Cameo Role

June 09, 2010, 08:00 am  Posted by Lark Jewelry & Beading

While pairing images for the upcoming book 500 Silver Jewelry Designs, these two pieces captured my attention. Though they are not cameos, their silhouettes suggest a similar spirit.

Hyo Jin Kim, Woman with a Necklace, 2008

Hyo Jin Kim, Woman with a Necklace (detail), 2008

Ewa Skoczynska, Heading Into Town, 2007

What is it about the cameo or cameo-inspired work that sets it apart from other figurative jewelry? Is it the history and connotations of the form? Is it that we connect to cameos in an unusually emotional way?

Other jewelers, such as Kristin Beeler, Melanie Bilenker, Jessica Calderwood, Untamed Menagerie, and Simone Walsh create similarly affecting works.

Kristin Beeler, Glance, 2007

Jessica Calderwood, Consumption, 2007

Melanie Bilenker, Tucking, 2009

Untamed Menagerie, A Lady Ought

Simone Walsh

I was surprised by the very idealistic and romantic terms I chose to describe these pieces.

Adoration • Affection • Devotion Delicate • Ghostly • Enduring Fragile • Loving • Mystical Sacred • Sentimental • Tender

Your feelings about jewelry, all jewelry, are beautifully unique.  Looking at these “cameos,” what words feel right for you?


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