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May 27, 2014, 05:27 am  Posted by Lark

The soon-to-be-released book The Beader’s Guide to Jewelry Design, written by Margie Deeb, teaches you to design your own creations by paying attention to unity, scale, proportion, balance, rhythm, shape, pattern, texture, movement, drape, and color. You’ll explore the interaction of jewelry and the body: how it moves, how it drapes, how it guides the viewer’s eye to complement–or clash–with different body sizes and wardrobe. The concepts presented are supported by photos, illustrations, before-and-after examples, and challenges. Tips from today’s leading jewelry designers in polymer clay, beads, precious metal clay, ceramic, and wire teach you how to take your ideas and refine them into extraordinary, wearable jewelry.

  • Discover why a piece of jewelry is visually appealing.
  • Understand why you prefer certain styles and how to apply the concepts to achieve what you want.
  • Gain confidence in using specific applications of visual and aesthetic principles.
  • Be inspired to grow and express more of yourself and your unique visions of beauty.


This the third in a nine-part interview with Margie Deeb. This one is about Focal Point & Emphasis.

Q What do you mean by “focal point” and “emphasis”?

A Our task as designers is to guide viewers into the world of our jewelry. You do this as other artists in all mediums do, with carefully planned focal points and areas of emphasis. Our goal is to first attract the eye, then guide it. We consciously design an entry point and a subsequent path for the eye to travel. In the book I show some of the most powerful ways to do this.



I also discuss different approaches to emphasis: Do you want a main focal point, or an allover pattern? Do you want a centered or an off-center focal point? What are the benefits of one over the other? How can you use negative space as an attractor or focal point? And the most alluring and elusive part of this chapter—how to imbue your work with mystery.



Q That sounds very intriguing! Tell me more about mystery in jewelry.

A Look at a piece of jewelry that stops you in your tracks, one you can’t stop thinking about or one you wish you had created. Can you feel yourself drawn in, seduced as if by a magical spell? That is the power of mystery. I feel this when I look at much of Heidi Kummli’s work. The mystery she creates is both within and beyond the intricacies and drama of her work.

You can feel the presence of mystery. You sense a sacredness. You gaze at a piece of jewelry and your mind leaps. You feel awe. You feel wonder. You want to figure out why you’re so drawn to it, and you’re inspired to make something as exciting or beautiful. In the presence of mystery, you feel more alive and empowered as an artist.



Check in next Tuesday for the fourth part of this interview with Margie.

Margie Deeb is the author of four other books. For more info about her new one, check out http://beadersguidetojewelrydesign.com

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