Diamonds Are NOT Forever

May 18, 2010, 09:52 am  Posted by Lark

Here’s the dilemma. Your ex-boyfriend is gone, but what to do about the diamond heart shaped necklace he gave you. You could auction it off on ebay, but there’s a terrific web site specializing in exactly this situation called exboyfriendjewelry. It’s an equal opportunity operation where all ex-jewelry is welcome. You must write a brief story behind the jewelry plus supply a picture of your ex-treasure. It’s emotionally therapeutic and financially beneficial. A perfect way to find a new home for your jewels after the break-up. Here is just a sample of what you may find.


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    Candace Folks says:

    This website was so cool. I loved reading the stories from the women.

    Thanks for sharing this. I will send it on to others!

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