To celebrate our redesigned blog site, we’re having the biggest giveaway Lark Jewelry & Beading has ever done with all our best gallery books! We’re including all of the jewelry and beading releases in Lark’s acclaimed 500 Series and Masters Series … plus Vintage Jewelry Designplus Brilliance: Masterpieces from the American Jewelry Design Council. It’s an amazing collection of books to cherish, what will become the centerpiece of any art lover’s personal library.

How to enter to win the incredible bundle of 20 books? Leave a comment on this post. I’d love it if you’d let us know what books you’d most like to see Lark Jewelry & Beading publish as we shape our future publishing plans! For your chance to win, leave a comment on this post by 9 p.m EST on Monday, May 30. One winner will be selected at random and announced on Thursday, June 2. Click here for the official rules.

The books in the bundle are:

Vintage Jewelry Design
500 Silver Jewelry Designs
500 Gemstone Jewels
1000 Rings
500 Pendants & Lockets
500 Wedding Rings
500 Earrings
500 Bracelets
500 Necklaces
500 Plastic Jewelry Designs
500 Enameled Objects
500 Knives
500 Judaica
Masters: Polymer Clay
Masters: Gold
Masters: Gemstones
Masters: Glass Beads
Masters: Beadweaving
500 Brooches (now out of print)
Brilliance! (just now out of print)

Although some copies may linger about through different sellers, both Brilliance and 500 Brooches are now out of print, making this giveaway all the more special. 20 great books! Good luck, and we thank you for being part of our community!

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556 Responses

    Kae Kelly says:

    I’d like to see books about jewelry history and history of jewelry with projects, such as: Renaisance jewelry, Jewelry of the Middle Ages.

    Gabroskaia says:

    Hi, my name is Gabriela Mustaros and I am from Plano, Texas. I was looking the book of Laura McCabe, Embellished Beadweaving, and suddenly I decided to enter in larkbooks to check what else you have in jewelry. I would like you to publish more beadworking and lampwork books, there are many artists I would like to follow. I am beginning to make beadworking, I find it a fascinating craft. I also would like a book about how to be a jeweler, how do you invest in materials, how to start, to get a workshop, etc. I am interested in becoming a jeweler, specially in making lampwork, beaded, polymer clay and mixed media pieces, but I am very disoriented. Many thanks, Gabriela

    I would love to see a book on Modernist Jewelry Designs…And definitely more Jewelry History!!

    Librariall says:

    I would love these books as inspiration for jewelry making. These would be a great jewelry library!

    Oh my word, how amazing is this?! I do love gallery books for design inspiration (bead and wire work), but would love to see more information from the artists about their inspiration sources. One of my ‘dream book’ ideas is to take jewellery pieces shown in portraits and show how people could create similar styles and shapes using beads and/or wire… Tudor and Art Deco styles would be particularly yummy.

    Welsh Beader says:

    Just discovered you and love all the books I have seen. Would love to see history of bead artists

    Flora says:

    Awesome giveaway. It would be cool to see a book about affordable jewelry making.

    trudi says:

    How could I choose one book – they all look amazing.

    Thanks for the giveaway – trudi

    Bridget says:

    Fantastic giveaway – so much inspiration!

    Keeptrailing says:

    Love, Love, Love this give away!

    Ksukeena says:

    Wow, how about a jewelry book of mixed materials or recycled materials? Or more polymer clay jewelry.

    Charlie says:

    What a fantastic giveaway!

    I’d also love to see more about alternative materials and metals.

    Mikki says:

    Love your books! Would love the collection

    Anonymous says:

    I love the suggestions from the posts you’ve already received. I’d also like to have a few “more of” books. Another 500 beaded projects, more from the beadweaving masters, etc. It’s been a few years since those books were published and I loved to see the more recent work of those artists and new artists.

    Oh wow… what I would do with all that inspiration! How about a mixed metals or even mixed materials?

    I do a lot of programs at the library where I work, and what I’d really like to see is books on making jewelry with a group of people–having jewelry parties, the best ways to teach jewelry design, etc.

    Ziva says:

    I would like to see a Metal Clay mixed media book with all kinds of different pieces.

    Gretchen says:

    wow, and I thought the 14 book give-away was good! I would LOVE to have more Lark books to add to my collection! As for what kinds of books, Ill admit I love the 500 series (I plan on submitting some designs to the beaded jewelry book that is calling for entries), and the master beadweaving series is another of my favorites! keep up the good work!

    paseviolins says:

    I would like to see a book focusing on pearls.

    Grace says:

    Books on bead weaving and bead embroidery are my favorites!

    Bethjustbeth says:

    My daughters really want more books on steampunk jewelry. We love books more than magazines, because they’re more focused, and more durable. I think I might faint dead away, if we win this set of books…but I’ll revive. :) With three teen daughters, we need a lot of books (want to throw the supplies in, too?). :)

    Susandilger says:

    I just LOVE Lark books, and at least half my library is from Lark! Would sure love to have them all! ;-)
    Keep up the good work.

    I have always loved Lark books! This collection looks amazing! As an enamelist, I’d love to see you publish more books about unorthodox uses of enamels.

    wendy says:

    I’d like to see more books about making jewellery using crystals.

    Hannahcsykes says:

    I will echo some of the earlier comments; I’d like to see more books about beads and pendants from recycled materials and not dinky items, either. So many of the recycled projects I find online and in books (not Lark ;-) ) are things that I think “nobody would wear that!”. I’d also love love love to work for Lark, but I know that’s not what you asked for in the comment box. ;-)

    Annika Kedelauk says:

    I really love your books!! every time i look at them i discover something new. full of fantastic creations! i would like to see one of your books about hair jewellery!

    Christine says:

    I love these books. I’ve taken them all out of the library multiple times. The only book that would be better in my opinion would be a 500 Processes book. I would sleep with that one under my pillow!

    How about 500 stories told through jewelry book?!

    Tracy hudson says:

    I think it’d be great to have a book about incorporating found metals/materials. I love seeing clever ways people use pieces of scrap steel and road signs and such.

    Argylsok says:

    I would love to win these books, because I could donate them to SCACA (Simcoe County Arts & Crafts Association), a non-profit org which promotes excellence in all crafts. Visit them @ http://www.simcoecrafts.ca.

    Their library already contains a plethora of Lark publications.

    Keep up the wonderful work, Lark!

    Wow! I think my head just blew up a little thinking about all these books! I’d also love to see more on mixed media, salvaged material, found object work–of course! since that’s what I do. :)

    I’d love to see a re-try of the 500 Found Objects Project. The 500 series is so great, and I feel this book would round it out nicely!

    Tammy Alexander says:

    I love any ans all kinds of books that get my creative juices flowing! My favorite medium, right now, is seed beads. Any books that have seed bead projects (even projects that are not jewelry related) would be great!

    Csexton3031 says:

    I’d love to see a studio edition of just jewelry designers – that would be FANTASTIC!!

    Judybabin says:

    I’d love to see a book on hollow formed Jewelry/objects.

    Lucidmoonstudio says:

    What a generous giveaway! I would like to see more books on metalsmithing and mixed media, such as resin, polymer clay, etc.

    Mlchronister says:

    I love this website! What am awesome giveaway…I would love to win! ;-)

    donna says:

    I LOVE LARK BOOKS! I always know it will be more than expected if it is a Lark. I would like to see a book on using antique and vintage parts with new.

    Kim R. says:

    I would love to see more about recycling through jewelry making and Thanks for a fabulous giveaway!!

    I’d love to see 500 series book focusing on particular technique. Additionally, how about some more books on use of less-traditional materials such as found objects, steel, jewelry concrete, et. al.?

    I’d love to see 500 series book focusing on particular technique. Additionally, how about some more books on use of less-traditional materials such as found objects, steel, jewelry concrete, et. al.?

    Moon Jewelry says:

    Love all these books! and I agree with @
    Jenny Bennett-Baughman

    … would love more books on alternative materials and metals for some great affordable jewelry.

    Moon Jewelry says:

    Love all these books! and I agree with @
    Jenny Bennett-Baughman

    … would love more books on alternative materials and metals for some great affordable jewelry.

    What a dream jewelry library this would make! I agree with what many people have said, a book about handmade beads using mixed media would be great. Personally, I work mostly with clay but I love creating with other materials as well. Great giveaway!

    What a dream jewelry library this would make! I agree with what many people have said, a book about handmade beads using mixed media would be great. Personally, I work mostly with clay but I love creating with other materials as well. Great giveaway!

    Holly Wilcox says:

    Would love to see 500 totally recycled or found materials making up the designs!

    Holly Wilcox says:

    Would love to see 500 totally recycled or found materials making up the designs!

    Amy Tavern says:

    This is an incredible giveaway! I use the 500 series for my own inspiration and as a teaching aid. I love them! I would also love to see you innovate more titles in this series…found objects, different metals (like the 500 Silver Jewelry Designs…500 Steel?) OOH, what about 500 Benches?! I guess the possibilities are endless!

    Carla says:

    Would be thrilled to see more repurposed and organic materials jewelry books, as well as a new approaches to children and young teen jewelry making books. Perhaps include them in the design process or showcase the younger set in a “250″ book ( a new, smaller series than the 500) for their peers? Fresh creative thoughts…carla@laughingfishstudios.com

    Imhdab says:

    Wow – what a great collection of books! I would love to have these in my library!

    a.c says:

    books on traditional techniques, and really wishing to have another submission on found objects jewelery which didn’t get published successfully

    I love love books and Lark Books creates the best Jewelry Books ever!

    Sansan239s says:

    I would love to see a book that incoporates metal and lampwork beads. Whether the metal inclusion is “in” the beads or wrapped around the bead.

    Jentownsendjewelry says:

    Lark Books are extremely inspirational and a great resource to have around as a jewelry artist.

    Susan Hyde says:

    Fantastic. I’m a polymer artist, but any one of these books would be fabulous to own as inspiration. Masters in Polymer Clay, of course, would be welcome in my library!!!!

    feathersmith says:

    Found object designs, assemblage, designs based primarily on wire – these would all be great to see!

    Amy says:

    This set of books would just about begin and complete anyone’s Lark library. The 500 books are the essential bibles for jewelers!

    I would love to see/be a part of a book about all the wonderful things that you can achieve with copper. It is versatile, brilliant, colorful and fickle all at the same time.

    BJS says:

    OMG! What an amazing collection that would be an awesome addition to MY collection!

    Gre8dean says:

    I’d love to have these books because it would let me see what many other artists have done and are doing in the jewelry field.

    The book I’d like to see is one called “Simply Beautiful,” giving examples and instruction on how to make jewelry with simple materials using simple techniques.

    Custerlawsons says:

    What a wonderful library to be able to access!!! My son recently graduated with a BFA in Jewelry/Metalsmithing, would love to hand this over as a graduation present! I work in clay and love all the 500 series books, so inspiring!

    Kim G says:

    I would love to see more books about repurposing old/found items. And not just for jewelry projects!

    Jennifer Minard says:

    I love making jewelry, its such a relaxing hobby. I wish I could say which was my favorite but I can’t. Hope you pick me. Thanks. Jennifer

    beadlover says:

    I love this series! But only own a few – what a treat it would be to have them all. Like a gallery show in my home…

    Wow. That is a treasure trove to be sure! I think that your books are always very beautiful. I love the depth of piece that you cover in the 500 series. I think with the way things are going with metal prices, it would be nice to see more alternative materials. I love the use of found objects and cannot get enough of those types of books. Thank you for the chance. Someone will be very lucky indeed! Enjoy the day!


    Abarrabarr says:

    Wow! A spectacular giveaway and some great ideas from everyone. I’d like to see one on pieces where you find yourself saying “how did they do that???” Admittedly, I don’t know what you call it, but we’ve all seen pieces where our jaws dropped and we just shake our heads going “That’s amazing, but how…?” Having 500 of those in one place, especially if there was a little bit on how the artists actually did it!, would be incredible.

    Jujubysarah says:

    Giving them away!? I drool over these books every time I see them! I love that Lark books are not only fantastic eye candy, but are open for any artist to submit their work for a chance to be in them.

    Denise says:

    A beginners metal working book including techniques like forging with a few projects would be great.

    Artbywinona says:

    This is wonderful! How about 500 tiaras or head pieces.

    Annabel says:

    I’m speechless… Just WOW! What a bundle!!!

    I think one more book on natural stone jewelry would neve hurt… Anyway, your books are awesome!

    Marjo says:

    I love this series, and I agree that a book of jewelry using found and upcycled objects and materials would be a great addition to the series

    JimM says:

    I can’t get enough books on polymer clay and metal clay. I’d love to see books on creating mixed media jewelry, too. You guys rock!

    How about 500 Mechanisms? Would love to see the backs of some work. I use the 500 series all the time when teaching. What a great resource!

    Dragonfiremail says:

    I teach jewelry classes at local art centers, the city Tech school & university, and these are great reference books to inspire my students. “Newbies” to jewelry making need to see what others have done – it gives them ideas for their own style and design. This is an amazing giveaway!

    Lisa Klein Addison says:

    I would love to see a book about copper and color. There are so many options to put color on metal, and copper is so versatile! Enamel, colored pencils, heat treating, and so much more! I think it would be a fun, vibrant, and very colorful book!

    Dorrie says:

    Please, oh please! I love crafty books and such. My little library needs more books to fill it out! Pick me! I also love to learn new things. Always keeping my brain busy.
    Dorrie Shuster

    AnneHood says:

    More mixed media!

    Diane says:

    If I were to win this great give-away, I would donate the entire collection to the jewelry/metals library that I am trying to build for my classroom at the community college where I teach (Alvin Community College in Alvin, Texas). Sharing all of the amazing ideas, designs and inspiration with my students would give me great pleasure. While our classroom has internet access and we can view thousands of examples online, there is nothing that can take the place of an actual book with beautiful illustrations!

    Glad you asked about ideas for future books. I’ve been thinking about this one for a while now: “500 Pictorial Jewelry Objects” (Jewelry objects that incorporate pictorial imagery). There are many artists worldwide currently working in this genre, and their styles, materials and techniques vary widely.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this wonderful collection of books and thanks for your continued support and contribution to the arts and to the field of jewelry/metalsmithing!

    Kari Stringer says:

    Love these books & love the giveaway!! I would love to see a book on 500 recycled, upcycled or cold connections jewelry book.

    CeRee Hellums says:

    I would love to see a book on recycled jewelry or jewelry artists.

    Chriskerrjewelry says:

    I love to see mixed-media found-object jewelry books. This giveaway is amazing!

    I am passionate about jewelry making! I would love to win one of these books…it doesn’t matter which one…they all look interesting!

    I love to make all kinds of jewelry. Any one of these books would be a wonderful addition to my library.

    WOW! You have outdone yourselves with this one! I don’t have any of these books, but covet them all. I love reading about new techniques and the inspiration that drive the artists, and how that translates to a finished piece of art.

    MmeMagpie says:

    I was looking at some of these at the bookstore the other day.

    What I haven’t seen, yet, is a comprehensive book on tool making. How to transform common steel items into useful tools with the resources commonly found n a silversmith’s shop.

    I’ve made a few crude tools with old fashioned nails, but it would be beyond awesome to have instructions with pictures on how to make forming stakes, repousse punches and so on from materials I can get at the local hardware store, or ways to re-purpose worn out tools.

    As others have said, I also would love to see another in the 500 series books that focuses on recycled materials and found objects. There are so many inspiring artists out there that work with these materials, that to have them in one glorious color photo book with their thoughts would be fabulous!!

    Sharlyngp says:

    I would so love to win these books. I’m a lampworker and am always interested in books that offer me an opportunity to use my beads OR books that offer me creative inspiration. Lark Books always do both. I treasure my “how to” books. I always am looking at at least one of them, with pages marked, sketch book in hand. They are my treasures. What a treasure chest you’re offering!

    SallyAnderson says:

    I would like to see more seed bead books. I don’t know why but I just can’t get enough of those little devils.

    Catherine says:

    Wow! This is amazing. How about a gallery book focusing on PMC jewelry designs? A beautiful gallery book would help to raise awareness of the medium, and complement the existing project books. It would be a great way to cross-market, bring jewelers familiar with cold-working and melting techniques in contact with a very user-friendly medium which can be worked in multiple ways. Thanks for the opportunity; this is quite a collection!

    Amv says:

    All the Lark books I’ve seen have been a great source of inspiration & sheer joy. My favourite (hard as it is to choose) has to be the Earrings book because of the extarordinary diversity of designs featured.

    Tonya says:

    Ohhhh, I love these books. I find though, in order to peruse them you must wear a bib, have a drool rag and of course your journal to sketch all the ideas that pop into your head. They all give me a buzz! The jurors do such a good job of picking out excellent inspiration.

    I look forward to the 500 Beaded Jewelry!Cheers,Tonyawww.wholelottawhimsy.comwww.tonyadavidson.comhttp://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1175654731&ref=namehttp://twitter.com/#!/TonyaDavidson

    FryeStyle says:

    Wow! What an incredible giveaway opportunity! Unbelievable! Fiber related jewelry would be great.

    Sarah-Hannah says:

    I am an apprentice Goldsmith and I would love love love this collection! Please let me win:)

    Carol Dean (Schroder) Sharpe says:

    I’d love to see a 500 book on mixed media jewelry pieces.

    Dragonskindesigns says:

    I’d like to see a book that covers and combines my two favorite things: meta smithing and swords. Some of the sword art work is very intricate…both antiques and modern….

    Pippi Jewelry says:

    These books have been my go-to books for inspiration for years! I’d love to just take them off of my shelves to look at them instead of having to check them out of the library!

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway and for putting together such wonderful books!

    Beth Burns says:

    I really can’t decide whick book I like the best because I would like to read them all !! What a wonderful potpourri of books !! I dable in most types of jewelry making from metal clay to beadwork to metalsmithing. I love it all !!!
    Beth Burns eblily@aol.com

    A treasure of information that would be an invaluable collection for anyones library!!

    DLGray says:

    I’d love to see one devoted to cold connections and repurposed items.
    It would be an awesome collection to own! =)

    Audrey Fetterhoff says:

    What a gorgeous slections of your lovely books! I have a few of your others in my colection and they are always my top faves!!

    I’d love to see a 500 book on upcycled/repurposed jewelry

    Shirley Cook says:

    What an amazing giveaway! I love the 500 series – to add these to my library would be like a dream come true. Regarding future 500 books, I would love to see a book on mixed media jewelry as well as a book on form folded metal objects.

    Mollyschaller says:

    I love the 500 series. Thanks for having this great giveaway!

    Sally says:

    Would love to get this set of books where as I am just starting!

    Jo - gemheaven says:

    Wow an amazing giveaway ~ these books would be fabulous for any jewellery designer for inspiration ~ i would love each and everyone.

    I’d love a book on different textures.

    It was getting two books from the 500 series that started me on my journey of becoming a metalsmith. I’ve been borrowing the others over and over from my local library. I never get tired of looking through them. Having all of these books in my home library would be an inspirational dream come true.

    Dbdixon01 says:

    The pictures are truly inspirational, let alone directions and knowledge. I would like to see a book of tips on using ordinary things as jewelry tools.

    Dbdixon91 says:

    The pictures are truly inspirational, let alone directions and knowledge. I would like to see a book of tips on using ordinary things as jewelry tools.

    Dbdixon91 says:

    Put wrong name and email. The comment above is correct.

    Beth says:

    This as a terrific collection of books! Wow.

    Quilter says:

    I’d like to see an overview kind of book with lots of photos about various aboriginal forms of design (native American, Australian, Celt, etc).
    :) Linda

    Danielle says:

    Thanks for such an amazing giveaway! I love the 500 series of course (who doesn’t?)… it might be nice to see more technique related books, especially unique techniques that artists have developed in their own studios.

    WingroveSmith2010 says:

    I’d love to win these books, fingers crossed.

    This is a very inspiring collection! I love the Master series!

    It would provide great inspiration to have this set of books. Thanks for the chance to win the!

    These books ar amazing. I love to look at them for inspiration. How about a book about ethnic jewelry. There is so much material for that, and the variety is enormous.

    nat says:

    would love to see some books about jewelry artists that are pushing the boundaries of traditional “jewelry” through use of unique materials, designs, and concepts. thanks for showcasing such beautiful work in your books!

    Jayne says:

    I’d LOVE to own these books! What a great addition to my Lark collection they would be.

    Cv Stearns says:

    I am new to beading so I love all beading books. I am also a polymer clay artist and buy every polymer clay book that come out! Polymer clay books that go beyond the basics are what I look for now, more advanced techniques.

    Scogdog says:

    Holy Moly…those are all amazing! I think they would be perfect for a library to go to over & over again to enjoy the eye candy


    Lisa says:

    The “Masters of Beadwork” Series has been awesome — so many wonderful projects, so beautifully presented and illustrated. More, please!

    Nicki says:

    Oh I love these books. I have a couple and go to them all the time. Would love some more!

    Jessica says:

    I would love to see a Masters of Metal Clay book!

    Steph Hall says:

    Wow, there’s a lot of choice. I think found items, jewellery with textiles, and mixed media jewellery would all be fab as a 500 series book. Also I would personally LOVE to see a 500 designs with opals – there are so many different types of opal and different ways to use them that 500 would be a cinch – every opal is so individual and unique.
    Sadly I’m not eligible to win the books though :(

    Edera Jewelry says:

    Wow, what a wonderful giveaway! I’d love to see more books about using fiber/textile techniques in jewelry design.

    Mitzi Warren says:

    I have a few of your books and would love to add more to my library! I’d like to see a book on up and coming artisans, never before published collection type of thing. I love working in metal clays, wireworking and beads. Learning more about each and would like to do more traditional metalsmithing as well.

    Casey says:

    I’d love to see a book where each page had a couple of photographs of jewelry pieces in process, and then the finished piece on the facing page. It’d be a wonderful peek into the artist’s studio, but the text could be minimal and the focus could still be on the pieces.

    FrostyBlu says:

    I personally love all art/craft books. Some years ago I lost my vision for about 5 years, the reason I lost it and why I got it back is a mystery. I love reading but with the cost of books, I can’t afford to stock my library and I have years of reading to catch up on.

    I don’t expect to win this contest, I never do. But I do want to tell you that I think this is a generous thing to do by having this contest. Peace.

    I almost had to go change my pants when I saw this giveaway I got so excited! I LOVE this series! I would love to share these with my students to get their creativity out of the box and inspire them to look at jewelry in a new way. You guys are amazing, thanks for the opportunity to win these!

    Cintra04 says:

    …lark books are the greatest!…i would love to see new books on using non-precious metals & non-precious stones, etc…..my favorite book right now is stitched jewels….thank you, it sparked a whole series of new work for me! XO

    Michelle says:

    All of these books are so incredible to look through! I’d really like to see a book on blacksmithing! Thanks for the chance to win such an incredible giveaway! :)

    Chayna1uk says:

    I love these books because there’s so much inspiration in them as well as the pleasure just browsing through. How about a book on Precious Metal Clay designs as well as all the other suggestions made so far. That’ll keep you all busy for a while ;)

    Megnbob924 says:

    Oh wow, I would love to have this collection. I dear friend just sent me this link and you will deffinately be shared with all my jewlery pals. Love it. love it love it. I know what I want for my birthday now,

    What an awesome contest! As for suggestions, how about a book on electroformed beads and jewelry?

    Chichijunk says:

    Wow – is this a dream? This library is everything I need to know about Everything Jewelry! I need to learn as much as I can before I dive headfirst into jewelry-making and hopefully have that a part of my art/craft business that I’m working on starting. My idea for a great book is a CLOSEUP view and teaching of how to make every kind of link in Big Print so that I can see it – with alot of tips and techniques for the novice (me!)
    I really hope I win this set – I would cherish it forever!
    chichijunk at cs dot com

    Mwpowell948 says:

    Love to be the proud owner of these books. Love to see some more books on metalsmithing.

    Schermo says:

    What a wonderful give away! I love Lark Books, and love looking at the books I own for inspiration for jewelry projects and beautiful works of art in many mediums. I echo the sentiment that a book about mixed media projects, including found object jewelry would be great. I also really enjoy looking into people’s creative spaces & studios, so a book about creative artists and where they create would be wonderful. I am also intrigued by jewelry that incorporates things on a miniature scale.

    Ptjolaw says:

    Your books are always such a joy and inspiration. What a great giveaway!

    Kimariskreations says:

    I t would be great to have all these books for reference. I alway could use more

    Cyndi Nason says:

    This has GOT to be the MOST enticing giveaway I’ve ever seen!!!! I’d LOVE to also see some steampunk as well as somnething using old lace and or pieces of “olde” tatting put to use as I have with beads etc… THANKS you guys are getting pretty hard to out do! I LOVE IT!!!

    As a fiber artist, I would love to see more books relating to the fiber arts, but I can never see enough new and unusual fiber ideas and techniques! Good luck everyone, but I secretly hope I’m the one who’s chosen…lol.

    Kimariskreations says:

    I forgot to add that more books or tutorials on kiln formed glass. I love all your books that I have purchase and to get 20 free. I would be in heaven if I win.

    Cyndi Nason says:

    So0rry about the picture just realizes that’s NOT SUPPOSED to be my profile pic. Am trying to find out what is going on. Again SINCERE apologizes…

    please let me win this! I would like to see a 500 Repousee objects book

    Lea says:

    Lark certainly has the broadest range of craft books, would love to be the happy recipient!!!

    Lissa says:

    This is the first time I’ve seen the ‘Masters’ collection. I want every one!

    Amy Blevins says:

    I’d enjoy seeing a book about seed beads combined with wire in Jewelry designs. Favorite artists to for consideration: Dallas Lovett and Rachel Nelson Smith

    Carkeef says:

    Awesome, books! I own some of them!!!!-Carmen

    ByCher says:

    How wonderful! I love Lark books, they are the best! I’d love to see some more “master” techniques and less “how to equip your studio” information. I already know what sizes beads come in and what kind of pliers to use :) Thank you for such an awesome give-away!!!

    davish says:

    What a great bundle of books. I’m always looking for inspiration. This looks like the jackpot!

    Bettina Groh says:

    I have a non-computer friend who loves making jewelry and beads… so I’m entering, hoping to win for her!

    Kendra Bruno says:

    What’s not to love about Lark Books? Fantastic collection!!!

    Michelle Young says:

    I’d love to have these books in my library. I can always find inspiration for projects even if the book isn’t in my particular type of jewelry making. PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!!!

    I would love to win these books. I am always looking for a little something extra to add to my jewelry, and these books would most definitely help me out. They would also help me to learn all the new techniques that are out.

    Heidi Smith says:

    I love these books! I have a few of the 500 series, it’s like having a gallery of inspiration in the palm of my hand! :) The Masters books have been on my library list for a while now… I can’t wait to eventually own them! What about some books on found objects, alternative materials, or “color wave” books –> where you start at one color (object/jewelry) and each photograph from one object to the next create a unique visual experience where color trends evolve throughout the book, gradually changing as you flip from one page/item to the next…? I’d buy that book… seems like it would be great for color theory/color trends as well as a design reference book.

    Catherine says:

    Oh my goodness…this giveaway sure earned its title! So incredible.

    In the future, I’d love to see more challenges where multiple artists get the same materials. I think a book all about studios would be fascinating, too.

    Would love love love to win these gorgeous books!! Pick me!! ; )

    Kathy King says:

    I LOVE the 500 series books. I get so much inspiration from all the different materials used and designs presented in the books. I enjoy how-to books, but the books I get the most from are those that show just gorgeous photos of all kinds of jewelry/art. Thanks for creating all these wonderful books.

    Kathy King says:

    I LOVE the 500 series books. I get so much inspiration from all the different materials used and designs presented in the books. I enjoy how-to books, but the books I get the most from are those that show just gorgeous photos of all kinds of jewelry/art. Thanks for creating all these wonderful books.

    Lark books are a staple around here…!

    Jaqqui says:

    Wow! This is fabulous! I would love to have all these books to add to my collection. Hey @Syb31562@yahoo.com, what do you think of these?

    Sue Lundgren says:

    I love ALL of the books Lark publishes! I think you do a fabulous job!Especially the books on Bead making. Jeri Warhaftig wrote a great, artistic, teaching book called ‘Glass Bead Workshop. It has been very instructional in my bead making. I also just like looking at the pictures when I’m trying to generate idea for my own work. I would like to see a book that was a little more advanced instruction, to further along my education. I appreciate the step by step instruction she lays out in her book. Also, I like the gallery of artists that is included in her examples! (I also like 500 cups and 500 bowls.) Thank you Lark!

    Wendyoes says:

    I’d love to see a book called 500 Handmade Handbags.

    Esiff says:

    Amazing giveaway..as a jewelry maker i would love any of these books..great resource and so inspiring!

    Lori Lochner says:

    This is a great giveaway and I have a few of them they are top quality. I’d like to see a glass jewelry book.

    Tina says:

    Whoa! this is big! I have a few well-worn and dog-eared books, but there are more here to love. And yes, please, do one on tools!

    Ckakers says:

    Would love to have one of these great books.

    laurie says:

    oh my goodness, this would be absolutely fantastic to have at my fingertips when i want to learn something new or just need a nudge of inspiration! so exciting! i hope to win!

    CrysallisCreations says:

    I really would love to see a book with wirewrapped jewelry! It’s a huge trend and there are many that I know deserved to be published! It’ll be great to see that….. Or else, unconventional wedding jewelry, there are some great artisans that deserves to be published as well!!!

    Elmeharg says:

    How about a book celebrating the “new” metals, Metal Clay! They cover silver, gold, bronze, copper, steel, white bronze, even sterling!

    Kayla Rinne says:

    I would love to see a book on modern mourning jewelry

    Dona Miller says:

    Love to see more books on mixed metals and clays.

    Bonniedotcollins says:

    Your books are great! When I see that a book is a Lark book I know it will be high quality.

    Tara Finlay says:

    Found Objects, New Metals, Mixed Media, Recycled Jewelry

    Michelle loon says:

    Congrats on the website redesign! A book on alternative metals and mechanisms would interest me.

    Chris says:

    Really enjoy your books. Would like to see books related to the business of crafting.

    justval says:

    How about a book showing jewelry made entirely of recycled materials and found objects. Taking an unusual object that is normally thrown away after being used , dismantling it and turning it into an amazing piece of jewelry.

    DebraDC says:

    What an incredible collection of books!!!

    I would love to see more books on color or inspiration – how people use color and what is their inspiration.


    Gem Gossip says:

    How about 500 Art Deco Rings…I could help contribute for that one!

    DonnaJ says:

    Wow – this collection would be a dream! I think it is time for a book on steampunk or mixed media with found metals, etc. It’s my new passion!

    Sharon says:

    What a fabulous giveaway!! Thanks for the opportunity to win these wonderful publications. I think I’d like to see a book of 500 pieces of steampunk art/jewelry.Thanks again

    jewelry artist says:

    Your books are fabulous! I like the idea of featuring 500 jewelry artists.

    Pbolles says:

    What an unbelievable give away!!! Your books are so well planned and put together…I’d love to see one dedicated to jewelry made with lampwork beads…necklaces, earrings, bracelets and any and all utilitarian items…

    Michelle Bleu Jewelry Designs says:

    Oh my goodness, to have even one of these in my collection would put me over the moon!!  I apprenticed last fall with a gallery designer and she had an entire wall of bookcases filled with these and other inspirations.  To see these gorgeous works of art and “see” how they’re made makes me think that one day, I might be in one of your books! 

    This giveaway sounds truly amazing. I’d particularly like to see a book about smithed metal containers and vessels (boxes, bowls, and the like), or a book about armor. I think such a book could encompass a wide variety of practical, decorative, and ceremonial armors through the ages and on almost every continent.

    Helen says:

    I would be the happiest person alive to receive this incredible givaway!  Future books could include beading items, copper and bronze jewelry, vintage jewelry, and modern jewelry!
    thanks – and looking forward to hearing who is the lucky winner and I hope it is me!!!!

    I would very much like to see a book about smithed metal containers and vessels (boxes, bowls, etc), or a book about metal armor. I think such a book could encompass a wide variety of techniques and armors used in various cultures from almost every continent throughout the ages. The book could range from early metal armor enhancements applied to leather; to European and Asian mail and plate armor; to decorative or ceremonial armors; and to modern day applications, such as lightweight alloy armor used in reenactments; or fine mail gloves and suits worn by butchers and shark divers, respectively.

    PeacefulBeader says:

    I’d love to win these amazing books!!  What an incredible giveaway.  Thanks for offering this!

    Rpro says:

    WoW, would be amazing to own this collection!!
    I would love to see (and submit designs to) a 500 series book on awesome clasps :)

    DearKellyMurphy says:

    I love Lark Books and would love to see a jewelry book dedicated to jewelry made with alternative materials such as found objects and cement. 

    I think I would love to see a book dedicated to advanced/master cold connection wire artisan pieces.  No glue, no solder, just wire, hands and unpowered tools.

    Fugudesigns says:

    Lark Books are always my “go to” books for design inspiration.  They inevitably get the creative juices flowin’.  I would love to see one with a focus on resin.

    Whimsy says:

    There are so many books here that I have never seen! its a jewelry makers’s dream

    Diane Sepanski says:

    Love these books!

    Louis says:

    I have some of these and use them as reference.  How about some books about contemporary handmade marbles?  I know that isn’t beads or jewelry, but the technique is similar to glass beads and a logical next step. 

    onjewels says:

     Wow! I would be thrilled to win this collection!   I would love to see a book on the history of contemporary jewelry

    Maureen says:

     The 500 series books are very inspirational.  I also enjoy all the Masters series, especially beadweaving, and would love to see more as there are so many incredible bead artists now.  Thanks for sharing such a wonderful giveaway!

    Wordygirl says:

     What a fantastic giveaway.  I am a quilter, and I’d love to see more books about modern quilting, the quilt community, perhaps something on quilting bees.  I absolutely love your Twelve by Twelve.  

    Leslie Todd says:

    Wow! What a great giveaway! I’d like to see more books on making jewelry from found objects, and intermediate level metal working. 

    Sally says:

    What a wonderfull give away.  I would like to see some books on tool making from raw materials.  Thanks so much.  @Whole Lotta Whimsey.

    Krista Shufelt says:

    Gosh, I love them all.  But the Masters series is so inspirational!  And I’m always up for more beading books.

    Anonymous says:

     OMG – Wouldn’t this be the most perfect reference library?  I take my 500 & Masters Series books to class and the students love flipping thru them…they get the creative juices flowing.

    I love the suggestion of 500 Tiaras & Headpieces – I would LOVE to see a 500 Clasps & Findings…500 Surface Treatments (Patinas, Resists & Textures)…heck I could go on but I won’t  ;-p

    Robyn Hawk

    Emma Baird says:

    Another fantastic give away!! I love all the books and have a fair few, but have to admit I would love to see a 500 Book dedicated to Metal Clay – any kind.

    Pamalahurst says:

     I would love to see a book on designing and simple techniques to use and/or using crystals as accents!

    Scogdog says:

    WOW!  Ray this is amazing. Thank you so much for offering this great give away.

    Thechicpeach says:

    Anything on metalsmithing!  Also vintage clothing techniques.

    Lily says:

    Heaven is 20 Lark Jewelry books 

    [...] are you waiting for? Zip over to Lark Jewelry & Beading to learn how you can enter their biggest giveaway ever! You may also [...]

    Carrie Nunes says:

    Wonderful! Maybe a book featuring jewelry designers, showing their work and also their creative work spaces. I love looking at other artist’s studios.

    wanaree.tanner says:

    More metal clay books!

    What a wonderful book give-away and clever promotional campaign! I would LOVE to win this set of books:) I’m a jeweler working with lesser-known and rare gemstones such as gem dinosaur bone, rare forms of opal, spectrolite and fire agate. It would be refreshing and inspiring to see a “500 Exotic Gemstones” book.

    You really blew the doors off with this powerhouse giveaway!  Looking forward to seeing how many posts you get, be sure to blog the results!   Best wishes!

    Gypsy Thread says:

    Wow! What an awesome collection that anyone would be beyond thrilled to have. A very generous giveaway!
    I’d love to see a new book featuring unusual elements, incorporating items that are not typically thought of when designing jewelry.

    I have the 500 necklace book and love it … and now I would love to call the pendants or silver designs my own ☺.

    I would love to see more about mixed media.

    TheresaE says:

     WOW! This is an awesome giveaway! thanks for the chance to win. I would also like to see a book using found or upcycled items.

    Ray Hemachandra says:

     Thank you, Sue! And I hope you’re familiar with Jeri Warhaftig’s new book this spring, Creating Glass Beads, which is very much a follow-up to Glass Bead Workshop!

    Ray Hemachandra says:

    Well, I can deliver some good news, Amy: Rachel Nelson-Smiths Bead Riffs, a book in the Beadweaving Master Class Series, publishes in September. It’s a fantastic book that’s going to generate a lot of excitement! (Let your local bead store or bookstore know you want them to get it for you, or go online, where it’s already available for pre-order.)

    Diana says:

    Wow, I think any book with hand crafted items are inspiring

    Linda Magi says:

     Wonderful books!

    bonjourmate says:

     Fab giveaway! I’d love to see a book on fiber art jewelry.

    Eddie says:

    WHOOAA! What a giveaway! So, where do i send my address for those great books? ;)

    Mhasper22 says:

    What a wonderful collection! I can’t wait to win…;-) 

    Lynda says:

     I love these books!  Thank you for the chance to win.  I would like to see maybe a book on jewelry crosses or star of davids something like that…

    Sheila says:

    oh what wonderful books! I would like to see a book on using found objects. also more on using beads in more than stringing and perhaps a book on working with resins and such. 

    Wow.  Winning this would be amazing.  So many books and so many ideas in them.

    Lizwintriss says:

     Too cool! I have 500 baskets and another 500 book about earings (?) Both are fantastic books. I am always referring to them for ideas. The whole series is such a great concept. I second the upcycled/repurposed idea.

    Cindy Lietz says:

    I want this set of books more than anything to be inspired by and maybe even review on my blog. Therefore it made me very sad to see that Canadians are not eligible. :( Good luck everyone… this is a wonderful prize!

    Carolyn Bensinger says:

    I think these books are fantastic and inspirational.  I question (as I always do) how some of the work was juried in–but that’s what makes them so interesting.  For the most part I couldn’t recommend them more.

    Andrea Zeuner says:

    this is great! I would really love to see a Lark Books centered around environmentally conscious jewelry or jewelry inspired by the Earth.

    This is a fantastic give away. Very generous! Who wouldn’t want to be the proud owner of all these books.
    If you haven’t seen it the 500 Plastic Jewelry Designs is an amazing book. I really love the inventive creativity in this book.
    Super looking forward to the Best of 500 

    Debra says:

    Wow – great give away!  Thank-you for the opportunity to participate!

    Catherine says:

    This is an awesome giveaway! When ever I find an inspirational book it is usually a Lark book. I just said to a friend, when we were in the bookstore last week, if it was published by Lark, it is a quality art book! I love Lark books, I collect Lark books. With the internet and ebooks these days, I get nervous these beautiful collectors books will disappear. It is important to have these and looking at pictures on my computer just is not the same, not even close. Please keep them coming….

    Linda Goss says:

    Hi, This is great news. I would love to win. I think it would be fun to have a book about different jewelrymakers & metalsmithers and have a bio about each person and photos of their work & studio. Maybe award winners.

    Pam says:

     What an incredible giveway!  Endless hours of inspiration and curious questions about how this was made or that was achieved.  One might even need a separate book shelf to house this amazing library of Lark Books (as they should!).  @Catherine – you are so right!  Lark books are among some of the best! Thanks for the opportunity to win Lark!

    Shotmarcy says:

    This IS the best give away ever!!  I love that you keep coming out with new ones, each one is more inspiring that the next.  I would love to see Lark take another shot at the found objects book.  I specialize in found object jewelry and would be honored to be a part of it.

    Michelle says:

     I love Lark Books! They inspire me!

    Erik Stewart says:

    Excited to see what’s next for Lark! Might not be a popular category suggestion, but how about Bibelot?

     ‎1 can’t choose just 1 fav, but I’d ♥ the ‘Vintage Jewelry Design’, ’500 Bracelets’, ’500 Pendants and Lockets’, ’1000 Rings’, ’500 Earrings’, & of coarse the ‘now out of print’ ’500 Brooches’ & ‘Brilliance’!!! ‎1 can’t choose just 1 fav, but I’d ♥ the ‘Vintage Jewelry Design’, ’500 Bracelets’, ’500 Pendants and Lockets’, ’1000 Rings’, ’500 Earrings’, & of coarse the ‘now out of print’ ’500 Brooches’ & ‘Brilliance’!!! 

    Joy Funnell says:

    Wow what a great giveaway.  

    I would like more metal clay, enamal, and stone setting books. all the Lark books I have I love and return to often. thanks 

    Lauren says:

    love your book what a great give away.
    I think a favorite tool book would be really interesting to anyone who makes jewelry  and just loves tools

    Micthecik says:

    You guys are just wonderful.  What an incredibly generous giveaway!
    Good luck everyone!

     ‎1 can’t choose just 1 fav, but I’d ♥ the ‘Vintage Jewelry Design’, ’500 Bracelets’, ’500 Pendants and Lockets’, ’1000 Rings’, ’500 Earrings’, & of coarse the ‘now out of print’ ’500 Brooches’ & ‘Brilliance’!!!‎1 can’t choose just 1 fav, but I’d ♥ the ‘Vintage Jewelry Design’, ’500 Bracelets’, ’500 Pendants and Lockets’, ’1000 Rings’, ’500 Earrings’, & of coarse the ‘now out of print’ ’500 Brooches’ & ‘Brilliance’!!!

    why is it posting 2X? 

     ‎1 can’t choose just 1 fav, but I’d ♥ the ‘Vintage Jewelry Design’, ’500 Bracelets’, ’500 Pendants and Lockets’, ’1000 Rings’, ’500 Earrings’, & of coarse the ‘now out of print’ ’500 Brooches’ & ‘Brilliance’!!!‎1 can’t choose just 1 fav, but I’d ♥ the ‘Vintage Jewelry Design’, ’500 Bracelets’, ’500 Pendants and Lockets’, ’1000 Rings’, ’500 Earrings’, & of coarse the ‘now out of print’ ’500 Brooches’ & ‘Brilliance’!!!

    Linda Goss says:

    Thank’s for this great opportunity to win. I would love them. An idea for a new book could be to interview (bio) award winning jewelers & metalworkers with photos of them, their work and their studios.

    Queenofegypt says:

    Lark books are CONSISTENTLY of fine quality, not matter what the subject.  Beautiful photos, easy to follow instruction, history and background explanations.  Love them!! Please pick me!!! 

    Debbie says:

    I used to read lots of fiction, now I curl up in bed with 500 bangles, brooches, rings- whatever! My husband thinks I’m mad but I know that I’m just loving all the inspiration, pictures and ideas that come to me when I’m looking thro’ one of the Lark publications. And even tho there might not be much of plot, I know there’ll always be a happy ending!!  debbie carlton ending!!  debbie carlton

    Tara J. says:

     Love these books!  As far as what I’d like to see in the future… I’d love to see a collection of mixed media jewelry projects. 

    GypsieJulies says:

    This is a very generous giveaway!! I have a lot of Lark books in my library and always seem to reach for one when I am looking for inspiration. Keep up the excellent work! 

    Ande says:

     I love this series, love all the jewellery ones. Maybe some new jewellery series focusing on ‘alternative ‘ metals, or things like resin ( as in the enamel book, do a resin one). 

    Elizabeth Steiner says:

    I’d love to see more enameling books, craft theory books and perhaps a charm book. I’d also love to see more books the feature emerging, avant-garde, and/or European artists.

    Keep up the great work!

    Karen says:

     These books are such an inspiration to show new students in beginner classes in any medium.  My students pour over them!

    Bronswirlz13 says:

    I would like to see a book about 500 Dragons.  That way you can get different mediums and cultures displayed in one book.  It would be fantastic to see all of the different interpretations.

    (I hope I win.  Who doesn’t need more books!)

    Kjrut says:

     Excellent Books and Inspiration!  What a great library to have, use and love.

    Jeanne says:

    Howdy Lovely Lark People!

    I sure would love to increase the WOW! factor in my library…

    Keep up all your good work & the new & improved web site looks great!!

    Jeanne Flint Art Jewelry

    Yhurt05 says:

    boy this is a wonderful give away and i love beading soooooo much i hope to win these big wonderful books to help me along my path of beading…ill be keepin my fingers crossed

    Cindi says:

    I’m excited about this giveaway!!! Lark books are full for knowledge and inspiration.  This Prize is perfect for the jewelry lover and book lover at that!  I’m both.  I usually have to go to the library to check out books, but to have them to keep, oh my….

    Cynthia says:

     I have the 1000 rings book, but I’d love to have any of the other books! Thanks for this chance!

    Yhurt05 says:

    i sooo want these ….awesome

    Sabrina says:

    I love beading and looking through books to see what people have created.  A lovely library of Lark books is exactly the inspiration I’ve been longing for. 

    Kristinae says:

    I have coveted your books for years! My dearest friend has the 1000 Rings book and we’ve spent hours looking through it together getting ideas and inspiration. As she has passed away, the book holds even more meaning to me. I would love to own a copy!

    Lesleymessam says:

     I love Lark books and have a few, they are truly an inspiration. I would love to see a 500 book on metal clay as well as the Masters book. This has not been done yet and there are some amazing metal clay artist around the world.

    studioC says:

     What a treasure this would be to win! As far as books to publish in the future….anything that has to do with using recycled, repurposed, or found objects would be fantastic!

    Gvido says:

    I would like to see a book about hair jewelry, or book 500 mens jewellery

    Boy, what a joy this would be to own! An entire library….what new horizons this would open up for my creativity! Especially the beadweaving book….but all the rest….new things to learn…!

    Dianna says:

    I love the Lark 500 series and I’d love to see more. I wouldn’t even mind seeing duplicate titles as long as the work in side was different. 

    Fantastic giveaway. I have a couple of titles already, so some of those amazing reference books will be donated to a jewelry studio that employs survivors of human trafficking and slavery in India that is run by the not-4-profit org. Made By Survivors. Fingers x ed

    I have treasured the Lark books to give me ideas and inspiration. Now that I have finished the first leg of my education I continue to glean from your books as I work. I think the 1000 rings, and all of the 500 books are worth seeing more of them. Keep up with the contemporary work that is out there. Thanks Lard for giving us the inspiration we need to be creative.

    Lark provided me ideas and inspiration that I have needed throughout undergraduate work. Now that I am out of school I still find Lark books a way to get ideas and inspiration. The 500 books, and other books that show all the different contemporary ideas out there would be wonderful. 

    Melaniejaneb says:

    I LOVE Larks books – always so well done!

    Linda says:

    The Lark Books are such an inspiration.  Always well formated with the photographs wonderfully displayed.  Really you have covered so many individual subjects now, it is hard to come up with a new idea.  I think I would like to see something with the best of alternative materials, but serious art not crafty. I would love to see a book entirely devoted to working with steel in jewelry.  More than anything I would like to see some project books that are not for beginners.  I am past the point of needing to see a long list of tools needed for my bench. 
    I think I already own most of the books in your collection.  If I won, I would donate the books to our metalsmithing guild to build a reference library.

    Diana Casabar says:

     what a great opportunity!  and since i just broke my arm and will be away from the bench for 6 weeks, i’ll have plenty of time to peruse the books, when i win!!!  ;o)

    I truly love your books (particularly the 500- series and Masters series).  They are wonderful pick-me-ups and reminders of the truly awe-inspiring range of creativity among working jewelry artists today. I teach jewelry at a community college in PA and find these books to be some of the best teaching tools out there to get students to think “beyond the obvious” in solving design problems.  To have a collection like this would be amazing (we purchase books from our own pockets and/or rely on them being donated, as we don’t have a budget for materials like this) and such a huge benefit for our students!

    I would love to see a “1000 Castings” featuring jewelry with predominantly lost-wax cast/hand-carved (i.e., NOT cad-cam/milled) components.

    Thanks for the opportunity to participate in the drawing and thanks for continuing to publish such wonderful books!

    Cari says:

    I love the inspiration I get from Lark books.  A book on chasing and repousse showing modern work would be wonderful, but I would be happy with any metalsmithing book!

    Pearl says:

    For those of us who are unable to get out to beading classes, these books would be absolutely fantastic!  I have several Lark Books but would really love to complete my collection.  Thanks for having such a great contest!   

    Karen says:

    How about something Chainmaille? Or 500 wirework patterns? Your books are a wonderful starting point for inspiration!

    Deborah says:

     Count me in for the giveaway! I love your books! Even hope to be in one one of these days! :)

    Leslee says:

    I love. Your books. They give me great inspiration. I would love to see books on metal beads,resin jewelry & epoxy clay &other epoxy uses for jewelry. Also chasing & reprosse. Thanks for all of your thought provoking books. Leslee

    LAWT says:

    What an incredible contest! I would like to see a series of books on different types of costume jewelry, maybe divided by decade.

    Jsarina says:

     OMG! I would just lay down and die if I won this giveaway. I would love to see books about using “found objects” and alternative materials. Out-of-the-box thinking is so inspirational!

    Knittenjen says:

    I would LOVE to win!

    Bailey Glover says:

    Your books are great way to spend an afternoon, all the inspiration I’ve received is incalculable! Thanks for producing all of this wonderful work.  

    barnyardbelle says:

    Lark books are so creatively inspirational!  Thanks!  Fingers crossed on the giveaway…

    Kristin says:

    Whenever I’m feeling blocked or uninspired, I just pick up one of your books, especially those in the 500 series, and it doesn’t take too long for the joy in creating to return. I am so glad you continue to publish these gorgeous works. Every time I add one to my shelves, I’m thrilled. (And would be completely overjoyed to win so that I could not only add to my treasure trove of Lark books, but also share those I already have with other metalsmith friends.)

    I would really appreciate these! What a fantastic library!

    Debra Womack says:

     The Lark books are so beautiful! I would love to win *any* of them. :-)

    Mireille Dalpé says:

    Hi All!  What a wonderful idea!
    I have bought some of those books and keep re-looking at them all the time.
    I’m really interested in the Vintage Jewelry Design and Masters Polymer Clay.
    What is exciting about knowing what was before, is to see the extraordinary jewelry made in eras that did not have all the convenience of modern tools, the details, the imagination, the charm on those eras and the history.
    Then, to see what can be done with a new (relatively speaking) media of polymer to inspire us to try polymer and experiment.
    Thank you,

    Mireille Dalpé says:

    Hi again. I forgot to mention what I would like to see in a future jewelry book, a compilation of 500 wood jewelry and a ‘how to’ craft, work with wood to make jewelry with projects. There’s not many of those books out there.
    Thanks,  Mireille

    Beth Millner says:

    I would love to see a 500 Mixed Metal Pendants book with Sterling Silver, Copper and Brass jewelry. 

    Also, I think patinas are really popular and a 500 Patinated Metals would be great.

    I was introduced to lark books in college at Northern Michigan University.  I really love the 500 series and would love to equip my studio with all of these amazing books!  I currently own just the 500 Pendant & Lockets book and I would happily offer it as a giveaway on my blog should I win these books. 

    I am a full time jewelry artist who also teaches classes, I would love to add these to my collection!

    Mireille Dalpé says:

    I so agree, I absolutely would love a book on color on metal too!  I crave for such a book… Mireille

    Beadsophisticate says:

    My craft group would love it if I won this set of books.    I’d like to see one on mixed-media jewelry. 

    Bghenson1 says:

    Fabulous giveaway!  I would love to win this wonderful prize to add to my collection of jewelery making books.  As a jewelry maker, I am always inspired by the contents. Thanks!

    Lynne Glazzard says:

    I love this series and would like to see more on Enamelling, maybe 500 enamelled pendants or one on Enamelling techniques. I would also like to see something on constructed metal beads

    Noemi Baena says:

     I would love to see 500 enameled objects on silver or PMC. 
    I have always worked enamel on copper, and although it is really nice I am moving onto PMC and working with sterling silver 925. So combining the two would be a book that I would  buy straight away!

    This collection that you have already is amazing, and I would die to have them all. 
    I used to work with enamels 20 years ago, and now I’ve started to set up my own studio and I am focusing on jewelery,so I am doing all tutorials I can find on the net, and on books. 

    This is a fantastic giveaway! And I would LOVE to be the winner, 
    Thanks so much for the opportunity. 

    Judith Peterhoff says:

    I Love your books! Definitely wish I could afford more of them on my shelve! But Christmas and birthday aren’t far away! ;)

    I would really like to see a ‘porcelain jewellery’ book! Would be really interesting what other designers do with porcelain and how they push the boundaries of it!

    Looking forward to your next published book!
    And hopefully I’ll be the lucky one who wins! ;)

    Dawn Edwards says:

    Oh, my…I would be in book heaven if I won this give-away!!!! Love the Lark 500 Series…All so beautifully done. Thank you for this fantastic opportunity. Someone is going to be awfully lucky to win this…Keeping my fingers crossed;-)

    Wristbandit says:

    This give away is all most a complete library of jewelry making.
    What a great variety of materials and objects. Who wouldn’t want this?

    JajiP says:

    These books are an amazing source of inspiration!   How about a book featuring jewelry with a plant motif?  There are some amazing pieces that use leaves, bark, stems or flowers as their decorative inspiration.

    Joan_boring says:

    The quality of your books is fantastic.  As a former librarian I always checked first for what you had available when I received subject requests.  As a hobby jeweler/enamelist I love the excellent work you provide.  I agree
    with a previous poster in asking for something on mixed metals.  Gold has always been beyond my price range,
    as it is for most people, but you can do really interesting things with married metals or with simply combining
    metals.  Keep up the good work.

    Pamdugger says:

    How could I not comment on such a wonderful giveaway.  All of you at Lark are so wonderful.  Keep up the great work that you do, and how about one on mixed media jewelry.  I’ve also been seeing a lot of felted jewelry recently and love many of them. 

    Bethhammett says:

    What a wonderful idea, to give away all these beautiful books!  Just thinking about the possibility of being able to look at them is enticing.  I’ve always been quite a fan of of 500 or 1000 series, and have appreciated the superb photography and breath of subject matter.  In my world, very few opportunities exist to see the work of this many artists; espcially all in one convenient location. 

    Thanks, Beth

    Marilyn says:

     What a fabulous collection.  I would love to have them in my collection.  

    Cher Long1 says:

    I was so excited when I read about this Giveaway.  I would just LOVE to have these in my studio.  I am a Warm Glass artist but have great fun incorporating my glass with metals.  Lately, I have been working just with metal and need to learn more. 


    JEWELS by L Designs says:

     What a wonderful giveaway!  I would love to see the 500 Pendants and Lockets and 500 rings published, amongst many others!  I am a jewelry designer and would love to add many of the Lark books to my collection. Thank you so much for having this and please keep publishing these collectibles.  :)

    Patricia says:

    What fabulous books! You would never be out of ideas with all those lovelies to look through.  

    Patricia says:

    I’ve never bought any of these 500 series books. WHY NOT? They could only give me hundreds of ideas. I’m thinking if I don’t win these that I’ll still end up buying some of them to keep me inspired. 

    Korrina Robinson says:

     Oooh!  I love Lark books.  (Who’m I kidding?  I love books!)  I would love to see a book with modern interpretations of ancient jewelry.  You know, Egypt, Rome, Aztec, etc…

    Deb says:

    Help! I can’t get my breath and my heart is racing!!!  What an awesome collection of books all in one place. The Masters Series is my favorite. although I am not up to that skill level (yet), the knowledge and challenges are inspiring. Knowing that an at-home jewelry hobbyist can turn out a product on par with retailers, gives us further encouragement to keep trying and to be brave trying unconventional combinations.  These fabulous books make the ultimate coffee table books, always at your finger tips, always inspiring. Even dear hubby picks them up from the coffee table and peruses the beautiful pages, even asking questions.  thanks so much, and keep up the beautiful quality.

    Groshing says:

    I’m entering with plans to donate to my public library if I win. I’d like to see some metal casting/welding for jewelry books. :)

    It would be like having your own treasure trove to win a collection of Lark books, something to boost the creative juices.  Thank you, Tonya Davidson of Whole Lotta Whimsy for directing me to the site.  I’m a beginning in precious metal clay and open to exploration in beading and mixed media.

    marlene says:

     What a great collection of titles!!! How about one with all patinas? Especially ones that don’t require a lot of harmful chemicals.Thanks for the chance to win!!!

    CreateAnn says:

     Lark is at the top of the heap in Beading Books.  I’d love to see some innovations in beadwork – new materials, new stitches, new directions.

    Thom_Carter says:

    Lark publishes the best, most useful jewelry books. I have most of these in my teaching library and have designed many projects for my high school students using these books as inspiration. I would love to have all of thes in my PERSONAL library. ~Thom

    Thom_carter says:

    Pick me! Pick me! I love every Lark book!

    BeadHostage says:

    Hi great giveaway!  I’d like a 500 series on something related to a specific item related to jewelry metalsmithing.

    Marg says:

    Laark as absolutely the BEST books on Jewelry and Adornment on the market

    AKAJewels says:

    I LOVE Lark books.   I have used them for all my work from fabric to glass to beads to metal.  Great reference books.  I would love to see a book that shows jewelry pieces made with traditional silver and PMC in combination.  

    Cynthia Peplinski says:

    How about Scandanavian, Mexican, Japanese metalwork….or other cultures?  There is so much to learn from each cultures influences.  Would love to have these in my library :)  Cynthia 

    Raida Disbrow says:

    What a wonderful giveaway!  I would love to see a book with projects using patina on metal, repurposed objects and maybe even jewelry projects using fiber.

    Cindy Perkins says:

    Wow what great give away! I would love to win it! 

     I own several of the books above but can never get enough of the innovative ideas and designs that people come up with!  I would love to see the Vintage Jewelry Design book as it would be a great reference book for myself and my students.  I would also like to see the 500 Brooches and Enameling books in print!  Thanks for the chance to win them all!

    Beth Wicker says:

     I’m curating an online exhibit of jewelry from around the world, focusing on work that is NOT primarily made from the “big three” – gold, platinum and silver.  Would love a book that focused on jewelry that is very high quality but made from other materials than the big three.  The exhibit will go live on ganoksin.com later this summer.

    Relicmaker2 says:

     I just love these books I have a few of them and they are great!! i would love to have the whole set ;)

     I love the 30 minute project books :-)

    Donna Lewis says:

     Wow! That’s some serious giveaway!!

    Jerseygirldesignz says:

     There are some absolutely amazing mixed-media/found object jewelry artists out there and a 500 series book featuring this type of work would be fabulous!
    As an aspiring jewelry artist, I am a fan of the 500 series as a source of inspiration – so thanks for the opportunity to win this great collection!

    what gorgeous books these are! how about one on wire jewelry? not just wire wrapped but all types? knit, crocheted, mesh etc…

    Tracey Edwards says:

    Just found out about you from Whole Lotta Whimsey. I’ve now bookmarked your page, liked you on FB, and can’t wait to browse my new find. The give-away is awesome and I am at that point in my crafts that I need all the help I can get, but I must tell you, just FINDING this site is a huge boost. I’d love to share any winnings with my groups as we are all disciplines at all levels. But all things being equal, thanks for being here!

    Tracey Edwards says:

     Saw the flag and hit the brakes! We are of Welsh heritage and when I saw your work, I had to send a shout out. Awesome work! Do you have a website or etsy shop?

    Abarno says:

    i was just in barnes and noble wishing…i could go broke if i bought all the jewelry making  and inspiration books out there.  So many photos are worthy of framing.  I may not be able to show  off by wearing these pieces of art but I can show them on my walls.  I love the vintage books and i would like to see found object/reclyables in a book.  Not just assembly but a different use of the original materials.  go for it artists…..

    Gayle says:

    I’d love to see a book on metal clay! This is an amazing giveaway!

    Tracey Edwards says:

     Yes yes yes, I totally agree, Denise! It’s the one hurdle I’ve yet to overcome so I can move on to realizing the designs trapped in my head. Need metalsmithing basics and soldering.

    Tracey Edwards says:

     I’m a collector and would dearly LOVE a ’500′ book on gemstones!

    Laura Bowman says:

    I love your books! I agree with Tracy, that you should have a book that is found object and found metals etc. 

    Maryanne says:

     Oh what wonderful fuel these amazing books would add to my creative fire!!!


    Carmen says:

    I would like to see a book on functional jewelry.

    Miyoko says:

    Great giveaway.  I would like to see a book of jewelry using swarovski crystals.

    Treasuregypsy says:

    Great giveaway! Lark books rock.

    Laura says:

    What an awesome gift… I would love to receive these resource books for great inspiration and to share with students. I happily have many Lark books. I love books, pouring over them and studying different styles and techniques. I love making art jewelry, sharing my time, talent and treasure with others. My art work is a ministry to raise money for charities so I know this one gift would spread benefits to many throughout the nation.
    Thank you for this wonderfully generous opportunity.

    Laura says:

    What an awesome and generous gift! I would love to receive this books for resource and study benefits. I happily have many Lark publications and truly enjoy pouring over each image design for inspiration. I love looking and reading in books in hard copy form. Thank you for this opportunity to win these beautiful publications which will be shared with my students to expand their creative thinking. I am grateful to increase my library for inspiring ideas since my art work is a ministry to help others in need thus your single gift will be fanned out to help many people - pay it forward. Thank you! (I tried to post this and it disappeared so if it comes up twice, know it really is for only one post… thanks!)

    Beth Taylor says:

    Awesome contest! Would love to see a 500 book on jewelry created from recycled materials!

    Jannav says:

    500 2D and 3D charms, please; made from a variety of products.

    Karenqd says:

    wow!  would love this. With the price of silver going so high, I would love to see more on mixed media jewelry with the how to’s from the beginning.  Not here’s how you do it with my charms you buy.   

    Oh, please sign me up!  I’d love to see more titles on Metal Clay and using found materials. I’d also love to see more projects or alternate techniques with titles already published. 

    Katie says:

     This is the BEST giveaway I’ve ever seen!! Lark Books consistently publishes the most inspiring, the most comprehensive and the most beautiful books in the field. I always look forward to new books from Lark because I know they will be the best ones out there! You guys ROCK!! 

    I’d like to see a few books on base metal (copper, bronze) clay. It’s been a while since Yvonne Padilla’s great beginner’s book, and these clays – especially bronze – have come a long way since then. Just a thought…

    Geejaygryphon says:

    What a fabulous giveaway, I always have a couple of books on my coffee table, perfect for the days when inspiration is required or for just looking at wonderful stuff! As a British lampworker living in the far south west in Cornwall, I am always on the lookout for inspiration, lampworkers are few and far between down here. A wedding themed book would be nice to have too.

    Cindy says:

     What a beautiful collection! I’d love to see more metal clay designs – not just silver! Bronze, copper and steel too please.

    Beth says:

     What a fabulous giveawa- thanks from  everyone for a chance to fill our craft library!!!!

    Thank you so much for offering this wonderful giveaway.  I have a small collection of vitage jewelry which includes broken pieces that I hope to upcycle as I cannot even think about losing one piece of the beautiful pieces that were created.  I wish to learn more about every phase of jewelry making from the past.  I have a group of women that meet twice a month that would also love to make this part of our library.  I look forward to spending time on this website and learning  more….
    Patti Gelinas

    Nikki says:

    WoW! What a GrEaT GiVeAwAy!!! Lark Books are the Best!  

    Dee says:

    what an awesome opportunity..just thinking about the inspiration that could be gathered from all these books make my head spin.  I would love the opportunity to win this give-a-way! 

    Lori Poppe says:

     What a truly awesome giveaway!!! The winner will be very blessed with such a fine collection of knowledge. I would very much like to see Lark Jewelry & Beading publish books about mixed media combined with natural/found elements. Oh what wonders that would be.

     WOW, what awesome books these are…I have the 1000 rings book and can only imagine having the entire series…this is a fabulous giveaway!  I love lark books, because they are so easy to read, so informative and have the most wonderful photography work around. please keep publishing.

    Sue Irvine says:

    I love eye candy of any medium.  I am a crafter and work in different mediums and am always learning new skills.  I like to wire wrap and would love a book on different methods of wire wrapping. 

    Krschwartz5 says:

      I actually found this link on a friends facebook page!  Wow!  I have never heard of this site but as an avid polymerclay person I am so excited to find you….. I am making my own beads and jewelry I LOVE looking at books and getting new ideas…. Looking through site now……………

    What a fantastic giveaway! I would be thrilled to add all those books to my collection. As far as future books, I would love to see more books on wirework, especially rings. Or a book(s) with projects that all can be completed in 30 minutes or even 15–could you imagine “Beaded Earrings in 15 Minutes”or “Half Hour Rings”?

    Laura C. says:

    I’ve recently gotten a copy of 500 earrings through my library and loved it

    AK Dawn says:

    What an incredible collection!  To dream that my work could one day grace the pages of a Lark book … well, that’s what any artist dreams. 

    Mavrikwoman says:

    Would love to see more on found object designs!

    Since I am an art instructor  and I do meetup groups to bring art to the public. I donate a lot of time and materials so people can afford to do art.  I find your books are so inspriational and I share all my books with my friends, the people who attend my meetups., metalclay artiasians of atlanta and the polymer clay guild of atlanta. I would love to see you publish  some books by
    Lisa Lynn Barth. She Lives in Atlanta, Georgia, she is such a a talented  wire wrapping and Metal clay artist.she did  a presentation at my and I was so impressed.she mixes metalclays with wire and stones .I would also like to see some books with pottery and metal clay as well as polymer clay and metals.

    Barbara says:

    How wonderful it would be to receive Lark’s sweepstakes books!  As for a new one, I’d like a book on metalsmithing/jewelry fabrication that gives all the details left out in most existing books. It would have very clear step by step written and photo instructions. It would explicitly tell about problems and obstacles that can happen, their causes, and their solutions, for example, from sawing (piercing) to soldering, and all other procedures and processes. Although I’m still a beginner, I’ve learned some of that, and I realize how much is missing from the books. For many people, these books are their only teachers.

    quiltingjewel39 says:

    What an unbelievable give away. Your books are so wonderful – always so well done and easy to understand. I would love to see more on metals – maybe mixed media and patinas.  

    Babette Cox says:

     Your books have guided me in great directions for many years.  You ask what I’d like to see more of in a future book?  Well, how about some more techniques on lampworking?  I’ve been making glass beads for a couple of years and this is a fast growing art form – and an OLD art form.  Let’s have more of this!  Babette Cox

    Betsybensen says:

     what a great give-away! With the price of precious metal what it is these days, a book totally focusing on alternative materials of any kind used in making objects of personal adornment would be fun and inspiring.

    Hazel Ward says:

     Wow, that’s a generous competition! For future books, I’d love to see more advanced polymer clay books.

    Hazel Ward says:

     Wow, that’s a generous competition! For future books, I’d love to see more advanced polymer clay books.

    Rebecca Dean says:

    Wow! Amazing giveaway!  I have several lark books… they’re all amazing!  I especially like beadweaving and chainmaille books, and any that combine the two are just a bonus! 

    Anonymous says:

    What a fabulous giveaway!!!  I would love to have the set!

    I’d love a book on kinetic jewelry – jewelry that spins, turns, MOVES.

    or mechanisms – clasps, catches, clutches, hooks, screws, hinges…….


    Materials – look at the ways different artists use the same materials – either provide the materials or just amass photos of common materials (wire, stones, sheet metal, beads)  through less common (resin, fiber, wood) to even less common (plastics, found objects, etc) to rare (dirt, cement, bone, hair)

    Emily C. says:

    oh wow, i’d love to have these! I just love books on crafts and this would make a great addition to my collection. 

    Sheryl says:

    Lark has been may favorite craft book publisher for years. And since I’m a librarian, I see LOTS of craft books and craft book flyers and ads. I would love to see a book like the 500 collection books that show great inspirational pictures, but one that includes snippets from the authors about the design process that went into creating the piece. I can follow any of the instructional books, but I’d like to know more about the process of creating my own designs

    Velmaef says:

    I would love to see more details of raw materials and the transformation into final jewelry. 

    Mary says:

    This is a terriffic way to add spectacular books to any beading library. I love the way your books have projects for the new beader as well as the ones who seem to have been born beading. Beading books that draw inspiration from the fabulous jewelry designers of the 1930′s & 40′s as well as projects full of texture & unusual pieces would be what I would look for. I love your books; keep up the great work! 

    PC says:

     Art deco would be nice.

    Adrhazel says:

     Wow, this is an amazing giveway!   Lark offers SO MANY great books, it’s hard to think of something that isn’t already offered!  I would love to see a step-by-step book, with step-by-step pictures of the more intricate projects in the master bead workd series.  Those books are so wonderful with all the beautiful pictures, detailed project instructions would be nice.

    Jamie says:

    What a HUGE, incredible…. even transformational Giveaway!  This would be as good as winning the lottery.  After all, that is just money…. this is talent and enduring inspiration.  Keep inspiring.   

    Leigh says:

     I am excited to enter another great book giveaway!

    liamsamuel @ gmail.com (no spaces).

    Annie says:

    I have always adored the 500 series! What an awesome giveaway, 

    Jacqueline says:

    An amazing giveaway!!!  I have my fingers crossed.  I already have a few lark books and would love to add to my collection.  I’m always going through them and finding inspiration.

    Jacqueline says:

    An amazing giveaway!!!  I have my fingers crossed.  I already have a few lark books and would love to add to my collection.  I’m always going through them and finding inspiration.

    CanCan says:

    What an INCREDIBLY AWESOME  WONDERFUL giveaway!!!  The thought of owning all those beautiful books has me giddy with anticipation!  Each one is pure inspiration caught on paper!!!!
    You asked what books we would like to see.  That’s what I love about Lark……….they care!  I can
    honestly say that I can’t think of anything you don’t already offer.  You are the BEST in the business
    of teaching crafts and offering inspiration and beauty!  Thank you! 

    Theresa Turner says:

    I’d like to see books on recycled/repurposed jewelry made from every-day household items.

    Theresa Turner says:

    I’d like to see books on recycled/repurposed jewelry made from every-day household items.

    Patsy says:

    Expanding our minds through inspirational books is a gift we all can use. As a professional artist, I find it necessary to work on my personal beliefs of being an artist as much as my crafting techniques. I would love to see books on how an artist infuses all aspects (mind, body & soul) of themselves into their artistic creations. I recently wrote a blog post about this topic that you may find interesting.  http://www.PatsyEvinsStudio.com/blog   ind it necessary to work on my personal beliefs of being an artist as much as my crafting techniques. I would love to see books on how an artist infuses all aspects (mind, body & soul) of themselves into their artistic creations. I recently wrote a blog post about this topic that you may find interesting.  http://www.PatsyEvinsStudio.com/blog   

    Ellangel35 says:

    Oh my goodness, Oh my goodness! It’s like a sweet Fairy God-Mother has come down and blessed us with the inspiration of the gods. Lol. I LOVE LOVE LOVE everyone of these very gifted artists that have highlighted and shared their works of art with us in these books.  I wish a blessing upon Lark Crafts, the artists, and whomever wins will be very lucky indeed.  If only, if only, but nevertheless, this is SUPER exciting.  Thank you for all the freebies on this site, it is THE BEST!

    Wow, my library will need an overhaul to accomodate such beauty!!  A true source of inspiration for any jeweler, beader or designer!!

    Sue says:

    I have bought serveral lark books.  They have given me great inspiration to continue in several different areas of crafting.  

    Kristy Smith says:

    Wow! This is a fabulous giveaway. I’ll be adding a blurb to my blog and FB letting my other jeweler pals know. :-)

    Nancydeb says:

    Lark books are the best. When I see a book is a Lark book I know it will be
    fantastic: great layout, innovative and totally inspiring. I would say keep
    doing what you are doing and continue with multi-media jewelry books especially
    ones using recycled materials or extending a different art form such your
    origami and weaving into jewelry making. These are brilliant! I also love the
    500 series – a great concept and beautifully executed as well as the 30-minute

    LaSil says:

     AMAZING!!.. I have always wanted one of your books, but the thought of having 20 of them would be absolutely mind-blowing!! Pick me, pick me, pick me, pick me!! 

    Your next book, “The Artists Voice” focusing on a masterful piece of work that truly speaks about something larger than themselves (preferably jewelry and wearables) 

    mrs.hiller says:

    This is a whole years worth of reading! Someone is gonna be so uberly lucky! How generous :) 
    How about a book that showcases hairpieces?!?!

    mrs.hiller says:

    Me too! The excitement that comes from turning trash into treasure has me by the sleeve! 

    Wow, what a prize! You’ve already covered so many topics, I’m not sure if I can think of something new. How about fiber/textile jewelry? Or 500 hats?

    Jayne says:

    Amazing giveaway! I’ve just bought the 30 minute series so I know how great Lark books are :)
    I guess that my most anticipated title would be ’500 Silver Jewelry Designs’ – explorations into structure and form are so inspirational!

    Chris Wahr says:

    This is fabulous!!  They always have the best books!! 

    [...] inspiring 500 and Masters titles. All you need to do to enter is leave a comment on the blog post at http://www.larkcrafts.com/jewelry-beading/gallery-book-giveaway/ for a chance to win by May [...]

    Cabrinac says:

    i would love to see a Lockets, Boxes, and hinges book published in the 500 series. I have been a fan of This series since i first started manufacturing Jewelry at age 14. I am now 23 and running my own full time jewelry business and have founded my own artist collective touring the west coast America and Canada. i owe a lot of my inspiration to the 500 series in my progression through Silver work and Design. thank you Lark Books! I would be very excited for every book in this series to be a part of my collection. <3

    Cabrina says:



    Minta Fung says:

    Great giveaway

    Minta Fung says:

    Fantastic giveaway. Hope I win

    DougB says:

     What a great collection to be giving away, Superb!

    How about a mixed media jewelry book? Glass beads with wire wrapping, PMC over glass, found objects repurposed as jewelry, etc?

    Keep up the Inspiration!

    Anne Krouk says:

    I love your books collection. So modern and simple layout. A big source of inspiration… Thanks.

    Molly Ginnelly says:

    Oh my…how fab is this competition! How will I sleep until the winner is announced!!! These books are lovely, a hugely valuable tool for students (like myself) in finding inspiration for new designs and ideas. They also make a great coffee table centre piece and are always a talking point with my non jeweller friends. I would like to see a book based on the design process through to finished jewellery pieces. It would be a great insight into how other jewellers think.

    Barbarahoushmand says:

    You Haved lived in Bellingham WA? Or just like it? I Live in Washington and love a beautiful little shoe store in Bellingham. I hope that this puts me at the top of the heap for winning the art books.
    Thank you

    Molli Koltun says:

     I would love to see books on metal clay, another on enamel with techniques (love the first one) and mid-century studio jewelers. 

    Shaiha says:

    I would love to see more books on various beads

    Jan Moury says:

    I love Lark Books! I hope in the future you will look to publish more of the advanced crochet that I find in other parts of the world. It seems the Japanese and Russian crochet wearable’s  are much more advanced and beautiful than we can get here in the US. I really love the styles I see in the Russian Duplet magazine and would love to see lark publish some crochet books with those instructions.

    connie says:

     great giveaway!  I would love to  see a comprehensive and practical book on using a rotary tool…like the dremel…something that really explains all of the various tips and how to use them on metal, wood and plastic…and then show examples. the few books available on this subject right now are TERRIBLE! – they really don’t explain or illustrate the procedures very well. This is my favorite tool…i have used it from polishing silver, bronze and pewter to carving ebony and mammoth ivory.  it can even be used to skiver leather! …but i am tired of experimenting and figuring it all out myself.

    Barbara says:

    I would love to have a book on bead embroidery mixed with quilting and thread embroidery.  I feel this could be a great way to use up all those odd beads and small pieces of fabric one collects after years of sewing and beadwork.  I visited a friend’s home and she had a beautiful log cabin block she had put bead embroidery along with thread embroidery on the block, it was just breathtaking!   Thank you for asking!

    It would be a dream come true to be able to look at all of these books. My family says I’m old fashioned but I feel that nothing beats the feel of a book in your hands, I would share these with my friends, too! 

    It would be a dream to hold and share so many beautiful books! 

    Vicki says:

    Wow! A whole library in one! That is incredibly generous of you!

    Akwiese says:

     I love Lark Books!  These books are a great inspiration and encouraging to see many other artists using the gifts they have and showing it through their creativity! My professor has a collection of Lark books for us to look through. I would love to see a renew all materials book or a found object book jewelery book that puts the found object as the main focus of the piece.!

    Grace Gerfen says:

     Wow this is amazing! I love these collection books, there is so much inspiration and talent in them!

    Anonymous says:

    What a fabulous collection of books! I love to learn about a designer’s process in developing new work. Of course, I also love getting a peek into studios too.

    Dawn Blair says:

    I would love to see a book on reactive metals.

    Also a book showing jewelry artists interpretations of well known works of fine art into jewelry of their chosen medium.

    A book of jewelry of all mediums featuring only one color. A whole book of that color.

    I love Lark Books. Keep up the awesome high quality work!

    Dawn Blair

    Silver Sirene says:

    i love these books; such a great resource for looking at jewelry and jewelry photography techniques

    Francesca says:

    I would love to see a book all about hinges, clasps, and findings.
    It could be a how-to but it would be fine also just a gallery, how people approaches and solve connection problems.

    Francesca says:

    ah and of course 500 NOT silver/gold  jewelry design

    Janet says:

    This is a wonderful giveaway. I’d love to see an inspirational mixed media book, or colors, patinas on mixed metals.

    WOW!  How awesome is that!  I love the Lark books and have a few in my collection.  Thanks!  Leslie 

    Marcia says:

     Let’s see, I’m thinking beads that move maybe ……Lark always has such good titles, I say just keep up the good work exploring all forms of beadwork.

    Jodie Welch says:

     I’d like to see a book on colouring metal with detail information and of course lots of photos,

    DIANA K. says:

    Since gold prices are off the charts and silver is at an all time high, how about a book about fabulous brass and copper jewelry???
    or……combined metals. 

    DIANA K. says:

    A book about colored (anodised) titanium would be great.  Have a few friends that work in this medium.  Very unique!   Could also include other “modern” metals (ei. niobium, etc)

    Patricia Larsen says:

    As a glass bead maker and jewelry designer, this collection would be invaluable to me as inspiration and for my design growth.  I’ve always so admired the books that you publish and have real appreciation for the support that you give to our community.   

    Natalie F says:

    I’d love to see a book about different design styles in jewellery and what makes these styles unique from one another as well as how they were developed.

    Chantyamie says:

     A VERY awesome giveaway! I mean, where will anyone find such a giveaway of 20 jewelry book ideas?!  The photography is excellent and so is the jewelry itself! :)

    Stacey Johnson says:

     I have several of the 500 series books.  Every time I open them I find something else catches my eye.  I am of the age where I still prefer to have my craft books in a bookshelf for handy reference instead of on my kindle or computer.  I’d love to see a book that shows where differnt artist’s get their inspiration from and what the finished piece ends up looking like. Including pictures of the work in process would be great as its always fun to see how others work.  If I was the winner,  I’d like to donate any duplications that I would have to a school.

     I would like to see…
    *500 cufflinks (which would actually be 1000)
    *a married metals based book
    *hair accessories (combs, etc)
    *1000 charms
    *a 4 set series based on the series feature nature inspired work
    *500 animals (animal themed jewelry)
    …oh the list could go on! 

     I would love to get this amazing collection.  What a great giveaway!

    Deke says:

    I’ve been interested in jewellery for years.  Having recently retired as a Police Officer in Scotland, I’ve now started a college course in jewellery making and design.  I’m having a great time.  Your books look great.  It’d be great to win them but, even if I don’t, I’ll be acquiring some soon.

    Cory Tompkins says:

    This is an incredible giveaway!  I have obviously missed out on something good since I have not yet had the pleasure of reading one of your books.  From reading the over 400 comments though I can tell you have some incredible fans so they must be awesome and i would love to win them!  Thanks for the chance. 

    Fran says:

     Your 500 Series Books are so wonderful, inspirational, and fun to enter.  How about doing a new edition of each every ten years like you are doing with the 500 Rings Book? 

    Missy says:

     This is a fabulous giveaway!  Thanks!  I agree with Tracy Hudson.  I think that a book on found object jewelry or steam punk jewelry would be great.  Also, a book on chains or wire working would be nice.

    Deborah A. Weaver says:

    Wow, so many books, this is how I learn all new techniques and crafts, have some of your books now, what a wonderful contest, I cannot afford to go to classes nor can I travel so books are a great gift for me. Your books offer a wealth of knowledge and info to those who are disabled but still work at their art, slower maybe, but always learning, always creating.
    Deborah A. Weaver

    Lee Cherry says:

    Definitely a perfect start or addition to a home library.  We have several of these in our main design library and I’m always bouncing back and forth between them for sketch ideas and metal/color combinations… I would love to see a book compilation of emerging artists or student designed work… or new+old, technology/tools and their novel uses for design projects – I am addicted to tools, off-the-shelf and hacked/modified.

    Jodyreneelee says:

     What an awesome giveaway!

    MMyricks says:

    Looks like a wonderful collection!

    Ely says:

    books are a great source of inspiration, great print quality as well…
    everytime I get one I dream through their pages… makes me really try
    hard with my jewelry work to possibly be included as one of the artists
    one day! thank you!!

    Kelly says:

    WOW!!  This is the best giveaway in the history of the universe!!! 

    I would love to see a book on headpieces!  From dainty headbands to outrageous full helmets or something!  That would be a fun read :D

    Katrina Peebles says:

    I would also love to see books about incorporating found items into jewelry — and something that can be reproduced by someone without special skills such as silversmithing, etc., but one that has basic jewelry-making skills. Neat giveaway! Thank you for the opportunity to enter!

    Melanie Silver says:

    great collection. i run 2 bead guilds and 2 craft guilds and this would make an awsome addition to our library,

    Parudy says:

    I would love to see a Lark Beading & Jewelry book about cabocons. My new passion has been cutting rocks into slabs, then creating cabochons. From rock to cabochon is like watching a miracle take place. Lark is the
    only publisher that would capture that miracle.
    Thank you for the incredible give-away!

    Tlane says:

    Lark books inspire me! I’d love to see a Masters wire jewelry book.
    T. Lane

    julie says:

    a 500 series book about thing in metal. To see other thing than jewelry.

    Arlene Abramson says:

     My 1000 jewelry designs book is one of my favorites…can go through it over and over again. It is my favorite book when I am on the treadmill at the gym !!! Other gym members think I’m nuts !!
    I would absolutely love this collection of books….think of how many miles I would walk on the treadmill while perusing them  and planning future designs !!!
    My favorite places to design are in my sleep, at the gym, and on the treadmill…and of course in my studio !!!

    Charlene says:

     Wow, what a great giveaway! I’d like to see more books incorporating gemstones — the Masters:Gemstones and the 500 Gemstones are great, but I’d like to see more!

    I’d also love to see a book on kinetic jewelry! I love jewelry that moves around and makes noise.

    lisalites says:

     Great giveaway! Just starting on jewelry and would be a wonderful place to learn new techniques!

    Reneekelley1 says:

    I have found your books truly inspiring! Lamworking is my favorite but would love to see something on found objects made into jewelry!

    Jennifer F. says:

    I always love seeing more chain maile jewelry books but also more books about sophisticated and sylish “upcycled” jewelry using recycled materials.

    Jennifer F. says:

    Sorry, I meant “stylish” not “sylish”

    Beth says:

    I vote for clasps and/or mechanisms — and I love seeing the backs of pieces.  Please consider comparing historical pieces with contemporary ones.
    Thanks to the Lark Books staff for responding to our “wish lists”!.

    Sharlyngp says:

    Suggestions for books???  I’d volunteer to help you with one on some alternate sources for beading inspiration…beading/jewelry blogs (like your very own), retreats (I just got back from one in Michigan), recognizable bead people who conduct classes in their homes or teach in arts camps, glass museums (Toledo has a great one, Corning…)  I think there is lots to know about across this country and to put it all in one place would be great!  I’d love to have a book that would let me know when I was close to something that I really need to check out!

    Melaniescards says:

    Oh, be still my ‘beading’ heart. How wonderful these would be to assist me in my role as a volunteer jewellery teacher to the disadvantaged women in my area. I.would love to see a new book entitled ’500 chains’. Fingers and toes crossed, Mel xx

    Blu13 says:

    What a generous give-away!  Thanks!

    I would most like to see Lark Jewelry & Beading publish a book on 500 Totally Recycled or Green Jewelry.  I hope that you never run out of ideas to publish such beatiful books.

    I would also love to win.  I have purchased 3 of you 500 series from garage sales.  I have checked out all of them from my local library.  To own the entire series would be awe inspiring.

    The best giveaway ever.  I love to see the books and I admire the entire collection from great artist and great designs.

    13dogs13 says:

    I would love to see an array of Wedding Jewelry.Thanks for the Giveaway opportunity! I would LOVE the chance to win your gorgeous series!
    Thanks for the Giveaway opportunity! I would LOVE the chance to win your gorgeous series!

    MalteseTessa says:

    This is a grand opportunity to own the entire set of Lark Jewelry & Beading books!I think it would be wonderful to see you publish Art Clay Silver jewelry!
    I think it would be wonderful to see you publish Art Clay Silver jewelry!

    Susan Olivio says:

    I would love to see more books on cold connections.

    duffyshannon says:

    I have been experimenting with combining fibers and metals together……It would be great to see a book that inspires! Thanks for creating such great books! I would love to have them all!!

    Lawrence says:

    came across one of your books at the library and now I’m hooked.  I think one thing would be maybe posting videos… I’m not sure if this is done already.  But reading a stitch (beading) versus seeing it done helps me get it instantly.  Either way, amazing content and now hooked.

    Liloveve Jewelry Studio says:

    a fantastic + GENEROUS giveaway!! Liloveve is a jewelry school and design studio that
    teaches all levels of jewelry classes + workshops and fabricates custom
    jewelry located in Brooklyn, NY and would really love to win this! We
    have a few Lark 500 series books in our library that our students +
    customers LOVE to peruse to get inspired for projects and custom designs! http://www.Liloveve.com

    ruby_t says:

    I like all of the books that your company produces as they offer such great presentation and variety.  With that said, it is hard to pinpoint something that you have not included in your series as the examples have embraced newer styles, European modern, and traditional.
    The found object jewelry trend is getting an update and focusing on styles such as that—in jewelry, objects, and the like would be of interest.
    Thank you.

    sue says:

    I love collecting books.  The inspiration for future projects makes my head spin.  Started with seed bead stitching, have grown to many different mediums using metal, chainmalle, natural stones and anything else that works.  Have not been able to find my favorite niche yet.  Just when I think I can focus on one method a new book or class comes along and I am off on a different path.  Bead work is very addictive.

    What a fun collection! I absolutely love your books! Im gonna second the book on mechanisms. It would be so helpful and interesting. I love to see how different people solve puzzles!

    Alisha says:

    Love the Lark Series! I second the call for a series on cultural design and would also like a past masters or ancient design book.

    This is so exciting.  My luck has run a bit dry latley, so I figured.  Why Not?  Getting 500 silver jewelry designs alone is a dream!

    smARTaleck studio says:

    This is an incredible opportunity. If I won this set of books it would need to be accompanied by a rescue – I’d be on the floor. I don’t need to open a Lark Book to know it’s content will meet my expectations. Being a mixed media artist I’d like to see a book utilizing watch parts, in any media.

    Donovan smith says:

    500 interesting clasps / closures 

    Anonymous says:

    I am just getting started in the JEWERLY making craft. To just be given a chance to win these books is awesome. I would live to win.

    Ladyblueeyez1960 at aol dot com

    Peggy says:

    Really enjoying the Professional Development Seminar at SNAG! Thanks for the commentary, Marthe!

    Sheryl says:

    love the Lark books!

    Carmela says:

    This is a phenomenal Giveaway.(!)  I’m over the moon just thinking about it!!!   I’d love to see a Lark book featuring jewelry made with fiber/fiber art (such as knitted pieces, plaited pieces, etc), and a book specifically featuring paper jewelry.  Lark Books and LarkCrafts rock!

    Jamieson says:

    Ooo the mechanisms idea is good, I second that!

    vickie says:

    What a great studio reference/inspiration library to have! 

    Fabulous!!  Such a great line up of books

    Formysweetdaughter says:

    What an awesome giveaway! You are going to make someone very, very happy! I hope it’s me :-)

    Amazing giveaway!  Do you already have a book about basic metalsmithing?  or basic soldering?

    Sarah says:

    Wow… that’s a huge giveaway!  I’m most interested in the vintage design and beadweaving, most of my designs try to stay away from metals for those with allergies (and because I don’t have the equipment lol).  So, creative uses for stones and found elements?

    Terri Lovins says:

    Love the 500 series.  Would like to see follow up versions to some of your past titles – 500 Rings, 500 Brooches, etc.  So much is happening in the wearable art jewelry world — it would be great to see recent work in these fields. 

    ivismccarthy says:

    What a fantastic offer! I would like to see more bead designs, and wire working

    Steph says:

    What an amazing giveaway. Love your books. I would like to see a 500 series on mixed metal jewelry designs.

    Awjewelry says:

    would LOVE to win these!

    Lynn Jackson says:

    This is a great & interesting collection of books for your giveaway. I would love to see some books on wire working techniques & tips. Most helpful would be a collection of say 4 books for different levels of expertise whereby one could purchase them individually or as a set.  Also appealing to me would be a book on the lost art of wax casting. Another great book idea is a compilation of tips & techniques, possibly specialized for different areas so then multiple books, from industry experts in their respective fields.

    Wow!  What a generous give-away!  I would love to see a book on Art Glass pendants. 

    Wow!  What a generous give-away!  I would love to see a book on Art Glass pendants. 

    I’m an avid jewelry maker and would absolutely LOVE to win this giveaway.  I’m in need of new designs so this would be perfect timing!  Thank you so much for the opportunity!!!!  Fingers crossed.  ;)

    I’m an avid jewelry maker and would absolutely LOVE to win this giveaway.  I’m in need of new designs so this would be perfect timing!  Thank you so much for the opportunity!!!!  Fingers crossed.  ;)

    Julie Ryan says:

    I LOVE Lark books! I’m always borrowing them from the library. What a great giveaway. Since I’m fascinated by seed beads I’d like to see more beadweaving books – peyote, herringbone, RAW, etc.

    Julie Ryan says:

    I LOVE Lark books! I’m always borrowing them from the library. What a great giveaway. Since I’m fascinated by seed beads I’d like to see more beadweaving books – peyote, herringbone, RAW, etc.

    Susan says:

    I would be in jewellery heaven if I were to win all those wonderful books. I would want to browse, devour use and pass around my jewellery friends for both inspiration and techniques I’ve not even dreamt of yet.
    It really would be a dream come true to be able to make pieces like a true professional.
    Do I need to dream on or will you make it reality?
    Susan. :  )

    LaiseDoria says:

    I agree with Cynthia below and I think a 500 jewelry studant’s pieces from all over the places and countries would be great.”How about Scandanavian, Mexican, Japanese metalwork….or other cultures?  There is so much to learn from each cultures influences.  Would love to have these in my library :)  Cynthia”

    Mandawoolf says:

    What an awesome giveaway!!

    Kathy B says:

    Thanks for this opportunity! Would love to see these books on my bookshelf.

    Ideas for future books, either 500 or Masters:
    Bead embroidery
    Art and/or beaded quilts
    Fused glass objects or jewelry (components or completed projects)
    Different beadweaving stitches: peyote, herringbone, RAW, brick, etc. including stitch history

    Char says:

    How generous of you! I love to see more jewelry making books with very advanced techniques because so many books are just so full of beginners info

    Karen says:

    thank you for your generosity.    If I won I would surely pass it forward… well most of it anyway…

     What an amazing opportunity for a giveaway….This is surely a
    collection that anyone would love to have!!!  I know that I would!  As
    far as other books I would like to see Lark publish, ….How about 500
    Jewelry pieces from other countries….Such as Egypt, Mexico,
    Japan…You could even have one book per country!  Or, you could focus
    on pieces from those countries either ancient or modern….Just a
    thought….Thank you for this opportunity!

    my goodness! I would love to win a book! your books are wonderful. A true inspiration. if I win you can contact me through facebook….Sheena Purcell. 

    Valerie Tyler says:

    This is a most excellent prize!  I’d love to see the 500/1000 series continue. Maybe do local editions, e.g. 500 rings from the midwest.  Or break it down into genres 500 minimalist necklaces, 500 mixed metal bracelets, etc…

    May says:

    I’d love to see a book on steampunk designs, or even one on chainmaille or wirework. I like the intricate looking things. 

    Jesse says:

    great looking collection of books

    SKP says:

    I think a book exploring urns and mourning vessels would be interesting.

    Adori L'Argento says:

    Wow, wow, wow.  I would love to win this incredible collection of books for my students to gain inspiration prior to workshops.  This is a dream if it comes true.  I cannot believe you are doing this.

    Bijewelry says:

    This library would be the best to have!  I would like to see more things to do with lampwork beads in future books. 

    Janice says:

    Awesome giveaway…Thanks for making it happen.  I would like a book on steampunk jewelry and another on mixed media jewelry.

    Lexisch says:

    I’d love to see some of the classic pieces that are in museums for inspiratiom

    Anita Veer says:

    Hi my name is Anita Veer and I would love to win any of those amazing books!! Much Love!! Anita, I follow you on FB also, do you need any other info?? Ty!! Anita

    Sholamith says:

    I’ve always found Lark Books to have some of the best photos and instructions of all the craft books I currently own. I would love to have the chance to increase my collection.

    Aaron says:

    I’d certainly love a book on interesting catches/clasps/findings and unique joinery techniques.

    Aaron says:

    I’d certainly love a book on interesting catches/clasps/findings and unique joinery techniques.

    Ashley Weber says:

    I would love love LOVE to see 500 Resin Jewelry Designs or 500 Handmade Chains. Those would make beautiful additions to the Lark collection.

    Wow, I am so overwhelmed by this beautiful line up of books I can’t imagine needing anything else!!

    Carolyn R. says:

    I would really love to win these books. I am a stay at home mom of a special needs child. I don’t have the financial needs to get new books. I make jewelry to sell on the side to earn extra money for our family. I would really love to win these.

    Jacquelyn Caldwell-Guerrero says:

    Wow!! This would be a great opportunity! I have yet to really even have any books in my library pertaining to jewelry. I have been borrowing and looking at others. Just haven’t had the funds to really get any because times are tough. So an opportunity at this I just had to enter! I am new to this and have been making jewelry for about 6-8 months.

    Would love to see one on wire wrapping, metal working or mixed media as well.

    Suzyqjewelry says:

    This is AWESOME!! ANY book by Lark would be great!! If I were to pick a topic, I’d pick gemstones. I’m also interested in wire wrapped jewelry!!

    Pat Manzo says:

    I love this book series.

    Tfedorik says:

    The book about vintage jewelry design is definitely the one I would like to get!
    I hope to get my designs into a Lark book some day.

    Bearchicko says:

    What an amazing giveaway!  I have some friends from the Bead Society of Orange County that have been in your books.  Would love to have these in my library.

    I agree with Tracy below-found materials! I LOVE Lark books!

    Miranda Scott says:

    I keep some of these books in my jewellery studio for inspiration. They’re bookmarked to heck with my favorites, and every time I look through one, I come across a piece I swear I hadn’t noticed before! I submitted one of my pieces to the new 500 Rings book as well – hopefully I’ll be a part of your collection!

    Tpezen says:

    i love all you books and this is a great collection, can’t recommend a title since love that you always surprise me!

    We have a winner! Congratulations to Connie Williams of Kilauea, Hawaii, and thanks to everyone for participating: We so appreciate your being a part of our community. ~ Ray Hemachandra, Lead, Lark Jewelry & Beading

    Jody says:

    I would shrink my studio space to make sure this collection of books was beautifully displayed, within immediate reach, and close to a window and a tea pot~
    Thank you for publishing the titles you make available in an ever shrinking publishing industry~!
    LOVE Lark <3

    Sandi B says:

    I appreciate books that include instructions on various techniques with galleries of lots and lots of photos of how people have implemented the technique. I also like it when the books have up-close photographs and illustrations for the directions. Sometimes it takes both to grasp the thread path.

    Judy Cornell says:

    Wow.  What a great giveaway.  I would love to see the Vintage Jewelry Book.  Being recently disabled, jewelry is my outlet…I may have lost everything but I can still make jewelry!

    Anonymous says:

    I love finding Lark this past week, the inspiring collections and how-to’s.  I am a re-purposer (if this is a word), and find myself creating in my mind as I investigate Lark.  Thanks for this opportunity to win this collection.

    Jewelledwings Donna Morris says:

    I would love these esp the Masters series nothing like eye candy to inspire u to create And Vintage designs awesome hope I win I LOVE Books….esp about my favorite things…” When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when I’m feeling sad…. I simply remember my favorite things and then I don’t feel so bad!!!!”

    Dave Wilson says:

    Definitional the best craft books available, well illustrated, clear instructions and wealth of inspiration. If it isn’t a Lark, then it’s just a book.

    Lacey Kirkwood says:

    I ADORE this series! As a student preparing to enter graduate school, it is so amazing to see role models I have studied under presenting their gorgeous work! I can only hope I can be chosen to represent my work in one of these publications one day!!

    Catherine Homer says:

    I love looking at inspirational pieces… but what I really love is finding out the meanings and reasons behind various types of jewelery so for me I think a history of handcrafted jewelry i.e the real Shamballas etc… id you get where Im coming from LOL.. for me its not all about the techniques but the Whys…???

    Patti H. says:

    This is a very exciting giveaway!  I would like to see a book specifically on wire work jewelry projects and techniques. This library you are giving away would be a terrific resource for me as a newbie to jewelry making.

    Leah says:

    I was sent to your site by a friend, and have found it to be a wealth of information!  The books in your giveaway would give anyone a lifetime of wonderful jewelry making projects!  I am very new to jewelry making, but would love to learn more about chain making — that one I have tried on my own and have ended up very frustrated!  Thanks!

    Ohh I’d love more books on beading on a loom.. Or paper beads.. ;D Or books about Greenland and their love for seed beads ;D 

    Pam Mason says:

    I am rushing off to my local bookstore to have a peek at these books. They look absolutely wonderful! Especially the polymer clay book. I would love to metal polymer clay designs

    [...] wire between each bead, techniques that can be used on a variety of jewelry pieces. … View Doc Make A Beaded Spider OrnamentAll Info About Jewelry Making All Info About Jewelry Making Monday, Oc…ight; margin:10px; max-width:25%;" alt="Bead Jewelry Gallery images" title="Bead Jewelry Gallery [...]

    Anonymous says:

    I am a scuba diver so I would love to see a book of realistic 3D sea life (dolphins, manatees,stingrays, octopus, etc), shells, mermaids, coral.

    Donna Gladden Shropshire says:

    I really Love wire wrapping and weaving. I would like to see more books with more elaborate techniques for wrapping and weaving wire.

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