sherry Serafini’s book is also a favorite. Oh just way too many to pick just one!!!

    Angie says:

    My favorite is Beadmaille. I just love the look of medieval look and the weight of the jewelry.

    Sarah says:

    Shaped Beadwork would be my choice of books, I love all the new shapes and sizes of beads that are on the market now. They’re all so interesting, I would love to have the book and get started with all the projects it has to offer.

    Sarah Douglas

    Maggi40 says:

    The Shaped Beadwork book looks absoutely fantastic!

    Yuliya says:

    I own Diane Fitzgerald’s Shaped Beadwork and I really love this book! It has priceless advices and truly gorgeous illustrations. highly recommend it!
    Do not mind checking out other books :)

    Laura says:

    My favorite beading book, so far, is Glamorous Beaded Jewelry. I love the fact that there is so much variety from earrings to necklaces. And they don’t have to be ornate to be glamorous, I have made some and in doing so, changed some things to make it my own. I love the fact that I can look at these books and gain more ideas than I had before and still make something new. Creativity will never die.

    Adele says:

    I think I have to go with Creative Bead Weaving. I love beading, I tend to go with the more elegant simple things. This book seems to have all that I need, with a stylish elegance just for me.

    Lisa Tracy says:

    Wow, some of my all-time faves! Please pick me to win!!!

    Lisa Tracy says:

    Oops, forgot to tell you what my favorite beading book is. That’s a toughie. I often reach for “Mastering Beadwork” by Carol Huber Cypher, but love the inspiration of “The Art of Beadwork” by Valerie Hector. I’m currently learning a LOT from “The Workbench Guide to Jewelry Techniques” by Anastasia Young.

    Erin says:

    These books look awesome! My current favourite books are 101 Wire Earrings by Denise Peck and Complete Guide to Making Wire Jewelry from Art Jewelry Books. I am new to using wire so I wanted books that simplified the beginning techniques. Both these books do this, as well as inspire! I would love to win the books! Thanks for the chance!

    I love beading books but do not really have a favorite. I am pretty much self taught and did use many of the beading magazines and books published like Bead Style, Bead and Button, and their websites.

    Ultimatebatcat4 says:

    Oh I would have so much fun with these books!! I am always looking for a new challenge.

    Beadativity says:

    Wow, I don’t even know how to pick my favorite beading book. I really love beadweaving, so Beaded Colorwise is a great inspiration. It is very organic and less structured than a lot of the stitches/patterns I see. I love the structured patterns too… I just appreciate stepping outside of the box sometimes!


    Beadativity says:

    Wow, I don’t even know how to pick my favorite beading book. I really love beadweaving, so Beaded Colorwise is a great inspiration. It is very organic and less structured than a lot of the stitches/patterns I see. I love the structured patterns too… I just appreciate stepping outside of the box sometimes!


    Barbara says:

    I own lots of cross stitch books but have yet to build up a beading library. Beading is a new found love. If I win I would love to share the books with my life time friend Gayleen.

    Beverly Reinhart says:

    I started out beading by sewing them on fabric with odds and ends of beads different friends and family gave me. Then, to encourage my boyfriend to understand my new obsession, I had him pick out a pattern and beads to make him a guitar strap. Hey, it actually worked! That project wasn’t perfect but it got me into working with the tiny delica beads. So now I am learning bead weaving off the loom and would love to go beyond the peyote stitch I learned on Utube. Which by the way is a great tool but not available in the bathtub to study while I soak.

    All the female members of my family are getting simple little beaded projects this year in their Christmas package from me.. I’m not just pawning my stuff off on them, they have all expressed a desire to own something I’ve made. Hopefully by Christmas next year I’ll be able to make them “real spectacular jewelry” to show off. I could use some more knoweldge and inspiration. As I am unable to get out to take lessons, winning this contest would help me tremendously.

    I can’t get enough of research for the different stitches and designs available for this type of bead and the style of bead weaving. I’d love to have this library to further my new artistic endeavors.

    Thank you for giving all of us beaders this chance to add to their knowledge.

    Tmc1230 says:

    I am new to beading, so I dont have ANY books on beading! I just love it, but I have a lot to learn and would be so glad to win.

    Beverly Reinhart says:

    I’m still learning at home off the internet…..so I can’t say which book is my favorite. This gives me a good list of needed books to order on the computer. Thanks for publishing the list and giving someone a great Christmas present.

    Cat Coulter says:

    I’m not a beader of any kind, but my Mother is. So, I will write my favorite book of all time is East of Eden by John Steinbeck. Classic novel of good vs. evil.

    Leticia S. Ramirez says:

    My favorite “books” are several, one of them being Laura McAbe’s Embellished Beadweaving. The book has endless possibilities that flare your imagination to combine and create. Embellishing jewelry is simply an art. You can add anything to make jewelry look as simple, as opulent, or as wild and exotic as you want.Whomever wins these books, takes a treasure!!! ^,^

    Farressw says:

    My favorite is always the next book to be published!!!!! I did Love Donna DeAngelis Dickt’s: French Beaded Designs
    She wrote in such a way that I was an instant success!

    Jen says:


    Jen says:


    Jen says:


    Jen says:

    I am a complete beginner. I have started out with simple glass varieties on wire, and moved up from there. I recently opened a blog online showing off some of my creations, but I really want to get into metal working and glass lamp work. Metalworking 101 promises a simple breakdown of supplies and beginner techniques to help me learn more about starting out in this fascinating hobby. I am really excited! I want to get started very soon!

    Stormyrapture says:

    wow this contest sounds like a beader’s heaven lol.And I just love beading and creating unique things.One of my fav books has been Beading with Cabochons by Jamie Cloud Eakin…..what can I say about this book other then its AWESOME! sooo many techniques to learn to help me farther my beading skills.So many tips and step by step to make me feel confident in what I am learning.This book is a great teasure and Im glad I found it.

    PrincessMargie says:

    I love “Createive Bead Weaving” The pictures are great and the diagrams make following the pattern very easy to understand and follow.

    Cindy says:

    The Complete Guide to Wire & Beaded Jewelry by Linda Jones and 101 Wire Earrings by Denise Peck . . . I also like The Earring Style Book by Stephanie A. Wells. Well, maybe Creating Wire and Beaded Jewelry by Linda Jones – that was my first beading book, so it could be my favorite because it really got the creativity flowing. All are good though.

    Kathryn says:

    I have acquired and read so many beading and jewelry-making books since I’ve started jewelry making this past summer, I can’t pick just one (it would be like asking me to pick the favorite of my 4 cats!). My ‘favorite’ depends on what I’m working on or what technique I want to learn at the moment.

    Skigirlchar says:

    what a great collection for new and experienced beaders!

    Sunnysh says:

    These are really a good core beading workshop of books. Hope I win, too!

    Mitzi916 says:

    Ok, count me in! My favorite beading book (now) is Celtic Knots for Beaded Jewelry by Suzen Millodot. Excellent work and well detailed and illustrated!

    Not-participant says:

    Even though I cannot enter in because I live outside the US (there is little probability that the winner is an international reader, but if it must be so, the international winner might pay the shipping costs! There are lots of american giveaways opened worldwide and I wonder why it’s not allowed here. We all love and purchase Lark Books, after all! :-) ), I’ll tell my favourite books as well:
    1. “Creative bead weaving” by Carol Wicox Wells;
    2. “The Art and elegance of beadweaving” by the same author.
    I also love books about dimensional jewelry but the two ones above contain the fundamentals for every beader. You should keep always them in your bag!

    Good luck everybody and Merry Christmas!

    Not participant says:

    Even though I cannot enter in since I live outside the US (there is little probability that the winner is an international reader, but if it must be so, the international winner might pay for shipping costs. There are lots of american giveaways opened worldwide and I wonder why this isn’t allowed here. We all love and purchase Lark Books, after all. :-) ), I’ll tell my favourite books:
    1. “Creative bead weaving” by Carol Wilcox Wells;
    2 “The art and elegance of bead weaving” by the same author.
    I also love books about dimensional jewelry, but the two ones above contain the fundamentals for every beader. You should keep them always in your bag!

    Good luck everybody and Merry Christmas.

    [...] Giveaway of 7 author-signed bead books … plus an unsigned Lark … [...]

    BeadingRSD says:

    One of my favorites (which is easily spotted on my bookshelf from its wear from so much use) is Carol Wilcox Wells creative beadweaving. She makes it so easy to follow along with her directions and pictures, where even I can follow them along. I will be going to Amazon to buy a fresh copy, just to have as a backup :-) Happy Holidays Everyone!

    Kim says:

    I was so excited when I saw this great give a way! What great books! i just recently started beading again and
    love making beaded items to give away to my friends and family. I plan to learn as many new stitches as possible
    and love to learn new techniques. I am into Swarovski crystal and love all that sparkle. One of my favorite beading
    books in “Creating Crystal Jewelry with Swarovski” by Larua McCabe. I am a collector of books much to my
    husband’s dismay.

    C R Mole says:

    Makes me wish I lived in the USA!

    Chris White says:

    I am a Native American Beader, which is obsessed with Diane Fitzgerald’s Shaped Beadwork! I just love how you can maniplate the beads into such different shapes. I love doing my traditonal beadwork, but this opens so many other doors.

    Irmapolanco says:

    please i want to win .

    Abbey Elaine Wickwire says:

    I would choose Laura McCabe’s Embellished Beadweaving. I like the fact that Laura makes a statement of every piece she creates. Style, color, focus, design….she is by far my favorite. Abbey Wickwire

    Emily says:

    Metalworking 101 for beaders- because there are a lot of new people to this industry and it gives them some step-by-step instructions to make their project.

    Rebecca says:

    Beadmaille. Cool Concept. Enter me to win. :)

    Constance Mitro-Johnson says:

    Your books are fabulous. I am always looking forward to the next book with great anticipation. Keep up the good work.

    Yhurt05 says:

    wow this excites me ….i would soooo love winning these!

    Jo says:

    Wow what a fantastic selection of books on offer. Always looking for new ideas & inspiration. Congratulations on your wide selection. A Passion for Beading is a fabulous book!!

    Bijewelry says:

    Thank you for always providing us beaders and lampworkers with great books!!

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    [...] birth – chevrons – dyeing T Making Wire Jewelry Clegg amp Larom R Malcolm Louise – - Read Document beads for kids pdfHow To Make A Kids Beaded Necklace – Beading – YouTubeSo I ended up picking beads … my design on I would go to a beading supply store that specializes in jewelry for this It lasts [...]

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