Cathe Holden's Blooming Flowers Bracelet in the book Shrink! Shrank! Shrunk!

Shrink! Shrank! Shrunk! Make Stylish Shrink Plastic Jewelry has been among best-selling books in crafts and jewelry for a few months now, and for good reason: The book is packed with 30 bright, fun projects that get the creative juices flowing, along with plenty of clear and easy-to-follow instructions from best-selling author Kathy Sheldon.

We’re pleased to present Cathe Holden’s Blooming Flowers Bracelet project as a PDF: download it by clicking here. (Please be sure to visit designer’s Cathe Holden’s blog Just Something I Made, too!) This project demonstrates yet another aspect of shrink plastic’s creative versatility: how to form the plastic while it’s still hot from the oven into different shapes and dimensions.

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