Giveaway of great Lark beading books!

August 09, 2010, 09:19 am  Posted by Lark Jewelry & Beading

I normally blog on Mondays, generally alternating posts of interviews with jewelers and beaders with posts featuring giveaways of Lark jewelry and beading books. But my deadline ran past me this week, and my dereliction of duty has become your bonus opportunity: an extra giveaway this month, and a fantastic one to boot.

I’m very pleased to be giving away a bundle of fantastic recent Lark beading titles—Beadmaille by Cindy Thomas Pankopf, Bugle Bead Bonanza by Jamie Cloud Eakin, Metalworking 101 for Beaders by Candie Cooper, Laura McCabe’s Embellished Beadweaving by Laura McCabe, and Beading with World Beads by, well, me and various terrific project designers—PLUS Joanna Gollberg’s terrific The Ultimate Jeweler’s Guide. And all the books are signed by their authors!

To be entered for a chance to win these six great books, leave a comment on this post by 9 p.m EST on Monday, August 16. One winner will be selected at random and announced on Thursday, August 19. Click here for the official rules. If you already have one or more of these titles, don’t let that stop you: signed books make fantastic presents for friends and fellow crafters. And, as summer starts to ease away, can the gift-giving holidays be too far away?

Your comment can be about anything, but just for fun I invite you to share the highlight or highlights, crafty or otherwise, of Summer 2010 as we wind our way through August.

I’ll start it off by sharing some of mine: watching my son, Nicholas, perform on stage as Michael in Peter Pan at a community theater; hikes with Nicholas and our friend Kristi, and sometimes my wife, Loree, and our friend Sarah, around the gorgeous wilderness of the mountains here in western North Carolina (some of these hikes were recorded in photographs by Kristi and shared on the Lark Crafts blog); having TWO members of our Lark Jewelry & Beading team marry; and evenings poolside. During this oh-so-hot summer I’ve learned to love the pool!

Your turn now. Leave a comment, and please enjoy every single one of the remaining summer days. And, if it’s a rainy one, after going down the Slip ‘n’ Slide come inside and enjoy the reward of browsing around the websites of the artists whose books we’re featuring:

Candie Cooper

Jamie Cloud Eakin (also interviewed on our blog here with a free bonus PDF of a great project)

Joanna Gollberg (interviewed on our blog here)

Laura McCabe (interviewed on our blog here with a free PDF of project instructions included)

Cindy Thomas Pankopf (interviewed on our blog here)


199 Responses

    Tara says:

    Thank you for the chance at this giveaway! I'm brand new to beading, other than adding to needlepoint. I am currently learning tatting but immediately started adding beads to that. And to to kumihimo necklaces. I hope to expand into other styles of beading — weaving, metalwork, etc.

    Angela says:

    My highlight of this Summer is definitely my family vacation to the Jersey Shore. My little girl had so much fun at the beach. I got to sit and relax and work on my weaving and cross-stitching.

    LemonJitters says:

    aaaah! This is such an awesome giveaway! Metalworking 101? Yes, please!

    Summer highlights: moving my bf into a new apt. with NO roommates! Yay! Summer classes. Fun weddings. And this week- a trip to see friends in TN!

    Jeanniebench says:

    This is a very generous giveaway! Thank you!

      Bethblanc says:

      What an AWESOME giveaway!! I LOVE Lark books! They are all so inspiring!! I am a full time Jewelry Artist and I'm always looking for “new” inspiration, so the opportunity to win six new books is just fantastic. Thank you! Summer is my absolutely favorite time of the year!! I've had the pleasure of spending time boating with friends on Lake Lanier – so much fun!! :) My husband and have shared cook-outs on the barbecue with our best of friends and here and there, my husband and I have even managed to squeeze in a cool margarita or a glass of wine on the front porch, under the whirl of the ceiling fan, on a Friday or Sat. night when all the chores were finally done. Summer living, in the south, it's simply the best!!

    windsorgrace says:

    I really really really want those books! You're awesome for doing a giveaway!

    Carole Carlson says:

    The craft highlight of the summer so far has been sitting up nights with my daughter, working on our beading projects while watching reruns of SVU, made more bittersweet by the fact that she is off to college at the end of the month. I will miss her so much!

    As a final send-off, we will be attending Beadfest Philly together next week, which will be a wonderful way to wrap up our summer together.

    songyue yu says:

    the books look awesome. our friends got married at the beginning of summer, the wedding was fun. i knitted my first pair of socks this summer too.

    Janel says:

    What a fantastic bundle of books. Yum! :)

    This summer the kids and I have been enjoying homemade ice cream and lots of homemade slushies and sodas.

    Ann Rosier says:

    Summer is going good….just got back from working the Pasadena Bead & Design Show for Art Clay World. Lots of nice people. Were you there? Ann Rosier

    Alice says:

    Being attached to an O2 line doesn't let me get far from home in the summer. I am constantly looking for something new to do to keep my hands busy. This seems like something that would do that for me. Are the books also sold in WalMart? Thanks for letting me enter.

    pattyj says:

    I learned to be very creative raising 5 boys, on very limited means, and having a great time while doing it.

    Karen W. says:

    Oooh, what an awesome giveaway!

    this is a giveaway i would love to win … summer is enhanced with a good book :>)

    Clara says:

    Keeping all fingers crossed for this wonderful giveaway. As to craft/art highlights of the summer, a terrific embroidery class with Heather Allen-Swarttouw at Cloth Fiber Workshop in Asheville, and a workshop — the 'Albers Color Course' workshop at the Black Mountain College Museum and Art Center. Sigh.

    Carmen says:

    So far one of the highlights of my summer was getting a new puppy. He is a black and white toy poodle. I now have two toy poodles and it has been pretty hectic around here as a result.

    Nlp Bead Design says:

    I would love a chance to win these books. What great artists!

    Kerrie says:

    The highlight of my summer was creating my own “studio” to create in the seldom used guest room of our house. It would be the perfect place to try some of the projects in these beautiful books!

    AllTheWiser says:

    We took a trip to GA to do family research.
    Found a cute petting zoo and discovered
    that the little one absolutely does NOT
    like sheep. Relaxed and enjoyed time together.

    Liz R. says:

    Great giveaways. I'd love the chance to win. Short, day-trips are filling up my summer as well as crafting like mad for an upcoming art exhibit.

    Ooooh, great books! I have been busy making a ring a day all summer, and included some travel and summer entertaining in my backyard.

    Helen says:

    I love lark books – so informative – so beautifully done! Inspirational indeed!

    Deano says:

    Well, for me summer is NOT over yet. What I've been doing is drooling over Laura McCabe's Embellished Beadweaving book. I just can't stop. And even though summer is not over, I'm hard at work finishing a lot of pieces for the gallery's holiday show. Yes, I'm busy – drooling and fussing.

    Anne Christ says:

    Oh how I love Lark's books! My highlights of this summer include my 30th high school reunion, which included a trip to south Fla on the beach (since I graduated high school down there), camping at Cascade Lake and fixing up my very neglected garden. Most of this summer I have been working on some very fun jewelry pendants.

    Wlstarn says:

    Those books look very inspiring. I made several fiber pieces this summer, including a Midnight at the Swamp quilt with seed beads for stars and on fireflies' rear ends, as well as a piece for a mask challenge: knitted of copper wire with blue seed beads knitted in here and there in a random pattern. The mask is an original design, based on my own facial proportions and is mounted on fabric-covered foamcore. It came out looking really cool.

    Argylsok says:

    Pleasem please, please let me win *any* of these fabulous books! <whine> ;)

    The highlight of my crafting summer has been a lace and cable scarf that I'm making for my father's birthday on… wait for it… September 11th. I'm down to the last two inches, so I hope to have it finished and blocked in time for his 85th birthday.

    The highlight of your web site is surely “This Dog's Life.” I'm fanatically devoted to dogs, so I really enjoy this idiosyncratic cartoon.

    Saibrahsmimi says:

    My summer has been busy creating the wedding jewelry for my son and future daughter-in-law. 10 Bracelets, 8 pair of earrings, and one sparkly necklace for the bride. It has been fun creating these “gems”. Thank you for your wonderful site. I have enjoyed it so much.

    webkat says:

    Love Lark books. Although I am a goldsmith now, I started off working with beads many years ago. I thought I would move away from beads once I started down the metalsmith path, but it hasn't turned out that way at all. I find my self returning to beads often, incorporating them into my original designs, designing my own, etc.

    Michelle says:

    Larks books! A perfect way to spend the summer. These would books would be a great addition to my collection.

    Michelle says:

    Larks books! A perfect way to spend the summer. These books would be a great addition to my collection.

    Kassie says:

    Wonderful collection! I spent my summer hanging out with the kids. They got a lot of pool time and we had lots of fun. I also went to a couple of bead retreats and hung out with beady friends. Finally, I received notice this summer that one of my pieces is going to be published in Beadwork in December, so that was the cherry on top!

    I've been making loads of pots,

    Andrew Thornton says:

    My kittens and my garden were the highlight of my summer, for sure!


    MoonRae says:

    The highlight of my summer was seeing the “Dreamland” exhibit by Alice Leora Briggs. Fabulous!! So is this giveaway!!

    Hannah C. says:

    I spent a week in the 9th Ward of New Orleans volunteering at a summer enrichment program for children. It was a life-changing experience; I loved the people and the city, and I look forward to going back!

    Linda Edmunds says:

    VIewing photos from the Convergence exhibit at the ISGB Gathering in Corning N.Y. I wasn't able to attend but one of the attendees (Evelyn D) beautiful photos of beautiful pieces on Facebook so that beadmakers and jewelry artisans could enjoy them.


    Bstrendz says:

    Spent 2 weeks at Arrowmont School for Arts!!! It was a blast.

    Judy says:

    The highlight of my summer was going back home to visit family and friends. Especially enjoying a wonderful dinner at the beach!

    pat irish says:

    The books look great! I'll have to check them out.

    Cherokeelady1967 says:

    I would love to win the books

    Mel says:

    My highlight is coming this weekend — finally, a vacation from school and work!

    Silverniknats says:

    The high light of my summer has been watching my 2 year old picking veg in the garden to force feed my two older children and watching them try and tell her, no they could not possibly eat any more veg as she smiles sweetly and stuffs it in the mouths any way hehe its been a great way to get them eatting more veg!!! lol it seems to be them simple things that please me!

    Cynthiariggs58 says:

    The highlight of my summer was having my family come visit (sister & kids from CA, brother from GA). It's great to get to see everyone!
    Thanks for the chance to win these awesome books!

    Bobbi Ann Cook says:

    Hi, what a wonderful Giveaway! if you would be so kind to enter my name I would be very appreciative! All of these books sound so inspiring and I would just love to have in my collection.
    The highlight of my summer was having my 7th grandchild, Sofia Breeze. What a precious blessing she is! I'm a very proud Maw-maw!
    I love Lark Books and I hope that you have a wonderful rest of your summer doing what ever with whom ever it is that you love.
    Bobbi Ann Cook

      Ray Hemachandra says:

      Congratulations on your seventh grandbaby, Bobbi Ann!

        Bobbi Ann Cook says:

        Hi Ray, Thank you so much for your kind words! I have four sons and now seven grandchildren and all have been such a tremendous blessing! I hope that you have a wonderful day!

    Red Lotus Forge says:

    Summer highlights – we joined a CSA this year, so there have been some lovely vegetables; I taught myself to make jumprings so I could make my first chainmaille bracelet *ever* for my mother's birthday; turning 39!

    Willowire says:

    Well, the highlight to my summer so far was being able to attend 2 classes at the Art Unraveled workshops here in Phoenix AZ. I made 2 rings in the PMC3 class and also 2 in another rings in a metal class using fine silver and copper. I am still new to the making jewelry scene but I love it. That has made my summer, now if it would only cool down which would make it even better. I have posted those pictures on my blog if anyone is in the neighborhood.

    Boot~C says:

    My highlight was taking my niece & 2 of my nephews to the lake to spend a couple of days. We got to sleep on a boat, swim in the lake & use a paddleboat. The kids(ages 7,9 & 14) had a blast) & the adults did too! I've reported back to work this week, so my summer is officially over. These are fabulous books, thanks!

    Annrishell says:

    My highlight was spending the summer in my old hometown, in my grandparents house (both g-parents have passed long ago), renovating the house to bring it into this century. I only dented the surface since it had not been touched since the 1950s, but it is a start. Also I got to spend time with my elderly parents. I didn't get too many crafts worked on, but I did get to learn how to lampwork! All in all, a great summer.

    Agnes Shapiro says:

    Highlight? How about two….first a wonderful quiet weekend away with hubby of 35 years; and the great block party we had on our block……the third would be winning one of these Larks books…..the ultimate highlight of this summer…

    Doreen says:

    The highlight of my summer has been finding out that my daughter is pregnant…it's a girl!

      Ray Hemachandra says:

      Mazel tov, Doreen!

    I would love to win these great books. The highlight of my summer has been starting and writing my blog.

    Yeli says:

    The highlights of my summer have been: shopping for my baby, making polymer clay beads, and having A/C :)

    Thanks for this great giveaway!

    Regina says:

    I already own one of the 5, and would certainly love a chance to win one of the others book. The highlight of my summer was a family reunion over the 4th of july weekend and Aunt Regi (that's me) organize an afternoon of fun for the kids (oldest 21 and youngest 3) making their own bead jewelry. Lots of fun and by the end of the day every one had an anklet, bracelet or necklace that was lovingly gifted to them.

    Novice beader says:

    Ooh I'd love to win any one of these, let alone all five!

    Sue says:

    Two highlights of my summer were going to Hawaii and the Cayman Islands, and snorkeling both places! Thanks so much for the giveaway opportunity!

    Craftymoose says:

    The highlight of my summer was our trip to Greece, Turkey, Israel & Egypt! Thanks for the chance to win these fabulous books!

    Kelly says:

    Thanks for creating such a great giveaway. I would love the opportunity to win the books! The highlight of my summer was moving half way around the world from Guam to Miami and buying/moving into a house with my husband!


    mamba says:

    WOW– what a great giveaway. The highlight of my summer was just spending alot of time with extended family.


    marcia says:

    guess it would be the kids making it here for a day or two. the youngest had never been here. and then going to Sea World and Disney with them. thanks for the opportunity

    “Arts and Crafts” time with my son has definitely been the highlight of my summer. Thanks for holding the giveaway!

    Lisa McB. says:

    Super great giveaway. I'm wrapping up my hot summer with starting a new blog (eeks, I'm scared) after losing a horrific job… I'm trying to get motivated and today picked up my yummy book “Feisty Stitcher” (which has been featured on your site) and whipped up an amazing denim rug, which I'm going to blog about tomorrow! Love your site and thanks for the great contest!

    Karen says:

    To win those fantastic books …What a wonderful way to begin fall!
    The best part of this very hot summer in Georgia has been the time with the grandkids. And they are still coming! With 29 of them and not all of them close, it is great to have them one on one or in bunches. And granddaughters love their jewelry!

      Ray Hemachandra says:

      Crafters are frequently called “makers,” and with 29 grandkids, Karen, you are among the grandest makers of them all!

    Ceyberg09 says:

    Hey, the highlight of my summer is beading!!! Love it. Great giveaway. Please include me.

    Summer isn't over yet! One thing I enjoyed this summer was learning how to play bocce. :-)

    jeremy says:

    I have always believed that Art Jewelry should be on creating stunning pieces with low material costs. Hence, I have decided to try making chain mail jewelry this Summer as it is a style that lends easily to creating men's jewelry; a simple bracelet made out of nothing but jump rings is a wonderfully versatile accessory or a thicker, chunkier bracelet begs to be paired with a steel Swatch and a matching ring.

    Liz says:

    For the first time ever, I enjoyed summer in NY. Loved the people, loved the sights, loved the buzz!
    What a fabulous give-away!

    I spent the summer in Colorado working on several projects and was the first time I really let my inspiration run free and made a couple of pictorial quilts. I would love to win one of these awesome books!

    Maureen says:

    What a nice giveaway! The highlight of my summer was going home to Vancouver to visit my dad and other friends and family. Great weather, food and company. You create wonderful books, thanks for the opportunity to participate!

    Jeni says:

    My summer highlight hasn't quite happened yet. We're going go Rome the end of the month and I'm really looking forward to it. Thanks for such a nice giveaway!

    M.MacLellan says:

    HI! This has been a great year, and a busy summer! Feeling like my art is starting to “Hit it's stride!” Sign me up for the give away! Thanks!

    Trish says:

    Would love to have this giveaway–think of the inspiration!
    My summer has been hectic, but definitely the high point was in mid-July (the 16th to be exact) when I found out my cancer is in complete remission! Add to that – the 'tingly' feelings in my fingers faded enough to get back to doing beading that I had put on hold last January.
    Just know that more good things are in store!!

    Wishing so to win these bookd!!

      Ray Hemachandra says:

      Congratulations about the remission, Trish! That's beautiful news.

    Victoria T. says:

    Wow, I would love to win this collection, such great books. My summer highlights would be starting to look at houses and watching my DH and his band playing there first gigs.

    Lucinda says:

    What a great pile of books. Whom ever wins them can look forward to something to keep them occupied during the long winter…

    Jessica says:

    Awesome! The highlight of my summer was participating in my first juried art show

    The highlight of my summer in the Berkshires was sitting by the pool everyday with my beads on my lap teaching myself the peyote stitch from Diane Fitzgerald's fabulous book “Shaped Peyote”. I made a zillion triangles every which way I could think of!

    I hadn't been able to bead in a really long time but finally took some time too, and I made myself 4 awesome sets of bracelets and earrings, and one really cute simple necklace for business events! Woo!

    Christina says:

    I would love to win this great assortment of books! I have enjoyed beading in the quiet of the summer evenings. It's relaxing and so therapeutic. I also had a staycation with my bead society and finally finished a five year old lariat project! Someday it's going to be back in style. What a relief to finally finish something so easy.

    Mary K. says:

    The highlight of my summer was of course a visit from my daughter and granddaughter, and running the local bead shop for the owner while she was was on a family vacation. How much fun to be surrounded by beads and meeting all the fabulous beaders that visited the store.

    CorrynaJ says:

    Who wouldn't want to win these books? I would. You could also pick six winners, so more people will be happy with your wonderful gifts.

    Mary Lynne says:

    This is a really fabulous give-away! Just wanted to make a suggestion in case someone wins this who already owns one or more of these titles – why not donate them to your public library? Spread the joy of beading & jewelry around.

    So far the highlights of my summer has been joining my local bead society and attending the Bead & Button Show and making lots of new beading and jewelry-making friends.

    Jeanette says:

    One highlight of my summer was that my daughter became engaged to a great guy. Another would be my annual bead pilgrimage to Milwaukee for the Bead and Button show. Gads, 5 days of classes, the marketplace and reuniting with beady friends.

    maneki says:

    Wish I was eligible to enter this fab giveaway! That's going to be one lucky winner, getting all these interesting and inspiring books.

    Wishing the best of luck for all of you participating in the giveaway. I'm going to be a tad jealous of the winner. :)

    christyF says:

    I was just looking at Candie Cooper's book online and was sad that we didn't have it in my local library. I have been looking in many places for inspiration on a new beaded headband project I plan to start with my super crafty sister. Thanks for the opportunity in the giveaway.

    Dorrie says:

    I would love to receive this library of books. I use books constantly and am always on the look out for new ones. Please pick me!

    What a great giveaway!
    Highlight of my summer… enjoying the travel baseball season with my son for the 4th year… going to Bead & Button with my dear friend and birthday twin (today!) Heather Powers… taking two classes with Sherri Haab… and the opening of my first ever gallery exhibit of my jewelry inspired by the local artists featuring custom made art beads from artists all around the world (party Friday!).. priceless!
    Enjoy the day!
    Erin Prais-Hintz Tesori Trovati Jewelry

    Dbaker says:

    Heck! I would like to win just one of these books. All six would be awesome! Christmas presents just waiting to be made!

    kathy says:

    Unbelievable collection of books and I don't have one of them. The Laura McCabe book especially is catching my eye.

    Carol Bradley says:

    oh, oh! Count me in! I only have one of them already (Laura McCabe) and the Joanna Gollberg book is on my wish list. crossing my fingers…

    Tamara Foster says:

    The book giveaway would be a tremendous pump-up for my new jewelry class! I am in the second year of teaching Jewelry at the high school level…based almost entirely on classes I took in high school – prior to 1976! I'm relearning and just-learning a great deal, but any and all resources will be quickly absorbed! Thanks,Tamara Foster

    Writerofhope says:

    I had my fourth child this summer and I have been blessed(?) to be able to stay home with all four of them. Between the years of 14, 12, 2 and newborn – we have crafted, glued, decopaged, stained glassed, painted, taken pictures, beaded, steampunked old watches, knit a bit, had lazy UNC-TV days, walked the dog around the pond, identified the creatures in our garden, and laughed a whole lot. During all of that we are finishing off another bedroom for the house and the magical “kid cave”. (Kid Cave being where the kids will have their train tables, game systems, library and crafts. All for them!)

    Kathyj says:

    Great site and wonderful book contest… always looking to expand my skills and imagination!

    Heather Groves says:

    The highlight of my summer was sitting and beading in Vermont… it was so peaceful.

    Melissa M says:

    Wow! Thank you offering such a great giveway! I would love any one of those :)

    DOT says:

    Wow…even one of these books would make me run from the house out into the steam filled Summer hot to the mail box…but all? You are so generous. Thanks much


    Kym Hunter says:

    What a fantastic collection of books! I would really like to win these :-) My summer has been busy and the highlight has been spending it with my granddaughter. She's become very interested in jewelry making and loves to look at my collection of beads.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    R..... says:

    Books for inspiration !
    One is so often working alone with concepts on the pc or workbench.

    Hannah says:

    What a great giveaway! Probably the biggest highlight of my summer was a trip the Michigan's Upper Peninsula with my family, but the second highlight has been the time I've made to work on my jewelry…

    Renee Goodwin says:

    The highlights of my summer so far include going to the Bead & Button show in Milwaukee with my 2 best friends and going to the beach for a week with my entire family. I also turned a spare bedroom into a craft room (although I haven't gotten it all organized yet!). I would love to have some new books to help fill up my bookcases!!

    Mellisa says:

    It's been a busy summer so far…I think I'm still coming up on the highlight! What a fantastic giveaway :)

    Sandi says:

    would love any of these. Pick me.

    Pengwenhsd says:

    not just one but six books! I'd be in heaven. As for summer hightlights…hmmm, did day trip out to the beach and got in a couple of ocean hours and a couple of hours at the bead store out there, that was fun.

    Annette6210 says:

    The highlight of my summer was a beautiful bead bracelet my mother made for me, made extra special as she is 85 years old and still adores beading. Annette

      Ray Hemachandra says:

      Love to hear about lifelong beaders, Annette. Best wishes to you and your mom.

    linn says:

    a summer highlight – successfully handraising a baby blue and gold macaw! thhe baby is now starting to talk and is very handtame, loves to come out of his cage and sit on my shoulder. i've clipped his wings – flying around the house with ceiling fans whirling is just not a good idea!

    Betty Doyle says:

    I have been beadin' my fingers away this summer. I came across some bead bought long ago and found my original enthusiasm for them. Happy beading.

    Fabulous — it would feel like Christmas to win!

    Mariajohnson75 says:

    I already wanted two of those books and now that I've seen the other four, I want them, too. Thanks for being so generous!

    Cenya says:

    I LOVE Jewelry books. Glad I have the opportunity to maybe win them. My highlight of summer is my sister visiting from South Africa and we're colaborating on a bead project.

    ElaineLuther says:

    My crafty summer highlight was attending the PMC Conference.

    Life_102 says:

    All great books I've been drooling over! The highlight of my summer was teaching my daughter how to make bracelets. She has such a different design sense, it's great to see what she makes. Another beader created and an activity to share!

      Ray Hemachandra says:

      Catch 'em while they're young! Thanks for sharing this!

    ASTHRT says:

    What a great give away! The highlight of my summer has been to be paid to bead!!!!

    Alice says:

    I'm a book hoarder, and could really use some more. This collection looks like a great line up.

    As for our summer, we normally take a family vacation but this year opted to stay home to be with my mom who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The best time we had so far was taking mom to watch all the grandkids learn to 'steer' a row boat on a large pond. Later, because the temp was nearly 110, they dove into the pond, clothes and all, and splashed around with mom watching their antics.

      Ray Hemachandra says:

      So glad your mom has had such a beautiful time to enjoy with the grandkids. Best wishes to her and all your family, Alice.

    Cosenzas says:

    Highlights of my Summer in terms of art activites include working on a queen-sized quilt for my daughter, making my very first art doll(s) and, the most challengng, taking an online drawing workshop. I've also enjoyed many lovely days on eastern Long Island lounging in the sun reading a book (something I haven't done in ages!) and swimming (oh, all right *floating* around! lol) in the pool. I would LOVE such a great inspirational library of jewelry books!!! I took a workshop and have been making jewelry for awhile but haven't made anything lately. These books would certainly jumpstart my engine! If I were lucky enough to win, I would start looking for a new project as soon as I picked myself up off the floor from fainting. ;)

    Doreen aka LuniLadi

    I'm Jo says:

    wow! 6 books…just the thing to provide inspiration for the lengthening evenings of fall. I'd love to have a peak into any of these books!

    Daw_nt_reader says:

    Highlight of my summer was a visit with my sister and her best friend, who is my adopted sister. We went to New Orleans to celebrate “White Linen Night” held down in the arts district. We toured galleries, ate great food and in general returned home very tired. A trip to the beach and a barbeque the next day and lots and lots of talking and catching up.It was a life infusion!:.)

    Pamolly says:

    I'd have to say that nothing in my summer compares to being notified that an opening was available for me in a local beading group! I went to my first meeting last evening and know I've found a wonderful new group of friends. It was so much fun to hear them talk about the beads and projects that before now have just been heard in my head. I'm so inspired!

    Rrunner444 says:

    I am a beginner lampworker, so the highlight of my summer occured whenever I was able to make beads that I was proud of and turn them into earrings and keyrings as gifts to my family and friends. I love making things and winning would give me an opportunity to learn more techniques. Thank you giving us a chance to win! Cheryl W.

    Dlfnl8y says:

    Awesome. I would love to add these books to my beading book collection. Plus I'm already a book collector of signed books. So two reason to win this. Fingers crossed and best of luck to us all.

    Andrea Brindley says:

    Very excited to see such a great spectrum of books especially the Beadmaille book. It is rare to see books that combine both beading and chainmaille. Looking forward to seeing all the books with their wonderful designs. Getting into the beadweaving for the last 6-8 months and really like the challenge. I can hardly wait to pick some favorites and get beading! So please pick me, loyal beader and chainmailler(?) for 7+ years. Will definitely recommend your book to all my beading circles and friends!

    Donna_hester says:

    I am new to jewelry making and I enjoyed reading your blog. I hope to win one of the jewelry books.

    Chrissy1522 says:

    I recently started beading and admit…I AM HOOKED! There are so many beautiful beads, wires, crystals, and gems to choose from. I have met so many nice people who enjoy beading as well. New friends and a new hobby………………….
    what could be better? I would love to add these books to my new obsession……………………..BEADING!

    Dwoodings says:

    Woo Hoo! Awsome books to play with during this beastly hot summer! Air conditioning is good!!!

    Bookscout27 says:

    One of the highlights of my summer was going back to California to visit my family. I really enjoyed going through fabric and crafting supplies with my Mom as she cleaned out her hoard of stuff preparing for a move. I know where I get my love of crafting from! I will never achieve her skill at embroidery and jewelry making, try as I might. Lucky for me, she gifts her beautiful linens and I use them every day. The jewelry she's made me will always be a special reminder of her love. I'd love to win these books so I might learn how to use some of the beads she's given me. Thanks for the chance to win!

    createology says:

    This is a most wonderful and generous giveaway. I would love to win any of these. I am winding down my summer by doing some road trips for fun and to visit family and friends. I shall soak up inspiration in every mile of each trip. Then I shall be renewed and energized to create my jewelry and be ready for the fall and holiday seasons. Happy creating…

    Foxycrutch says:

    Summer, pool, and beading is like an ice cream sundae with sprinkles! Sitting at the pool watching my three kids show off their funny dives and games while I bead/wire wrap jewelry is better than a relaxing day at a spa!

    What a wonderful giveaway! I heard about your giveaway via SoftFlex's blog. I would love a chance to win and try new jewelry styles! I'm headed over to read the various authors' interviews you have shared links for!

    Thanks again for hosting the giveaway!
    Have a tremendous afternoon!



    Supson64 says:

    I love summer and the many arts & craft shows, farmer's markets and fairs. Shopping, playing and learning is great by itself but in the sunshine it is even better. One of these books would be a great prize but 6 is awesome. Thanks for the chance to win and the many great Lark books that have been with me on my beadweaving journey.

    S. Upson

    Crystal says:

    I enjoyed going to concerts this summer and be outside of course!!
    Great giveaway,i love jewelry books:)

    Patti Panuccio says:

    I heard about your giveaway on SoftFlex's blog. You always have the finest quality craft books.
    Thank you for giving some away.

    Elisabeth says:

    Would love to win – thanks!

    Kay says:

    Oh, I thought you were giving away a book to 6 different people. This would be great. I'm just getting started with beading. I saw this on Softflex blog and thought great, I could use these to learn new techniques for beading. I would love this, even if it was just one book. Thanks for the chance.

    PennyA says:

    How lovely! I heard about your giveaway via Ornamentea.com – and having just visited same today, have come home with treasures galore; and am very excited about the possibilities of this 'mind candy' :-)

    thanks, much!
    – penny

    edie says:

    I'm really interested in the bead maille concept – that looks like fun! thank you for being so generous! And thanks to Ornamentea for pointing me this way!

    purpleone at gmail dot com

    Kemckillip says:

    Dear LarkCrafts,
    I thank SoftFlex Co. for introducing me to you, today. I have select books I have purchased over my 7 year beading enthusiasm!! Now I know that YOU have these fabulous books…I like them all, although I can't judge a book by its cover…I especially like the books that have project pictures on the front – as all of my stash of books has. The only one is have which is different – a basics book, which has a photo of materials/findings/the like…Thank you for meeting my enthusiasm with resources! -Regards, Karen McKillip, KARENMcK on etsy

    Katie Hanrahan says:

    My summer highlights: Retirement from the working world which will allow me to be a full-time jewelry maker; spending 10 days at the Bead & Button Show taking 8 fabulous classes; attending my nephew's wedding (in HOT Washington, D.C.); attending the 5th PMC Conference; and having way too much fun organizing and 'playing' in my studio!

    Karen W. says:

    A trip to the local water park with my sweetie. It made me feel young again and was a total blast!

    hunter b says:

    The highlight of my summer has been placing our camper on a spot that we can go to whenever we would like. It's been fun watching our 3 yo play outside all day with her 12yo brother and having them get along around the campfire. Great Memories!!

    MarshaNealStudio says:

    Lark Books are one of my favorite books (I have a pretty extensive library of them mostly on clay and jewelry related titles). I love to be able to see what goes into the creation process, even if I will never attempt to do it on my own. Thanks for having wonderful books! I've been busy in the garden a lot this summer (when it's not sweltering hot) and keeping up with my two little ones (7 months and 2.5 years…)

    susanm says:

    Having my grandkids here was the best. My granddaughter and I made necklaces for her and she got her ears pierced so now I can make earrings! It's so much fun to share with someone you love. Lots of time in the pool this hot, hot summer, Saturdays at the farmer's market, a nice glass of wine on the porch with hubby.

    Stan Rosier says:

    This looks like a great, must have collection.

    Stan Rosier

    Janet says:

    well, my summer was short and hot just like everyone else's. I have a good friend who makes beautiful bead jewelry this would be a great gift for her and then she can teach me to do bead jewelry too.

    Cynful Creations Canada says:

    The highlight of my summer hasn't happened yet. I'm off to the south of France for two weeks at the end of August, counting down the days (only 13 more sleeps!)

    Jiley says:

    Love Lark!

    Shirley Cook says:

    Now that I'm back working in high tech after a 6-year hiatus, the hightlights of my summer have been time spent creating my felted objects, time spent at the torch creating beads, and attending the ISGB Gathering in Rochester, NY. I don't get to “make stuff” as often as I have in the past – these days, it's almost a luxury!

    Bosshopkins says:

    Crafty highlight of the summer was definitely beading and flowering with my sisters in preparation for baby sister's wedding. Late night giggles may not make for the best handiwork, but the certainly make for the best time.

    Christy says:

    I haven't been very inspired this summer so I'm hoping these books will give me the inspiration I need.

    fran says:

    The highlights of this summer has been visits with out-of-town family, playing sand box with my nephew and sitting with my husband on the balcony at Riverboat Landing in Wilmington, watching the sun set.

    elainekontra says:

    My daughter just got into beading and is trying to make her first necklace over the summer using a loom. She would love these books as much as I would, she has already declared that is a mother daughter activity.

    Swopemelmel says:

    I love to sit and bead with my mom, we really have a fun time. We would both surely enjoy these books and the many projects within them. Wow an awesome give away, thank you for the chance to win. swopemelmel

    Suze says:

    Just saw some of these books in my local bead shop. I would love to win them to share with my fellow crafters.

    Debbie Luttrell says:

    I have had such a busy hot summer working in people's yards, and now with the kids going back to school on Monday, I'm SO ready for some arts and crafts time to myself. With 102 degree weather today, all I want to do is relax, read and make things. I did get to visit South Dakota this summer, and Old Market in Omaha, so I also had some great fun this summer.

    LaLa_415 says:

    We had our annual family camping trip, in my backyard last weekend- DJ, Pool games, Arts & Crafts Corner, Kid's Musical Marching …band, Tent City, Board Games, BBQ, Roasted Marshmallows, and dancing under the sun and under the trees! 40+ attendees slept under the stars!

    I also attended Polypalooza, Clayville California Polymer Clay Artists' Guild's 5th annual Summer art retreat right on the edge of the breathtaking Lake Tahoe's Zephyr Cove!

    Marbos says:

    I love these 6 books, they are very beautiful and interesting.I hope the luck choose me.

    Linda Woodward says:

    Love these books!!

    Barbara Rymarquis says:

    The major highlight of my summer was welcoming our first grandson into the family. My craft highlight was attending a wonderful week long class by Carolyn Stearne at William Holland Lapidary School on polymer clay flower canes.

    Dorothy says:

    I love to do beading. It is one way for me to stay connected to my granddaughter since all of them live in other states. I have fun making them things and getting pictures of them wearing my gift. I hope they will keep them in the future and be able to remember how much grandma loved them.Plus it is fun!!!!!!

    Dorothy says:

    I love to do beading. It is one way for me to stay connected to my granddaughters since all of them live in other states. I have fun making them things and getting pictures of them wearing my gift. I hope they will keep them in the future and be able to remember how much grandma loved them.Plus it is fun!!!!!!
    (Sorry had to correct to granddaughters)

    Jan says:

    Highlight of my summer is my pool. South Florida gets hot and the pool is wonderful after work. Also enjoying my very tiny Yorkie – Buckley. I know, big name for a little (3 lbs) dog but it came with him. Looking forward to the baket weaving convention in Michigan. Also, lots of great teachers coming to Florida this winter to the VBG.

    Jamie says:

    Wow!!! Love this line up of great books, hope I win!

    L_foye says:

    OMG…winning these would make my Summer. I love beading in my spare time. It's supposed to rain today…I'll stay in and BEAD.

    Sherry says:

    Awesome giveaway! The highlight for us this summer has been getting involved in Special Olympics. We've met a lot of great athletes and their families, and my son is making real friends for the first time in his life!

    Suze says:

    This summer started a jewelry making girls night out that meets once a week. Looking at some of these books to get ideas from.

    Sherry Johnson says:

    The 'Highlight' of my summer has been learning to bead and successfully completeing my first piece, a bracelet. During this HOT summer beading has kept me occupied and sane.

    Dia says:

    These wold all make fantastic additions to my bead book library – and it's incredibly generous of you to do this! Thank You!

    Lee says:

    I had a great trip to MA and enjoyed showing my Grandson's Bride to Be how to bead around a cabachon. I took her both of Jamie Cloud Eakins books and she has been bitten by the Bead Bug”.

      Ray Hemachandra says:

      Lee, I'm pleased to let you know a new book by Jamie Cloud Eakin is well in the works. More details to come in this space!

    Clamcat2003 says:

    Great books great give-away. Just the thing for someone looking to improve their craft and start a business. Thank-you for opportunity.

    Becca says:

    I am just getting into beading and these books would be a great resource.

    Rose LaMont says:

    My oldest sister spent a week with me doing art, including a beading class we attended and a beaded heart that she taught me how to do. It was a wonderfully creative time together.

    Juanita Elkins says:

    The highlight of my summer has been adjusting to retirement after 40 years of working in retail. I have started many projects because I have the time, and then I run out of time and start a new project. I have to work on time management to get all me new projects done. Could be a long summer.

    Paula Lee M. says:

    I love Lark books and have a number of them in my library. I would love to add some more to my shelves. As for this summer it has been very hard for me to relax as my job involves long hours. However I am blessed with 4 great beading buddies who I see at least once a week. We even had a great time traveling by train to meet up with some other beading buddies who live in Brooklyn and spending the day shopping the bead stores in NYC.

    Ldarmes says:

    beading with my buddies or taking classess through our guild. They bring in the most wonderful instructors!

    Suze says:

    I would love these books for more inspiration for my jewelry creations.

    Gourmetfoodie says:

    These books would certainly be a great inspiration. Relaxing in the sun while reading them would be great also.

    Martyhln says:

    This summer has been great for me , I won the Edith Bonde, scolarship for AMB and next month I will show(I don't sell)my baskets at Seven Ponds Nature Center in Dryden Michigan, for 2 days. I hope too win these books too.

    Deborah D says:

    Oh, please pick me! What a dream to win these fabulous books. Thanks for the chance.

    Adele says:

    The highlight of my summer was going to Bead and Button in Milwaukee for the first time. I was fortunate to take a class with Marcia DeCoster, an amazing artist and teacher. She truly is one of your Masters.

    Jkpatrick says:

    Any of these books would be a great addition to my craft book library! Love Lark books!

    Mndh523 says:

    I am just a beginner so I would really get a lot from these books. Summer has been busy with company, the beach, work and family.

    Jpierson1 says:

    This is a phenomenal opportunity!. Keep us smiling. Thanks

    For me, summer is about reorganization, revitalizing, looking back at my year and ahead at my future, but in a very relaxed way. I'm mostly in the knitting business with jewelry as a side and July & August are “slow” months, so I use the time, enjoy the time, and share the extra time. This week I'm teaching children, and that is my favorite thing. Seeing their joy as a new project unfolds before their eyes. The teen girls are learning to make earrings.

    Lubtostamp says:

    One of the most rewarding times I had this summer was my first visit to a bead store with a wonderful lady through my church. She is bound and determined to teach me everything – I don't think she realizes what is in store for her! I loved it so much that I bought a fortune – which my husband replied “I didn't think you ever used beads before?” . Boy is he in trouble I am ready to make a beautiful set of earrings she showed me. Get ready here I come!

    Dana Sebby says:

    These look like awesome works. Fingers crossed!

    Penny Rayner says:

    Beading in the mountains has opened up my mind to an endless amount of possibilities and colors that otherwise would have passed me by. Can't wait for the seasonal color change in the trees. Happy Beading everyone!

    what a great collection to be giving away….one of my summer highlights – I just got back from the ACC show in San Francisco – the people, art and city were fantastic!!

    Pat Alexander says:

    I am a big fan and collector of Lark's books–I have learned so much from them! The highlight of my summer was a fantastic whale watching cruise out of Provincetown, Massachusetts–we saw at least fifteen humpbacks, some with their calves, some leaping and smacking the water with their fins. It was really awe-inspiring and I can't wait to go out again sometime.

    Lisa says:

    The best part of summer here in Spokane Washington has been PLENTY of beautiful, warm, sunny weather to sit out under my unbrella and BEAD!!!

    Klassy Joolz - Pam says:

    I'm still waiting on my highlight of the summer to be completed. My son and I have a classic 1970 Campbell 20' Daycruiser Boat and we been restoring it…it should be done soon and then onto the lake. We live in Lake Havasu City, AZ and our summer will not be over until October…It's only 117 today…eek!

    Very fabulous giveaway!!!!

    Nicola Callow says:

    The highlight of my Summer was the PMC Conference at Purdue
    I met so many amazing and talentented people, new friends and old
    + the jewellery was such a treat to behold! :)

    Lalabaker4 says:

    I know I am too late for this contest but I thought I would say that I saw these books and my heart skipped a beat!! Spending any extra time beading is a luxury to me!!

    Jasminekeane says:

    i made a glass flower — flat as a disc- like a flower power flower– and my friend's 6 year old daughter wanted to wear it immediately and i didn't have any stringing material with me, her sandals were flip flops, etc. I told her it would be great to have in her pocket… beads are fun to lose and find again… then we went on to other subjects… alittle while later i saw that she had taped the bead to her bare leg. She said she couldnt hide it in her pocket because 'no one would know how cool she is”.

    is a

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