Eggcellent Eggs for Easter

April 14, 2011, 11:28 am  Posted by Lark
Carton of eggs with faces

I explained to these eggs this morning that some of them will survive (be decorated for Easter) but I was in the mood for a hearty breakfast. ... (Breakfast-making picture at the end of this blog)

After Easter lunch, my grandmother would give my brother, cousin and me our own special dyed Easter egg that she had decorated for us. Of course, after over 20 years, I don’t have those eggs anymore. But then, around middle school, my friends and I decided to continue the tradition by meticulously personalizing eggs for each other with themes, inside jokes, or just art that represented our interests- no dyes; we used paints, Sharpies, nail polish, you-name-it (and for ‘forever eggs’- I recommend cheating and getting egg-shaped wood ones from a craft store).

Egg with Queen's Innuendo

This is an egg my friend, Jordan, painted me in high school. It's Queen's Innuendo album cover (great music).

I think it’s an “eggcellent” gift that’s creative and (unless you’re going for the bejeweled Faberge look) cheap. If you don’t get too detailed, a bunch of decorated eggs can make a great centerpiece (which I plan to make this year.) Also, I’ll even add a way to incorporate eggs into jewelry for this post. :)

DYED EGGS (the unmessy way)
If you don’t want to sit down and get light-headed drawing all over an egg with a Sharpie, I found an AWESOME site that shows you a step-by-step way of using old silk ties (you can pick them up at any thrift store) to transfer their design onto eggs. Click HERE. …Do it. Give those old ties an extra life!

Who doesn’t like to purposefully break eggshells? Diane Falkenhagen incorporates broken eggshells into a mosaic for some of her jewelry pieces. Her work is also in 21st Century Jewelry: The Best of the 500 Series.

Another way to incorporate eggshells in jewelry is to decorate your egg, cut out the portion you choose (I’ll mention in a bit how to do this), polyurethane the finished product and apply this to a pendant, earrings, etc. Click HERE to see the process and examples.

art eggs

Examples of Franc Grom's work (image credits:damnfunnypictures,ragandbone,a-pic.co.tv)

Of course, I’m referring to eggs like “Faberg√©” eggs, but I’ve been inspired this week by Franc Grom. His work involves detailed drilling into the delicate eggshell. After researching how to do this myself, I found a video (below) of a technique for carving eggs with a Dremel Rotary Tool. And I was so inspired, I bought one yesterday. I should be getting it within a week, so I’ll post pictures of my designs if I’m able to successfully complete one.

Decorated eggs

I think you know who's next.

I hope I’ve inspired you to try something different this year with your eggs. I know I’m excited!


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    EggNinja says:

    OH nooo pooor Leon! He was such a good egg.
    Pretty cool post thar. The drilled eggs are especially awesome.
    Dremels rock.

    Nancy Lou says:

    Great post. You’ve put me in mood to dye some eggs

    Csfolks says:

    What a great sense of humor! I love the panic’d eggs.

    Sarah says:

    Cool ideas!

    Although, I must admit. . .I’m still way into the eggs done with the old-fashioned vinegar-based dyes and the piece of wire that looks suspiciously like part of a coat hanger. . .

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