Celebrating Spain’s World Cup Championship

July 13, 2010, 11:36 am  Posted by Lark

Casillas makes a saveIn honor of Spain winning the 2010 FIFA World Cup (that’s super goalkeeper, Iker Casillas winner of the adidas Golden Glove making a save) my blog this week features Spanish jeweler Ana Hagopian. Ana Hagopian necklace

Check out Ana’s jewelry. She brings fiber, texture and playfulness into her work. Her starting block is the natural world; flowers, petals and stems, in bright, festive colors. Her work is an interesting balance of color and energy AND thoughtfulness and sophistication. Hmmm, reminds me of some great football I saw over the past month. Yeah for Spanish football and Spanish jeweler, Ana Hagopian.gallery of Ana Hagopian's jewelry


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    Bluemoon406 says:

    These are beautiful!
    What kind of material is the top necklace made out of?

      Kathy says:

      From what I was able to tell she typically uses a gauze/linen type of material. This looks to be one of those pieces.

    justval says:

    I viewed her web, truly amazing, the amarallis necklace is breathtaking!

    jess says:

    this is really cool. you combined sports with jewelry. spain played great and casillas was a huge factor in that win. the players should probably buy this jewelry for their significant others. I like the pink flower with the yellow petals, is that a ring??? thanks for sharing

    Ruth says:

    Love the color and festiveness. I would call it exuberant.

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