Mid-July means trips to the beach, watching the kids play poolside or run under sprinklers, taking in a ballgame … or daydreaming at work about these things. Not that I ever do that.

For publishers, mid-July has another kind of excitement, too, because this is when our fall books start arriving at the warehouse. Lark Jewelry & Beading has a spectacular Fall 2010 list, and I’m really delighted to offer you some quick sneak peeks for a handful of our books, some of which will start reaching stores near you in the late-summer days to come. Go ahead inside and take a good look: after all, it’s probably air-conditioned! Or, if you prefer, order online and make your postal carrier sweat.

With Metal Clay Origami Jewelry, innovative origami folder and PMC and Art Clay Silver instructor Sara Jayne Cole combines her two passions into one thrilling ride. First-rate step-by-step photos, illustrations, and instructions for these 25 exceptional jewelry projects will appeal to jewelers and crafters of all stripes who want to try out the hot trend of making jewelry with metal clay sheet.

500 Judaica, a beautiful gallery book, was juried by Daniel Belasco, Henry J. Lier Assistant Curator of The Jewish Museum in New York, and it features leading Judaica artists from around the United States, Israel, and the world. In metal, clay, wood, fiber, glass, and paper, artists create objects designed to add a beautiful aesthetic dimension to the fulfillment of commandments. Photos of gorgeous menorahs, mezuzahs, tzedekah boxes, Torah pointers, tallits, and seder plates are interspersed with quotes from many of the artists about what making Judaica means to them.

In the Jewelry Design Challenge by Linda Kopp, 30 jewelers were given the same nine materials, allowed to choose a wildcard material, and asked to create a one-of-a-kind jewelry design. The brilliant inspirations that resulted produced this dazzling book of 30 creative projects. Featured jewelers include Todd Reed, Thomas Mann, Sara Westermark, Tim McCreight, Robert Dancik, Deb Karash, Candie Cooper, Pauline Warg, Eric Silva, and many more. This is an essential release of the season!

Ann Benson, author of many wonderful craft books, brings us a much-demanded bead topic: Tapestry Bead Crochet. A bonus instructional DVD is included with the book. Ann creates 18 romantic designs using this sophisticated beading technique. The 18 projects include bags of all types–purses, carryalls, cases–and even an eyeglass case, napkin rings, and a hat. Beautiful patterns and excellent clear instructions distinguish this terrific beading release.

In 30-Minute Necklaces, the follow-up to the popular 30-Minute Earrings released earlier this year, Marthe Le Van collects 60 great jewelry projects that can be completed in a hop and a skip … no jump necessary. The fantastic designers include Joanna Gollberg, Peter Hoogeboom, Carlos Caballero Perez, and Ingeborg Vandamme. Elegant, contemporary, simple, beautiful–these necklace designs will excite, please, and inspire.

Clare Stiles’ Anodized! teaches how to make brilliant jewelry with vivid colors and graphics. The book shows how to color anodized aluminum with various dyeing, painting, and printing techniques and offers 12 projects for an inspiring assortment of pieces. Clare includes a troubleshooting guide for this versatile and dramatic type of surface treatment.

And maybe you want to know what’s coming in 2011? Oh, just books from leading jewelers and beaders like Gordon Uyehara, Sherry Serafini, Maggie Meister, Rachel Nelson-Smith, Jeri Warhaftig, Brenda Schweder, Jamie Cloud Eakin, Carles Codina, and many, many more. I can’t wait! They should make for some great summertime reading …

Wait! Before you go, look below to check out some of our other new, already-released 2010 titles in strong demand right now. Don’t miss out on these great books, and then be sure to stay tuned to Lark Jewelry & Beading regularly for news and updates.

And please don’t forget to enjoy the rest of your summer–or waste it away like me daydreaming!


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    Argylsok says:

    “Beadmaille” is an absolute joy, and now you are tempting me *again* — with a new Ann Benson book?!?

    Benson is one of the *Most* creative beaders/authors around. I loved her dvd on bead crochet, so I know that her latest book will be another certified, authentic gem. (Her historical/fantasy novels are a pleasure to read as well….)

    Lark Books, you have an amazing knack for picking orginal artists. Kudos to you… and there goes my budget! <wry grin>

    Sophy says:

    Oooooh! I had not heard of tapestry bead crochet, but I want to learn it. It looks gorgeous.

    Claire says:

    What is the status of the 500 Raku book??? I am anxiously awaiting its release. (I have nearly all of the Lark clay related books. I'm a little worried that the LarkCraft.com site seems to have excluded clay. The emphasis seems to be on needlework and jewelry. Is Lark changing its direction?)

    Catherine H says:

    Holy cow! The Jewelry Design Challenge is a BRILLIANT idea – - I love watching creativity shine! I'm definitely picking that one up. Thanks for sharing this collection of inspirational materials.

    Marylowreyga says:

    neede help bead tapstry crocdhet book is great but i can’t get the dvd to run…..

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