Diane Fitzgerald’s New Book = 2 GIVEAWAYS

November 22, 2013, 07:55 am  Posted by Lark

Diane Fitzgerald‘s new book, Shaped Beadwork & Beyond, released a few weeks ago. This follow-up to Diane Fitzgerald’s Shaped Beadwork features 40 projects—count ‘em…40!—and almost every one of them is accompanied by instructions for variations. It’s a mind-boggling array of beautiful beaded jewelry for you to make!

There's the Temari Beads...

...and the Five-Pointed Star...

...and the Moorish Tile Beads...

...and the Pillow Beads...and that's just the tip of the beadberg!

And because it’s that time of year, in this posting we’re doing not one, but TWO giveaways!

GIVEAWAY #1: One lucky person will win two copies of Diane’s NEW book, one to keep and one to give to a friend (or, well, that’s what I’m assuming you’ll do; you could give both of them away, or keep them both, or whatever you like!)

Giveaway #1

GIVEAWAY #2: The other happy winner will get one copy each of all three of the books that Diane has published with Lark: Diane Fitzgerald’s Shaped Beadwork, Diane Fitzgerald’s Favorite Beading Projects, and Shaped Beadwork & Beyond.

Giveaway #2

Getting in on this giveaway couldn’t be simpler. To be eligible, simply leave a comment on this post by 11:59 p.m. EST on Sunday, December 1, 2013. Two winners (one for each of the giveaways described above) will be selected at random from among all eligible entries on Monday, December 2, 2013. Click here for the official rules.THE GIVEAWAY IS OVER. THE WINNER OF GIVEAWAY #1 IS SHARON MCKIM OF LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO. RESULTS OF GIVEAWAY #2 ARE PENDING.



183 Responses

    Carmen Valean says:

    I hope to Win! :)

      Caron Bailey says:

      I love Diane Fitzgerald and would love to expand my beading repertois (sp). I would be honored to add these books into my inventory.

        Charlotte Christensen says:

        This is so beautiful…hope I can try it!!

    Sharon Chandler says:

    WOW! I want to win them all! Luv Lark Books!

    Carole Carlson says:

    Count me in! thanks for the giveaway.

    Jillian Scoblic says:

    Ahh, I LOVE Diane Fitzgerald’s designs!

    Aruna Mohan says:

    Lovely prize to win, I really enjoy all the geometric possibilities of beadweaving

    Ellen C. says:

    What a great giveaway. I would love to own one of these books!!!

    Guest says:

    I already have the first Shaped Beadwork and it is my absolute favourite. This would be such a great Christmas present to me :)

    Guest says:

    I already have the first Shaped Beadwork and it is my absolute favourite. This would be such a great Christmas present to me :)

    Venita Flagg says:

    I love her books!

    Venita Flagg says:

    I love her books!

    Julie A. Childers says:

    Wonderful! I’ve checked out her books from our local library, and definitely wouldn’t mind owning one, or several!

    Julie A. Childers says:

    Wonderful! I’ve checked out her books from our local library, and definitely wouldn’t mind owning one, or several!

    Alexandra Aretz says:

    Wonderful Books to win! I am wowed by the designs of Diane <3

    Alexandra Aretz says:

    Wonderful Books to win! I am wowed by the designs of Diane <3

    Penney Bidwell says:

    Lovely prize and in time for making gifts

    C White says:

    Some of these designs would also make beautiful Christmas ornaments! Would love to try this.

    Mace Chris says:

    Wonderful gifts of books by one of my favorite beaders.

    Leslie Ryalls says:

    Awesome giveaway! Am a fan of Diane’s and have been for YEARS! Love her!

    Anonymous says:

    Beautiful — throwing my hat into the ring!

    Veerle Haems says:

    I’d love win these beautifull books! <3

    Juanita Finger says:

    I love her books and would love to round out the collection.

    Annette de Jonge says:

    I love these books. They’re on my must have list, so i’d love to win them.

    Lindsay McCain says:

    I’d love this. I could make so many things.

    Heather Martin says:

    This is a wonderful giveaway for the holiday season. thanks for having the contest.

    Lexacat says:

    What beautiful projects!Thanks for the chance to win!

    Kacey Levesque says:

    I have worked a few of her beautiful designs that have been published in beading magazines. I would love to own copies of Diane Fitzgerald’s books.

    BMacLellan says:

    Diane’s projects are always lovely and well written.

    Naomi Maslin Godel says:

    Projects looks fabulous -

    Gljacob says:

    I know exactly who I would give the second copy to.

    Dixie says:

    I’ve heard so much about her books and they are at the top of my wish list!

    Kera VenHuizen says:

    Want this! :)

    Theresa Buchle says:

    I love shaped beadwork, especially when it’s done withe the more traditional single-hole beads.

      Katherine Marion says:

      Hi Theresa! Long time no see.

        Guest says:

        Lol! How are you? Good luck with the giveaway.

          Katherine Marion says:

          You too. I’m good – beading right now. Hope you’re doing well.

    Katherine Marion says:

    What terrific giveaways! I really like Diane’s designs.

    Patricia Schneider says:

    Her work is amazing I would love to win Giveaway #2 so I could have all 3 of her books :)

    Roseblu says:

    Always beautiful beadwork

    Cindy Walker says:

    Oh!!! I would SO MUCH LOVE to learn how to do this!!! PICK ME! PICK ME!!!!

    Wynn Currie says:

    Beautiful bead work on the covers of these books. I would love to have a copy.

    Rose Rushbrooke says:

    Yum! Yes, please!

    Laura says:

    I am a beginner, and looking for some new and creative patterns! PLEASE pick me :)
    Love your work

    Carmen Smith says:

    Beads! Love her books! I use shaped beadwork for all my toggles now.

    Melissa says:

    Beautiful books by an amazing artist! I so wanna win!

    Valeska Wedemeyer says:

    Diane Fitzgerald’s projects are really great! I’m a peyote fan, but also do other techniques, always looking for a new beautiful project! :)

    Anonymous says:

    I’m a big peyote beader and these projects look really cool!

    Anonymous says:

    I would love to win, those books look fabulous

    Claire Madder says:

    would love to win either prize – she is a lovely lady. Managed to get into one of her classes a couple of years ago. Super day

    Guest says:

    Fantastic books, would love to win and share with a very good beady friend. Thank you.

    Lori Finney says:

    Diane Fitzgerald was one of my first beading “resources” 10 yrs ago; it’s thanks to her, and shiny things, that I am still here! I would love those books!

    Jeannie Galt says:

    I took a class with Diane – an excellent instructor. Would love to win one of these books!

    Margareta Gustavsson says:

    Diane’s work is Beautiful and to have her books would be amazing.

    Sandra Brick says:

    Diane work is not only beautiful she is very gifted at instructing others on how to creat the designs. Thanks Diane for continuing to write great books.

    Laura Irenze says:

    I would love to have Diane’s new book!

    Puravida343 says:

    Yay :) I love beads AND giveaways

    Michelle Zimmerman says:

    Always inspiring.

    Toni Dubovsky-Modar says:

    I would love these!

    Claudia Kelley says:

    Fabulous opportunity! Definitly count me in!

    Tiffany Nicole Garcia says:

    Wow, how awesome it would be to win these books!!!

    Kimberly says:

    What great books and such beautiful bead work!

    Leanne Kirsch says:

    would love to win these books, I have one of them and love it…!!

    Anonymous says:

    I love to bead and could do it all day long if I could. I love looking at patterns to see the beautiful work that other people do. These books are wonderful and I would love to read them for some pointers on new ways to do beading.

    jcwendel says:

    I have admired Diane’s work for years now and would LOVE to win one or more of her fabulous books!!

    Alicia Hartley says:

    I dearly love Diane’s Shaped Beadwork book, and just haven’t had the time to get around to purchasing the other two books yet. Although they are on my holiday wish list. I’d definitely give one away to a wonderful friend. :)

    Deb Johnson says:

    Diane & Larkcrafts, thank you for publishing these books and for letting us hope to win. I have one of Diane’s books. Totally love her designs and would love to win.

    sue harle says:

    Diane’s projects always get me very very excited, I would love these for Christmas.

    Tonya Muller says:

    At would be amazing to win these books. I always love when one of Diane’s designs shows up in the beading magazines. She is a wonderful beader.

    Ariel Shultz says:

    Wow, that is awesome of you to do this giveaway! I would obviously love to win, thank you for the opportunity :-)

    Ariel Shultz says:

    Wow, that is awesome of you to do this giveaway! I would obviously love to win, thank you for the opportunity :-)

    Amy Royster says:

    What a great opportunity to win some books from a fabulous lady. I sure hope I’m one of the lucky ones!

    Patty M P says:

    What a great giveaway. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

    Yvonne Hurt says:

    i sure would love to win my idols books for my collection….her bead work is the bomb in my eyes she is very insperational to me …im keepin my fingers tightly crossed ….oh how id love these

    Sharon says:

    What a great giveaway! She is such an inspirational teacher and those beaded beads a just tripping my beading trigger big time.

    Christine Carpentier says:

    OMG!!! I want to win!!! incredible opportunity! :)

    Tanya McGuire says:

    Oh my I don’t have any of these books. It would be great to win one. Love the new one.

    Susan Maas says:

    This beadwork looks beautiful! I can imagine working them in to my sculpture…..

    Gill Colling says:

    OMG I NEED this, I haven’t tried making shaped items like this and really want to learn. Shaped beadwork is a mystery I WILL conquer :D

    Christy says:

    I can’t wait to see the new book! She is so talented. However does she come up with all the ideas? And how lucky are we that she shares!

    Robin Bergman says:

    I can’t wait to see the new book! I was privileged to take a several day workshop with her last year. It was very inspiring and fun!

    alinejohnson59 says:

    I have the first book! I’d LOVE the second!

    Lori says:

    Yummy, yummy shaped beadwork

    Susan Lifton Sassoon says:

    I love Diane’s patterns! I’ve learned so much from the ones I’ve tried!

    Rhonda Desgranges says:

    What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

    Carol says:

    Wow, I would certainly love to win these books.

    Marlena says:

    I’ve been wanting to start a collection of her books! Fantastic giveaway. Oooh, pick me pick me!!

    Linda Darmes says:

    What a great giveaway!!!!

    Vicki says:

    Wow! You all are the best! Thank you for the opportunity.

    Jo Fleming Butcher says:

    Those projects look hard but I’d love to learn how to do them! Would love to win this contest and add your books to my ever-growing collection!

    Heather Bernard says:

    I love her work, especially the geometric designs!

    Pat Repasi says:

    Love the intricacy; this is just beautiful artwork. Would love to learn how to do this!

    Jewels For Hope says:

    I want to learn everything about beading !!

    Linda G says:

    Confession– I already have all 3 books but would love to give copies to beading friends, I’ve taken a class with Diane and she is fabulous

    Susan Bee says:

    Diane Fitzgerald is one of my favorite bead artist and teacher. I have many of her books and would love to add a new one to my collection.

    Anonymous says:

    The new book looks fantastic!

    Cindy Leonardelli says:

    I would love to win this.

    Anonymous says:

    My nieces would be thrilled with these books–and I’ll be looking forward to their creations. :)

    Marketmastet610 says:

    What lovely work!

    Anonymous says:

    This is fantastic, I would love to win!

    Anonymous says:

    These look like they are full of fun projects.

    Sharon McKim says:

    Great giveaway, I love all these books

    Anonymous says:

    Diane Fitzgerald rocks!

    Amy Fischer says:

    nice giveaway

    Betsy Moerder says:

    LOVE Diane! An innovative artist and wonderful teacher! Would LOVE to add these to my library (& give away my duplicate)!

    Alida De Carlo says:

    Love all of Diane’s work. Looking forward for more!

    Linda Hollen says:

    These look like so much fun to make!

    Manouscha Perlerreien says:

    Love the shaped beadwork! Diane is great.

    Dorothy Polson says:

    I would love to add another of Diane’s book to my library. They look like a challenge to make.

    Elaine Gill says:

    Awesome opportunity! I’d love working with seed beads, colors, shapes and different techniques. I would so love to win this giveaway!!!

      asri wahyuningsih says:

      Pick me please these are very interesting books

    Melody says:

    This is nice

    Cathy Henke says:

    would love to win! count me in!

    Shirley Hayles says:

    Beautiful work! I would LOVE to have your books. What a great offer, and just in time for Christmas. Thank you.

    Zan C says:

    The beads from Shaped Beadwork and Beyond are insane (in a fantastic way). I would love to learn to make those!

    Miranda Tracy says:

    I would love to have these books!

    Elizabeth Spencer says:

    i would love to win these

    kimbob says:

    Lokks like a wknderful bok. Would love to have it to inspire my jewellery making

    LucyRose says:

    One way to get me into a craft I haven’t had the money to try is for me to get a book on it gifted… evil, wonderful thing, because then I get hooked and find ways to get started!

    Aarion J. Wright says:

    So excited about this giveaway! This is a technique I have long admired.

    Maureen says:

    Looks like a fabulous book with more interesting shapes to learn, thanks for the giveaway!

    Carlyn Walton says:

    Hope I win it is time to try something new. Thanks for the giveaway

    Gwen says:

    Thanks for this giveaway!

    Donna Piskura Markle says:

    this is a great giveaway!!

    lizhart says:

    Diane’s first book is wonderful. I’d love to have the two others!

    Darn, I don’t live in the States. I feel very discriminated against…

    Alice Brueckner says:

    I am just starting to do beading work. I find it very enjoyable. I would love to win one of the books so I will be able to learn the beading stitches.

    Elaine Dallaire says:

    Wow bead heaven

    Star says:

    Look’s like perfect Christmas presents! I have lot’s of Beadin’ Buddies…

    Tamera Mickelson says:

    It will be a VERY HAPPY Holidays for me indeed if I were to win one of the giveaways!!!

    Daryl Schwartz Sponseller says:

    They look like fabulous books I’d love to be a winner.

    johanna says:

    Diane Fitzgerald is not only an excellent teacher, the directions and illustrations in her books are very clear, no matter how complex the project. Love her work, creativity, and great directions! Thanks for this awesome books offer!

    Christina Porter says:

    Diane Fitzgerald was my introduction to beadwork very early on. One christmas holiday my family gave me Shaped Beadwork – for 10 days I sat out in the garden under the cherry tree and beaded, beaded, beaded. Always inspirational.

    Stephanie Riva says:

    I love Diane Fitzgerald’s work and I’d be so happy to win her book!!

    Michelle Williams says:

    Would love to win ANY of these books! Looking to expand my creativity doing something I began as a child and picked back up as an adult with my own children!!!

    Sarah S says:

    I have the first Shaped Beadwork and would love love LOVE to have this one as well!

    edamommy says:

    Wow what a great book! Good luck to all!

    Virginia McCarthy says:

    Would love to get any of these books! what a wonderful resources of new techniques and ideas.

    Sally Anderson says:

    Oh, I would love this (any of it!). Thanks.

    Sarah says:

    Amazing! I’d love to learn to make any of these beauitful projects!

    Telma Mota says:

    great giveaway.. wish me luck. :)

    Anonymous says:

    The five-pointed star is intriguing.

    Lynn says:

    The new book looks amazing! I would love to try these projects.

    Kim Reid says:

    Wonderful books, I would love a chance to win!

    Donna says:

    What a wonderful giveaway!! I don’t have any of her books, so I would love to win! Thank you for doing giveaways!

    Bev Moon says:

    I’d love to win either of these give-a-ways. I do have her Shaped Beadwork so if I win the second package then I could give away this book.

    Sandra Moe says:

    Truly an amazing artist. I LOVE her creations.

    Adrian O says:

    Those beads are amazing! i would love to be able to make my own.

    Camdeon says:

    Wow two chances for some great books…I’m there

    CoCo says:

    This would help me so much improve on my skills!

    CAD981 says:

    Thanks Lark for thinking about us and sharing your wonderful books

    Bead Hostage says:

    I think I can make room for these on my shelf. No problem at all :)

    Carmen says:

    I won’t be giving any of these away. I don’t have any of them!

    Beadfairie827 says:

    Thank you Lark. You are so kind to share your books.

    Sharon Siqueiros says:

    Thanks so much for this great opportunity!! would love to have them

      Karleen Cole says:

      I would love to own any/all of these books!

    Karleen Cole says:

    I’m not sure if I posted correctly the first time…. at any rate, would love to own these books!

    Christina Harmon says:

    Great book selection! Thanks so much!

    Jehanni says:

    Ooooh, pretty shaped beads!

    kellybeadart says:


    ahk says:

    These are incredibly unique artworks!

    Adrienne says:

    I was just on Diane’s site today looking at her work. I would love these! Count me in!

    Pilar Burg says:

    Love her work!

    Jessie H says:

    these are so cool i would love to learn how to do it

    Kacey Levesque says:

    I would love to own these! I love Diane Fitzgerald’s work. Please add my name to the giveaway pool of names.

    Lana Leitner Butler says:

    Please add my name to your entry list, and hopefully to your WINNERS LIST!

    Juliusgirl says:

    I love Diane Fitzgerald’s Shaped Beadword and didn’t even know there was a “sequel” of sorts coming out. thanks for your awesome contests!!! I know my luck is gonna turn around one of these days and if i win maybe i’ll have to hightail it to atlantic city lol

    theeema says:

    What lovely projects! Thanks for the chance to win and learn how to make them.

    Sue Bradford Edwards says:

    My sister would love to get a beading book for Christmas!

    Anonymous says:

    Fabulous! I always bead with my best friend. We find two brains are always better than one as we teach ourselves how to make jewelry. We have been flirting with the idea of projects like these and I am sure these books would be an inspiration! Thank you!

    Nadin says:

    Thank you for a chance to win such great books! I love her shaped beadwork!

    Joanne says:

    I would love to win these beautiful books!

    I love Diane’s patterns. Great books in this giveaway!

    Sherry L. says:

    I would love to try these patterns. Fun books!

    bearcat says:

    This is Diane Fitzgerald’s best book yet; and, the others were pretty nifty too=^.,.^=

    Mary Ciarico Tewhey says:

    I think her work is just terriffic & I would LOVE to win her books!

    Scarlett Menon says:

    I would looooooove to have any of these amazing books. I am always looking to expand my knowledge of beading :)

    debram751 says:

    I love Diane’s work and would love to win her books-thanks for the chance!

    Michelle in Wyoming says:

    Just cannot get enough beading books!

    Sharon McKim says:

    As the winner of the two copies of “Shaped Beadwork and Beyond” I want to say thank you to Lark Books for the opportunity and their generosity. I already received the books and, of course, they are gorgeous. I would encourage everyone who beads to pick up a copy as there is so much to bead, learn, and be inspired by within the pages. I plan on donating my extra copy to our local bead society for their use. I was not asked or encouraged to leave a comment, but I am truly enjoying the book and thought you should know.

    sandra upchurch says:

    i would just love to own these book

    Mary LaMartina says:

    I am some what new to the beading world. I have been trying to learn all of the many aspects of beading. I’m trying to nuturing the creative person on the inside to express myself through the many different talented artists. I would love to win these books and try to build on what I have been working on for 10 years.I will send you a piece of my work.

    Very well written post. It will be valuable to everyone who employess it, as well as me. Keep doing what you are doing – i will definitely read more posts.

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