Free Project PDF: Filigree Earrings

October 29, 2010, 19:20 pm  Posted by Lark

Every Friday evening, I post a set of free project instructions.

During my trip to San Francisco, I lost not one, but two different earrings. Snarl. Back in the day, I always woreNathalie mornu wearing Coral Blossom Earrings from "Beading with Filigree," by Cynthia Deis mismatched earrings, but that’s not my style anymore.

My loss is your gain—well, in a way.

This past weekend I remembered that a year or so ago I had bought all the fixin’s to make my favorite project from Beading with Filigree by Cynthia Deis–but that I never actually assembled them! (I bet you don’t slack off that way, do you?)

After rooting around through all my junk, I finally found the supplies and put together my Coral Blossom Earrings. I’m showing them off here, and giving you a free PDF of the project instructions so you can make your very own pair. Just click here for the PDF.

Beading with Filigree," by Cynthia Deis


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