Delft Blue Jewels

September 07, 2010, 15:47 pm  Posted by Lark

Delftware pottery is a favorite of mine. I love the flowing cobalt blue lines on the white clay. So I was very happy to find the jewelry work of Gesine Hackenberg. She’s taken my favorite delft blue dinnerware and made it into beautiful pieces of jewelry. Check out some of her workblue earrings on a bowlI love this pair of earrings.

delft blue necklaceIsn’t this an amazing necklace?blue ringAnd lastly, here’s a beautiful ring Gesine created.


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    Bluemoon406 says:

    this is great! I really love the look of these cobalt blue dishes… Now, I can wear them.
    awesome find!

    Ray Hemachandra says:

    Really witty, classic, and appealing, Kathy. Thank you for sharing these great creations from Gesine.

    Jeri says:

    I love the sleek lines of this jewelry. It is intriquing to me both because it is visually appealing, but also because I can see she overcame some technical challenges in getting to her finished piece. Jeri

    Lora Hart says:

    Man! I love the plates with holes just as much as the jewelry! How did she pierce a plate for goodness sake! I want one to hang on the wall.

    Sparklyscotty says:

    Love this blog, and I really like this jeweller! What an innovative use of materials.

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    jess says:

    Never heard of Delftware before this blog, thanks for the info. What a great idea to use a certain media of eating ware for jewelry, how creative. Just don’t try eating soup out of the bowls you used!!!! haha

    Kathy, one of our favorite trips in Japan was to a beach known to have broken pottery and beach glass. We spent hours collecting and although it probably was not Delftware, lots of the pottery chards were blue and white and very lovely. I found a piece with Mount Fuji on it, which I considered very auspicious.

    The jewelery here is certainly inspiring. Are the pictures photoshopped or did she actually cut the pieces from the china in the pictures?

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