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Name: Carol Dean Sharpe

Place: Anthony, New Mexico, USA

Blog: Sand Fibers

Carol, what do you blog about?

Everything and nothing. No. Seriously.

I blog about my new creations and collaborations with other artists. I share some of my personal life, my animals, my mini pecan farm adventures.

I take my readers on window shopping tours around Etsy, and I introduce them to the curators of Etsy treasuries my work is featured in.

What else? Oh, yes, every now and then I have a giveaway, usually to celebrate some sort of milestone for Sand Fibers, but sometimes just because.

Stacks of 24 Karat Gold Peyote Cuff Bracelet by Carol Dean Sharpe

I have three scheduled posts every week:  Thursday’s Treasur(i)es, BAO (Bead Art Originals) Item of the Week, and Saturday Window Shopping with Sand Fibers.

You never know what I might throw in on other days.

Who are you?

I am a beadweaver and, when I find the time and the energy, I’m a wife, “mother” to three large dogs, and friend to some wonderful folks offline and online.

I look for and find joy in the small things in life. (Hmmm … delica beads ARE small, are they not?)

I’m getting older, not much wiser, but hopefully better at my craft.

Why do you blog?

I started blogging the day before my 45th birthday, stating that I was doing so as “a way to explore what I’m doing creatively, perhaps even a way to ensure that I do explore creatively. We’ll see what happens.”

This was before I had any online stores, a Twitter account, or a Facebook page. I’m not sure who I thought my audience was.

Four and half years later, I hope the “explore creatively” part is still true. But I now have to add several other reasons for blogging: showcasing my work and that of other artists I admire, thanking treasury curators, counting my blessings, supporting the Bead Art Originals team, and sharing bits and pieces of me with people who might be interested.


You Are My Sunshine Necklace by Carol Dean Sharpe

Who and what inspire you?

Inspiration is an amazing gift from the Universe: It’s everywhere.

While the inspiration for most of my peyote cuffs comes from striking color combinations, fabric patterns, symbols (especially spirals), and simple geometry, a gorgeous art bead can lure me away from my cuffs and into the world of pendants and ropes.

I’m afraid that if I start listing individual artists who inspire me, I will leave someone out. One of my proudest successes, however, was co-founding the Bead Art Originals team. Each and every one of the artists on that team is an inspiration. For some of the other artists who “rock my creative boat,” check out my Sand Fibers blog links.

That’s my artistic inspiration. My personal inspiration comes from the wonderful people I have been blessed to know and love who continue creating despite (or is it perhaps because of?) facing great physical and emotional obstacles–people who find ways to let life’s challenges make them better rather than weigh them down, people who in the midst of their own problems never forget that “everyone has a story.”

What do you see yourself doing in 10 years, Carol?

Dramatic Abstract Peyote Cuff by Carol Dean Sharpe

I found out some time ago about those “best laid plans of mice and men,” so I’m not terribly big on planning anymore.

I hope to still be living my wonderful life with the man of my dreams, playing with dogs, and creating with beads.

I’d be thrilled if by then I’ll have started teaching and, perhaps, have written a book or two. I’d also love to have my studio set up so that it can be “open to the public,” but that may truly be the biggest pipe dream of them all, given its perpetual state of disarray.

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