Bicycle Jewelry

May 10, 2011, 09:00 am  Posted by Lark

This beautiful weather we’re having is bringing out bicycles, so my blog is dedicated to bicycle jewelry. The bicycle is an iconic image, very bold and graphic. Check out the imaginative ways it’s used by the jewelers in this gallery. Also included are pieces and parts of bikes incorporated as a material in jewelry. It’s time to celebrate spring with bicycles.

various bicycle images1. marmar 2. AdziasJewelryAtelier 3. luckyduct 4. taragilchrist

5.MaureenDuffy 6. donmonti 7. dullleadsinker 8. BathtubJungle

9. thehippychicksews 10. BeatriceHoliday 11. KAMcGovern 12. Klimbimberlin

13. GreenGoatDesigns 14. sweetmud 15. thepicapica 16. TulipMade

17. JageinaCage 18. teasemade 19. GreenGoatDesigns 20. ChattonRouge


8 Responses

    jess says:

    beautiful jewelry and promotes a eco life!!! thanks for the great finds, i love the earrings that look like trees!

    Dullleadsinker says:

    fantastic collection of earth friendly pieces

    Edward says:

    This is the best I
    have seen. Theres in nothing like in the market at such reasonable prices. Several pieces would
    upgrade any collection. Good job.!!!

    [...] Bicycle Jewelry « Lark Crafts [...]

    [...] Bicycle Jewelry « Lark Crafts [...]

    This is quite a lovely collection. I feel so honored to have my Porcelain Bicycle Earrings included among other impressive items. Thank you!

    [...] Bicycle Jewelry « Lark Crafts [...]

    ooh, I love the bike chain bracelets!  very very cool!  I have one pair of earrings with a bicycle theme – upcycled from a playing card bound for the trash – http://www.etsy.com/listing/68753779/i-like-to-ride-my-bicycle-surgical-steel

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