Creating Glass Beads giveaway!

April 04, 2011, 09:38 am  Posted by Lark Jewelry & Beading

Jeri Warhaftig is the author of Glass Bead Workshop and the newly released Creating Glass Beads, a fun, colorful trek through 10 workshop-type sessions to advance your beadmaking techniques and teach you specific methods. The book, which is filled with detailed how-to photography, has already received glowing coverage across the Web; take a look at the book’s reviews on:

Craft Gossip (“I highly recommend this book for both the beginner and the more advanced bead maker.”)

The Bead Dreamer (“A beautiful and thoughtful book.”)

Lorena Angulo’s blog (“A great addition to your personal library.”)

We’re giving away three first-edition copies of Creating Glass Beads signed by Jeri herself. To enter for a chance to win one of these books, leave a comment on this post by 9 p.m. EST on Sunday, April 10. Any post will do; how about telling us about any beadmaking experience you’ve had or why it interests you … or if you just want this book because it’s fascinating and gorgeous!

Three winners will be selected at random and announced on Monday, April 11. Click here for the official rules.

By the way, Jeri Warhaftig is teaching this year at Glass Craft & Bead Expo and Bead&Button. Learn more about her at JeriBeads.com.


112 Responses

    Val says:

    I love the cover. I can’t wait to see the inside.

    Crazy Woman says:

    Jeri’s new book looks wonderful! Congrats!

    Awjewelry says:

    What a wonderful idea, I would LOVE to win this book

    Catherine says:

    I am very interested in this book. I am experienced with several glass working techniques, but lamp-working is not one of them. This book looks gorgeous, and filled with really good information. I would be honored to add it to my collection. Thank you for the opportunity.

    Lila says:

    Would love an opportunity to win this book ~ looking to learn more about the craft! thank you!

    Sue Pompetti says:

    Definitely an art form I would love to further explore! Thanks for the chance. :)

    Jeanne says:

    Pick me! It would be great to have this book – looks like a good one!

    Jaqui says:

    Oh wow! This looks like too much fun and my plate is already overflowing! I don’t dare add another project until some are finished. But, what if I win it? then perhaps I will just because.

    Ninabanks says:

    This is great. I just took a level two lampglass class and I am loving it.

    Ninabanks says:

    This is great. I just took a level two lampglass class and I am loving it.

    j deard says:

    This is something I would love to learn and incorporate it in my jewelry.

    Erin N. says:

    Ooh, I’m not super into beads but my mom would LOVE this. She makes jewelry all the time.

    Ma Akamatra says:

    Thank you for the chance to win this!

    Annabel says:

    I want it I want it I want it !!!!
    I’ve seen Jeri’s other book in the library and it was SO GREAT!

    Lori says:

    Would so love this!

    Melissa says:

    Look forward to checking out this book. Thank you for your generous giveaway.

    Marge says:

    I would love to win these books!

    Sutton Norris says:

    I would love to add this to my ever-growing library of jewelry making techniques!

    Lily says:

    If I don’t win it, I’ll be searching for it in my local bead and book stores.

    Glitterata1 says:

    I’ve only made glass beads twice and I loved the experience. I want to learn more with your help.

    Always looking for a new challenge, looks like a nice book, would love to have it!

    Barb Fernald says:

    Ooooh! I hope I get picked! I recently took my first flame working class and I’m hooked. I would love to start my glass library off with this book.

    Sheryll says:

    Would love to have this book! Also enjoyed the Lark team profiles. To think that I lived in Asheville for 3 years and didn’t know that Lark Books was headquartered there. I was obviously not part of the jewelry ‘scene’ :) Thanks for all that you do, Lark team.

    whoa, what an awesome giveaway. I am a self taught glass bead maker and to be honest my beads need a ton of help. This book would give me a better base to grow from

    jennifer says:

    No one ever told me as a child that you can be or do whatever you want. I want to teach my children differently. Coming up on being 40, I want to design my own jewelry and make glass beads! Something I never knew existed as a child!

    Sandra Jahn says:

    I’m not that great bead maker yet. Actually, I have some pendants in my collection so far only. This books seems to be full of gorgeous ideas about beadmaking. And I’m really curious for new ideas. So it’s perfect for me.

    i just started to make my own glass beads, this would be great for my continued education is glass! thanks!

    I have Jeri’s first book and it’s excellent. I’d love to win a copy of her second one!

    Heather Behrendt says:

    Looks awesome!

    Squid says:

    Beautiful book!

    I would love to add this book to my library!! The cover looks wonderful!

    Kevana says:

    Oh it looks nice, doesn’t it? Congratulations on getting it done! I’m putting it on my FB

    Maren Purves says:

    I’d love to have a copy of Jeri’s new book.

    Cathy says:

    Wow a signed book by Jeri Warhaftig, how cool that would be!!! I love glass, I love melting glass but what I love most about the glass comunity is the willingness to give and to help others. Jeri’s book would be a welcome addition to my small repitar of information as her glass is unquiely beautiful.

    Beady Eyed Woman says:

    I can’t wait to get this book! Jeri is an amazing artist and she has included many other talented people. This will be a real treat!

    Beads on Cypress says:

    Jeri’s books are a MUST HAVE on every bead maker’s shelf!!

    Judithb says:

    Several years ago I took a couple of lampwork classes and wish I’d pursued it further.Would love to have this book for inspiration to get started again.

    Susan says:

    The cover alone makes me want this book. But knowing how beautiful Jeri’s beads are makes me want it more.

    Would love to win this book :D

    Thanks for the chance, would love to win this book :D

    Fritdiva says:

    I would love to win a copy of this book, the other one I saw by her was great!

    Kae Kelly says:

    Wow. I would like to own this book. I would like to make my own beads for projects that I conceive. I was in a bead shop this past weekend; and I could not find beads that matched my imagined project.

    Sue Walsh says:

    Ah, fresh new ideas! Always welcome in my world. It looks like it’s going to be a good book from what I can see.

    Beadingdales says:

    I’ve been unable to torch for 2 months now due to a broken wrist and other injuries, and this book would just make me feel better :) I’ve had the opportunity to see her other book, and it was wonderful!

    Carolina_inmymind says:

    I’ve been lampworking for about two years now and would love to learn new things! The book looks wonderful!

    Grettacon says:

    Can’t wait to see this book!

    Ccryed says:

    I could really use this book to add to my collection.

    Sarah W says:

    Added it to my Wish List so I’ll remember to get it even if I don’t win! :)

    ekkc says:

    I am so thrilled with Jeri’s last book. I love it!!!!

    BarbBBeads says:

    As a fellow member of Jeri’s in the Perspectives exhibit I would love to be a proud owner of her book. Love her Vineyard bead. So beautiful.

    Sansan239s says:

    I love all books that have artisan made creations for inspiration with my own glass bead making and this book would just hit the spot, just right!!

    Pcfrance says:

    I love love love Jeri!! Her first book is wonderful, and I am sure this one is too!! A free copy would be great. I have been lampworking for about 5 years, and Jeri is one of my inspirations.

    Kim says:

    Just got Jeri’s 1st book, and love it. I’d love a chance to get my hands on this one!

    As a beginning beadmaker, I love to learn new techniques! The book looks great!

    Julia McIntyre says:

    I was lucky enough to attend a Fire on the Mountain workshop in Asheville where Jerry was demonstrating. She is a generous teacher, and I have her first book as one of my main references.

    Janis Sweet Hoye says:

    I do all kinds of “up-cycling” while creating my jewelry. I always say that when I grow up I will get to use a torch and play with fire to make glass beads. Time is ticking away, I better get busy… this book looks great, can’t wait to get my hands on one!

    Cathy Bringleson says:

    Yummy! Thanks for the Giving. I need all of the help I can get.

    Scubaguy9 says:

    Glass has become a new addiction for me, this book would be a wonderful addition

    Candace says:

    I look forward to Jeri’s book (from my Jersey home). Jeanne Cox, fellow ASGB member, is in Jeri’s book. Can’t wait to see it.


    Daria says:

    I’ve blown glass and appreciate anyone who ventures in this delicate medium. I’ve been a jeweler/metalsmith for over 30 year, who plans to incorporate glass bead making in some of my designs soon. I love the potential of adding form and color from this medium to my design aesthetic.

    Xxxmiekaxxx says:

    ooh ME! Lol! Jeri is great! I had the honor of meeting her a couple years ago and have a couple of her lovely beads:-)

    Glitzycowgirl2 says:

    Jeri makes the most beautiful beads. This book is on my wish list to get! Working with glass is the most zen thing I can do for myself and I’d really like to learn more of Jeri’s relationship with the glass. The beads on the cover of the book are very intriguing.

    Margie says:

    Saw Jeri, her beads and book at Glass Craft & Bead Expo–wonderful beadmaker, cool beads and book!

    jan says:

    I’m new at making beads and this looks like a great book.

    Iamdawt says:

    I’ve always wanted to explore glass bead-making. I’m a button collector and beads always find a way into the mix, so this book would be eye candy for sure! Thank you for hosting this give-away!

    Sidney says:

    Jeri’s last book was awesome. Looks like a winner this time also!

    Sherry says:

    The book looks great. I love beads.

    Dawn says:

    What beautiful work!! I’ve always wanted to try glass bead making. I did some enamel beads in college and had a ton of fun with it!

    Jannav says:

    This book looks amazing- just the cover is inspiring! Can’t wait to see Jeri’s book.

    Bijewelry says:

    Would love to have a copy of Jeri’s book. New lampwork books are always welcome in my library!

    Karen Brideweser says:

    I would love to own this book! Jeri is a talented artist, and writer!

    Gerry says:

    Love Jeri’s Beads. I own one of her beads I purchased at my first gathering about 10 years ago.
    good show.

    Mnshadowart says:

    Wow! I sure would love to be the winner! What a nice gesture. Wish me luck!

    Carol says:

    I love making lampwork beads but have been in a slump lately. I think this book would get me back in the swing.

    Guineababy says:

    I have no experience with beadmaking, but I’ve always wanted to try playing with glass!

    [...] Creating Glass Beads – April 10 [...]

    Rhonda says:

    I have just begun sending beads to Beads of Courage and realize that most of the beads I make are not appealing to children of that age. I seem to be stuck in a rut and would love to see if Jeri’s book can help me expand my bead-making horizon so I can begin making beads these kids would really love to put on their string.

    Karenra says:

    This looks like a wonderful book! Thank you for the chance to win it!

    Kathy says:

    The lampwork beads on the cover of the book are beautiful!!

    Camdeon827 says:

    I have never made a glass bead. This book would most likely inspire me to do so.

    Lea Avroch says:

    I have Jeri’s 1st lampwork book (signed) & it’s awesome! Not only is she a gifted lampworker, but she’s an incredible teacher. I’d be honored to win a copy of her newest book.

    tina~ says:

    This is very intriguing to me !!

    Christinecat4 says:

    Lark Books are terrific. I work at our local library and try to get as many Lark Books as possible. I really want to get into making glass beads. I’m going to start doing some twisted wire work (another Lark Book) with lampwork beads and would love to be able to make my own as they are pretty expensive when buying them from someone else. Lark Books are always well written and easy to follow.

    Fligamapoof says:

    would love to make some glass beads. the only beads i’ve made have been fimo or from paper strips. have seen glass beads being made before and it totally fascinates me. what a great giveaway. thanks for the opportunity and have a great day

    Glassymom says:

    This would be wonderful to win! I have jeri’s first book and it is so awesome!! Fingers Crossed!

    Lissette says:

    hello, i’m coming from the Netherlands,i make beads over a year now ,and still many to learn , how nice would it be when the book come’s al the way to me :)
    So i can learn from this really nice book
    greetz from Holland greetz Lissette

    Melonkelli says:

    Pretty! I would love to learn more about glass beads. I’ve blown glass, but never made beads.

    Melanie Marrow says:

    Jeri is a fabulous teacher! I’ve taken two classes with her and bought her 1st book long before I got to meet her. The cover of the new book is wonderful!

    Dwgrant says:

    I have her first book. I’m looking forward to seeing this one too.

    Chaas says:

    Can’t wait until the book comes out!

    Maureen says:

    I love glass beads, even though I don’t make them. I find them very inspiring!

    Teresa Morgan says:

    Really enjoyed her first book and would love to have this one!

    Pumba34 says:

    I love how you think outside the box with some of your beads. I hope to win this book because I have added this to my wish list.

    Kathryn says:

    Thanks to Lark books for publishing this one…I’d love a copy!

    Jeri’s first book is wonderful, I would love a copy of this one too..

    What a wonderful book! I have done just a little lampworking and plan to do more while on summer break. As an art student I don’t have a lot of free time during school!

    skimblelu says:

    Looks like an awesome book. Would love the chance to win a copy. Thanks Lark!

    Simmonsrb says:

    Some of the est beads on the planet!

    venessa says:

    The book looks great, I can’t wait to get it!!

    Susanpack says:

    I would love to have this book! I think it is grea for show and very informative. The hard copy makes it a true gift for table “eye candy”! It is well written, and the photography is fantastic!

    Anna Felton says:

    I still haven’t got her first book – it’s on my list. I would love to have this one also – it looks wonderful.

    What a cool looking book. Where can it be purchased. I wished I had known about the give away. I just seen the post on Lampworketc.
    Penny Levesque

      scott says:

      Make sure Penny pays you before you ship the item. She never paid for an oxycon I sent her a few years back.

    Rebecca says:

    Wow! Great giveaway! Love, love, love Lark books.

    Rochen says:

    This looks like a wonderful book! Another great Lark title!

    Scott says:

    You still owe me 100 dollars for the oxycon you stole.  Don’t you come from a religious family?

    Kim Allender says:

    Hello!!The cover of your book is  beautiful would love a chance to win it. Thanks

    Lollyeckert says:

    I saw this book and had the privilage of looking threw it. This is a wonderful book and is filled with beautiful photos of very talented people! I would love to have one. Please submit me.

    Lorraine Eckert

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