Wearing the Evil Eye in your jewelry

October 07, 2010, 15:15 pm  Posted by Lark

"Sometimes I feel like...somebody's watching me!"...Remember that song? Yeah. Well, this jewelry will protect you from those malicious looks.

I recently went with friends to the Greek Festival in Asheville, North Carolina. I noticed there was a LOT of  jewelry with blue eyes all over it: bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and more, and I had no idea why. After talking to one of the Greek vendors, I learned that it had to do with the “evil eye” superstition in Greek culture.

Evil-eye jewelry is supposed to protect its wearer from the curse of the “Evil Eye.” “Mati” means eye in Greek, so it is referred to as mati jewelry, too. It’s believed that evil-eye beads divert people’s malicious glances over to the evil-eye beads.

That’s why these beads are put in places where everyone can easily see them. The beads not only give protection but also are supposed to bring good luck to wearers.

So, of course, my friend Shannon was smart enough to buy a pair of eyeball studs at the festival.

Evil-eye jewelry at the Asheville Greek Festival

Personally, those evil eyes kind of creep me out. But I guess that’s the point, since the wearer shouldn’t be looking at the jewelry much unless they are incredibly vain.

I’ve also noticed some eye beads in a fantastic Spring 2011 Lark Jewelry & Beading book from author Jeri L. Warhaftig called Creating Glass Beads that we just shipped to our printer. The book will be released in March. Very colorful stuff!

What do you think about the evil eye? Are you superstitious? Do you wear any good luck charms?


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    Kim G. says:

    I wear my Miami Dolphins shirt on game days and if I don’t, they lose. For example, this past Monday night game against the NE Patriots I took my shirt off to go to bed. It was after I took the shirt off that the Dolphins quit playing football and gave the game away. My Matt even told me I lost the game for them cause I changed shirts. LOL

    The Eyetollah says:

    I’m not overly superstitious, but I’ll definitely keep an eye out for these things in the future.

    Anonymous says:

    I love my earrings! At first I was attracted to them because of their beautiful blue color, but once I learned they were evil eyes, I of course had to buy them. Here’s to hoping they protect me during Halloween!

    Csfolks says:

    Isn’t interesting that all cultures have some type of lucky charm, talisman, etc. to ward off evil. Your article reminded by of gargoyles too.Gargoyle jewlery could be cool, but maybe a bit “goth”. Am I susperstitious? No. I am much more sentimental about jewerly. The glass bead book looks great!

    Sarah B says:

    No superstitions or “lucky” items, but those eyes kind of creep me out. Also, that book looks super cool.

    Shana says:

    That book looks great! Awesome cover design.
    A friend told me about the evil eye a while ago, but i don’t know that I believe in it. If i did, I’d probably be covered in them. :)

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