Found Objects + Jewelry

November 30, 2010, 10:13 am  Posted by Lark

I have a drawer filled with little things I can’t bare to part with, but don’t really have a home elsewhere. Lost pieces from a game, campaign pins, special stones, dice, prizes from cracker jacks, stray pieces of jewelry, buttons, gumball charms, Indian head pennies-all end up living together in that drawer. I go through it on occasion and check in on all my lovely finds. Yup, still keeping ‘em. I’ve seen some excellent examples of these little, lost, miscellaneous pieces incorporated into jewelry. I love that it gets them out of a drawer and in to view. Check out this imaginative jewelry that celebrates precious odds and ends.

found object jewelry

1.  ceeceedesigns 2. amieking 3. lillyofthevally

4. VintageSprings 5. FleaChicFab 6. TheFamlLeeJewels

7. toughpickle 8. tanith 9. thewickedpumpkin


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